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  1. Ugh. Who would be good positive candidates for the annual title of Trending Gamer?
  2. Since when is Boogie a bad person? Honest question, isn't he well respected?
  3. The Evil Within 1 and 2 have some excellent super natural stuff going on, and since The Evil Within 2 is my Game of the Whatever Year It Came Out, I am ridiculously looking forward to this.
  4. If that's the case, they best relocate The Golden Saucer to Midgard
  5. I have no issue with that in the slightest. The year is 2077, be whoever/whatever you want to be.
  6. Has humming been confirmed?
  7. Ow I did not know that. What a prick.
  8. He's a grown man with a family. That's not a measurement for maturity and social conduct, but how does one think "I am going to film in a public bathroom several times" and not consider that perhaps it is not the best idea. Unless it was a social experiment/joke/prank/cry for attention.
  9. Loved the original and this here looks very much like the original + added goodness.
  10. An understatement. It's on par with Bethesda's "too bad you do not like the plastic bag we gave you instead of the canvas one advertised. And no we will not fix this" attitude. Can we be frank here and I am going to grossly exaggerate, but no one but fans backed this on Kickstarter. Delay after delay after delay fans kept backing and believing. And now they're being told "Hey, about that choice you made? Yeah too bad mate. No refund." Surely Ys Net have to come up with a solution, but it's the above attitude that pisses people off. And rightfully so.
  11. I never understood any of it. I remember the music, that 1-hit-kill dinosaur in the tutorial area park and a lot of edgy emo's.
  12. Found in comment section of EG. It lacks context, the below grab could be from any game on Kickstarter, but according from reports it is from Shenmue 3.
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