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  1. So for the 25th anniversary we get an online shooter that resembles Drawn to Death
  2. Good shout. I want a Remaster of Sony's own Resident Evil. Remember Extermination for the PS2? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Extermination_(video_game)
  3. Steve Sideburns Burnside is a bit of a prick indeed. I loved the wee bad guy, he's comically over the top.
  4. Isn't Code Veronica developed by Sega? Or did Sega do the publishing? I remember Sega being somehow involved. Anyway, the point I'm trying to make is Code Veronica might be stuck in legal limbo.
  5. I'm doing this from the top of my head:
  6. 85% 'T is a new IP pushed by Microsoft on their brand new console (Series X/S).
  7. This is tough Don't mine too much coal but mine enough for the -40. Gather wood for shelter and buildings. Now I have enough wood... but I need to place buildings close to heater but there's not enough space for all buildings. Upgrade heater which costs resources and uses more coal. I need more coal. Build smaller semi-portable heaters. Spread workers (thin) over different tasks. Build this, build that. Gather food and prepare meals. Research this, research that. Don't have enough workers for all tasks and jobs. I swear I've restarted a
  8. Also, because it is Sekiro there's no shame in summoning help. Up until 9:50 it's step by step strategy, from 9:50 onwards it's the full fight. This channel helped me a lot dealing with fights. edit: disclaimer: always do what works for you. I just noticed the video counters the screen using the umbrella. I just ran away. Don't follow the video to the letter, watch it to learn a thing or two and have that work to your advantage.
  9. Is the overhead only in the sword phase? Hmm, yeah makes sense now, he has no sword in the first phase
  10. This is not going to help you at all, but I loved the Guardian Ape fight. It is one of the very few fights I understand. I'm not calling it easy, It's just a fight that ticks all the boxes I like: enough time to react, satisfying parrying windows, just two phases, no nonsensical tracking.
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