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  1. df0

    Astro Bot - PSVR - Game of the year 2018.

    I’d rather see the countdown timer reduced from 3 to 1 after you restart a challenge. Also, just give me the item required already, no need to have me do the gesture every time I restart a challenge.
  2. df0

    Fallout 76 - Prepare Your GaaS Masks

    New build of the full game =/ patch
  3. Would that be representative of the world the game is set in? Genuine question, I know nothing about feminism in the Wild West.
  4. No, I'd never. Not necessarily. One of the earliest missions in Mafia III is in a swamp where you have to defeat some Haitian mob boss. The swamp houses gators, and enemies are Haitians. I wondered if I could feed the gators a corpse and turned out I could. There is even a Trophy for feeding a corpse to a gator (any corpse, the game does not discriminate). I see your point, but I think you're giving Sharriko far too much credit. It reads/sounds like someone who knows how Youtube works and uses (abuses?) that to his advantage. Is Sharriko inherently evil or a bad person? Nah I do not think so, just a muppet.
  5. I fed Haitians to gators in Mafia III. Is that behaviour reflective of who I am in real life?
  6. Let me guess, ads all over the page and in videos?
  7. With video titles like that Shirrako knew exactly what he/she did. Clickbait titles used to cause an uproar and here we are.
  8. df0

    Tetris Effect - Mizuguchi does Tetris

    No purchase. This demo once again reminded me I’m shit at Tetris
  9. Isn’t the main issue here not that I got announced, but when and where it got announced. The target audience for events such as Blizzcon are the fans willing to purchase tickets, pay for travel and hotels and whatnot. Those fans don’t care about a mobile game, especially when that said mobile game is the big announcement for that franchise.
  10. I finished this approximately 3 weeks ago. Generally I post the obligatory "finished, and here's what I think in less than 2 lines "reply on this forum during the credits sequence but in this particular case I felt unsure what and how to feel. Truth be told, I'm still undecided. The story is engaging, it tackles an interesting topic but SWERY - and/or the entire White Owls outfit - does not have the necessary talent to develop a good game. It's like a good film script directed by Tommy Wiseau. The building blocks for one nice house are there but you end with with 7 differently shaped holes filled with concrete because the person in charge does not know how to develop one thing and instead starts a new thing Recommendation: Don't play this. Instead take a seat on a comfortable sofa next to a friend who plays through this in less than 2 hours. You get to enjoy the story, experience the reveals and get emotionally attached to J.J.
  11. Do you require more Yakuza sustenance? If yes, FotNS is a good purchase. If no, ignore this because it truly is Yakuza in all the good and bad ways.
  12. df0

    What happened to them?

    No. But thanks
  13. df0

    What happened to them?

    My thread, I let out a loud “what the fuck” when I saw it on the front page.
  14. df0

    What happened to them?

    What the fuck.
  15. Ow no, not at all. Literally in the first 5 seconds you learn about the sexual preference of J.J.

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