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  1. Ah like that? I've been killing all poor rats I came across
  2. Question about the guy who wants you to kill rats. He resides just after horse boss.
  3. Right now, the latter for me. But I can see prices for later upgrades to grow exponentially and it’d be a shame if you lose several thousands because you died.
  4. df0

    State of Play - Video added to 1st post.

    Ridge Racer Remastered. It has to be announced right?
  5. Buy sen in bags at vendors. More expensive but you do not lose the sen you carry in bags in your inventory.
  6. I can’t remember. I’ll check it this afternoon when I’m home and let you know. I think it’s the opposite way of the second I place I mentioned.
  7. Online? This game does not offer online functionality at all right?
  8. I have several places to go to now. Location spoilers for parts after flaming bull.
  9. Bull is a weird one. So all of a sudden there are no grappling points around the arena and none on boss itself? Hmmmm. I think I might win the Video Game Award for the “least elegant whilst jumping around like a muppet during a boss fight” category.
  10. Do you know where that one spearman is. The difficult one that acts like a sub boss? At the bridge prior to him and his cronies, go for a swim.
  11. Found the axe. Can’t believe I missed that :/
  12. A what now? Also, where?
  13. I’m afraid I missed a zone. Whilst reading through this thread I see mentions of an axe and firecrackers, coincidentally the same things the game mentioned. Where do I find those?
  14. Spoiler for boss behind locked door.
  15. Not feeling this so far, especially when it comes to the combat. Spoiler for early boss behind locked door:

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