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  1. pulsemyne

    A critical take on the Nintendo Switch

    Very tricky to accurately answer. A lot of the high end phones possess fast CPU's and GPU's that may or may not be better. The Tegra X1 is a really, really good chip for it's power requirement. Also the switch doesn't have a bulky and resource heavy OS in the way. Nvidia and Nintendo apparently made a very good API given developers easy access to a lot of the systems power. It's why the switch is able to do things so well despite drawing around 6 to 7 watts undocked and around 15 to 16 ish when docked. It's very efficient it it's power usage. Phones CPU's and GPU's need to be very careful with their thermals and so throttle back pretty aggressively. Switch also does but can maintain a very consistent performance thanks to it's active cooling. It also only has to push out 720p as well unlike phones and ipads which run at a higher res. So it's really swings and roundabouts. Nintendo got pretty much the best chip they could to power such a device. If Nvidia decide to die shrink the chip so more then we could see improvements to battery life and possibly performance (although Nintendo would probably want to keep performance as it is for now). There are other Nvidia mobile chips currently in production but they seem more focused on the car market. Whether they could be re-purposed for a switch two is debatable.
  2. pulsemyne

    A critical take on the Nintendo Switch

    Oh and the coms thing. Fortnite has coms. Also the ability was added in a recent update to the switches SDK. If devs want to use it those they have to patch their old games.
  3. pulsemyne

    A critical take on the Nintendo Switch

    Cross platform game. WiiU has less than a third the memory to run a game (1 gig compared to 3.2 for switch) so Textures were obviously done to suit it rather than the switch.
  4. There are cheap chinesse knock offs that are way better quality than that.
  5. pulsemyne

    Splatoon 2 - Octo Expansion AVAILABLE NOW

    You're missing out then. The single player has some great levels. Can get very mario galaxy in their style and design.
  6. pulsemyne


    Yeah it was a bit...deathy wasn't it.
  7. pulsemyne


    Pistol...sorry I'm terrible.
  8. pulsemyne

    Nintendo Switch

    Also internal NAND flash memory is expensive and was stupidly expensive when the switch launch due to a global shortage. They did the best they could for the price they were aiming at.
  9. pulsemyne


    No need to apologise. For most of the match I was away from the machine and doing nothing! Got called away for a family related thing.
  10. pulsemyne


    Yeah it was in development for 6 years by a small team. Also the devs say that the game they credit the most is team fortress 2.
  11. pulsemyne

    Nintendo Switch

    Maybe not but it was downloaded 2 million times since yesterday. A lot of people seem happy to have fortnite on the switch.
  12. God damn Dragonball Fighters Z is a good port. 1080p 60fps docked and what looks like 720p 60fps portable.
  13. pulsemyne


    Switch version has voice chat from thurdays onward. It's via the headphone jack. See nintendo no need for apps on smart phone bollocks.
  14. It really was a very "2018" direct. Stuff like Prime 4 and animal crossing are obviously 2019 games.

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