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  1. Who fucking cares it's new Half life stuff!!! It's actually something after all this time!!!
  2. Looks like Super luckys tale is getting excellant reviews Looks like good fun as well.
  3. The next gen consoles will be expensive though. That's pretty certain at this point due to them having to be more advanced than something like the xbox one X. 500 is pretty much a given I think. 8 core ryzens and high end AMD GPU's along side Nvme SSD's are quite expensive when added up.
  4. While series 7 gets a huge amount of stick, and it does deserve that, there are still some classic moments like the Rimmer Munchkin song, the beginning to Stoke me a clipper, the Rimmer/Lister kiss etc. Also Doug says than he and Rob couldn;t be bothered with consistancy and actually abandoned it. Doug likes making Red Dwarf without consistancy as it bothers the fans!
  5. He's not as silent as you think. Also completed the Two colonels DLC the other day. Was good, if short, and looks stunning on PC with RTX.
  6. It is. The AA and lack of sharpening hurts the image a lot.
  7. Well, well, well Nice hidden menu that hackers have found and allows the game to look a boat load better. Why this wasn't put into the full version is beyond me. You can even unlock the framerate. Will be interesting to see if an overlcoked switch can get above 30fps.
  8. Surprised at how little talk there has been about this as it's great stuff. The overworld map in particular is a superb idea.
  9. Early versions of Novigrad still run remarkable well, hovering around the upper 20's and that's before the performance patch. As for the difference between this and nintendos stuff, well the engines are doing quite different work. BOTW for example has a far more sophisticated physics engine running. For links awakening they are using an engine that uses a lot of post processing effects to try and create it's look. Therer's also budget to consider as well. Links awakening probably has a relatively low budget. The Witcher 3 had a big budget, probably higher than BOTW's. It's basically horses for courses.
  10. Nope. Team 17 did conversions to certain platforms for them. This is still the playtonic team. Also this is excellant. Great switch version as well. Some of the music is proper eargasm. I think, so far, I might perfer it to DK: Tropical freeze.
  11. Nah he'd get a full episode of being horribly tortured and then everything will be fine at the end.
  12. Yeah it's double buffered vsynch so any drop will half the frame rate from 60 to 30.
  13. Not sure if it was posted but if your buying it digitally then make sure to store the game on the internal memory and not the SD card. The framerate drops are much less severe on the internal. It seems like the game has some strange problem with memory bandwidth and memory management which is what is causing the drops. Hoepfully this could be fixed in a patch.
  14. Got to give it to codemaster they really put a lot of effort into the swiutch version of Grid. Three differant mdoes for perfomance. An optional high res texture pack which doesn't impact performance. Support for the gamecube controllers and their analogue triggers. Includes all DLC as well. 1080p docked 720p handheld.
  15. Time trial super mario kart is godly, especially Ghost valley 1 and mario circuit 1. Both epic tracks.
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