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  1. Good stuff. So much better than the dire Discovery.
  2. pulsemyne

    Battlefield V

    TBF that first video looked like lag no registering the shots properly. First one seemed bang on target.
  3. pulsemyne

    Nintendo Switch

    Actually, all they said was they have no new hardware to announce at E3. Didn't say anything about after then...
  4. pulsemyne

    Star Trek Discovery

    I had to laugh at the writers saying that series three will be good as they don't have to follow canon anymore and can make their own. YOU NEVER FOLLOWED FUCKING CANON IN THE FIRST PLACE YOU IDIOTS!
  5. pulsemyne

    Nintendo Switch

    There is still the venting holes at the top and back so active cooling is still being used. The switches fan is pretty small really. They may even use passive cooling if the chip has been shrunk as then it could run cooler.
  6. pulsemyne

    Nintendo Switch

    The wall street journal leak suggested there would be two machines, one a portable only version (cheaper) and the other a Premium version (more expensive than the standard switch). I think that the cheaper one is going to be for kids and the premium for adults. Oh and as for the GPU speed increase I was wrong, the speed listed is the boost portable mode speed on a standard switch. So it's simply a smaller, cheaper switch with no changes to hardware.
  7. pulsemyne

    Nintendo Switch

    Well look at the 2ds. Took out the main gimmick of the 3ds and yet still sold well as a cheaper, kid friendly alternative. I think that is the kind of market they would go with for this.
  8. pulsemyne

    Nintendo Switch

    well there could be some missing information from the translation. Maybe it comes with a special type of recharge dock like the ones used on the WiiU gamepad or something.
  9. pulsemyne

    Nintendo Switch

    File under rumour, but with a chance of being true This is the casing to the new, smaller switch. The rainbow shows what the colours will be. Rumour specs are - a little bit longer than PSV - multiple colors - no change in CPU - GPU locked at 384MHz (current is 307 and 768 ?) - no dock mode (of course) - available to plug in the dock for charging - likely to have same battery life A size comparison picture between this and the current switch show it too be smaller in both height and length. The leak comes from china and could be from the case manufacturing plant. Interesting things to note...no kickstand, still venting prominant from the top as well so unlikely to be passively cooled. The increase in GPU clock is an odd one as that speed increase is reasonable and would make it slightly better than the standard switch, which makes you think that maybe a future firmware upgrade for standard switches will also be bumped (homebrew has shown that battery life is not significantly reduced with minor bumps to GPU speed) Of course, as this is portable only the joycons do not detach. All in all, could be real, could be not.
  10. There is 0 chance of that. Even 4k 60 with raytracing is unlikely as it takes a 2080ti to even try and come close to doing that. Navi will not come close to 2080ti perfomance, it will be far close rasterization wise to the current 1660/1070, or vega 56 ish.
  11. Ray tracing is awesome, especially on metro exodus. The drivers are being improved all the time as are techniques for denoising etc.
  12. It'll be immense. Ryzen 3000 is going to be a damn good chip. Hell Zen and Zen+ are great chips.
  13. Yes but with a maybe. As with all techniques, there are benefits and costs. The benefits are obvious, proper lighting, shadows, Global illumination etc. Problem is this all costs power and you have to try and balance the effect it has on a game. So you will still get people faking some effects with rasterization in order to keep resolution and framerates up.
  14. There was a "leak" on reddit a few months back that was very accurate with the info given out today. It stated that the price they were aiming for was 500 dollars with sony losing quite a bit per console (no surprise). As for the ray tracing stuff well any card with a compute unit on it can do ray tracing, it's just incredibly expensive to do it. For AMD to do it with a Navi GPU you would see framerates have to drop along with resolution, it's just a fact of how ray tracing works. Remember ray tracing is allowed at the driver level on DX12. There was a recent Crytek demo shown with ray tracing running on a Vega 56. The reason Nvidia made a big thing about it is that their cards have a specific capability to drastically speed up how ray tracing is calculated.
  15. The only new thing in SSD's is NVme which is about 5-6 times faster than standard SSD's. The good thing about NVMe is it fits straight onto the motherboard (you can do the same with standard SSD type memory but the speed isn't increased.) One issue though is cost, with NVMe at 500gigs having about twice the cost or a standard SSD (this depends greatly on the quality of the chips and the speed they run at, top speed heavy use NVMe costs a lot).

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