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  1. Nintendo Switch

    Just tried out doom post patch in handheld and it's clearer in big fights. Framerate is also much more consistent. The gyro aiming makes it amazing though. So much easier to pull of headshots and quick movement between close enemies.
  2. Nintendo Switch

    I just bought FIFA as well. It's cheap and I quite fancied a footy game. I think EA should take some notice that if you are going to sell a cut down version of the game then it will be price sensitive in the UK. Price it well and it will sell.
  3. Nintendo Switch

    Also RIME is getting a big patch on the 19th that address a load of problems with the switch version RiME Switch 1.0.2 Patch Notes - Increased visual fidelity, bloom and post-processing - Sharpened image resolution - Opening Cinematics visually improved - Fixed possible stage exploits that would enable players to skip parts of the stages - Increased texture quality in specific areas - Increased view distance - Fixed an issue with foliage density, shadows, and render distances - Updated texture mipmaps for the Fox - Improved global mipmaps - Improved shadow distance and quality - Fixed instances of foliage pops - Stabilized FPS - Optimized the Boys cape and hair physics - Rebuilt streaming volumes - Fixed an issue that allowed you to see outside of the map in later stages. - Updated lighting to prevent bleed through - Updated the quality of trees in earlier stages where they would display poorly. The pictures they posted show a big upgrade
  4. Nintendo Switch

    Oh nice space shooting game coming for switch from Deep silver. This is what the mobile version of Manticore galaxy of fire looked like Switch version has been given a big overhaul. Full 1080p docked/720p undocked. No microtransactions etc just a full, big single player experience with a story. More missions and reworked controls for the switch. Might be good.
  5. Bayonetta 1 & 2 - Nintendo's Witch

    The port is pretty much the WiiU versions with a better frame rate, both in docked and undocked mode. Not bad but could have done with some new textures as they are a little on the low res side.
  6. Nintendo Switch

    Not really. It does bare some similarities though. It's kind of link a colour the platforms platformer.
  7. Post Your Gaming Setups

    Phew! Also nice strat.
  8. Post Your Gaming Setups

    Oh god put that guitar on a stand!
  9. Sci Fi recommendations

    Yeah I'm currently working my way through book five and have book six sitting on my table ready to go. It's still good stuff. Very consistant in quality.
  10. Book Four. Rock Buster.

    So far I have about 3 or 4 chapters down and it's coming along well. It's not going to be as complex as books two and three are. This will be a simpler and more fun romp through the galaxy. In some ways it's more like a spin off or a side story. Also I have wanted to do a "fish out of water" character for quite a while. Makes a difference from writing about someone who is the smartest person going.
  11. Nintendo Switch

    Back in the day the wii version of cod games sold quite well. Even wiiu black ops 2 did okay.
  12. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    I bought myself this as a present to myself about a month ago but never got round to playing it until now. Even though the resolution is a bit low in handheld I still find it perfectly playable and I'm enjoying it. Also the more welsh voices in a game the better!
  13. Sorry but there is only one SAM Most people think that he was just a logo for the sam coupe computer but they did actually make a full size SAM and had it in the reception area at MGT.
  14. Sci Fi recommendations

    Yeah there is nothing special about the plots etc it's the characters and banter that make them good. So far book three is good.

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