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  1. And they failed to show up for a fight they had bigged up. Why? Because we had even numbers to them. Apparently they were shocked that we could call up a fleet of about 1000 pilots. They need more courage if they want to really try and take the region.
  2. A stream is up. Nothings happened yet though. Could be a total bust. https://www.twitch.tv/suitonia
  3. Well I haven't seen this before. We are going all in with tonights fleet. Everyone is logging in theit Titans and supers as well as other capitals. This could be a huge fight or an utter blue ball. If it is it'll likely be streamed by someone. I'll post a stream if I can.
  4. Hmm... trick this because it's pretty much all of the above. There are big fights and there are small fights. Some groups use one tactic and others another. Everyone has their own take on what types of ships work for their group. For example we are currently using Zealots in our fleets while the enmy is sticking with Munins. Both types of ship have their strenths and weaknesses depending on how you fly them or what you do with them. The Munins might have better speed than our ships but ours might be able to track them better with our weapons etc.
  5. Discord is used out of the game to alert people to things that are happening. If something urgent comes up then you log in and things are organised using in game chat channels. We also use mumble for fleet coms. I would show you a picture of the discord stuff but I cannot risk the enemy seeing the channels etc.
  6. Some of them are great and some are bad. Lots of "If you liked the first you'll like this" Also it would be deadly premonition if it didn't perform like crap!
  7. One thing I should add about spamming stuff. Lots of alliances use discord to organise stuff. They set up dedicated channels regarding certain things. For example there will be a channel concerning general information, another will concern timers for structures another will be for emergency fleets and so on. One will also likely be for alerts to structures being shot at or entosised. So even though you may not be playing eve discord will still pop up with alerts all the time. Imagine how annoying that was happening 49 times within a few hours.
  8. Okay then as things have somewhat happened I think I'll bring you up to speed with current events. This is a map of the region know as fountain and currently every systm on the map is under the control of The imperium Super alliance and most of that is under the watchful eye of my alliance The Initiative. The enemy wants this space because they want to hurt a part of the Imperium and also gain a foothold into attack another region known as Delve. You can actually see the link between Fountain and Delve on the bottom left of the map. In order to get into Fountain the enemy needs a beachhead and they have choosen the system D4KU-5 to be that very thing. The reason why they have choosen the system is if you look at the bottom right of the map you can see a system know as Hophib joins it and Hophib is an NPC system. This means that we cannot drive the enemy out of Hophib. We cannot kill the NPC stations in the system and because its a low security status system we cannot just camp them into a station and prevent them from undocking ships. It gives them a strategic advantage to attack us from. So yesterday the hostiles formed up a fleet of around 1300 pilots and decided to attack D4KU-5 and reinforce a very important structure in the system. A jump gate. Jump gates are basically giant rings in space that can link two far apart systems together. It allows us to move fleets etc quickly through areas rather than have to jump from system to system which can take a long arse time. For example the Jump gate in D4KU-5 links that system with another system around 13 jumps away called IGE-RI. That means that our alliance can move ships back and forth and have access to NPC space quickly if people need to go sell stuff etc. It's very handy. When the enemy jumped into D4KU-5 we were able to put up some resistance with a fleet of reasonably fast and hard hitting ships known as Jackdaws. So we were able to kill some of the them coming into system. However, the enemy quickly countered with a fleet of Harpys (light frigate) and another cruiser sized fleet. This was a good counter to our fleet composition and they eventually reinforced the Jump bridge, meaning that they took down it's shields and put it offline. However, the bridge isn't down for good because it would come out of reinforcement at a certain time. Then the enemy would have a chance to kill it for good and create their beachhead. That timer was for a few hours ago. They failed. The Jump bridge was saved by my alliance, as were a number of other structures around fountain which had been hit. I'm not even sure why they didn't try and bring the hammer down on us and kill the Jump bridge but we were ready and maybe the numbers did not favour them (although they really should) So one for the good guys! Meanwhile... In the other front of the war, down in Delve. The enemy has managed to put up a Keepstar in a nearby system known as FAT-GP. It's not in Delve itself but in the nearby region of Catch. This is a small beachhead to allow the enemy to jump capital class ships into outlying Delve areas. In responce to this the Goons and friends decided that it was a good idea to on the attack rather than just wait for the hordes to come and smash down their doors. So they took out a fleet and annoy the living hell out of them. This they did with what is known as "Entosising". This is a fundimental part of EVE's soverighenty system and deciding who hold what system. If an allaince wants to claim a solar system then they need to drop an small structure know as a TCU or Territorial Control Unit. They also need to drop another structure in the system known as an IHUB an Infrastructur Hub. The TCU just says who has the system but the IHUB that decides a whole range of improtant stuff within that system so generally that is what you want to hit. Now you used to be able to just shoot them but not any more. Now you have to "Entosis" them and you do that with a special module on your ship. So you jump into a system, located it's IHUB, warp to that, target it and start the entosis module and then...well... you just go around and around in circles for anywhere between 10 and 50 minutes while the module does it's thing. It's boring but necessary. While you are doing this the owners of the IHUB receive a message telling them that their shit is being entosised and where. So they have to go and stop it otherwise the IHUB get put into reinfocement and the enemy can then have a crack a few days later at a certain time of trying to take the system (there is more too it than this but I'm simplifying stuff). So Goons sent out a fleet to do just this to Legacy space knowing full well that they would get spammed with messages and they would then be forced to run around trying to kill ships. It is fantastically annoying just trying to stop a few systems being spammed. The goons did it to pretty much an entire region. 49 systems in all. 49 systems entosised and their IHUB put into reinforcement. Annoying but that's not the worst part. You see when the IHUB's come out of reinforcement they spawn a bunch of things is several surrounding systems that need to be located and then entosed. If you do so then the system falls but if the enemy entosises them then they regain control. It's like cosmic whack-a-mole. It takes a lot of time and is irritating. The Goons however aren't interested in taking enemy space, all they wanted to do was annoy them. So rather that play the entosis game of whack-a-mole they just decided to let the enemy go through all the work to keep their systems. So while 49 systems were reinforced they were also then saved. But it's all about time and irritation caused. It's space trolling on a large scale. Goons are betting that their enemy will not like a war based on down and dirty tactics. They could be right.
  9. There should be some good action tonight as my lot will try and defend a vital jump bridge from being destroyed. If there is a stream up I will post it.
  10. Bless them. They are the one alliance I think everyone in EVE would be sad to see go. It used to be that they would sit cloaked and observe things but now they are very much at the front of the battle. Often they are now "Anchors" for fleets. You would hear commands like "Form up on Dark shines and keepo at range 1000" which means everyone get on the character Dark shines (one of our FC's and a damn good one at that) and then click keep at range. Then where ever he guides his ship we all follow. Follow the leader really. As for Titans and super fleets well they will be in them and calling out targets. In those fleets they just tend to jump into a system, all stay very close to each other and set speed at 0. If you find yourself away for the herd then your dead. It's like this.
  11. Fights tend to happen at certain times. For example my lot may call for an "Alpha" fleet. This is a case of "All hands on deck we have something to do and it's important". Those can be called about a day in advance. Occasionally a big fight can pop up out of nowhere though. For really big battles people usually have a few days notice, say a Keepstar is coming out of reinforcement on Thursday then we would prepare for that. For simplicity sake though your always better off watching a Twitch stream when something big goes down. One reason for this is often the twitch streams will have audio from the FC's giving commands so you het more of an idea as to what is happening and what they are trying to acheive. https://www.twitch.tv/directory/game/EVE Online
  12. They did. Well kind off. Everything just slows down to 10 percent speed so the nodes don't die. If the node is reinforced by CCP then it's possible to have 4000 people in system, just everyone playing at reduced speed. We have had 20+ hour fights before. Oh and I'm in the Imperium (The initative to be precise). So yeah we expect lots of action.
  13. Yes it has finally happened. After a period of utter stagnation (in which none of the major power blocks in EVE's wanted to actually bother each other) everyone has now decided it's time for a big old war. And by big I mean BIG. To understand why this war has come about you need to take a look at the following map... What you see here is EVE onlines depiction of star systems and the regions they are in. You'll see names on the map like Fountain or Delve or Catch. These regions are controlled by super alliances like Legacy or The imperium. What occurs most of the time is we have the odd big fight over some star system or another and everyone goes back home. This time though things have taken a turn for the "Let's burn everything to the ground" Info Rush: Who and where! If you look on the left side of the map you see several systems dominated by a group known as "The imperium". The imperium primarily consists of two large alliances. One is called "The intitative" and the other "Goonswarm" and they control the systems of Fountain and Delve respectively. To right of them is Legacy which mainly consists of TEST Alliance and whole bunch of other smaller alliances. To the top right there is PanFam. The consist or a number of big allainces such as Northern Coalition, Pandemic Legion. At the very top and to the left is a whole bunch of small alliances and one big one known as Pandemic Horde. Those are your players in the game so just what is going on? NIPS! EVE has looked like the above for quite some time and it came about because the main power blocks all disliked each other but no one of the three power blocks was strong enough to take another power block without the fear or one of the other getting involved. It was a mexican space standoff but everyone was reasonably happy because they could just sit there, churn out big ships like Titans and Supercarriers and mining like there was no tomorrow. In fact the situation was soldified with the agreement between the big three that noone would try and invade each other. A Non-Invasion-Pact. OUCH MY NIPS! Someone broke the NIP or rather signalled that they were breaking the NIP and that someone was Legacy. Legacy broke it with the Imperium declaring they wanted to invade Imperium space and destroy them once and for all. In order to do this they have also enlisted the help of Panfam. So it's two super powers against one or to put it another way it's about 100,000 pilots versus 50,000. Not the best of odds. Then there are all the other groups piling into the fray which is boosting Legacy and Panfams numbers even more. The Imperium are heavily outnumbered. Outnumbered but maybe not outgunned. It looks bad for the Imperium and it's a pretty good bet that Fountain will fall and maybe even Delve. However, because of EVE's mechanics it takes a long, long time for someone to take a region of space. It is also much easier to defend space than it is to attack it. I would explain why but that would take too long. Then there is the issue of the Super class ships like Titans and Super carriers. Goonswarm and the Initiative can probably field as much of them as the others. Goons have spent years building the largest capital fleet in the game with the ability to field multiple full fleets of titans (256 in a single fleet). In an all out capital brawl it reall is anyones game. It's started... As I type this the war has literally started with enemy fleets hitting the system of D4KU in fountain. Here they are hitting structures in the system and attempting to take out a jump bridge which can be used by the Imperium to quickly jump around ships across mutlitple systems. The responce to this has been for a large group of small ships to try and stop them doing so. While they have killed some of the attackers there are simple too many of them and the Jump bridge will be take out. This though is only the start. There will be many fights, lots of propaganda on both sides and finally some fun. I will try to keep this thread upto date with all the stuff that goes down.
  14. Switch sales this week in Japan have been a bit on the big side with it selling 93,000 machines for the week and animal crossing passing over 5 million copies in japan. In total the Switch sold around 91 percent of all console sales for the week. Astonishing.
  15. For those that don't know all Nintendo is doing regarding 3rd party codes is exactly the same shit Sony does. It's utter bullshit of course. Oh and crysis remastered is 27 quid on switch. Which is okay and a mile better than EA and Burnout remastered.
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