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  1. Nicky

    Star Trek Discovery

    someone needs to do a supercut of the Burnham mid distance stares
  2. Nicky

    Star Trek Discovery

    it was indeed. but there was very little peril. it was 90% nameless drone vs nameless crew member we never heard of. with 200+ "fighers" from two exploration vessels we then had star wars droids that could have fixed critical issues with the ship. theres been no doubt that the visual effects of discovery have been nothing short of amazing. but peel back that thin veneer of space eye porn and you're left with a right load of old shite.
  3. Nicky

    Star Trek Discovery

    thats the fucking crazy thing... we either have the possibility of something new with a great captain and a shit hot bridge on a ship we all care about... or the burnham tilly mary sue loveboat
  4. Nicky

    Star Trek Discovery

    klingon war, klingon design, spocks story and family amongst others
  5. Nicky

    Star Trek Discovery

    im massively hoping so.
  6. Nicky

    Star Trek Discovery

    My feeling about Discovery is similar to how i see the decisions regarding the DC movies were done. "okay we need our DC movies to be like the Marvel ones as they make all the money, only theyve failed" rather than going the Nolan Batman route or what appears to be somewhat interesting new Joker movie, focusing on what the story is all about. Likewise i feel the morons incharge of the new star trek shows has gone "hey star wars is doing really well, lets make star trek like that, its making all the money" both situations totally forget that a DC have amazing IP's stories and a fanbase that can totally stand on its own doing its own thing, and that star trek has the history, universe, fanbase to stand on its own doing its own thing. But NIETHER of these have shown any self respect or trust for what they are. Which is why they've failed. You don't need to reinvent yourself for a new audience, that's just fucking papering over cracks and shitting on your current fanbase. just make something good and draw on your strengths. This has mostly been wank from star to finish. It's not star trek, it never was. the one slight ray of hope is that they take critical analysis of the show from actual star trek fans and critics and go "yeah no, its shit" hell i'd even be willing to let Mcfarlane's team who did The Orville take it gladly.
  7. Nicky

    Star Trek Discovery

    I didnt know discovery and enterprise were capable of housing an entire armada of shuttles over 200. What a load of wank.
  8. Nicky

    Games Workshop, An Appreciation Thread

    One more stream to go i reckon
  9. Nicky

    The Miniatures Appreciation Thread

    ive ordered snm stuff before, i mean, ive ordered from snmstuff.
  10. Nicky

    Games Workshop, An Appreciation Thread

    its been a HUUUGE pain in the arse @Aluco. I could just say i found some pictures on the internet and made some decals and put them on. BUT it's been an insane amount of work. This weekend alone ive spent 15 hours photographing, drawing, measuring, printing, remeasuring, re-printing, cutting, applying, and painting in the details which werent perfect shapes, then painting trim. And that wasnt all the panels. i did this again a few weeks ago for the other ones. I thought putting custom decals on a model would be an easy alternative to freehand. however ive probably spent a full 24 hour day worth of time doing them alone. at least im more or less done with the custom decals now. just the 2 lasers, the top carapace and the weathering of the panels and the aforementioned to go....
  11. Nicky

    Games Workshop, An Appreciation Thread

    This is wherte i am on the big Knight. got to weather up those armour panels and do the top and then were about done
  12. people are allowed to like different things, people are allowed to take umbridge at what feels like pissing on characters and ideas and expectations. People are also allowed to think a not very good film is not very good.
  13. Nicky

    Star Trek Discovery

    i dont understand how these hacks were given the keys to one of the biggest franchises there is. Everything is so predictable and or amateurish. i could have bet everything i know and love on - and im not going to even spoiler it becuase its straight from pre-school script writing obvious class, when burnham walked away from ash, and she walks less than 10 steps away and turns around, runs and hugs him. i mean...COME ON.... there was more believable writing in fucking Rainbow.
  14. but we all know that RJ Star Wars was rubbish. i'd rather watch clone wars
  15. Nicky

    The Man Utd Thread

    this is barca remember, they're doing alright (other than the score)

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