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  1. The prison break was fucking shit, made all the worse by the awful pantomime overacted twileks and every scene looking exactly the same as the last. I don't fully get the bottle episode thing when a hell of a lot of the scenes were done in UnrealEngine in a virtual stage. Must have cost 10 pence.
  2. Yeah but i think we're talking "inside" the house
  3. false. Priming with an airbrush is the way to go for anyone serious about painting. Mig One Shot / Badger Stynlrez primer 25psi NEAT with a .375/.4 needle and you get perfect results. rinse your cup with water as soon as you're done and immediatley start painting your base colours. I have no idea why some of you guys are struggling with this
  4. from what i heard, Latham was told to stop making youtube videos by the higher-ups at GW. But i can not confirm or deny
  5. surely the manchester united foundation would be delicious https://www.mufoundation.org/en/Charity
  6. yeah they swiftly took most of it down after their non-apology was seen throughbut the product still went for sale apparently. im not embedding it, but here this guy sums the whole debacle up as it unfolded: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUkbcw3GhrM&t=1165s
  7. However fuck AK Interactive for their debacle in thinking it was okay to hype and sell a book that features holocaust footage, bodies being bulldozed into mass graves in their marketing to cheesy zombie graphics and unlicenced stock music (complete with the watermark in place) and the book contents containing such delights as "how to build your own gas chamber and paint it using our products" and then if that wasnt enough, featuring products on their roadmap for "crying vietnamese child" "zyklon b poison gas model kits" etc. I've completley boycotted them, along with many other people in the c
  8. I have both cans of Halfords grey primers infront of me purchased a few weeks ago. They have "Primer Grey" and "Plastic Primer Grey" Im pretty sure the "Primer Grey" is the one they've always had. The Primer Grey says "The advanced acrylic based formulation is compatible with virtually all types of automotive paint, including cellulose finishes. It may be applied to existing paintwork or bare metal" The Plastic Primer says "is specially formulated for use on glass fibre and rigid plastic surfaces. It provides an ideal base coat for overpainting and ensures optimum adhe
  9. @Floshenbarnical If you like a bit of the grimdark painting, then you could pop over and hang out in my streams where i pretty much live in the grimdark, and offer help and tutorials on a weathered style. Zak and i both pretty much use the same techniques and products for stuff like eg: I have however just finished my main stream schedule for the year until January 2 after a marathon 12 days in a row painting a big scale Reaver Titan but if you're interested in hanging out with the crew - i stream Thurs, Sat, Sun, Mon from 3pm -7pm or so Easter Time. Thursdays is scale modelling work,
  10. either way he's still wooden and shite like some b list Doctor Who companion.
  11. calling the bunch of hacks that have been responsible for Discovery, writers is doing writers a clear diservice.
  12. Yes. I went into a stream the other day and siad how shit discovery was. 90% of the people that replied thought it was good. ARE WE WATCHING THE SAME SHIT?!
  13. its "star wars has droids we need them too. if people like them we can maybe get someone licence them!" And i think the dour exterior planets stuff is because someone watched The Expanse S4 and went "THIS LOOKS SO ALIEN AND COOL AND ICELAND IS A POPULAR HOLIDAY DESTINATION IN THE US, LETS MAKE SPACE LOOK LIKE ICELAND! BUT GET THIS.... WITH PARASITIC ICE!" while wanking each other off and scrawling the script in their own ejaculate.
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