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  1. That's a shame, but maybe post on the steam discussion page about it and keep an eye out for updates - the devs appear to actively look for feedback and are obviously still supporting the game. I wouldn't be surprised to see comfort options and tweaks to make it more broadly palatable. I really did have an absolute blast for the 20 minutes or so I played.
  2. Similar - been messing with VR since devkit days and this is the first thing in years to make my stomach lurch. I know it sounds odd, but that's exactly what I was after. The sinking feeling is only with jumps, wild spins and vertical flipping. If that didn't test my vomit suppression skills, it would feel detached and defeat the purpose for me. On the flip side, it means small burst sessions and I understand it will likely repel more people than it attracts.
  3. Cool! Skipped this after middling reviews, but VR is too tempting. Hopefully a better implementation than Redout.
  4. Bit off-topic, but the biggest advantages of RTX won't be the nicer lighting in the end product - though the tech will mean nicer lighting in dynamic environments, and probably in general. Its primarily a benefit to developers. Lighting scenes for ray-tracing is much easier and faster to set up, and you don't have to spend who knows how long jumping through hoops just to get similar, not quite as good results - not to mention the time it takes to bake an environment every time someone moves a prop. Its a kind of twisted extreme of the op's issue. Not even lusting after hardware to direct
  5. I remember getting the demo as a teenager and being fascinated by the seedy atmosphere, the swearing and especially the location based damage. I stayed up too late playing it and had a really vivid dream that ended with me being blasted in the gut by a shotgun. I was most confused and distraught to find that the pain didn't dissipate on waking up. Eventually got myself together enough to realise I needed the bathroom, and after a big dump, all was well again. I got the full game on GOG a couple of years ago and played for a bit, but there was no atmosphere at all and I had no resul
  6. Dunno if this has come up before, but if you're buying bundles make sure to check the section about where your money goes. The default 'humble tip' is completely taking the piss. I just bought a software bundle that was excellent value - a steal, but the distribution is not cool. Humble take four times what goes to charity and almost as much as the developer/publisher of the product. HB started with a strong focus on charity, but since the takeover by IGN or whoever, it feels like the charity aspect is used as little more than a marketing angle, and the people providing the goods are not
  7. They've designed a console just for me! I knew I was right to hold off on the PS4. If you just show a little self discipline and vote with your wallet, these corporate giants soon learn who's boss.
  8. I'm still far from a master at it and have poor reactions, but for bosses I'd suggest: Stay calm. Focus on observing the attack patterns and seeing where the gaps are / when you NEED to dodge-roll. As mentioned, whenever possible, its better to walk between gaps. Don't worry too much about attacking, auto-aim is generous. Don't leave it too late to fire blanks. If you're under pressure and have one, use it. Some bosses will require constant strafing/circling, but some are easier if you limit your movement - e.g. with the twins, stopping as they start to shoot m
  9. Just beat my second past (marine, 1st was pilot) at 160 hours. Amazing game. Was trying to unlock the floor 5 shortcut on the same run. Had 10(!) keys and 275 casings when I beat the dragun, but the arsehole mechanic wants 300 casings WITH 6 keys. Was briefly livid, before realising I'm so far from done with the game that it really doesn't matter. Farewell to arms is much smaller than AG&D, but still a substantial update, and seems tuned to create more powerful load-outs more often.
  10. This would be add a little extra sheen to many games, but I think @Fry Crayola's concerns about scale are correct and it would need to be very subtle in most cases. Markerless tracking is getting there, but still not great. I suspect you will see this once it can be implemented at nominal cost in both hardware and software - so built into the TV/console/phone as standard without fanfare, and implemented at engine level by the likes of Unreal. People tend to overestimate the importance of stereoscopy for depth perception - a very quick google suggests as many as 12% of the population are
  11. I think that's a fair criticism and applies to to a lot of games. Even if you were provided a journal of what you'd done and some notes about the locations it could help that without spoiling the atmosphere.
  12. 2 - Dark soles Edit: Dammit, wasted time deciding on spelling.
  13. Hyper Light Drifter can feel clunky to begin with, but it isn't incompetence or lack of resources. It handles exactly as intended and is very satisfying and precise if you get the hang of it. Also, while vague maps can be initially frustrating, the way they force you to pay more attention to the actual environment can add a lot - see also Hollow Knight (which I didn't totally get on with and may be joining the abandoned list for different reasons).
  14. Aaand that's 52. Thought I'd sneak a few more in over the holiday, but they'll fall soon enough in January. It's an arbitrary target and there were a few times when I gave it too much importance, but overall it was great actually to play so many amazing games while actually buying fewer of the things. Also enjoyed hearing about and getting recommendations for games that flew under the radar, and even just reading people's thoughts outside the context of new release hype. VR was (obviously) a big deal for me, and hopefully it continues to be, despite the endless proclamations about
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