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  1. Danny Ric apparently wants a £21m payoff from McLaren not to take up his contract next year.
  2. Nothing better than beating the goalkeeper from the halfway line
  3. ryodi


    IndyCar at Nashville is a complete mess. Seven full course yellow, now a dead flag with four laps to go because Newgarden divebombed Grosjean and out him into the wall and I just want this race to end already so I can go to bed.
  4. VAR is having a shocker in this game.
  5. Is the Dutch manager United hired Frank de Boer?
  6. Godfrey for Everton looks to have got the first serious injury caused by the lineman not flagging even though the ball was clearly over the line no doubt due to VAR.
  7. Fulham should have won that, Liverpool were awful for much of the game and the fact we needed Milner to come on and save us shows how invisible the midfield was. I'll take a point but they were fortunate to come away with that.
  8. Fulham have completely bossed it and should be two goals,up.
  9. Like Sky Sports far too big score card yesterday, why is the score now in the bottom left on BT Sport? Usual slow start for a 12.30 kick off from Liverpool, Fulham the much better side so far.
  10. I was wrong, the physical version is now listed on Amazon so it’s not SE store exclusive. No steel book at Amazon as far as I can tell.
  11. Bayern are five goals up against the Europa League champions at half time.
  12. The new Sky scorecard is rubbish.
  13. Did they not order samples before releasing them in the store? The Jeff Gerstmann show is great. Whenever I see a three hour podcast I have my doubts about listening to it but somehow he manages to stay entertaining all the way through and no one does a dick pill ad read quite like Jeff.
  14. I my last two years at university working at the games counter in Toys R Us in Birmingham. I also had the issue of parents wanting me to hand copies of Vice City to their kids and apart from only managing to sell one PC in two years when my target was one a day I haven’t got any stories that compare to what other people here have experienced. In fact my main memory is the times woman walked off in tears because I couldn’t find a copy of The Getaway she’d purchased with the ticket system when it was the hottest game that year and out of stock everywhere else. It finally turned up at the end of the day because whoever stocked the shelves in the storeroom the customers collected their games from had put them at the bottom of the pile of games next to The Getaway on the shelves and they reappeared copies of that game sold out during the day. So I know I ruined at least one child’s Christmas when I worked there.
  15. Sainz crashed out in Australia and Imola with a perfectly functioning Ferrari so it’s not just been Leclerc throwing points away before the Ferrari strategists get a chance to do it for him. Perez has been underperforming for the last few races.
  16. For the Switch at least they don’t seem to sell eShop codes and digital games are listed as ‘code in a box’ so I’m fairly confident it is a physical version of the game. At least I hope it is.
  17. Physical release only available from the SE store as far as I can tell with a free steel book if you preorder. https://store.eu.square-enix-games.com/en_GB/product/767952/tactics-ogre-reborn The Tarot Card set from the Japanese LE is also available for £43.99 https://store.eu.square-enix-games.com/en_GB/product/767983/tactics-ogre-reborn-tarot-card-set
  18. This is £45 on the eShop. I was expecting prices in line with the Final FantasY ports so I’m guessing the extra cost is to pay for the new voice acting which I’m going to turn off immediately anyway.
  19. Alonso is going to be paid a tonne of money and worshipped at AM as the number one driver. His return to F1 has basically been everyone telling him how great he is.
  20. Considering how little sponsorship they have the Piastri mess has worked out well for Williams and given this announcement more expose than it would normally get
  21. I expect this to be nothing but imagine if it is a driver announcement.
  22. McLaren don’t bother with a young driver program anymore. Piastri’s F3 and F2 drives which costs a few million pounds to run were entirely funded by Alpine because he doesn’t have rich parents to fund him like Lando. McLaren have poached him but with Zak Brown seemingly signing contracts with a lot of young drivers this could get very messy.
  23. How many drivers has Zak Brown contracted for 2023? Danny Ric is about to go back to Alpine with a big payoff from McLaren for the last year of his contract. At the same time Piastri tweeted
  24. I've read that his Alpine contract ended on the 31st July so Alonso announcing he was leaving on Monday completely sctewed their plan for Piastri.
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