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  1. Decent sale this week. I went for Flashback, Mark of the Ninja, Sonic 2 and Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy which I still have my Gamecube copy and never got around to playing properly.
  2. It is nostalgic having a player Liverpool are interested in sign for Chelsea which seemed to happen all the time a few years ago. Assuming they don’t have anyone else lined up this means Minamino and Elliot as the main backups with Oxlaide Chamberlain filling in occasionally as well.
  3. The theatrical versions are currently on Amazon Prime is anyone has that and wants to watch them.
  4. I thought he was someone Klopp wanted to sign but Chelsea have activated his release clause and it looks like he's going there. A shame because we still need backup for the front three.
  5. I don’t use a wheel but I always drive in third person in rally games because it’s a) gives you a better view of the road and b) allows you to see where the back of the car is helping your awareness of where it is positioned on the road, something the bonnet or cockpit cam cannot do.
  6. OK, I bought the GOTY version of Dirt 2.0 which starts you off with a lot of money so I'll have to buy one and try it out. Despite owning every WRC game since WRC 5 as well as DR, DR 2.0 and Dirt 4 I am absolutely awful at them. It turns out my rallying skills peaked with Sega Rally and the original Colin McRae game because the stages were so wide it was hard to hit anything. In the modern games the stages are so narrow I always think of Nico Rosberg's description of racing in Monaco being like riding a bike around your living room. I'm still working my way through Junior WRC in WRC 8 which has an enjoyable career mode so far and watching people with actual skill show how it's done on YouTube
  7. The best feature of the WRC games are the stages which have dynamic weather, look better and have more variety than the Codemasters rally games. The co driver is still the weakest part in WRC 8 but at least he doesn’t yell ‘brake’ anymore like he did in the old games. The addition of tyre wear in 8 also upped the challenge especially for someone like me who wears out tyres quickly in every game that had that option. Dirt is more of a rally history game with classic cars and it doesn’t have anything close to the modern WRC cars in the official game unless I just haven’t unlocked them yet.
  8. If it makes you feel any better it’s only the movie that is on blu ray in the set. All of the appendices are on dvd and are exactly the same as the original EE release. I’ve no idea why it’s so expensive, maybe everyone bought a copy during the lockdown. Zavvi have Fellowship for £13.99 but the other two movies are out of stock https://www.zavvi.com/blu-ray/lord-of-the-rings-fellowship-of-the-ring-extended-edition/10873789.html
  9. I’m not sure the market is big enough for three rally games especially from the same company so I wouldn’t be surprised if Dirt ends up on hiatus. It’s a shame the team currently making the WRC games is losing the license because WRC 8 is great and with the pandemic affecting motorsport, the introduction of hybrid cars to WRC before 2023 and unless new manufacturers can be brought in the small numbers of WRC spec cars available who knows what a licensed rally game will loom like a few years from now.
  10. I forgot to add while I was reminiscing that Return of the King had one of the best trailers ever I still get chills watching it.
  11. Other countries imposing a quarantine or ban on people from travelling from the UK is much more likely with how things are going at the moment. It’ll please Mercedes, they always run well at Silverstone and might need to make up points after the heat and altitude of Austria.
  12. I cannot find a decent thread to bring back from the dead so thought I'd start a new one. It is probably favourite movie trilogy and I knew nothing of the books before it came out. Whenever I watch it now it brings back memories of being at University, eagerly awaiting the next movie in the trilogy and deliberatly not buying the Theatrical DVD on release and waiting for the Extended Editions for the brilliant appendices, the kind of behind the scenes documentaries that seems to have died along with dvds. With everyone being locked down there's lot of Zoom cast reunions going on, the Community one was great but for what is the first time the movies were released the cast got together to talk about it.
  13. At lest Baku has some interesting architecture to look at.
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