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  1. Every Pokemon game is designed to be enjoyed by newcomers so I'm sure he'll love it. I hadn't realised the fandom was such a bunch of assholes until now, it must be because this is the first mainline game released on the major console that they are all losing their minds. I've been playing the games since Red/Blue and don't have any favourite Pokemon, the games are low stress experience where I have a target number to catch to complete the Pokedex with occasional trips to Game/Smyths for any Legendaries that are distributed through them and then I put it down and wait for the next release.
  2. You only have to look at the leap in quality between X/Y and Sun/Moon to see how much better the games will get. I personally don’t think Pokemon translates as well to 3D as Zelda did because the world always felt better to me when your imagination filled in the gaps and they could scale the game more easily like the Black and White games which are the peak of the series to me. Some of the complaints are justified but the amount of hatred they are getting is ridiculous.
  3. Unless he has a real drop in form I expect he’ll last until the end of 2020 and then the real fun in the driver market will begin.
  4. He needs to get to a Champions League final to take advantage of that rule Meanwhile in Germany
  5. His side lost to a team with Lovren at the back. I don't care how short handed due to injuries you have no excuse with his budget and the signings he's made.
  6. Is that better of worse than Frank Lampard's Chelsea winning the title at his first attempt. They've looked better each week and will definitely cause City problems after the international break.
  7. Today was the day TAA became the new Henchoz. And Pep being a dick just made it all the more enjoyable.
  8. How can you give a penalty when the City player handled it first, I thought of that happened the ball went dead. No one at Sky seems to know the rules.
  9. City are definitely going to score, only difference so far is that Liverpool have taken their chances.
  10. Are Sky going to stop showing the non handball at some point?
  11. Leicester moving up to second. No European action to distract them I think they could challenge for the title again.
  12. Pokemon Blue (Original GB) - Bought as soon as it appeared on the shelf at my local Woolworths. Pokemon Stadium : I didn't play it that much but it was nice to see the models in 3D. I then skipped Gen II and didn't start playing the games again until the first remakes arrived and from this point I always bought both versions because I play the games just to complete the Dex and don't care about battling or anything else. Fire Red & Leaf Green : Played mostly on LG and then played through FR up until the point you get Moltres so I could complete my Pokedex. Ruby / Sapphire / Emerald: The worst generation of games. Didn't really start playing them properly until I got Emerald and then played enough of the other two games to complete the Pokedex. Pokemon Channel : A truly dreadful game which had Jirachi as a reward for completing it which only took about 2 hours. Pokemon Stadium and Pokemon XD: Only played briefly and both games were not much fun and without a decent reward Pokemon I had no motivation to continue playing. Pokemon Box: A Stars Catalogue reward which gave you a Swablu that knew False Swipe as a reward which made catching Pokemon a lot easier. Diamond / Pearl / Platinum : Completed most of the Dex with Diamond and then transferred them to Platinum when it was released to complete it. Heart Gold / Soul Silver: Played Soul Silver and started but didn't get very far in HG because I already had any Pokemon missing in SS from previous games that I had then transferred once whichever stupid system GF had decided to implement that time. Black / White : Played White and then enough of Black to complete the Dex. Black 2 / White 2: Played White 2 because there was a nice link feature that gave additional story points with the original game. These are the best games in the series. Pokemon Dream Radar (3DS) : Like all of the spin offs not great but did allow me to obtain low level Legendaries from Gen IV that would be level 5 if you transferred them to your B2W2 cart if you did not have any badges. X / Y : Played X and then Y to complete the Dex. Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire : Playing OR and then AS but haven't finished the Dex in these games yet. Despite improvements in the remake I still dislike both games. Sun / Moon : Moon because I play games and night and it's no fun if it's always dark. Ultra Sun / Ultra Moon : Ultra Moon and then using Pokemon Bank transferred Pokemon from Moon and Sun to complete the Dex. Crystal (3DS VC) : Only started and the original games are hard to go back to. Nowhere near completing yet. Preorderd the Sword Shield SE for both games. Not sure which one I will play first yet.
  13. I think i'm finally getting the hang of Spa. Since the update sorted out track limits I am qualifying within the top 10 which means I am clear of all the bumper cars you get at the back of the grid and after a few races in the AMG Mercedes I switched to the Gr3 Mustang which has two benefits. It's doesn't have the best cornering ability but it is amazingly quick in a straight line which is useful for overtaking and I can use awesome V8 Supercar liveries on it. I managed to lose third place in my last race by hitting a cone that was lying in the road and flying into the gravel trap which was annoying.
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