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  1. It was the senior players who let the side down today and it will give Kelleher a chance to rebuild his confidence after conceding 10 in his last two first team games. It should be a good game and I wouldn't begrudge Shrewsbury going through.
  2. On the positive side the extra game gives Lovren and Matip more time to get their sharpness back and a result like this was always going to happen eventually.
  3. Great to have Lovren back
  4. The game crashed on me yesterday just after I had caught a Pokemon I didn't have. Which is annoying and also the first time a Pokemon game has ever crashed on me. One minor criticism but it also annoys me that fast travel is just a loading screen. I miss the train animation you got in Heart Gold / Soul Silver and the animation you got when using Poke Ride in Sun/Moon. They both added some character to the world and it's a shame these games don't have something similar.
  5. He's going to be there until the end of the season now matter how bad they are. I expect City to hammer them in the league cup on Wednesday.
  6. City are going to score six or seven now.
  7. No idea what the goalkeeper was doing but a fantastic long range goal from Ilicic
  8. Yes, it plays all DS games. The only game that won't work are those that require the GBA cart attachment like Guitar Hero. That's a bargain price for a New 3DS, they are a lot less common than the XL.
  9. Haaland was never going to sign for United. It was either The Totally Football Show or Football Weekly that mentioned that with social media Man Utd make money whenever they are linked to a player they were never going to sign which is what happened here. He's going to tear up the Bundesliga for a couple of years then move to Spain I expect. Or Bayern as is traditional with Dortmund's best players.
  10. The Wild Area makes completing a living Dex in Sword / Shield more irritating than any other generation. Not only do you have to know which area the Pokemon you are looking for appears in, you have to know which way it appears (random encounters, symbol encounters, and wandering) but also what the weather has to be as well. Which unlike the seasons in Black/White are not predictable so you have to check each day and then go and look for the Pokemon while avoiding the irritating Pokemon that chase you as soon as you get near them.
  11. Enormous crash for Tanak at Monte Carlo today, very lucky to avoid going into the trees as well.
  12. He reminded me of the original Ronaldo when he was at Inter. Ridiculously fast, players bounced off him because of how strong he is with fantastic close control. If Robertson hadn’t fouled him he probably would have scored from that attack. He should be fun to watch in the Europa League this season as well.
  13. Wolves were excellent and if they continue like this should be challenging for a top 4 spot at the end of the season. Traore made Robertson have his worst day for a long time but like the United game Liverpool were very wasteful which is why Wolves were still in it. But I'm glad we don't have to play Wolves again this season.
  14. Henderson taking it off Salah knowing he wouldn't pass it and Firmino buries it. This has been the toughest game of the season and Wolves are still in it.
  15. Fair point. At the time I thought we’d end up missing Emre Can more but his career move was even worse than Coutinho who at least ended up at Bayern, Can didn’t even make Juventus champions league squad this season.
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