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  1. The test is at Paul Ricard, there’s nothing to hit on that circuit.
  2. Grosjean in the Mercedes. Nice to see Toto following up on his promise.
  3. at the title of this weeks Bombcast is ‘Brad’s leaving’. From the sounds of it GB is going dark for the next month, all Premium subscribers have had a month added to their subscriptions. Something has finally stopped the Bombcast.
  4. https://www.gamespot.com/articles/alex-navarro-brad-shoemaker-vinny-caravella-leave-giant-bomb/1100-6491009/ Looks like it might be a complete revamp of GB instead of just fading away.
  5. My money would still be on Chelsea, I can see Pep overthinking it and losing whereas Real Madrid City would beat easily.
  6. It's impressive how long they've all stayed with GB when you consider how short most careers in game media are, most people burn out and leave after a few years.
  7. Chelsea easily contained them when they met in the FA Cup. I think City would prefer Madrid in the final because if they get through I think Chelsea will win it.
  8. I can’t see them setting something up as a trio so I wonder why they all left together.
  9. Well this sucks. GB was the only videogame content I paid attention to and now it's gone. I'll be interested to hear what Jeff G announces but I wouldn't be surprised if he goes back to Gamespot and the Bombcast is no more.
  10. I’m sure Chris Smalling and Henrikh Mkhitaryan will be delighted to work with him again.
  11. A Line in the Sand: Britain, France and the Struggle That Shaped the Middle East is currently 99p.
  12. I think you're being harsh on Bottas. He had the usual garbage Mercedes pit stop (3.3s compared to 2.5 for Hamilton) which left him at he mercy of Max whose hard tyres were already up to temp. Mercedes even warned Hamilton on the radio it would take half a lap for the tyres to get to temp and Bottas probably would have stayed ahead if he'd had a decent pit stop but he was closing the gap to Max until his engine sensor problem. Russell had another Sunday that was nothing to talk about
  13. ryodi


    Huge crash before the race has even started. Absolutely no problem showing slow mo replays in IndyCar coverage.
  14. United Liverpool postponed. They should just declare the result 0-0 it was going to be anyway and move onl
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