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  1. Tuchel is the replacement apparently.
  2. At least we scored but United were deserved winners, they looked the better team for most of the match and were always threatening when they attacked. Spurs away next and I cannot see us getting much out of that.
  3. Two shocking bits of defending for United’s goals.
  4. Hope you enjoyed the remake because there's not going to be another Tony Hawk game from this team.
  5. Klopp's Dortmund side ran out of steam after winning two league titles. One near miss and a win and the same appears to be happening here although the current injury crisis means that isn't really a fair comparison.
  6. Hopefully Origij will be able to get his head to some of the endless crosses sent into the box.
  7. If you like trashy action novels there are six Matthew Reilly books in the Daily Deal today https://www.amazon.co.uk/s?rh=n%3A4725112031&fs=true&ref=lp_4725112031_sar When I fell off reading Lee Child books years ago I started reading Matthew Reilly instead and enjoyed his early stuff like Temple and Ice Station. I haven't read any for a while but I hope these are good.
  8. I expect Lampard will be safe until Chelsea are mathematically out of the Champions League places this season. The league is so tight there doesn’t seem any point in sacking him now.
  9. Phil Nevilles managerial career continues. At least Inter Miami don’t have to worry about relegation.
  10. That’s more in keeping with how long players careers at the top level are. Messi and Ronaldo are freaks with their longevity but Rooney’s career at his peak is comparable to players like Fowler, Owen, Torres who are amazing for four to five years then fade away and injuries take their toll.
  11. Bringing on Origi is a cry for help at this point. Hopefully we can score some goals in the cup game but I expect a frontline of Origi, Minamino and Shaqiri isn't going to strike feat into the Man Utd defense.
  12. Election was one of the first dvds I bought and she was brilliant in it. Such a sad loss of someone so young.
  13. ryodi

    Formula One - 2020

    David 'Jo-van-natzy' Croft definitely will.
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