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  1. Ferrari had the better car for most of the last two seasons and a combination of strategic mistakes and Vettel bottling it cost them the titles. This is the first season since 2016 where it is really only a fight between the Mercedes drivers.
  2. I'm not sure how he can argue, he overtook Kimi with all four wheels over the white line driving over the blue run off area.
  3. Oof. I was listening to the 5 Live commentary with Hope Solo and Rachel Brown-Finnis where they went from happy England were winning to disbelief at Cameroon's reaction to the offside to them all just willing the game to end when that last bad tackle went in.
  4. Looking ahead I think Norway have to be favourites in the quarter final. They have shown a lot better control of the game so far and have made none of the silly mistakes England have been capable of. Neville is going to have to sort them out if he wants to win that match.
  5. That was a leg breaker tackle.
  6. She clearly decided with the current score it wasn’t worth the hassle.
  7. That was so marginal as well.
  8. There’s going to be a riot at this rate.
  9. The USA had a goal given when their player was in an offside position standing directly in front of the goalkeeper. I don't know what they are complaining about.
  10. Finally completed my living Alola Dex which is 403 Pokemon in the Ultra games. Looking at my Daily Records it taken me 91 hours in Ultra Moon, 34 hours in Sun and 31 hours in Moon to do it and using the GTS for a few of the Pokemon that either require to complete the game again like the exclusive UB or catching them in game is just a pain like Dratini. The Ultra versions are definitely the best made Pokemon games so far, everything loads quickly and there's plenty of Pokemon to catch. It also looks great with only occasional slowdown during 2x2 battles, I went back to X/Y briefly and its amazing how grainy those games look in comparison. it's just a shame the islands themselves don't change like the worlds do in other sequel / third games in generations so despite some story changes it does feel very samey and more like a finished version of the previous game than something new. If you're looking for a first Pokemon game I'd definitely recommend the Alola games even when the Switch games come out because there is a lot to them and the first Pokemon games on new platforms are generally thin on content.
  11. Bottas v1.0 is back already and will stay until the summer break at least. Vettel has gone in the same he did after Germany last season. Hamilton’s to lose now.
  12. Gasly has been lapped and is going to finish out the points. What a letdown he has been this season.
  13. Paul Ricard is also a boring a fuck track to watch them race on. And at least in the Schumacher days reliabity wasn’t that great so there was always the chance leading cars would fail to finish.
  14. The sooner Grosjean and Magnussen are booted out of F1 the better.
  15. 12 seconds behind after 29 laps. Maybe he’s saving his engine.
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