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  1. Anybody fancy letting me visit? just to see a different island.
  2. Can someone explain a few things to me? I’ve seen purple roses online, how? I cannot for the life of me find pears or cherries, is there some condition for these?
  3. Can you get a nook Miles ticket the day services are being upgraded?
  4. Droo

    G2A.com - legit?

    Not in stock, unfortunately.
  5. Droo

    G2A.com - legit?

    Hoping to buy Two Point Hospital for the PC from the above site for a tenner. Anyone used it before?
  6. That’s be good and really useful. Im using a Sony Trinatron model escapes me right this second.
  7. Interesting. the RGB signal looks really washed out to me, but I suppose it could be considered the “proper colour”. it’s hard to judge.
  8. If you have a wide screen crt and choose 4:3 ratio and use an RGB cable - is this the same as using an RGB on a native 4:3 tv? I ask because my Sony triniton widescreen displays washed out colours via RGB and better but smudged colours via rf.
  9. I read all of that. I treat games as games. So, no, I’ve never been crushed by a game. It’s like saying I’ve been crushed personally by a book or movie. Moved, maybe, crushed, no. I understand you, I assume, make money from playing a game therefore it has a detrimental effect on your life. But, frankly, if my actual real job made me feel that way I’d quit.
  10. dunno how they operate bolted to the ceiling like that.
  11. This was an excellent no-brainer kids movie. It was full of plot holes. But all the best kids movies are. So I’d ignore all the adults out there saying things like “why can’t he do x/y/z when he does it in other parts of the movie”. Like, ffs, Its for children. I honestly hope they do a sequel, because...
  12. Not overly controversial this one, but something happened somewhere between the Dreamcast and the 360 where a lot of the magic in gaming kinda died out for me. In themes similar to the mobile phone thread in off topic, what was once a cornucopia of originality became a bit bland and samey.
  13. The Jeff Minter games are all pants. I never understood why people love(d) him quite so much.
  14. Has anyone caught this (excuse the pun). short but really good.
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