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  1. As an aside, the small text was why I gave up on the Witcher 3! ill see this one out though.
  2. I am about ten feet away. Why would I be any closer?? Are you mister magoo-ing it sitting inches from your screen?
  3. I’ve a 55 incher. (Name of my sex video).
  4. My only issue is the text in this game which is like a fucking eye test.
  5. Spoilered just in case people think it’s spoilery (I don’t think it is, I’m only a couple of hours in).
  6. Xbox Appreciation Thread

    I agree with you. Although i decent solderingkit would probably set you back a reasonable amount.
  7. Xbox Appreciation Thread

    Not having a clue about such things; if you have your machine in use does it stop this happening? Is there a tell tale sign of this fault? It’s weird you should say this, because outrun via rgb through my framemeister looks so good I was shocked. Through normal composite and straight into a modern tv, I will admit, is a very weak signal.
  8. Game Gear Appreciation Thread

    Woody Pop. Good choice sir, good choice.
  9. This would me amazing. I know the games would be on internal memory of some kind, but imagine a mini mega cd with games on mini cds.... The japanese market in particular would go mad for that. I'd throw money at that.
  10. Game Gear Appreciation Thread

    You've obviously never played Woody Pop.
  11. Game Gear Appreciation Thread

    You could get the MS working... ...maybe.
  12. Game Gear Appreciation Thread

    It seems the McWill mod is exactly the same refurb as the atari lynx.
  13. Game Gear Appreciation Thread

    Can you do the same LCD screen refurb on the gamegear as you can with the Atari Lynx? I'm not sure if the McWill Mod is the old one that gave you a postage stamp sized image on the screen... If so, it would be an epic little machine to own. It would also probably make the batteries have a reasonable life.

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