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  1. Anyone had multiple crashes since launch? ive noticed it doesn’t just crash and boot you out of the game, like the PS4. Instead it crashes and you have to pull the plug on the system.
  2. that’s on original hardware? that’s amazing.
  3. How do you not know what this is? As I said in the other thread, I wanted this so badly for the mega cd I never owned back in the 90s!
  4. Just start a new thread in there, not much interest in normal discussion anyway.
  5. It’s obviously bomberman on the 360... no, not that one, this one...
  6. Ps. Cross post this in retro!
  7. I remember lusting after this back when I didn’t own a mega cd. pretty sure it was light gun compatible too? it’s great* to see these old games being released in a manner I imagine the creators probably expected. Rather than the pixelated mess we actually got. *I imagine it’s still pish though.
  8. Screen wipe dulled down for an American audience. was alright.
  9. Everyone get online and playing okay then?
  10. My wife gave me my gift from her tonight, Spider-Man for the PS5. Really lovely present. 40 minutes to install. 10 mins to update then I realised you need to download the original spider man (I’ve never played it). 40 minutes to download... just thinking, lots of new consoles for Christmas will surely hammer these servers and there’ll be kids not playing games on Christmas morning? Pretty bleak considering most of us grew up with a cart plonked into a system for instant gaming. so, any parents out there? Have you already done all the
  11. Any decent arcade racing games in the sale? That’s the only thing missing from the PS5 lineup!
  12. I’m on episode 5 and had a quick look at some newpaper reviews and am surprised they’re more mediocre than expected. nkt often do you get a decent sci-do tv show. This is pretty damn good.
  13. I’m not sure that’s true. I think the jump between NES and SNES was smaller than that between SNES and PS1 for example. PS4 to PS5 a larger more meaningful jump than PS3 to PS4. The major paradigm shifts I think have been (in no particular order): 2D to 3D, Cartridge to Optical media, Offline to online SD to HD Media to High Speed SDD. I don’t think HD to 4K, HD to HDR as being as meaningful.
  14. There has been diminishing returns on graphical fidelity as time has gone on. Consoles like the PS5 appear now to be making larger strides in things like frame rate and loading speeds than outright graphical jumps (RTX and HDR aside, maybe). But looking back, what do you think was the biggest single leap? Atari to NES? SNES to PS1? PS2 to 360? ive been watching videos of PS1 and PS2 demo discs. And the differences are fairly large in fidelity. We went from SD to HD next, but I’m not sure games looked all that much better.
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