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  1. Droo

    Chernobyl (HBO/Sky)

    Just goes to show how dysfunctional the Soviet Union was as well. The idea that mistruths could permeate from ground level to the premier because people were so afraid of displeasing their superiors.
  2. Ingmar Bergman’s parappa.
  3. Droo

    'Dumpster diving' at the tip?

    I picked up a Commodore 64 years back. Perfect working order. Our dump is run by a bunch of dump-nazis now though. You can’t lift anything.
  4. I’d be quitting my job in the CGI house if they came to me now and said “we need you to remake everything in the next 6 months. That or demanding a shitload of money to stay.
  5. Do it for the love of it. I was actually ally trying to find you a copy of that magazine in question because I enjoy this so much...
  6. They obviously put this out to test audiences who didn’t think it grotesque. This is fundamentally a YouTube/internet publicity-whore made furore.
  7. Frankly, it’s not really all that bad. For a live action movie about a talking fucking blue hedgehog. People are just total wankers.
  8. Droo

    New Earthworm Jim game

    Why is he awful? I can’t seem to find out.
  9. What constitutes as retro these days? Xbox 360 probably?
  10. Excellent. Been looking forward to this.
  11. Sounds a bit like a living hell, that, really.
  12. I thought it was ace. However, the time stuff confuses me a bit. So, thanos from the past came to the future and is destroyed yet Rogers returns the stones to the past? Why? Things can’t play out as they did cause thanos is now dead? did I miss some exposition?

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