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  1. People don't expect a gaming-like novel experience, so why do they expect a novel-like gaming experience?
  2. Giddas

    Old Age Gamers

    I dunno if playing computer games is going to magic up a load of friends but you make some good points.
  3. What sort of nerd has their PC connected to a TV
  4. That suggests the hacker is getting your second email address from social engineering of Sony via knowledge of your first, very dodgy.
  5. If you haven't already, I would create a unique email address only for PSN.
  6. Have you done all the Privacy & online safety -> Xbox One/Windows 10 Online Safety settings for their GamerTag in MS account settings? From what I remember it took a while for that to actually take effect.
  7. I'd have thought it would be obvious to contact the holder of the account that is attempting to be "recovered" by a hacker by their current email and maybe a message via PSN?
  8. Giddas

    Perfect Dark

    Maybe you could apply as a consultant
  9. Happened upon this thread, I'd forgotten how annoying the courthouse was
  10. Anyone know if the "Blaze Tab Plus" from fun stock retro is any good?
  11. My PS4 preorder on Amazon which I've upgraded to the "gamer pack" (2 pads, killzone, camera) is still marked @ £349. I presume they'll be increasing this later?
  12. That manager was getting spurs relegated though
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