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  1. I think the most likely reason is that, as a younger player, we can ask for more for Brewster. Origi probably has fairly sizeable wages, which will deter buyers. Not to mention, other teams will have seen how little he generally offers. I mean, if we had seen him at Everton for the last 3 years, as an example, would we be begging Klopp to go get him? Forget his important goals, for the most part he tends to be a runner with little else.
  2. Re: that Jota chance. Salah was already running full pelt to the ball, and if anything this points to an unfamiliarity between players. A simple shout of "Mo's" would have told Jota to leave it to him, likewise if Jota had claimed it then Salah might have been able to check his run. As it was, the lack of communication led to a situation that looks worse than it really was. They'll get to know each other better.
  3. The right back assists the left back! We just play a different type of football.
  4. More like it. 2 Arsenal players dragged Keita down, incidentally, and the ref was looking right at it.
  5. Fuck football. That was genuine dogshit, not even a shot on target from Arsenal.
  6. Seeing the Arzuros fight gives me huge hope that Qurupeco will return!
  7. What has happened to Origi? He looks completely done, no hunger, no confidence, no anything. Sad to see.
  8. The Imps are in for a long night, I fear. (Used to live in Lincoln, so have a soft spot for them.)
  9. Grujic, Shaqiri, and Origi? Surprising, would have expected all 3 to be on the verge of leaving.
  10. Last night I got "Thou" and "Amper" straight away, but it took me far too long to see "Quick", and I simply didn't know "Green" at all. It did seem a harder than usual episode, to be fair. I was close on several, but don't think I actually got any connections. I knew they were Skodas, but didn't know the order, plenty of close calls like that. I generally make a couple of them per episode, but wasn't in the running last night.
  11. Disney+ has a placeholder for it, but it simply says 2020. Looks great, that trailer completely sold me.
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