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  1. I'm looking forward to the concept of the offside forward. A player whose job is entirely to sit behind the defence to tackle from offside and intercept backpasses. All while we also literally split hairs over whether someone is a pube offside when recieving the ball. Completely farcical.
  2. Mings is challenged by him returning from offside. He doesn't receive the ball (as you might expect from a back pass). Mings absolutely fucked up, he should have just cleared it, but the guy was offside.
  3. They didn't take advantage of an obscure rule in fairness. The just took the benefit from the officials being bent. Or perhaps they just forgot that a player challenging a defender from an offside position is still offside.. Or they're incompetent.
  4. Jan doing foley work on todays podcast made me smile than it had any right to.
  5. Thanks. It's actually going to be a version of Hobgoblin but appreciate that's a difficult call in grey scale I've not added necks as they're intended to be used for action figures where the body has a neck already. I'm not sure about adding a neck to then delete for the neck socket etc etc. Appreciate it could help with proportions though.
  6. I'm glad they went back to the old format. It's just nice hearing them witter on about their experiences with a wide variety of games. Hades is absolutely nailed on to win their GoTY. They all like it, their mates company made it, and it's basically been universally liked. Nothing else is going to come near it.
  7. Apologies, not intentionally spamming the thread with my rubbish
  8. Second episode much better. I normally don't really like the big open space thing, and I never really like the false agricultural look either, bit in this case I really quite liked it. And hats off to them, that's a completely enormous task for someone that doesn't know what they're doing, and then they've got the illness issues as well. Great. I love the style of a lot of it, especially the self made furniture and the reuse of the farming equipment. The conservation issue is absurd. There's nothing to conserve there. In living memory it wasn't there. It's obviously not
  9. Just caught the first episode of this series. Christ. Like a tacky Dulux advert. £4.5m. A monument to the follies of class and money. And nothing of worth really. Just extravagance. Not helped by how spectacularly unlikeable the owner was. A toff, with family ancestral home, a family crypt in Scotland but speaks like someone who's never left Sussex, who goes on about how he was military but neglecting to mention that he's come from the particular type of military background that the term 'Rupert' was built for, who ships the kid off to boarding school asap, who could ju
  10. That's strange... trying a different link Basically spent a couple of hours with the mouth yesterday. I don't really have a set plan and I'm not really happy with it. But it feels like I'm in touching distance of it being 'right'. Then can go onto other details, hey some texture on it, break the centre line more. And the older one This is closer to done. Not great, but ok. I need to think how to do the 'tail' of the bandana, but that's not really a 3d modelling problem ultimately.
  11. I spent a couple of hours absent mindedly tinkering. I also really need to finish this off...
  12. Ooft. Rough opening. The problem I have with this is as a satire/pastiche it doesn't work because it's not funny, and as takes on classic sitcoms they're not funny either. And then Wanda and Vision aren't interesting enough to carry it through that. So it becomes a case of waiting for the reference or the drip feed of the mystery. Which given so far theres been what, 3 overt references to what is actually going on in 2 episodes, each seconds at most in length, means it feels a bit self indulgent. It's not bad per se, it's just... It just is.
  13. Latest WIP. Whenever I end up banging my head against in Blender, I tend to get distracted wit the sculpting side of things. Eventually, I'll finish a project.
  14. A strong Liverpool side, further strengthened with the likes of Thiago, needed over an hour to beat our kids. And not even the strongest kids side we could put out given some of them train with the first team as well. Liverpool could score 20 and they could walk off with pride.
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