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  1. I don't like the airfield house but I don't hate it either. There's areas that I quite like, the lounge and kitchen work well, I like the colour and even the abundance of glass, which usually isn't my thing, but downstairs is very, very static caravan and the studio floor is weird, more like a mezzanine stuffed where there wasn't the room to put it. The top and bottom of the building feel like they're too narrow. And outside it's hideous, like a cobbled together design made from 3 half baked architectural musings with horrible horrible cladding and details feeling like afterthoughts, such as the portholes. It's a building that you couldn't ever sell, or if you did it would be far cheaper than the size and fit and finish suggests, because it's so weird. I also have to agree that the fabric swing has undoubtedly seen some stains. She was getting too excited just sitting in it.
  2. Yes I shouldn't have used the box office as shorthand, I do understand how profit works let alone movie financing. Obviously this story is absurd but assuming for a moment it isn't, I still don't think it's guaranteed they'd sell. Spider-Man is Sony's biggest franchise by miles, one that they have plans to mine extensively over the coming years (lest we forget the next film in the series they're bringing out is Morbius, a C list villain at best, and they're moving forward with plans on even the most minor of characters). Sony will be looking at the Spider-Man licence to earn them significant return over the coming years, potentially over dozens of films. They don't really have anything they would expect to fill the gap if they lost the licence. And they also will know they're very unlikely to get a licence on the terms they have with Spider-Man either. So while they would look to get an unprecedented return on losing the franchise, they would also be agreeing to fundamentally alter the future outlook of the business for years to come for an (admittedly stupid) in essence immediate return. I'm not sure they'd take the money in light of agreeing to give up their crown jewels.
  3. Sony would probably look at that kind of figure and say that that is potentially the kind of return they'd expect from, ooh... Maybe 4, 5 years of movies if they knock out a few spin offs with lower expectations and a mainline film or 2 underperform. They'll say no.
  4. That's the one. I expected to hate it but it wasn't too bad in the end. It wasn't great mind either. The weird conjoined cabin look, and the hideous cladding. He was a bit... Domineering of the build whilst ignoring how liveable it was, which was odd, and I did feel sorry for the wife a bit because her concerns were completely valid and he kinda just brushed them off. And then he tried to do work himself which I understand but not only was he slowing everything down and kinda wasting the builders time, he was putting himself at risk massively. Saying that, I still think McCloud's approach was bizarre. The audience knows there's marital tensions there, he didn't have to try to exacerbate them at every turn. It was almost like he fancied moving in on the wife.
  5. We're watching it genuinely hoping he fucks up constantly. Can't bear him. The smugness. The radiating self satisfaction. You get the impression he'd mix his own shit into the cake batter one week and expect you to thank him for being so generous as to share a little of himself with you.
  6. Yeah Grand Designs bingo has been a bit of a bust this series. Surprise pregnancy hasn't been on the menu with mostly older couples featuring this series, ludicrously extravagant 'research' trips haven't happened (the property dev heading for an early grave and the 'trophy wife' went to Latvia I think, but that's it) and there's been TVs in most of the builds as well. May need an update to the categories. Serious illness. Inappropriately small budget. Money saving unskilled DIY. Hideous cladding.
  7. Quite liked this weeks. I expected to hate it but it turned out fairly well. Kevin seemed to spend the entire episode trying to cause a divorce mind. He may as well have turned to the wife throughout it all and said 'well, what really annoys you about your husband? And do the annoyances outweigh the good? They do, don't they...?'. It was bizarre. Every chance, poking away at the obvious stressors in the relationship and the build. 'Do you have any say in the house?' etc etc.
  8. David is basically the pure embodiment of smugness.
  9. Well, I wasn't wrong with this week's being unfinished, but there's caveats to it. Remarkable that its as finished as it is, for the money they've spent. You can tell it's built to a budget - the finish, materials in some places. But the scale of it and what is there belies how much money is in it. Not really to my taste, I'm not a fan of the more industrial open plan look, and the room 'pods' dropped in look genuinely bad imo, but again... It's a fucking huge place made on far too small a budget by a bloke on his own for the most part. You have to tip your hat to him.
  10. Glad someone else picked up on that. If he was trying a gag, he did it so badly that he came across like a genuine idiot, and if he wasn't, he's fucking stupid. I mean I know you can make a joke of stating the obvious, but this was so shit it actually came across like he hadn't understood the subtle joke his boss made a few minutes earlier (that he had laughed at) and just did a much shittier version himself later in the same conversation.
  11. Chindie

    Put Here

    I spent a few days pissing about with Blender. I'm sure theres lots bad about it but I literally have no idea what I'm doing. Fun though.
  12. Anyone watching the new series? First episode, couple build on a cliff edge in southwest Scotland. The moment with the glaziers might be the most tense moment of Grand Designs ever. Nice enough place in the end, though not sure I 'got' some of it - the kitchen seemed ludicrously overpriced. Second episode, couple with too much money make hideous circular 'community' of buildings that look like a business park masquerading as a house. Husband looks like he's sending himself to an early grave. Horrible. Also there was something... off... about the wife, dunno if it was just us seeing something that wasn't there. Third episode, couple build a family home to cater for husband's wheelchair. Nice enough build, a modern barn. Wasn't to my taste inside (love the kitchen mind) but fuck he looked spiritually broken within minutes of things starting. Understandably, but still... Guess you have to take your hat off to both of them. Next week looks like a disaster waiting to happen... No way is it finished by the episode end.
  13. The Batman/Sybil thing I don't think is that much of a leap. An upper class vigilante... It's Batman. I don't think there's anything in the books that Sybil does that can be described as 'vigilantism'. The description and casting seems to be doing Sybil dirty - she's a well built upper class woman who is obsessed with dragons and intensely practical, who becomes Vimes' grounding rod and also his path to accepting his new status. It's a fairly thankless role and I could see why you'd want to push her as a more proactive character... But the character this seems to be pushing is Sybil In Name Only. They also seem to be doing Cheery wrong as well. They're pushing her as a gender fluid character. But she's not. Cheery is a woman. Her race has an issue with sex, and Cheery becomes a ground breaker by openly being feminine in a race that only exhibits masculinity. She's not 'confused' or changeable in her gender, she's a woman that chooses to reject her background in a race where everyone appears to be a man. Hmm. The more I think about this series the more it worries me. It smacks of the writers wanting to do their own thing but slapping a known property over the top.
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