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  1. Chindie

    Gunpla: The Thread

    That's a cool promotion. A shame they seem to have made the colour combination a bit... weird. But still, free gunpla. Cool. A HG shouldn't be the biggest commitment to put together...
  2. Chindie

    Gunpla: The Thread

    Never. It's too much hassle to do. Thanks. It's pretty easy to do the edges really. It's just a mix of little dry brushing, a fine brush to do the edge highlight, a bare metal colour to give depth to the bigger chips and then a bit of a wash to bring it all together. Oh and some limited sponge chipping. I'm still not great at it, there's some chips on this I'm really not happy with at all. But getting better hopefully. I originally started out with RG MK2 to try weathering so definitely would recommend getting a cheap small kit to work with. A HG GM or Zaku would be a perfect test bed. I'm actually planning to use a MG Zaku 2 I've got snapped together as a test bed for proper damage. Taking a Dremel to it and the like. Zakus just fit getting fucked up so well. Next project is probably an RG Sazabi though. Which I intend to do a full colour scheme change on...
  3. Chindie

    Gunpla: The Thread

    MG Banshee ver Ka This isn't quite finished but I've needed to walk away from it, decals onwards was a complete slog. As a ver Ka kit it has a ludicrous number of decals, and even though I didn't use the complete scheme (which verges on ridiculous) it still has a lot of decals to put in place. This time I decided not to gloss beforehand and the only real effect of that seems to be that the decals were much harder to get positioned, which doesn't make any sense but hey. It made the enormous number of decals a nightmare, each was a fight. Originally this wasn't planned as a weathered build, but I had some issues with the paint in a few places that effectively forced weathering to hide it. There's also a very minor use of some pastels. You can't really tell in all honesty but I'm very unused to using them so that'll be an ongoing learning curve. I also did my first attempt at weathering decals (read: scratching them), which is actually much harder than you'd think it would be. Not entirely happy with the outcome but again, first attempt. Also this thing is never, ever being transformed to Unicorn mode. Ever. Ever.
  4. Apologies, no offense meant. I'm half ginger myself, I only use it as a turn of phrase. I'll edit it.
  5. As for Doctor Strange... It's one of my favourite origin movies in the series. The biggest criticisms of it are the weak villain (de riguer for the origins), the lack of a feeling of time passing (Strange becomes a master of the magical arts in what seems like a week), Strange being too Stark style quippy, and the under use of McAdams (infamously derided as the film simply giving Strange a bad case of the NotGay). But otherwise Cumberbatch smashes it out of the park, the film isn't afraid to make Strange genuinely unlikable at the start, epitomised by the scene where he rails at McAdams, when at his lowest ebb he lashes out at her cruelly. It has cracking effects, some inventive action scenes, some beautiful scenes, a clever ending, nicely establishes future conflicts... It's a good film.
  6. The biggest problem Guardians 2 has for me is its completely whiplash tone. It jumps in seconds from dick jokes and cheap gags to torture and callous cruelty. It's so uneven it leaves the whole thing feeling a bit unsatisfying somehow. It's also not as funny as original and the soundtrack isn't as good. Which is a bit of a shame because it also has some of the entire series best emotional moments for me. The scene where Mantis feels Drax's pain as he sits there stoically, and the scene were Quill instantly reacts to finding out the true nature of his mother's death, are both the most curiously effecting moments in any of the films imo.
  7. Chindie

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    Dave's their accounts guy I think, does the numbers. I think he's quite awkward still, but he's better than Ben. Which isn't saying much of course, but it's still true. I have socks with more gravitas and humour than Ben.
  8. Chindie

    Gunpla: The Thread

    Thanks. Things are not likely to get better anytime soon unfortunately. Astrays are awesome. I've not built the RG Red Frame but I understand it's a pretty well rated kit and, ultimately, it's an Astray. They always look awesome. Even the MG Kai with its completely ludicrous backpack/sword/bow thing still looks great. Hence why they're one of the most popular designs. The Freedom 2.0 is pretty much an RG Freedom that's been blown up in a photocopier and had the detail bumped up a bit. It's a really, really good kit. Surprisingly easy build, solid and loads of pose options. Very well articulated too. It's not flawless mind. The biggest issue is that the frame for this kit was newly developed with a new type of hip joint, which has great mobility but it's apparently prone to breaking. I bought metal upgrade bits for mine. This frame is also used by the Providence Gundam and the Justice Gundam iirc. It also suffers with a couple of loose bits. The right-hand chest vent seems to fall off very easily for some reason and the vent covers on the backpack have the same problem. I also still think the interior of the shoulder armour is a bit half arsed. But it's a great kit overall. Btw if you wanted to do one thing that can make the kits look better, look into doing some panel lining. No skill required, and can really bring out the detail on a kit. I have some new panel lining pens (Gundam markers) I picked up when starting out before I was even thinking of painting kits that I ended up not using, I'll happily send them to you if you think you'd get some use out of them. It's just 3 pens, black grey and brown, that you draw into the panel lines which helps the detail jump out. You clean up any issues with a normal eraser. Only really works with unpainted kits mind.
  9. Chindie

    Gunpla: The Thread

    I'm currently on a bit of a break from working on things (see job/mental health threads in off topic for my life rapidly heading down the drain) as I've needed to focus on raising money and so on. I'm part way through decalling the Banshee ver Ka, which has not been my most successful work. Not sure why but the decals on it have been a real pain to line up and work with, I've struggled to get them level and even which has meant a few are unforgivably badly placed, which in turn kinda sapped the will. Hopefully I'll finish that stage this week. The Dettol treatment was great incidentally. It's a slow, slow process, and it stinks obviously, but it works while not harming the plastic. I got the gold off the Banshee parts and redid them in Tamiya Gold Leaf and they look quite nice. Also Mr Hobby paints are awesome. Use Mr Leveling Thinner with them (which also works with Tamiya paint) and they spray wonderfully. On the downside, they stink. My respirator must not have been sat properly in my first session with them as I walked away with a weird and long lasting headache, but they really do the job. Lovely paint.
  10. Chindie

    Gunpla: The Thread

    Thanks, I really appreciate it. I'm really not that good, I'm gradually getting better but looking at more or less anyone in the gunpla scene will put anything I've done to shame. I would say go for it though. Even with a brush and some basic paints you can get something really satisfying and, ultimately, uniquely yours at the end of it. My RG MK2 was hand painted with Citadel paints, and it looks decent all things considered. And weathering is really fun, and simple. The biggest hurdle is getting the balance. But even then you can get great results just with a wash and some dry brushing. Maybe try something like a Zaku as a paint pig to learn with (helped by the fact Zakus are a awesome and beg to get fucked up)? You could even just weather it without doing a full repaint. Have a look on YouTube at some people doing tutorials as well - ModelMakingGuru started out with Gundam modelling and even went through a stage of doing builds at different difficulty levels (his 'Skill Level 2' build is a MG Sinanju Stein which he only weathered, no full repaint, which is a decent starting point), Henry McClennan's WIP videos show him going through the stages of builds and actually become a bit of a document of him learning and refining weathering techniques. But really go for it. They say Gunpla is freedom, you can't really go wrong, just keep learning and trying techniques. You'll be surprised how good your work will be.
  11. Thanks, that's really interesting. Spectrum era stuff is before my time really so really appreciate the insight. I'll get the stuff down and take a few photos. I'm fairly sure there's more than 1 Spectrum up there... I can actually recall my brother having some Ocean and Gremlin stuff when I was younger but I'm pretty sure that's long gone. Wouldn't have been Spectrum stuff either I don't think.
  12. Is there much value in Spectrum stuff these days? I was going through the loft year and discovered a fair bit of Spectrum gear, all boxed and in seemingly good condition (the boxes in many cases look basically brand new). There seemed to be a big Living Daylights set amongst other bits.
  13. The House on the Rock is a real place, and I believe they filmed all the scenes in the place on location.
  14. Chindie

    What’s the worst film you have ever seen?

    In a cinema, the Grudge 2. So bad I don't remember any of it, just the overriding feeling that it was a complete piece of shit. At home, Alien v Predator Requiem. A film so bad the ending is more or less the director acknowledging that the thing is a complete shitshow of no redeeming quality that should be wiped from the earth. A film where the best thing about it is the fact the Predator featured got the now accepted but unofficial title of the Wolf Predator, after Harvey Keitel's famous home insurance selling Pulp Fiction character, because it spends the entire film cleaning up. A film so bad, and badly made, that most of it is so dark you can't actually see anything, like the film is shy and embarrassed of itself and doesn't actually want you to see it. An awful film. Not just bad in quality in every way, but kinda pathetic with it.

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