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  1. I agree with all that you said and only went with them as the guys at TGC weren't able to get any stock. Unfortunately, and for some dumb reason I can only guess at, this time I used my debit card to pay so I'll have to take it up with my bank.
  2. Sorry to drag up the boring preorder moan but I thought it was fair to mention this. So I paid for a preorder of a Series X at Shopto. I was then told I wouldn't receive one on launch day so asked for a refund of my £449. After chasing them they agreed to refund and have done so- for £400. I've been told my refund issue was dealt with and I need to raise a complaint. Absolute shit-show.
  3. Yup, I registered my interest on the day it went live on their website. I did the same on The Game Collection site too but those guys were honest enough not to take preorders until they had their allocation which, it turns out, was non existent.
  4. My issuei with them (Shopto) is that I was in a small group of people who preordered and paid before they updated their messaging. I registered interest as soon as it was on their website. I then confirmed my interest at 0800am on the day they said notes of interest could be converted to a preorder. As soon as I did this it asked me for payment which I did. Only later that day did they update their website and send out an email saying dont pay. I now have to contact them to ask for my refund and given my last two helpdesk tickets sat unanswered for weeks until I got the
  5. Me too. I was stupid enough to pay upfront too. I wont be using them again and I've cancelled my other preorders with them.
  6. I think the world supply of HOTAS have been used up since Flight Sim came out
  7. Zombie Army 4. XBox One. Even at the easiest setting, levels seem to have been designed for cooperative play and a complete slog for a single player. That plus the relatively sluggish pad control is just draining. Pity as the quality and polish of the game is great plus, they went for a rather novel Nazi Zombie theme...
  8. Shopto have opened their confirmation of pre-order early. Just changed mine to confirmed.
  9. MS site now lets you select the X but you get an S in your basket. Nice prompt to download Edge browser too. That's a hard sell right now...
  10. Managed to get one with the Amazon Smile link. Still, in theory, got a pre-preorder at Shopto and will see if that still works in case anyone else here needs it.
  11. And as if by magic... The £0.01 to pre-order seems to have been nothing but a waste of time.
  12. I'm completely confused by Shopto's system. I registered my interest a while back and then logged back in when the price and release date was confirmed to find it was requesting me to enter payment details. I then received an email confirming my preorder and my account page confirms I have an XBox Series X Preorder. However, so far I cant get a response from their customer service to say whether or not I have a preorder or not. Has anyone else managed to get any answer from them?
  13. You can certainly by the disk for £30 at The Game Collection.
  14. Well, shit... https://www.forbes.com/sites/mattgardner1/2020/09/17/crysis-remastered-seems-utterly-broken-on-xbox-one-x-right-now/#177a56954f67
  15. I thought this was out on the XBX and PS4 today? No sign of it on the XBX store under releases or even preorder.
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