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  1. Thanks everyone. Figured it out. I have to say that given I had no idea this was happening it was a bit bewildering to start up the system and see it all changed. I thought my system was corrupted. After 40 years of playing "computer games" I finally feel like a luddite.
  2. I must be dense. I have nothing new "down screen" and cant even see a way to customise the content of the home screen. I can change the colour but that's about it. What am I missing? All i see is that the tabs are gone and other than the store, I have no way of getting to the others such as community, mixer or gamepass. Actually, just realised that my "Ganes" group I had created is now gone.
  3. Switched on my Xbox one x today and the top tabs- store, community etc, are all gone. It's just blank. Everything seems fine and I can access the store from my other shortcut. Any idea what's happened? I tried a restart and it's still the same.
  4. The bugs I saw seemed to be a one off. Never happened again. Currently 12 hours in and this is wonderful. Brilliant level design, constantly edging you forward when you realise how you can now get somewhere previously unreachable.
  5. It didn't even hold my attention enough to get through the opening training exercise. Controls were very loose and even selecting your squad members a faf.
  6. Sorry, wasn't thinking. By NPC I just meant the creatures themselves. I've had multiple rocket into the sky and others float 6ft or so above the ground.
  7. You come across any bugs, @moosegrinder? My XBox version has floating creatures every now and then and my personal favourite, the floating NPC that keeps on going, all the way up in the sky.
  8. Sorry if this is the case. I had a search and couldn't find anything either.
  9. With this years new consoles on the horizon I was wondering what exclusive content I'd missed on the XBox given I've stuck with the PS4, and if there was enough to "justify" getting a One X this late in the day? Have the Halo, Gears and Forza games been that good? What other exclusives would anyone recommend? Oh and is GamePass as great as it sounds? Edit. I should add that it would be for exclusives only given I've been pretty up to date with my third party titles on the PS4.
  10. Agreed. Finished it over Xmas and genuinely enjoyed the whole experience.
  11. Just finished this. I hope people give this a chance. Beautiful art, stunning score and some clever level design. The story is simple but genuinely moving. I may have something in my eye...
  12. Maybe I'm confused, but I thought it was now a requirement to have a FB account in addition to the Oculus account? (if you want friends and sharing etc) No issue with an Oculus account but don't want a FB account.
  13. Appreciate it isn't a monopoly. I meant more from the stance of buying a device that mandated at a later date the need to have a social media account for it to work at all. I guess I'm answering my own question as there's little you could do other than sell it. As FB have proven time and time again, they'll do whatever the fuck they like.
  14. I was just about to buy one of these but the Facebook requirement is a flat out no for me. So its currently for chat and friends? Is it feasible they could expand this to purchasing too? I cant think of any other account use they could hang this on. I wonder what the legal view would be if they forced a FB account fir any and all use, in the future.
  15. I wonder if this will prompt Sony to release a similar teaser for the PS5. I quite like the minimalist look of the 'Box.
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