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  1. Lothar Hex

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    Already own it but my fault for not advising I was focusing on exclusives.
  2. Lothar Hex

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    Yeah. I have an Xbox One for my multi-platform stuff so should have clarified.
  3. Lothar Hex

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    Oh yeah gotta get Until Daw for the missus. Is the Lost Legacy the one with Chloe?
  4. Lothar Hex

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    No. I have exprienced Dark Souls and have neither the incliation or the paitence to GIT GUD.
  5. Lothar Hex

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    So...I'm getting a PS4. Well correction, my wife is getting a new phone and part of the contract is that it comes with a PS4 and Gran Turismo Sport. It's the Slimline (not bothered by getting a pro as my TV can;t do 4K and hey it s FREE). So, games I need to get? I'm thinking Uncharted 4, God of War, Horizon New Dawn (or whatever the robot dino game is called) and possibly new Spider-Man?
  6. Lothar Hex

    Forgotten bangers

    Desert and Jungle Strike.
  7. Just glad I can start playing the game properly again soon. Just finishing off a run through of the Gears of War games and then I'll be all over this update. Just got Gears 3 to do now (already did Gears 4 which prompted a play through the others).
  8. Indeed. I just want to shoot demons in the face. Can we just agree that shooting demons in the face is fine?
  9. So apparently there's a whole thing with some left leaning people getting offended by the "mortally d of right " joke...which prompted a load of right leaning people to say iD/Bethesda are supporting Trump and supporting immigration clampdowns and we should kill all Muslims. (I seriously got a vid in my YouTube recommendations claiming this) How about it is a throwaway goof in the same vein as the first game?
  10. Out for everyone. https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/news/mcc-update
  11. Can we just talk about how they are doing a bit more with Doomguy's reputation/charetirisation. Again all the demons seem terrified of him, but the humans who he is on the side of? Oh man. And how that soldier just realises the mistake he's made. And Doomguy just walks through, takes the stuff he needs and is on his way. Yeah he's here to help these people in theory, but honestly he's just going to kick demon arse and you have nothing to worry about...as long as you don't impede him.
  12. Lothar Hex

    Override: Mech City Brawl

    So been playing the Beta on this on Steam and if you like giant robots you'll probably like this. It's fairly simplistic brawler with the triggers and bumper buttons on a gameplay being the kicks and punches. All the mechs have a dash and they all feel different enough in their special moves to be worth having a go with. There's also an overheat mechanic so if you spam too many attacks you have to fall back until you cool down. Each mech has their own abilities that require you to hit some attacks or receive some to build up the special meter, then you can activate the ability by pressing X and the corresponding trigger/bumper. For example, the Gundam looking Watchbot has blaster on each arm, as well as a shock attack that stuns foes as well as a flying kick. The Egytian cat bot Setesh can power up his fist, get a night unblock-able shield or a ground pound. The not Mechagodzilla Mekgaton has your required beam breath, as well as a rolling attack. When you get low down on health each mech gets an ultimate attack which can level the pl;aying field, or win in a close match. They can all be escaped from or blocked so there's a bit of tactical thinking needed. Watchcbot shoots a powerful lock on laser while Mekgaton gets a massive sword attack ala Power Rangers. In the beta I;d say the only bot that is a bit broken is Contessa, whose dash is more like a teleport so she can be quite hard to hit, along with a long range teleport she has as on of her specials. So far, one to keep an eye on at least. And yes, one of them has a rocket punch.
  13. Lothar Hex

    Halo Infinite

    Sarge as your new ai companion?
  14. Lothar Hex

    Halo Infinite

    Probably a wise choice.
  15. Lothar Hex

    Halo Infinite

    Now imagine doing it on Legendary, before he was nerfed, AND THE LAST FIGHT IS THREE OF THE FUCKERS. IN THE SNOW. BAREFOOT.

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