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  1. Lothar Hex

    Halo Infinite

    Sarge as your new ai companion?
  2. Lothar Hex

    Halo Infinite

    Probably a wise choice.
  3. Lothar Hex

    Halo Infinite

    Now imagine doing it on Legendary, before he was nerfed, AND THE LAST FIGHT IS THREE OF THE FUCKERS. IN THE SNOW. BAREFOOT.
  4. Lothar Hex

    Halo Infinite

    Didn't they tend to go on a three year cycle anyway?
  5. Lothar Hex

    Halo Infinite

    They were better in 5 mainly due to adding the soldier so there was a lot more variety. Still wank compared to the Covenant though. Oh please do not bring back the Flood. They're more boring than the Prometheans...unless we get a three way Covie, Promethean Flood battle and we NEVER play a level with JUST the Flood. That'd work.
  6. Lothar Hex

    Halo Infinite

    I liked Halo 4's story (well the main Chief Cortana sort of love story, the bollocks with the Didact was terrible), but the Promethean's were boring to fight in comparison to the Covenant. In 5 they made the game great fun to play, but the story was absolutely terrible. I liked Chief and Blue Team but that was because I've read the novels. The only decent character in the game was Buck, and that was just because of Nathan Fillion more than anything else. This has me interested. So... Pleasedon'tfuckituplike5pleasedon'tfuckituplike5pleasedon'tfuckituplike5.
  7. Lothar Hex


    I expect an about face on this within a couple of months.
  8. Lothar Hex


    On the one hand I kinda get what Valve is trying to say with their new Steam policy. On the other, prepare for a bunch of racist/transphobic/homophobic/etc games on Steam.
  9. Lothar Hex

    Deadpool 2 - 2018

    I would say after an initial viewingy it's not quite as good as the first one, but I still thoroughly enjoyed it. That said I think this may hold up better than the first on a repeat viewing, seems like there'd be a bit more to certain characters that might be missed the first time. We shall see.
  10. Lothar Hex

    WTF - New Thundercats series!!!

    That was a great show...when it remebered it had a plot. It had some great episodes with the backstory of Mumm-Ra and the animal people and some good action. But then it had several episodes that added feck all to the plot, like one with robot teddy bears and the like.
  11. Lothar Hex

    Deadpool 2 - 2018

    Just saw it. I feel the first was better but this was still really funny and laughed quite a bit.
  12. Lothar Hex

    The Rllmuk Metal Thread Part 2

    Could anybody recommend some good Death Metal bands? Fancy listening to some and don't know too much about the genre aside from lots of guttral screaming, violent imagery and LOUD.
  13. Lothar Hex

    The Terry Pratchett Thread

    Listening to Interesting Times on my daily commute at the moment and Briggs does well there. It's a bit jarring when you're going through and it takes him a couple of books to really get a handle with the material. I say his delivery in the annotatations is great though.
  14. I bought it last year from gamersgate when it was a fiver on sale. They still have it for a tenner but it's not steam. https://uk.gamersgate.com/DD-CRADA/chronicles-of-riddick-assault-on-dark-athena
  15. Lothar Hex

    Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

    Most of it at least. And yeah quite messy as they just bung wahole thing at the top or bottom. Beat the first boss. This game really needs a combat tutorial as I had no idea how to activate focus or that's what those symbols were until I googled it. Also struggled against the sheild dudes for a while until I was told about the run and melee combo.

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