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  1. Lothar Hex

    Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

    I just bought this on Xbone from Game cos I had some credit. And I already own Ace Combat 6 so I'm good. So TONIGHT...
  2. Lothar Hex

    Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

    My birthday in a couple of weeks, think I'll use any bday money I get towards this.
  3. I think a chunk of them went to 343.
  4. Thought process; "Oh thank God maybe they'll make something good! Wait the last time they were given anything close to free reign they made Halo 2 and had to build an entirely new graphi s engine from scratch after the e3 2002 demo. But Activision is shit. But it's not like they made the mechanics of Destiny's boring grind linked to Halo's combat. Have you even played that free version of Destiny 2 that you got?" I wonder if Microsoft would be all "Yes hello here's a cheque for infinity dollars please come and give 343 a swift kick up the jacksie."
  5. I bought this three times. Physical on Xbox when it came out, for a fiver for the digital deluxe edition on the Xbox sale (and then got rid of the disc version) and also got it on PC when it was cheap. So good.
  6. Lothar Hex

    Spending a year developing a game that sucks

    Sounds pleasant. He's probably still in charge of another studio now I bet.
  7. Lothar Hex

    Spending a year developing a game that sucks

    Did they ever tell you how they came up with that number? That seems such a specific amount.
  8. Lothar Hex

    Spending a year developing a game that sucks

    I wonder if this is how Fallout 76 came about? I doubt it though. I mean, someone at some point must have known this was shit, and put it out anyway, going by the old "we'll fix it as we go cos it;s live services" arguement? I really doubt they were that blind to the issues.
  9. Lothar Hex

    Spyro The Dragon Reignited Trilogy

    I completed Spyro 2 100% a few weeks back and started 3...then I got this weird urge to play through all the Killzone games again, and then I got Spider-Man on PS4. Will have to finish Spyro three before I start on Okami HD which my sister got me though.
  10. Lothar Hex

    Spider-Man PS4 - Insomniac swings into action!

    THE MINI-GUN ENEMIES IN THE SECOND DLC CAN GET FUCKED. Doing the Maggia front missions and there's one where three of the fuckers show up on the last wave. I can dodge them but I can't seem to get a decent strategy for taking them out when I don't have the 2 bar instant takedowns, usually because I'm having to use those bars for healing as these bastards keep shooting me. I also feel like the dodge doesn't work for them properly. Like I'll dodge but still get hit? I figured next time I'll be teaming up electric web with the Unrelenting Fury special suit abaility where I can just smash their heads in, but anyone got tips for taking on multiples of these bastards? Yep, wife playing it on hers and it's a seperate save.
  11. Wait...you're pre-ordering a DRINK?
  12. Lothar Hex

    Spider-Man PS4 - Insomniac swings into action!

    Thanks for suggesting the web blossom guys! Saved my arse a few times. Really gotten 8in to this to the degree that I'm doing every single side mission available. Chasing pigeons, taking pics, everything because it's just SO DAMN FUN to to swing around the city. Even more so than Spider-Man 2! The web zip and ground launch is so good and really helps keep the flow going when you get it right. And the first time Spidey flipped through a pipe? LOVELY.
  13. Lothar Hex

    Spider-Man PS4 - Insomniac swings into action!

    Cheers guys. Looking foward to getting into thios properly this weekend. The fighting I did think was Arkham inspired but way more open and free form. Which suits the character. Spidey's all about essentially an amaetur combatant with superpowers doing crazy flips. Batman's more about doing maximum damage with minimal force.
  14. Lothar Hex

    Spider-Man PS4 - Insomniac swings into action!

    Decided to pick this up with some early Xmas cash as it was only £30 in Tesco. Still very early on but loving the combat and traversal. Any tips people would give a beginner?
  15. Lothar Hex

    Killzone Shadow Fall

    I picked this up for £2.50 in CEX the other week. I might have paid too much. OK thats harsh and in fairness it's not terrible but there's just a lot of weirdness to it. The cover system is so odd I forgot it was there half the time. The strange weapon limits for example (always a thing in Killzone games but at least 3 let you carry a normal, heavy and a pistol). So I can carry my Submachinegun/Snipercombo thing and one other weapon...why can't I change them? Is the ISA gun magnetically attached to my arm? Most other weapons are far more effective. And there's loads of levels where it feels empty and you don't do too much actual fightin g. Like the one where you drop on to Helghan and you spend all of it plugging batteries into tubes to blow up turrets. Oh and a spider-droid. The stealth is pretty weird as well as it feels there's very little chance to use it. I also think Im right at the end and whereas there have beena couple of difficulty spikes, nothing more than a maybe a death or three on normal. But this figt on the bridge of a ship where there's loads of different Helghans and there's littlerally two corridors on the side of a raised platform? FUCK'S SAKE it's frustrating. Yeah I'm using the robo-bird to stun the shield dudes or draw fire. But I do that and then I get shot by a minigun wielding bastard (who despite Guerilla's attempts looks exactly like the rest of the buggers sans the boles with energy and regular shield) then try to revive myself with the bird only to be told it's recharding so I'm up shit creek!

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