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  1. Seymour games are rare and collectible? Time to dig through my box of stuff!
  2. Just finished watching (well. binging) Parasyte and it ended up being really great! Apart from a few episodes near the end when the main character just sits around in a van while all the stuff happens somewhere else.
  3. Being a gigantic hard-boiled egg, my favourite game series has always been Dizzy, and I feel the games industry's constant, unnecessary pandering to the human audience by making their characters all fleshy peoplebags will undoubtedly be their downfall as I, and my many fellow cogniscent ovoids will take our hard earned pounds and pennies elsewhere.
  4. To be fair, she was walking around without moving her arms in other parts of the episode too.
  5. Brilliant, brilliant end to the season.
  6. I got Bastion, Gris and Thumper yesterday in the sale. Oh fucking hell Thumper is a trip straight to hell, isn't it? After playing it I feel shook up the same way I have done after riding a big rollercoaster. Also I am really bad at it, which probably makes things worse. Still a great game though, but I shall limit my play time in case I have a full on gibbering breakdown again.
  7. Does it have the theme tune?
  8. Ah, I'm just turning into a proper Witcher fanboy these days so I'm going to try and consume as much as possible, including the books. Speaking of Skellige, it plays host to one of my favourite moments in a video game ever (Cerys en Craite quest spoilers):
  9. I mean, it was meant to come out this June.
  10. Looks like Evangelion 3.0+1.0 has been delayed due to COVID19. Here is a poster that made me a bit sad. I'm hoping Shinji can finally escape from his ever-repeating nightmare.
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