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  1. And walks away from there to a Mazda showroom. 12.5 million is a bit too rich for my wallet!
  2. And that used to be me! Still favouring a pad at the moment, really need to knuckle down with the t150 and get some laps in with that, especially as it's been one of my projects to get the pedal base clamped to the playseat challenge better than the crappy Velcro strap supplied:
  3. I can't stress this enough (as he sits on a mound of 18 million credits) do the circuit experiences as it unlocks a pile of cars and nets you a tidy sum of coin.
  4. The pimp is good, a little 'too' good. His fastest lap at Spa was filth, and he didn't win that race! Good stuff, my oddball strategy at the ring paid off if only as it allowed me to get past @McSpeed in the closing laps. Made some modifications to my rig, so I'll hopefully find some time to put a few laps round Goodwood....
  5. Except Ferrari who modified the engine last year anyway....
  6. Definately no fags n booze sponsorship these days, oh no sir...
  7. And it's flaming hot, followed by pickled onion and finally beef. Though to be fair, I'm starting to think it's the king of crisps. I caught the tail end of a conversation about the best flavour last night.
  8. I think that's a compliment, but even I'd get a schooling based on last nights performance. Big kudos to the monster munch liveried beetle, a work of art, as was the skittles 911.
  9. Use of indicators, but you have to make sure everyone knows how to read it....soi f you indicate left I'd assume approaching that you want me to pass on the left. Some would of course read it that you were about to turn left which is where the problems start.
  10. A split field for Le Mans would be amazing if it's possible?
  11. Yep, looking forward to that. But what pre-1975 car do you go for..... Aye, got to be fuel and tyres. B enice to wheel out that Gulf liveried Aston, even if it's dog slow!
  12. Just too fast for my liking! I felt like a one legged cat trying to bury turds on a frozen pond!! I'd do a fastest lap, glance at the fastest lap of the race and just think 'holy shit'
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