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  1. Yep, but unlike the Senna, Prost, Mansell and Piquet photo, the only car capable of winning is being driven by Hamilton. That's not about to change anytime soon. Speaking of old man Piquet, he was a bit of a shithead wasn't he?
  2. It's a glorious day for English rugby made all the more delicious by sticking it too the aussies.
  3. Not really, that was more 'bitty' than anything we have now. I'd just be happy if somebody lumped it ALL into one single package that I could pour over at my leisure. I might even pay for it...... As it stands, the BTCC and the Blancpain is more than enough for me. The ITV4 coverage of a BTCC weekend is perfect. I might just shell out for the WEC in 2021 as the rule changes should generate some amazing racing.
  4. The McLaren livery from 86 is there. Didn't find what I was sfter but found something far more appropriate....
  5. I will mostly be searching for Spirit Racing or ATS........
  6. Whats wrong with COA? watkins glenn or even long beach would be better than something that hasn't even been built.
  7. I really must get myself an amazingly obscure 80's themed livery for my F1500....
  8. You'd think they'd have sorted this cone/motocross malarky out over the past two years...........unless it's deliberate??
  9. As far as I'm aware I don't think it is, and that's the reason the prize money is quite so high.....When I can find an hour I'll have a punt. Meanwhile, the cock on the bonnet of my mazda was outshone by the cock behind the wheel
  10. It was a bit Senna/Prost, my greatest time trial nemesis, side by side going into turn one and I totally fuck up my braking point sending both of us off into a world of poo. I need to spend a bit more time racing online rather than pounding out lap times on my own, my race craft was miles out last night. For some rather unknown reason I decided to change my view to in car mid way through the F1500 race, I think I lasted a lap before having to switch back. Weird as in the career mode I'd be using it quite alot.
  11. Apologies to @Junker for my atrocious move at Interlagos, wrecked the race for the pair of us! That aside, top entertainment as always.
  12. Interesting, the re-charge was definitely higher when the brake balance was sent to the rear wheels......?
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