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  1. but....but... compared to Dirt it's dreadful. What kind of entry level/half decent wheel is the way to go then? G27?
  2. marsh

    Fallout 76 - Prepare Your GaaS Masks

    People have such short memories, I take it you got your Nylon bag replaced @Bojangle?
  3. marsh

    Fallout 76 - Prepare Your GaaS Masks

    So nobody had the balls to go 'this is going to tank like a cunt' in which case you probably should go and find another job as that's a fairly toxic workplace environment. Better to do that than stain your c.v. with this garbage.
  4. marsh

    Fallout 76 - Prepare Your GaaS Masks

    If I do a bad job, I fully expect to lose it. Why would anyone want to be involved with this shitstorm anyaway?
  5. marsh

    Fallout 76 - Prepare Your GaaS Masks

    Ah.....apologies, too lazy to click the link. I should get a job in Bethseda technical support.
  6. marsh

    Fallout 76 - Prepare Your GaaS Masks

    @moosegrinder you walked too soon....
  7. Cor blimey. What a finale. I was the tasty filling in a beezerly mcspeed sandwich! Ridiculous. Huge thanks to @McSpeed for organising this, it's been a Tuesday night highlight this year. Look forward to whatever we do next.
  8. You've got plenty to be dealing with and while we'd love to have you on board, well priorities and stuff...
  9. Birthday looming and I'm considering taking the plunge, get a G27 for the boy and then I can pinch his t150, he wants the optional gear shifter for some tractor action on his PC the nerd.
  10. Talk to me about wheels, do they enhance the experience or am I going to see it as a ball ache to setup and sit there yearning for a pad? The techs come miles from the days when an F355 arcade cab would try and snap your wrists off.
  11. marsh

    What are you playing Christmas Day?

    Dominoes at a push.
  12. Definitely a code brown moment.....
  13. No. More. Laps. Not sure why i didn't abort the first lap sooner...... Could have gone faster....?
  14. No way, and Bathurst only happened as I suspect you weren't there in some awfully retro williams liveried tragedy.

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