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  1. Where are we off to next? Kyoto Driving Park?
  2. marsh

    Formula One - 2018 Season

    What cars are they using for this series? I take it Channel 4 and goalpost head Coulthard have somehow landed the rights to broadcast live? it might be a publicity wet dream to make it into F1, however the budget required to even fart in the pits these days is so unrealistic, I just think people look at it and spend the money elsewhere.
  3. That video is the bomb! I don't think it cost me that much time, I could have held back and saved enough fuel to do another lap as I was running mediums that maybe had another lap in them. I spent too much time um and ahing about what car to use, I went through three before we even started. The Viper would have been an interesting choice but I fear that with the BOP and soft tyres they'd have been consumed within a lap or two. Great stuff and fair. Absolutely fantastic! Thanks for the vid, spatter and all
  4. Indeed, that was close. If I hadn't had to dial the car to six to finish......
  5. Which is the same time I managed, but that was faster than the time I set in the Merc on mediums. Bet the beetle is being fueled up as I type.....? I might just have to dust off the bell end.
  6. I'm swinging towards the Ferrari, if the global leader boards are correct, a 1.47 is possible in it on hard tyres
  7. See you at 9.30. Car choice still undecided despite some experimentation last night....
  8. marsh

    Formula One - 2018 Season

    He does hold a record that is hugely unlikely to ever be challenged or taken away from him though.
  9. marsh

    Games for Psychopaths

    Sorry, throwing people off buildings sounds like a fair amount of fun. What assasins creed game am I best to pursue for PS4 to participate in this 'bus surfing' type adventure?
  10. 15 laps with tyre and fuel stops at Monza is perfect. The GR2 daily challenge at the moment is a right work out tbf and that's a similar distance.
  11. marsh

    Formula One - 2018 Season

    It has varied over the years, from as few as 4 best results to 10 best. It only really made a difference in 1988 when Senna piped Prost to the title on the basis he'd accrued more race wins. Couldn't see how that would work now with 20 million races a year. It's a shit business.
  12. Yep, settings are ace.
  13. What do you think I was quite keen on following you through some of those corners for? was saving a bit of fuel...... ....honest. Anyway, does following a car like that have an adverse effect on tyre wear as tends to be the case in real world scenario's? lower downforce, less grip etc As for the ring, over 4 laps isn't that going to string us right out in terms of actual cars on track and who you might be racing against? eg: nobody.
  14. Strange, I was going to explore lap times with that Ferrari. I've found it to be ok in the right circumstances.

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