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  1. Yep, they haven't tried very hard. I look forward to seeing once bounce round the M25 at some point.
  2. I think dailies lend themselves to a higher caliber of bellendery, I found a lobby hosted by a fellow brit last night with the MX5's that was also a live twitch stream. The standard of driving was fine, and a few of the guys in there were stupid quick. I think you just have to look at what's on offer. Red Glove racing often have an open lobby and he's also usually streaming. My only criticism of his racing is that it's the most basic of affairs, nothing like the level of tyre wear/fuel we operate at on a monday night. I think that is the route I may continue to pursue, find a lobby
  3. Is there a right way to hone your race craft? I find that while doing the TT stuff every week helps with speed, pilling into any online race yields mixed or crappy results. Last night I joined a random lobby in the MX5's something I'm quite useful with on the right track. Both races I found myself getting into a decent position and then falling off the road, I seem to lack consistency and give way too many places away to unforced errors. I could whinge and bitch and moan about getting stiffed on a fast lap at Laguna but that's more my fault for putting myself in that position. Fall
  4. Kind of weird and not what I was expecting...
  5. marsh

    Formula One - 2020

    Just some random I found on the internode, whoever did it, they need to be hired.
  6. My bad, it's more a reference to the vehicle in use than the quality of the game. If I'd said 'crawlingshitweaselwithbrokenpisscupboard' it might have made more sense, though tha's probably more of a UK exclusive DLC.
  7. I didn't know Taito stioll existed in any capacity, has one of these ever been made for western consumption? My eldest has some ridiculous number of hours in farming sim and this kind of shitstack would be right up his street.
  8. marsh

    Formula One - 2020

    Maybe they couldn't find any blue paint? I mean Alpine as a brand is known for being that particular shade of blue. Anything else is epic fail.
  9. Sounds like it has potential, pre-order now to get exclusive access to baby yoda's blue sweets and a rock in the shape of a sarlacc pit monster.
  10. I'm not even entertaining@mexos time at Barcelona, it's like it doesn't exist. Achieved in a shit car at a really shit track. Kudos alone for bothering, must be top 500 material ish?
  11. Blimey, check @McSpeed out with that massive drift though the last few corners!! Amazing scenes.
  12. The audi's a knob too, I've done well to hustle the 911 round there like I have.
  13. Cataluna in the gr3's is a proper twat. Anything, anything but laps in that bloody peugeot. They need to bop the shit out of it.
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