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  1. Must admit, I did wonder where that white Ferrari appeared from on the last lap! Midweek TT so far (I reckon there's a 1.32 in a Porsche in there somewhere...)
  2. Top draw stuff gents. Only bailed early as I'd already piled a load of laps into interlagos.... @Beezer incredible pace there sir
  3. I did quite like the format though, 4 laps of pure sprint. I only got a win as I started one race second and the leader quit the race before it started, the game then sent all the cars doing a loop on the spot and I was just lucky enough to react quicker than anyone else, get it pointed the right way, and sod off to the flag. I like Suzuka as you can chuck a false overtake up the inside of the first turn and watch in awe as they do a Mansell and stick it in the litter.
  4. No cock piss partridge for me tonight, I'll consume it on iplayer. Bring on Suzuka!!
  5. marsh

    Top Gear - Series 24

    Remind to get gloatface out when it transpires to be amazing.
  6. I tapped out last night, I know it was in the car and some of my sectors would be green, but the slightest error would wreck the lap or get me a time penalty. Top 2% by regions is fine by me! I'll take a grab next week.
  7. Makes perfect sense to me. Interlagos would be my pick, however I have huge bias as it's where I got my first daily win.... Well done on last week, good to see an almost full list of lap time efforts!
  8. marsh

    Top Gear - Series 24

    New trio look like they're going to get on fine. Provided they don't kill one another first. Prefer it to the last of the summer wine lot on Amazon.
  9. .019 off, what's more, I know I can go faster. Doing it however.....
  10. I tried the evo last night and while easier to drive I couldn't get near the hurracan time. I'll try the Scooby later and also give the audi tt a go, as it seems the weapon of choice.... That is a decent time, when your only 2 seconds off the top it's a very good effort.
  11. @Beezer what car are you using? I think I can get into a 2.09....if I can string a perfect lap together.
  12. Check her out. I was about to post I'd gone faster in the race, but I'd better just do it in quali now...
  13. marsh

    Top Gear - Series 24

    Think about how many episodes were just Leblanc and Harris? Reid can't be that busy....
  14. marsh

    Motorspot chat - No dull F1 though

    Dave, you didn't leave that charger on overnight, did you?

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