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  1. I think the issue was and the sole reason for the delay was that they couldn't get it to run at anything like an acceptable level.......... The fact there are no video's is making all potential buyers grip their wallets a little tighter. If someone pipes up on Tuesday morning and says 'it's fine guys' I'll be off to my local gaming emporium faster than you can nerf one of those cars into a roadside awning.
  2. Oh yes......you pick the camera modes so you can 'spy' on your rival. There were a couple of corners on Monday where @mexos was faster than a greased weasel.
  3. Yes, there's absolutely squat all out there in terms of info and how it runs. As you say, sets the alarm bells ringing...... But maybe, they'll just release it without any fanfare and ridiculous build up to avoid doing a fallout 76 and tank like mofo.
  4. I'm not sure you can cycle through the camera modes on a downloaded replay? Which is odd as I was quite happy to observe @mexos gear changes and braking points from the GP race the other night......
  5. You wot m8te? GT Sport, monday nights. The end. Anyway, has anyone had a hands on any of the console versions? if it's even mildly playable I'll happily sink £25 into it. I might just do that anyway....
  6. Knock yourself out, it's all I've got to focus on if I'm honest. Diminishing returns and all that, if you look at the times at Tsukuba finding a second is top ten material, so incredibly unlikely to happen. Same could almost be said for Interlagos.....
  7. I could see them lobbing Thruxton in there out of spite....
  8. At the moment? No. It really is the gift that keeps on giving. If you decide to pay for cars rather than grind it out a bit, well that's up to you.
  9. I think it'll be a very gradual shift to the new platform, there's still far too many people playing and loads of content being bolted on to just bin it off. Why would you stop it in it's tracks?
  10. Too much. Was trying to replicate some Ginetta action in Project Cars 2 and couldn't keep it pointed in a straight line. I quite like the fact it's giving him a work out if I'm honest. Seems to be using it a fair amount for Farming Sim at the moment..... And to the other.
  11. Did I really read that Redbull had a chat with Alonso about a drive around the Silverstone race? You'd think someone from Honda probably wouldn't want him anywhere near a car with their engine in it.
  12. Thanks for the heads up, I'll track that down. I spent a bit of time playing golf at Woodbury park golf club a few years ago,(Mansell owned it/developed it I think) and you'd hear the odd tale about how he'd pitch up, tell everyone to fuck off so he could have the place to himself. So I'm kind of like, probably urban myth, and then you read his book that people seemed to rave about at the time and you just think 'this mans an arsehole' so yeah, it was a good bit of business on his part. Think he made quite a bit of cash out of it, I never went into the museum though, and I don't think it's there anymore. Anyway, the epic mexos battle from last night, would have taken some kind of Vettel style borderline cheating lunge to get past I think:
  13. That's decent, and I stand by my comments about Mansell's biography! I've read it so you don't have to.
  14. Superformula at Interlagos please. I can see what the cobbler is up too....
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