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  1. Elseb

    Playstation Vita

    Thinking about picking up a used Vita on Ebay, just wondering what I should be looking for as I've never owned one before. What are the batteries like? Can you buy new ones and are they easy to replace if need be?
  2. Thanks! Just picked up Layton and the Curious Village for £2 online so can't really go wrong!
  3. Recently bought a 2DS XL as haven't played a 3DS in years and I knew there was a huge amount of games i had missed out on. Oh and the fact a lot if the games can now be picked up cheaply helps. I do have a question though, I want to give the Professor Layton series a go, where should I start? Worth going straight into the 3DS titles or going back to the DS?
  4. On lets Go, took me about 350 chain to get a shiny Nidoran. Must have taken like 5 hours or so. I was literally falling asleep when I saw a little sparkle in the grass haha.
  5. I also live in Stourbridge and can confirm, it's a CEX. Talking of Merry Hill, they used to have the Game in Debenhams as well. Bought my Gameboy SP and Pokemon Sapphire. Great times. I don't ever go in Game Merry Hill anymore, never a pleasant experience. Especially the downstairs one. - Walk in shop, get jumped on by numerous staf members asking if I came In the store for anything in particular. I know they're told to do it but getting interrupted every couple of minutes while browsing is extremely off putting. - Check the games and see every game is overpriced. Obviously. - If I do decide to buy something, I get asked about 5 questions before completing the purchase. Last time they explained to me how easy it was to break a Switch game. So yeah the same experience as pretty much everybody in this thread before me. I much prefer CEX, even though i know not everybody would agree.
  6. How is Golazo? It's on my maybe pile.
  7. I genuinely don't know how people can put hundreds of hours into completing a game. I just can't ever find the time to do it so I rarely bother with certain genres such as RPGs anymore. I bought Xenoblade 2 and although I was enjoying It, I'd go days without playing and end up losing interest. So how does everybody make time for gaming? Since I moved into my first house with the missus six months ago, I really struggle to find time... and this is without kids! Maybe I'm just not trying hard enough. To play games that is. Not have kids.
  8. Watford have sacked Gracia. He will definitely get another job in the PL, done a very good job.
  9. Just picked up the Switch version and thought this thread would be massive, didn't realise a lot of people thought the originals were mediocre! Anyway, really looking forward to it. Thought the Crash remasters were great, even though I was awful at them.
  10. Still can't believe that decision, crazy. The person I feel worst for is Lansbury! Not exactly had the best spell at Villa, would have meant a great deal to him.
  11. It's always the risk though when you put a young player in the starting 11, bigger clubs start taking note. He's not ready to be starting week in, week out. He obviously need a to bulk up a bit as well but he is 16 haha, can't really have a go at the lad! I'm still not convinced Clotet will be manager for much longer, will be surprised if he's in charge after new year. Once again we will be back to square one but that's just how things are now at the club. The owners obviously want to move the club forward and are willing to put money towards doing so but they don't seem to understand much about football and how important being patient and having a plan from the top of the club to the bottom is. I always feel that for every good decision they make, there are three awful ones waiting.
  12. Not sure what to make of Birmingham's start. We've literally not played well in any game but were on a decent points total. We've been hammered three nil away from home a couple of times in games where it could have been far worse. Not sure about this new style of football which were supposed to be playing, I don't see an awful lot of change. Thank God for the Juke. Three goals at home already this season. Oh and a quick word on Jude Bellingham, 16 year old who broke our record for youngest ever score and it happened to be the winner. Stoke are poor, and they happened to be better than us on the day! They just collapsed as soon as we put a bit of pressure on.
  13. I've got a complete set of the Archie Sonic series but didn't really read Sonic the Comic, I should give it a go really.
  14. I don't understand how it's possible to make a bad Bubble Bobble game.
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