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  1. The cover art for Synapse games are amazing. Also Ocean were still trying to get Hunchback going in '92. Why?
  2. I couldn't bear to play the remaining games. I salute you for making the sacrifice. ESTRA looks like a shareware game I played on the Amiga but slower. Dambusters Well you both put it perfectly. It's redundant due to the better paced successors Ace of Aces and Desert Fox. I can see why they went for a night mission first, far easier to draw the ground with inky blackness and intermittent lights. Reminded me though of the similarities between the movie and a later one. Why this detour? It's more interesting than the game!
  3. Quasimodo seemed like an early mascot they kept trying to make happen. An off brand public domain alternative to Popeye maybe? It's really weird.
  4. Big Mac was a bit of a surprise. It's a little too unforgiving but ahead of its time as a puzzle platformer. I can see this eventually leading to more modern games. However switches leave me cold so while I applaud what it did it doesn't grab me in the game way Lode Runner did. (Also in Australia new games cost between $22-$35 at the time and budget games like Big Mac cost about $9-$10. By the time the Mastertronic range came out here there were more tempting offerings.)
  5. Hypercircuit marked the first of the games from this podcast I hadn't played. Quasimodo marked the second and...I've never really gotten on with Hunchback games. Even the Hunchback parody screens in Jet Set Willy (a clever way for Matthew Smith at the time to show up the industry by making most of Hunchback a fraction of his masterpiece.) I liked the chunky graphics, I liked the first screen, a clone of the old game Orc Attack. I did not like what I played of the rest. Too cramped. Too slippery. And that title music. Such a dirge. I'm sure 12 year old me would have had
  6. I'm a huge Chris Butler fan and I always wanted to play Hypercircuit but again it was out of print by the time I got my C64. Lucky me, while this shows early promise it's jsut was too claustrophobic. A few 80's things I noticed. It reduces the play area with a huge status bar at the bottom of the screen. I didn't notice this too much back in the day but I'm noticing it a lot following your podcast. The setting of "inside the computer" is obviously inspired by Tron. That music? I think there's three reasons for classical tunes being so
  7. BC II - Grogs Revenge It was interesting listening to the confusion as to why anyone would care about BC. In Australia BC (and The Wizard of ID) were big. Not Garfield big. Not Snoopy big. But bigger than Andy Capp. And that was due in no small part to the Sunday Comics in the Herald and Telegraph papers. I followed the Wizard of Id and BC until his change of theme in the mid 80's when he started using the strip to proselytise his faith rather aggressively. Anyway BC's Quest for Tires was really popular among all my friends but I never saw this or BC II in the shops. Th
  8. Totally fair and playing them both again I could see how basic they were, but there was something about the enthusiasm of the adult who showed me this back in the day reminding me of the troubles some of the forum are having introducing their kids to their favourite things like Star Wars (one response being, "I remember my father trying to get me to watch and like Ben Hur.") So yeah, I wouldn't recommend these games to anyone but me remembering some fondness for someone now elderly or departed. It's a moment in time for me. It happens less as the years go on as the C64 be
  9. StarFire/Fire One. It's not your dad's videogame! Actually it is. Zzap had this right when they said "Old favourites but new disasters." But they had it wrong too because the game wasn't meant for them or for us. They were too young to be the target audience. You're also too young to be the target audience. Even I at almost 50 is too young to be the target audience. But I have some nostalgia for this. Not because of the joy it bought me. But because of the joy it bought someone else. My mother's boyfriend lived in a depressing bedsit in the inner west. And i
  10. Can't wait to listen, the only one I've spent any time with is StarFire/Fire One which I love but that's all down to nostalgia. Edit: I played a ton of Grog's Revenge! Interested to see what you both thought of it.
  11. Supremacy on the C64 was an impressive port back in 1991. All the more impressive as a single load game. Now a group of coders are looking to make a new version with all the missing bits of the Amiga version for disk and flash carts.
  12. This revelation makes no difference in this household as JK’s views have made led to us no longer spending money on the Harry Potter licence. What is of interest is that WB is apparently all good with this according to the lead producer (over at Reset they’re disputing that he’s the design lead.) That might make a difference as to what we spend our dosh on in the future.
  13. I loved Life is Strange and Before the Storm but I bounced hard off LiS 2. I think the first chapter is free now but I never got off the first chapter. I'll try again this year. I loved Tell Me Why eventually but I think you might very well hate it. But it's on gamepass so you can give it a try. I didn't even know Twin Mirror existed.
  14. If it's an original PSU you might want to look at getting a new one. Original ones 30 years down the track have a bad reputation. (I had one catch fire back in the late 90's.)
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