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  1. A Mortician's Tale is free here https://laundrybear.itch.io/morticians-tale
  2. I both loved it and hated it in equal measure. But man did they "borrow from multiple sources. Mass Effect obviously. Elite with the space flowers. And weirdly enough my wife was moved by one scene which to me felt... well...inpspired by the Earthsea books. In reminded me a lot of The Dry Land. I found the last episode messy though and it seemed to put Picard up on a pedestal as the true diplomatic hero rather than where I thought it was going, the quixotic Picard having some self realisation. My wife loved it however. Where to next though?
  3. If you download only one game from itch.io make it this https://itch.io/queue/c/757294/games-to-help-you-stay-inside?game_id=161941
  4. Hijong Park has made six amazing arcade style games. All on Steam for not much but the free demos are the full game without achievements and online leaderboards. You can get his stuff here https://store.steampowered.com/developer/HijongPark
  5. Great interview here with Jordan Mechner on the making of Prince of Persia
  6. Me last year "What a bizarre metaphor about social isolation in the age of the internet." Me today "Oh."
  7. Tales from the Borderlands had the best intros given the ageing software used. Amazing animation, direction and music. Don't watch if you plan to play these soon. Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5
  8. Just as long as they're getting the original cast and writers back together. Still the best Telltale game.
  9. I'm sure we had a thread around here somewhere on this topic. But here's my favourite that moved me from "I'm not buying that" to "Day One" in less than ten minutes.
  10. It looks great. How does it play? Well I was never a fan of this or the Stephen Crow take Wizard's Lair. But those who love the original are sure to love this.
  11. Another 2600 to C64 conversion that can be downloaded from here https://arlagames.itch.io/megamania-64 (Yes, this level is still bastard hard)
  12. This will probably be gone in a day or so but it looks so on point. Now do the same with Jumping Flash please! https://sean-noonan.itch.io/super
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