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  1. Bonus Chats. Their response to the Prime Minister taking off for a holiday in the middle of Australia's fire storm
  2. The Pico 8 is also what Celeste originally came out on. I am not kidding. You can play it here. https://mattmakesgames.itch.io/celesteclassic
  3. Newest from The Chats. NSFW Their debut album, High Risk Behaviour is 14 tracks long clocking in at under 28 minutes.
  4. It's looking amazing so far. Full story at http://www.indieretronews.com/2020/01/virtua-racing-on-pico-8-looks-rather.html#more
  5. Counts in me head. You got an ending, you don't need to get all the endings. I'll probably be including Outrun sometime this year on similar grounds.
  6. You might want to go back and have another crack at it if you have a digital copy, Meat Circus has been patched to actually be possible to beat by humans.
  7. More at https://www.polygon.com/2020/1/13/21064100/vvvvvv-source-code-game-development-terry-cavanagh-release
  8. Great story here about the post of Moon Patrol on the 2600 and a mysterious prototype put up for auction decades later https://medium.com/@atarispot/the-zorfon-mystery-6d1f58544254 Full story at the link.
  9. I had this issue recently and used a cotton bud to wipe / pull out stray dust from the grooves on the left and right of the machine (I didn't realise there were vents there too.) Ten minutes work made a massive difference to the fan noise.
  10. Gita Jackson and Joshua Rivera touch briefly on diversity issues in the industry in their leaving Kotaku article. https://www.kotaku.com.au/2020/01/goodbye-from-josh-and-gita/
  11. Yep! There is no second half.
  12. Once you complete a set once you become eligible for free card packs which are created as others turn their sets into badges. edit : and thanks @CovisGod for the kind gift of Blasphemous!
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