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  1. https://www.polygon.com/features/2019/6/19/18679678/anita-sarkeesian-feminist-frequency-interview-history-story Haven't read it all yet but Polygon has posted this long form article on Anita Sarkeesian and the past decade of her work on the Feminist Frequency project and her now winding it down 10 years after she started it. Haven't read it all yet, will post more later.
  2. My wife and I started watching the Netflix dub this morning. She’s never watched it so for her the change in voice cast and loss of Fly Me to the Moon means nothing. I prefer the new Shinji over the old one but I only watched it 25 years ago. I can imagine super fans being put off with new actors after a quarter century of rewatching it.
  3. From https://commodoreformat.wordpress.com/minit/
  4. Incredibly sad news. https://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/344964/Obituary_Bluepoint_Games_vice_president_and_founder_Andy_ONeil.php? Memorial and bio here https://www.dignitymemorial.com/obituaries/austin-tx/andrew-oneil-8744332
  5. Jun 18/06 Reigns:Her Majesty (PC) I kind of bounced off the first Reigns game but loved the second. It's a simple narrative game, you're the Queen, you get to make one choice a year using a tinder like interface and you try to do as much as you can before you're killed by being too loved or too hated. These games live and die on their writing and the writing here is snappy and to the point. Perfect fodder for passing the time on a sick day. 16/06 Escape Goat (PC) I gave up on completing this excellent hard as nails 8-bit style platformer five years ago. But with a new PC build its entry in Steam was mocking me, I had to give it another run. And this time I managed it rescuing all the sheep and completing all the campaign levels. There's now way I'm going back to try the hardcore levels. No way. 12/06 Hotline Milwaukee (PC) A NES style demake of Hotline Miami which is still as hard as nails and desperately missing the door slam mechanic. Doable in an hour if you don't rage quit before the end. 10/06 Roundabout (PS4) A quick run on this weird 70's style cross of Kuru Kuru Kururin / Crazy Taxi turned into a run through of the story mode.It has a certain offbeat charm to it spoiled somewhat by random slowdowns and frame drops on the PS4 version that I'm sure wasn't there on the PC version. Some amazingly weird low rent FMV though, especially the bits with Jeffrey the Skeleton and loads of 70's stock footage. 09/06 Just Cause 2 (360) Was going to 100% this a couple of years ago but it was just too big. So this time I decided to mainline it most of the way which was more frustrating and less satisfying than just mucking about with cables and so forth. After doing that it unlocked Mercenary mode. Basically a way to complete it 100% post game. After spending an hour watching my number go up by tiny increments I could feel myself getting hooked again and noped out. (I was at 41% after playing 39 hours. Just no, I've had enough.) Still fun while it lasted, it's pretty much the modern day version of Hunter (Amiga). Wonderful skyboxes. The drawbacks? Too big. And...let's be generous and say the storyline has dated a bit. I can see that they were going for silly 80's blockbuster but, yeah. It did feel too much like a celebration of US shadow-ops imperialism. 06/06 Maniac Mansion (PS4/PC) For those wondering when this got a port, it's hidden in Day of the Tentacle Remastered. I played this a lot back in the day on the C64 for hours, never getting near the end. This time I used a FAQ, this one is unusual for a LucasArts game in that there's a lot of dead ends due to player death or unwinnable situations. Turns out I almost did finish it back in the day, getting through this only took about an hour. It's more of a historical artifact now being the "first" graphic adventure from LucasArts (although I still count Labyrinth with its 'word wheels' as their first.) 06/06 Abzu (PC) Decided to play through this again on the PC if only to get some achievements .Not sure how this copy came to me, Humble Bundle maybe?) Last time I was a bit harsh on it having played it just post Journey, this time I just soaked in the atmosphere. Still lovely if a little weird with some of the water underwater bits that didn't make sense. 02/06 Armored Warriors (PC/Arcade) The last of the games on my lap around the Capcom Beat 'Em Up Bundle. again it's pretty colourful but it feels a mite clumsy. Those big sprites are incredibly impressive but it get's pretty messy at times. It's OK, but not the best on here. 02/06 Warriors of Fate (PC/Arcade) Yet another sideways beat-emup by Capcom, this one set in China being a sequel to Dynasty Wars. As with all of these games it's incredibly attractive to look at and it feels fair to play. The characters feel pretty solid and can be thrown against each other creating some really pleasing chain reactions in fights. Not much more to say except it was a pleasant way to waste an hour on a Sunday.
  6. I meant to write something up about Escape Goat (PC) a few years back but never finished it back in the day. It's made up of single screens where you need to collect all the keys and then head to the exit. YOu can jump and dash and you have a mouse friend you can let loose to trigger switches and sometimes swap places with. It's lovely but the later levels are quite rough, there's no way I'm going to attempt the hardcore bonus levels. You can play a demo through a browser here.
  7. HR Pufnstuf was Adventure Time for our generation. As for the new Banana Splits movie....nah nah nah nah nah nah nah.
  8. Darkula by Locomalito and Gryzor87 has just been released for free, it's a game done in the style of single screen arcade games from 1983. http://www.indieretronews.com/2019/06/darkula-brand-new-arcade-game-from.html#more I've played a bit of it and it does recreate that sort of Mappy style genre.
  9. Always wanted a port of this back in the day but decades later realised that it would have been impossible to port to the 2600. Or would it? http://www.indieretronews.com/2019/06/galaga-arcade-classic-as-upcoming-atari.html#more There's a link to a demo copy at the article although you'll need a new version of Stella to run it.
  10. And now there's a brilliant Speccy port with graphics by Mark R. Jones (yes, the ocean guy) and Mr. Poke (Adrian Singh) Link to the download here http://www.indieretronews.com/2019/06/mr-do-unofficial-zx-spectrum-conversion.html#more
  11. Some NSFW Aussie rock punk. Not so much sung as grunted.
  12. There's just a lot of games that haven't dated well or just would look awful on a large flatscreen, especially titles that used dithering or cross-hatching. I find it easier to go back and enjoy C64 games for some reason. I just can't seem to get Amiga emulation feeling right.
  13. And I've just finished Hotline Milwaukee. Just. The last few levels are brutal, especially without a save system.
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