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  1. http://www.ourdigitalheritage.org/archive/playitagain/creators/william-tang-2/
  2. Ms Pac-Man is a bit complicated. Pac-Man is defiinately Namco's. Ms Pac-Man is GCC/Midway though with some character input from Namco.
  3. There's still too many gaps. I mean how many people who played Nier Automata would have loved to go back to Nier or even Drakengaard? Right now they're out of luck
  4. Plushie dolls would fall under trademark laws and I'm not aware of any fair use provisions there. Broadcasts fall under copyright and there are fair use provisions. However even with fair use you can be squashed by the mere threat of legal action in which you might win eventually but would be bankrupted before the end of the process. For a similar case see Penny Arcade / American Greetings. https://strawberryshortcake.fandom.com/wiki/Penny_Arcade_Controversy
  5. I've probably posted about this before but as a punter this was as frustrating as hell. Before reading some of the posts here back in the day I noticed that the second hand stock of a lot of chain games stores just become less and less interesting. Pretty much just kids games and sports games. But then I had a couple of experiences that would go roughly like this. I'd find a desirable game second hand. I'd take it to the counter. The clerk's eyes would widen and they might say, "Woah, lucky for you" or "I wish I'd seen that coming in." Then they'd get a sly look on their face. "Ah yeah, let me get it for you. Out back." Most of the games were in the drawers near the desk. But they'd disappear for a bit and then come back. "Oh sorry man. Looks like the disc / cart is missing. Oh well!" Combine this with "scalpers" (who would either buy new desirable titles en-masse day one or grab every bargain going so they could flip them on ebay) and it started getting to the point where the more unique games could not be found. Two things changed. First a chain of indie stores that sold music as their main product with second hand games being a sideline meaning I could find bargains. But more importantly a large record store chain started selling games and would buy in bulk and undercut the major game stores by $10. Ico was impossible to find on release at less than 150% the sale price (I found a copy eventually in a pawn brokers.) Shadow of the Colossus? Available day one in such numbers that even the richest scalper couldn't corner the market. With those options I just stopped making going into the games chains a habit. In my eyes poor inventory management killed them over a decade ago. I can't really blame you or any other clerks who wanted to buy a bargain or do ebay flipping given the poor wage and unpaid overtime a lot of game store employees had to deal with but as a customer it was always shit seeing a wall of old FIFA / Cricket games and knowing even if I did find a Suikoden title more likely than not it would be one of the staff and not me taking it home that day.
  6. I'm not sure this was a good move by Digital Foundry. I'm sure Star Citizen looks amazing. But Ive seen a lot of tech demos look amazing before it was downgraded to make room for being a game.
  7. I used the Wii Fit a lot back in the day and would be now except I'm a little too heavy for it right now. This could be just the thing.
  8. This bloody exploded didn't it. One moment it's picked up on a local station as promising and now it's being played everywhere!
  9. This might be of interest to fans...Bladerunner is now playable using ScummVM https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2019/10/17/blade-runner-is-now-easily-playable-in-scummvm/?
  10. https://www.facebook.com/groups/370835800027675/permalink/754022148375703/ From Chris Wilkins.
  11. Only until Antstream et al have them removed.
  12. It would be a competitor to Apple Arcade. Not going to happen.
  13. I still have a pile of old PSOne/2 discs I intend to play through, I'd love full backwards compatibility and it would have me on board day one. If the PS5 doesn't allow me to at least play my PS4 games then I'm moving across to the next MS offering. If they'd have had their BC plans laid out back in the day I'd be using the Bone as my main console. The upside of allowing full BC? If I'm playing Suikoden on my PS1/2 that's all I'm doing. But if I'm playing it on the PS5 there's an opportunity for them to tempt me over to their storefront or tempting friends of mine to buy a digital copy seeing that one of their friends are playing a half remembered game. The thing that's going to make it impossible though is music licencing. Even with what might have been Sony only tracks back in the day catalogues would have been traded and onsold in the past two decades.
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