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  1. I've been putting this one off. I've mentioned before that when I was a kid I loved Airwolf. (The TV show, not the game.) Helicopters were cool! And Infiltrator looked to be Airwolf in all but name. Fly a helicopter, then sneak into secret bases? Perfect fodder for me. But I never picked up up being spooked by the multiloading. (Which is stupid because in my later years I would go on to play the tape versions of both The Bard's Tale and Labyrinth. And enjoy them!) When emulation became a thing this was one of the first games I tried. And bounced off. I've tried a few times and I suspect part of it is time, I've just got much better options now and games that rely on 3D seem to age the most. But I gave it another try and if you want to do the same there's a great wiki at https://www.c64-wiki.com/wiki/Infiltrator There's loads going on here and it's clever and ahead of it's time in many ways. You start off by taking off and flying to the base you want to infiltrate. And this is impressive with animated hands and some basic landscaping. When you find a base you land quietly nearby. And then you need to sneak into buildings presenting false papers if called over. And in buildings it's almost like a prototype Hitman / Metal Gear with disguises and knocking people out. I think had I access to a disc drive back when I was a kid I would have loved this. I would have loved the complexity of flying the chopper where taking off requires at least three button presses and I would have enjoyed sneaking into a base. However seeing it next to other games reviewed this month I think it suffers in comparison to Tau Ceti (flight) and NEXUS (for sneaking into a base, no really and I'll get to that later.) Re-reading the review I think I have the same impression as Gary Penn where the games phases look worse as the game progresses. I'd love to hear alternate views on this but it's just not my bag despite being incredibly ambitious for the time.
  2. His last listed gig on linkedin is 22Cans which was still a going concern in Feb 2021. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2021-02-17-peter-molyneuxs-22cans-hit-with-layoffs
  3. So good that after playing it at my place two of my friends went out and bought Gamecubes just to play it on. I hope they pull this back from the brink but I've moved from day one to wait and see.
  4. Yeah, it's not a great mix in that trailer. I've heard the music in the game is pretty good, I'll find out shortly... Edit, I've played this for just over an hour and I'm not sure what's wrong with the sound mix in the trailer but the music in game ranges from fine (the vocal battle song) to great (the almost Outrun style cruising music.) The battle system is initially confusing although you can change it so it plays almost like a visual novel but I'm really liking it. It's that niche sweet spot of Tass Times in Tonetown crossed with Earthbound which is a very specific itch to scratch. Bad luck being released the very same week as part 2 of Deltarune!
  5. Some of my favourite games are ranked 7/10. I loved the demo, it's going to be fight between this and Get in the Car, Loser! this weekend.
  6. I'm sure I wrote something about this a couple of years back but I can't find it now. After years of waiting this is out now free! https://loveconquersallgames.itch.io/getinthecarloser Worth a look for the pixel art alone!
  7. I'm going to admit to not playing The Legend of the Amazon Women This is a sideways scrolling beat-em up where according to https://www.mobygames.com/game/zx-spectrum/legend-of-the-amazon-women OK. Here's the thing, I'm sure the creators didn't intend for the game to be read this way as it's inspired by swords and sorcery movies from the 20th century but.... ...I think the optics of this game look a little off in the modern era in a way unintended at the time. There's a lot more going on technically under the hood. About the Spectrum version the creator says https://www.mobygames.com/game/c64/legend-of-the-amazon-women/trivia I might be being unfair but watching a video of this being played didn't tempt me at all.
  8. Ollo and Ollo 2 were two games that I saw everywhere back in the 80's. Every second kid seemed to have it at my school and we're talking original copies. Because this was locally made and sold through ECP. I'm pretty sure these were sold separately but also ended up sold along with the creators other games in the U-Bewdy All Aussie pack. Ollo is similar to a lot of early arcade vertical scrollers. And as mentioned in the podcast Ollo 2 is pretty similar to Z. The big problem is that the competition from the UK on the C64 made both of these titles instant also rans.
  9. I.C.U.P.S. didn't receive stellar reviews at the time so I skipped it and playing it now...well the sprite work is OK but it's a weird first set of levels that as the review says feels like Bumping Buggies. It just doesn't work in the space setting. It just doesn't feel good to play. As for part two, I have no idea how this plays as I couldn't get that far.
  10. I suspect you might have to have more episodes for some issues or just drop coverage of some games. I mean there's only two of you unlike Zzap who had a team 2-3 times that by '87.
  11. I picked up Tau Ceti on a budget release in Australia and the instruction manual wasn't great. Fortunately at the time I'd read several magazine guides so I felt like I had an idea of how to play the game going in. I wrote about this here back when I had this weird idea of going through issues of Commodore Format from issue 1 and playing through the Powerpack games and writing about them. Obviously an idea with no legs There was also a short thread here on Tau Ceti and the sequel. Let's talk about the plot. As touched on in the podcast there's a lot going on. So here's the cliff notes. -A colony was set up on Tau Ceti III. -A pandemic killed all the colonists. -Decades later a cure was found. -The automated defence system for the colony is damaged and is attacking anything that comes close. -A single pilot in a Gal-Corp Skimmer (a small hovercraft) may be able to slip through defences undetected. -Your task is to travel from city to city, finding the cooling rods for the central reactor. -Once you have the rods you can take them to the central reactor in the city capital Centralis and power down the defence grid. Easy! Well sort of. You have 8 missiles. 8 anti missile missiles. 8 flares. A laser. And infra-red for night vision. Here's a few tips on what not to do. -Don't rush to Centralis. It's the most dangerous place in the game and you really want to leave it until later. -Don't rush ahead. It's a good way to draw the attention of flying drones and mines. -Don't destroy every building. For one you'll need the civilian buildings to work your way around. Most maps group their main buildings in the centre. Some are weird though. I've come across one city where the buildings were laid out in a spiral. One where a string of buildings led to a reactor in the distance. The other reason is you might hit one of the tine defence sphere buildings. These will fire out lasers at a high right at every angle and will kill you within seconds if hit. This is a game about flying low and carefully and taking out only the buildings and craft that you have to. It's all about learning the difference between What you want to dock with What you want to destroy and what you want to use as landmarks. By day Tau Ceti is a stunner. Super smooth with shadows. And by night it's pitch black. Unless you use a flare or use the blurry infrared. The GUI was intuitive to use as well with a mixture of text commands and icons. (Just don't type a rude word.) It's easy to see some of the tricks now. The amazing 3D images with real time shadows were in reality flat shapes (since all the buildings were "round" they would look the same at every angle. The 3D shapes are actually just flat lines being extended or shrunk making for a fast and smooth illusion.) The multitude of instruments and map meant that the main view screen was smaller than other games. The skimmer being auto-stabilised meant that the game didn't need to deal with banking left or right. But it's full of so many amazing features for a 48/64k game from 1986. A built in GUI. A note pad. Day night cycles. And so many little touches. Like how you'd bounce if you hit the ground at speed (especially if you ran out of fuel.) The sun moving across the sky. The odd shooting star or star winking out as it went nova. Blinking lights on some of the buildings. The blur of the infra-red. The way the landscape would bleach out at night when a missile hit something illuminating the area. It's a very quiet game. The hum of your engines, the occasional laser beam. The swooshing launch of a missile. The grinding and hissing of a bulkhead door on docking. This is a port of the Spectrum game but it's a rare port where John Twiddy has taken Paul Cooke's original and improved it. Here's some Spectrum shots for comparison. There's an excellent guide here https://www.c64-wiki.com/wiki/Tau_Ceti You'll need a blank cassette or disk (or freeze option) to finish this. It's worth at least exploring as one of the most atmospheric games on the C64. @squirtle, it's worth having another try at this one, even if you don't finish it (seriously the ending is underwhelming.) I was sorely disappointed and jealous that the sequel / prequel Academy never made it to the C64. A stone cold classic, one of my favourite games on the C64 and my favourite of this episode. Edit: The C64 missed out on two followups. https://www.gamesthatwerent.com/gtw64/attack-on-centralis/ https://www.gamesthatwerent.com/gtw64/academy/
  12. New episode is up! https://zappedtothepast.com/ Games covered -Tau Ceti -ICUPS -Ollo 1 & Ollo 2 -Legend of the Amazon Women -Infiltrator -Nexus -Time Trax -Saboteur -Murder on the Mississippi
  13. There's a few things that have kept me away from poker and fruit machines. Rev Stu's article was a big one but it was the icing on the cake. Really. But it was proof that the punters were being tricked and it's one of the best things he's ever done. There was the hollowing out of the live music scene in my home city, pubs ditched stages and put in pokies. I once at a pub lunch watched a women with blank eyes feed in at least three 50 dollar notes into the machine. It was clear she'd been there most of the day. It became such a plague that an episode of local drama series Love is a Four Letter Word had the publican drag out a pokie machine out of his bar and smash it with a baseball bat. This song was pretty popular at the time. From the notes attached to the video But what really put me off playing them was this great piece. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2011-04-13/grogs---dont-bet-on-joys-of-pokies/56496 I'm not sure it's the same in the UK but in Oz these machines have destroyed so many lives. Do the UK machines take large notes? When they got rid of restrictions on what the machines would accept it removed one of the big circuit breakers for players who would play these machines until their wages were eaten up.
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