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  1. The Space Hulk 'Death Angel' card game is a co-op, and therefore quite soloable.
  2. No, I was just bemoaning my lack of imagination in that one - I had recently been fighting an Elite boss with artifacts, and should have put two and two together One of the problems I have is that I totally forget about potions when I play...
  3. Man, I wish I had worked that one out myself!
  4. Artifact prevents one debuff taking hold, right? So it has to be in place before. So the focus gets added, the debuff gets blocked.
  5. Ah, thanks for the cycle hint; thinking about it, if you play two, then the second will drain 2 points per turn anyway, making matters worse. I still have some unlocks to go - I have not yet come across many strategies for removing debuffs, apart from one potion. Still on the learning curve...
  6. S'what I expected, but never quite tracked that in the fight - that's going to be better with two or more copies in a small deck where it cycles quickly; I managed to get two in one recent deck, and it seemed to just about work out; also good as a desperate buff to get your health up against enemies with a strength escalator.
  7. Ah, man, I started that just before I took down the 360, and it was an intriguing start - truly mad demigod behaviour; the bedroom telly ist kaput otherwise I was going to set up the 360 and PS3 on there to finish off some of my back catalog.
  8. The card that gives you 4 focus, then reduces that focus by 1 'at the end of your turn'... does that basically reduce any focus you had, including that card, to zero unless you keep feeding your focus by re-playing it, or similar? i.e. it's not a 'gain 3 focus' card; it adds a permanent de-escalator to your focus, so it always runs down from that point on.
  9. Done well, you don't need to think about it - that's the point of the system in the original Halo; it observes your first attempt to track a target, infers your preference, confirms it by a second attempt and sets your default. This kind of approach - where you don't have to know there's an option to set and seek it out - was pretty radical at the time; I'd been researching usability testing around the time I went to GDCE in 2000 where MS did a bunch of presentations on the use of their usability labs in games. Halo being the poster child on the OG Xbox, released at the time. The other theme I recall was that of games developers adopting OO design principles; Harvey Smith talking about how in the first Deus Ex they coded each door's behaviour from scratch, and now they had one universal door archetype... This - except I don't know what my preferences are; I've been playing games so long I actually tend to code-switch in my head, and adapt to the game's default settings. I have a vague feeling that I might have changed the preference in some recent game, but it's not common for me to do that.
  10. Just thinking the same - good atmosphere, well done. Man, you called it...
  11. Totally - it's designed to allow you to do that.
  12. There was a massive amount of work behind that - it was one of the first applications of usability testing to game development, done by MS's in-house team. There were presentations at GDCE at the time and everything. Thing is, you might not need 'em, but there are millions of people who would be subtly helped by that kind of interaction at the start of the game.
  13. Got to play this some more this week - finally met Clock Bastard or whatever we're calling him with The Defect, and nearly bloody had him; was probably one turn from annihilating him, but my build ran out of block at the wrong time. There are times with The Defect when I'm not quite sure why I'm doing quite so much damage or collecting quite so much block when it all kicks off...
  14. Man, I can’t fit a ciggie paper between Totoro, Porco Rosso and Spirited Away for Miyazaki. And the rest are just 2 papers’ width behind.
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