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  1. League of Gentlemen

    That ending scene...
  2. I think a small thing but a brilliant thing is how they've animated the characters singing as if they are actually singing. Expressions, pausing for breath, straining on high notes etc. It's probably not the first time (not seen Frozen), but I really noticed it. There's a lot of really subtle animation in this.
  3. Watched this over the weekend with the niece and nephews. Absolutely loved it, the golden trio of great visuals, story and music. They certainly know how to do it right. Kids were spellbound, laughing at 'the big man', the chicken, the youngest just loved the colours I imagine. Except in 2 parts I actually welled up. Whether it was 'that' feeling when a certain piece of music just hits I don't know. The ending section just completely moved me. It's hard to explain, not sadness, just overwhelmed with combination of music and story I guess.
  4. Manchester by the sea

    Just back from this. Genuinely deeply moving, but in a subtle way. I think it'll be one of those films that will stick in my mind for a while. The scenes mentioned above, agree completely. Hard one to really comment on but Casey Afleck just shot up in terms of what I thought he was capable of portraying, he was brilliant.
  5. Final Fantasy XV

    You said you find it remarkable people can't differentiate from what is good and what they enjoy? Your opinion is it's not good. My opinion is that it is good. 'Good' is subjective, you don't get to decide that on behalf of everyone. Neither do I. It was good/great to me. It was not to you. I respect your opinion, and appreciate you have different expectations of what is a good game than me.
  6. Final Fantasy XV

    'What is good' is your opinion. 'What they enjoy' is not. You can't speak on behalf of other people's thoughts on the game and say they are wrong for enjoying something you don't think is good. That is pretty arrogant. I thought it was 'great' and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
  7. Final Fantasy XV

    Finished it yesterday. Best game I've played in a long time, and up there in my top 3 FF's of all time. Ending:
  8. Final Fantasy XV

    Me for 50ish levels: "Wish the music in the car was louder..." And then I see there's a separate volume slider for that in the options...grr.
  9. I have 100+ photos to choose from, but this just made my day (night). NOM! (Excuse phone camera screenshot faux pas...)
  10. Final Fantasy XV

    This is surely going to surpass sales expectations, reviews are resoundingly good and the player base is huge. But I dunno, I'm bias as I'm loving it so far, warts and all. I know thing about game sales these days and budgets. I assume rightly or wrongly they are basing the FFVII remake on setup/mechanics similar to this, and that game will be pay day for them on the title alone. I imagine this made over as FFVII, and tweaking the mechanics for the better based on feedback, and it would be brilliant. Then my mind wanders and I imagine it dressed up as FFIX, and Vivi riding around on a chocobo and my brain explodes.
  11. Final Fantasy XV

    Agreed. It's a step towards a better future for the franchise, and I thank the heavens it's not another corridor-fest of a game. It's interesting. A typical FF would have hours of linear story at the start eventually leading to an open world map etc. This seems to have flipped this around, giving you immense scale and things to do when you want at the start, and letting you dip into the story when you want. It makes it much easier to pick up and play imho and always have something different to do. It is a flawed gem, but you can feel the love that's gone into this game, and the ideas are all there. It's nice to see the series pointing in a direction now that embraces modern games, yet keeps the core elements of often psycho-babble story and crazy haircuts to make you remember it's still Final Fantasy.
  12. Final Fantasy XV

    I haven't even touched magic properly yet. I keep frying my bro's. Another thing to start looking into!
  13. Final Fantasy XV

    ...but it's supposed to be dark? Which is why he has a torch. Either in a dungeon or at night.
  14. Final Fantasy XV

    Absolutely loving it so far (around 16hrs in). I know it's been a long time coming, but the thought that's gone into the world and all the details and little things is (to my eyes) staggering. Not being a fan boy, it's just such a compelling game at the moment. Hardly touched the main story yet (ch3). Sure the battles have taken me a while to understand and there's a few 'hmm' mechanics but they're nothing compared to the good elements it has.

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