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  1. The Thing on Arrow Bluray A fantastic print and transfer, the bright white snow fields look perfect with no artefacting, no DNR I could detect but it isn't a particular "grainy" film (if that sort of thing bothers you - I prefer a good transfer but grain left alone usually). The film is of course a stone cold classic where The Thing and the harsh environment are both enemies to our heroes - but ultimately man himself is his own worst enemy. The extras are substantial and not bitty like some big releases can be. A brand new documentary 1hr12 mins that covers
  2. As a palate cleanser I decided to rewatch The Thing (Bluray Arrow release) My word I had forgotten how good this was! A masterpiece by Carpenter, with beautiful cinematography from Dean Cundey with a perfect soundtrack by Ennio Morricone driving the anxiety and tension to breaking point. The FX have not dated at all and make most modern CGI look terrible by comparison*. However the film isn't about the fx or the body horror - that is just a bonus! It is about the characters, the tense standoffs and the human interactions as the base and humanity dissolves around them. F
  3. The Night of the Living Dead Criterion is utterly superb - not 4k though obviously Now I am back into collecting I have noticed the prestige attached to Arrow (which was always an also ran in the publishers market previously)... I have a few of their (non 4k) discs - the Thing, Heathers, Romero collection etc. their stuff is really good and has reminded me I need to rewatch The Thing (and Heathers and Romero collection) EDIT - I went to Arrow's site and started looking for their UHDs and could only find half a dozen releases - is that correct? Is this a new vent
  4. I completely understand your passionate defence there and salute it. As we make our personal judgements on films and invest ourselves they can inspire passion for "the work" (yeah I love to be pretentious )- I have loads of stuff I am passionate about that others don't get. So with that in mind I'm afraid I just don't agree. I can see the points you make but from my own perspective it doesn't work, for the reasons I gave. That is why art or films/books/music/games/theatre/life is so great - if we all agreed it would be a dull world.
  5. It seems to me , from viewing the films and knowing nothing of the comics or development of the MCU, that they wanted a change of pace so took Hawk and turned him into a quiet farm family man to give them that "out" and also give them the bonus of a "surprise character reveal". It makes no sense to me because in previous films they hinted at Hawk and Black Widow being close/in a relationship - so that character development point is ditched - fair enough . And it makes no sense at all that his family live in this quaint farmhouse in the middle of nowhere when he has the most dangerous job in t
  6. He has been in a few of the films and I have no clue what his character's name is. I did wonder where he had gone in Winter SOldier as he mostly hung around with Natasha romanov int he previous films to the extent I thought they were involved! The revelation for his character in Ultron is baffling.
  7. Avengers: Age of Ultron Blah blah blah cgi cartoony stuff blah blah blah good action sequences blah blah blah Johannsen is good but the Hawk guy's plot shift is incomprehensibly hilarious. Errr blahblah blah smart alec quips... blahblahblah not as good as Winter Soldier blah blah blah decent enough superhero flick. 3/5 Disney+ almost caught me out going forward - my next film in Phase 2 in Antman then on to phase 3 but for some weird reason it shows Phase 3 in reverse order so Civil War is at the end of the list - I only noticed because Wandavision has been
  8. That is how I view that episode and seems to be a thread carried through TNG - that is why I think it is a weak stick to bash Picard with when there are soooo many sturdy ones lying around that would do the job much better
  9. Captain America : Winter Soldier MCU phase 2 first watch continues after the stultifyingly dull Thor Dark World I hadn't got high hopes. But Winter Soldier was a breath of fresh air. Fantastically "crunchy" action throughout but not overloading the senses and the CGI not reduced to the level of cartoon monsters for the most part. Plot was great, reminded me of the first one, simple boys own morals stapled to a half decent plot of "who are the REAL bad guys". Acting was great all round with Scarlet Johannson impressing me more in this one way more than previous ones - not sure where
  10. Oh there is plenty of evidence that the maker's of Picard hadn't a fucking clue - this steaming turd for instance https://www.digitalspy.com/tv/ustv/a30352641/star-trek-picard-more-character-based-next-generation/ Picard is more character based than TNG when TNG was literally all about the characters, that was entirely Michael Pillar's point and philosophy. The fact is that the makers of Nu-Trek just shit all over the legacy of Star trek on a regular basis whether it is Disco or Picard. They never watched it and don't understand it. Picard's only saving grac
  11. yep watched them Both brilliant in very different ways and both add to the Zombie genre which is even rarer. Night Eats the World is the perfect example of why it is worth trawling netflix and Amazon Prime for every single zombie flick ever made (if you are a fan of the genre). You get a huge number of crap films, some watchable - others not so much, but the odd little gem that is makes it all worth it.
  12. of all the many valid criticisms to level at Picard I think the portrayal of Picard/Data's relationship as being "incorrect" is barely an issue. TNG is full of moments where Picard shows that Data is more than a trusted officer. Measure of a Man and Offspring are the most obvious, throughout the series he grows and sees more in Data, yes he still irritates Picard but then that is what friends do sometimes. In Qpid Picard specifically says that he has to keep personal stuff under his hat as, in his opinion, it weakens him as an authority figure. He shows more and more warmth to Data
  13. try and see a decent production of it on stage @Vimster it loses something in translation to the screen I think - as brilliant as the tv feature is. Thor : Dark World My first watch trundle through the MCU continues. It took three attempts to watch this, I fell asleep during the first hour twice. It is just a cgi cartoon for 80% of the runtime which I know happens with modern superhero films. But the main crime here is that three quarters of the film is dull and pointless - If you lost the first 90 mins (ok maybe keep 1 scene at the beginning) the last 30 would mostly make se
  14. Apologies all I onyl suggested it as people suggest the Sunbow Internal drives as being decent so I thought the external would be as well. Thanks for the info!
  15. Not much cheaper than £100 I know but Amazon have the external sunbow 1tb ssd for £96 - no need to buy a sata interface etc and its in a neat case https://www.amazon.co.uk/TCSUNBOW-External-Solid-Drives-Portable/dp/B0828JP62H/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=sunbow+external&qid=1611322460&s=computers&sr=1-2 I think the "internal" sunbow might be a smidge faster
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