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  1. I'd love to see him back but not if it is anything written by anyone even slightly connected to Discovery.
  2. Apologies to our 1 fan I have been super busy involved in being in a play and adding that to work and prepping this I haven't fopund time to do the writeups there are 3 sessions missing and they will be uptodate by next week. However do not expect lengthy writeups as I only have rough rough rough rough notes! You will be upto date before the crucial next session
  3. ummm tricky really I don't usually use much.. DMSGuild is great if you dont want to homebrew extra stuff and are looking for other stuff to slot in. DungeonPainter is very good for putting together basic maps (very basic in my case!). http://donjon.bin.sh This site is handy for giving you jumpin goff points creating random towns and shops etc. If yuou struggle to think of names of NPCs it is handy. However if you use that make sure you prep properly and work out who these NPCs are otherwise they are empty ciphers and you may as well call them NPC1,2,3 etc. There is a possibility that someone you create like this might become part of the plot moving forward or even take a BIG part (Look at Mercer's campaign to see characters who have endured and he has freely admitted he came up with them at random. Gilmore being the most famous) apart from that have google on hand when you dm to check into particularly tricky rulings. However don't be afraid to say "ok not sure but this seems fairest way to handle it so we do this for now and if we find out later its different we will change it"
  4. Clipper

    Death Stranding - Kojima at it again

    once you recognize the secret reason for my obsession and her inclusion, you will feel ashamed of your words & deeds.
  5. Clipper

    Dungeons & Dragons Thread

    apart from Cloud Giants they are all big sacks of hit points that can hit hard. THe trick is to either hit them harder than they hit you or dodge and weave. If it is a Cloud Giant then things are more interesting, I am now of the opinion they should be a higher CR than the others as whilst they don't have such devastating attacks they do have innate spellcasting and some of it is pretty useful! Our latest encounter had a Cloud Giant in the mix and it was a game changer for me as it gave them much better mobility and options instead of stomping round trying to clobber things.
  6. ok no worries was just seeing if we could avoid the 2 week break
  7. if Kel'doran can do monday then we are a go. and those comments are noted there Heiro. You did take on 9 hill giants plus other creatures previously as I recall - I think it was in their base - I have crunched the numbers and challenge rating of that is deadly and more XP than the 4 you faced last night - that fight was technically less winnable than this one and you waltzed it . Obviously situation was different as you had time to plan and go invisible etc etc. Enclosed space here made it trickier obviously. Obviously persuasion rolls failed you and unfortunately that allowed giants to get first attacks in halving your hp in one round. My opinion is that if you had passed persuasion rolls then all is good but if you went aggressive I think you would've had a very good chance especially with one giant polymorphed. The problem was holding back with diplomacy - that failed and you got unlucky as to who was left in corridor. As for funnelling, the room has more "room" than the corridor so trying to restrict them might've worked better in the corridor. Don't get me wrong it was a very deadly encounter but you have done that level of damage before, problem here was you were on backfoot and using actions to heal instead of damage dealing as you had no choice. Even with failed diplomacy you might well have been ok if both giants had been polymorphed - lots of variables basically. With a deadly encounter like this (and hill giants and original venomfang encounter and 2 blue dragons etc) if something goes awry, even a small thing, then the situation can go south very quickly. It is the point where D&D feels most "unfair" as the encounter is necessarily very deadly making the random element seem to take more precedence. It is a hard balance to strioke.
  8. If anyone else wants to do a session to replace next sunday due to the party's currrent predicament we can try and sort that out? I am availabile Mon 18th to Wed 20th evenings if all can do one of those I am happy to replace the missed session as I realise the cliffhanger this time is a bit more cliffhangery
  9. This last session was fun with some great RP in face of doom etc but has it given me food for thought and worries me as to reactions from you guys. This sort of outcome is really hard to convey. This was not a scripted one way deal - what transpired is not in the campaign guide. What will happen is also not in the campaign guide. What I will say is this.. in two previous battles you have done enough damage (HP wise) to easily defeat these guys - it is well within your character's abilities (with good rolls). I rolled well, I didn't have to roll high to hit but even so I did well! The encounter was not a Kobyashi Maru! This was a "deadly" encounter but you have done those before. This was not a fait au complit in any way shape or form - I don't do those as they are cheesy in the extreme. There were moments where the tide could have turned (FH killing Fire Giant instead of down to single figures, Billin not being trapped in telekenesis etc) As for the outcome of the "TPK" I had considered this option with regard to the Storm Giants stronghold politics and what I have done is in keeping with the campaign guide and the motivations of the main players. As with everything there are many ways this can go. You have NOT been given a "get out of jail/TPK" card. As a DM I would have no problem with saying ok you are all dead and failed - that is the nature of D&D and story driven by RP and dice rolls. I hope you don't feel you were in a "no win" scenario because you weren't - you had some bad luck and some early decisions might have worked better with a different choice. You are heading down a different path that is all - Sorry for long explanation without actually giving much away but I like to be fair to the players and for them to know I have been fair to them - not given them an "easy out" and not smacked them down for no reason.
  10. Clipper

    E3 2018: Xbox E3 Briefing

    sourpuss grumpyface, sourpuss grumpy face
  11. Clipper

    E3 2018: Xbox E3 Briefing

    MS don't have enough Exclusives - waaaaah! MS buy more excliusive dev studios Waahhh MS splash the cash
  12. Clipper

    E3 2018: Xbox E3 Briefing

  13. Clipper

    E3 2018: Xbox E3 Briefing

    are there bikes did someone say?
  14. Clipper

    E3 2018: Xbox E3 Briefing

    gamepass at launch???
  15. Clipper

    E3 2018: Xbox E3 Briefing

    60fps in xbox one x double win

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