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  1. They might be fine they maybe running ahead of themselves cashflow wise https://icv2.com/articles/news/view/45583/cmon-releases-more-info-going-concern-issue they had trading suspended etc - might be nothing and gossip etc. I was only interested and googled once I had put my money down for the NotLD set
  2. I recently late-pledged the zombicide Night of the living dead set - looks good but a bit worried about rumours that CMON are not doing well financially. Also no idea of import tax hmmmm. And pledged for Tiny Epic Pirates because their games are so dinky and fun (and cheap!) - I don't recall tax issues with them before Nemesis? I almost got it on initial kickstarter but it didn't give me a buzz. Zombiecide I love and I do look at mini heavy games but not many of them interest me especially as I mostly play solo (zombicide I play with my son regularly though).
  3. Yes they failed to convey the dread that was definitely more successful in the novelisation - by the peerless Alan Dean Foster
  4. The even more interesting part (not really) is that those scenes from Aliens were in the novelisation and they strangely work far better than in the film (I agree with the comments above about the new scenes not adding to the film's theme). However in the book it fits far better - the turret gun stuff is quite tense in the book as they wonder if the ammo will hold out.
  5. it is the best one I have found and tends to be accurate. Some games need to load from the "games" tab which you can bring upusing the menu button on controller - others have to be started in SteamVR/Steam I try to run everything from Games tab and then just adjust the one that fail
  6. a first in D&D - the wily cheating grifter not only fails to con the party memebrs with a "bent game" he actually loses heavily and rethinks his life choices!
  7. Hope you all enjoyed that - a bit of something for everyone I hope Good RP session. I love th fact Breek has her first taste of alcohol and now wants a duel - yeah come and fight me!!! you're my best friend you are. Inspired stuff from Hob and Breek in the bar But obviously Benedict Fairlight as captain exposition was the star of the show (quietly marks down who ate the stew)
  8. i find the GTAV numbers way more baffling than the Minecraft numbers Minecraft appeals to so many demographics and new players arrive every single day GTAV is an 18+ game with a limited appeal. Well done Rockstar I guess But I hope and pray Minecraft continues to inspire for the next decade and beyond
  9. Yes I actually had to use a bona fide "random encounter" there
  10. It's FIIIINE - nearly half of them are very positive outcomes! The other half? welllllll I mean they can be a bit "world breaky" but that is all part of the fun Nearly half!
  11. first ever game owned was a handheld and it was CGL Galaxy Invader 1000 I played it so much on Christmas day I drained the batteries dead that day The following Christmas I got a Vic-20 and so my first game I owned on that was Which I imagine is the case for lots of Vic20 owners It was on a 4 pack tape that came with the machine. After Xmas I spent my pocket money on games but I cannot truly remember which game was first. It was likely a Mastertronic game which would be either Vegas Jackpot, Duck Shoot, PSycho Shopper, Rockman or Space Scramble. As much as I wish it was Gridrunner or Chariot Race those both were saved up for as they were more than 1.99
  12. that depends on how "sensible" your party are ZZzzzzzz I can thoroughly recommend cursed items +1 weapons are dull so invent something with a nice flair to it hat isn't OP like when you wield a weapon you get advantage on stealth (it was once owned by a top assassin) - give everything a backstory and a reason to exist
  13. Without giving anything away the Saltmarsh town is pretty well laid out in the book but the NPCs and factions have hooks which sometimes can be as simple as a oneliner. Those oneliners always feel and read weirdly for example it might say "Joe bloggs runs the leatherworking shop - he knows a secret - That John Smith the goatherder murdered someone 15 yrs ago. If the party talk to him and gain his trust he will share this info if they succeed a DC15 persuasion check". As written that is very simple to implement but pointless when you realise that that is all the info in the book - so beyond getting John Smith brought to justice its all a bit "meh". So I take that and think about the who why what - who does he know , why did he do it? etc. So maybe John did it because he was under influence of a nasty local creature or blackmailed and maybe that creature has a den in a swamp that the party could investigate. Or it could relate to the main campaign book goal. That is why it is so open. Ok SKT questions... IYMRITH and the EGG The Iymrith dragon egg I can answer as Iymrith is dead. But it is vastly more complicated than just the egg so here goes. In the SKT book Iymrith is pretty much dumped into the story towards the end with the party having no idea of who she is or why she is doing what she is doing - she is just a plot device. One minute you think its all about giants and then you are told "AH HA! there is an Ancient Blue Dragon who is devious she must be killed" - all a bit simple and cheap to drop her in like that. In the book it lays out exactly how Iymrith fits in but gives no indication of you ever telling the players until you reach the home of the Storm Giants. A great plot but you can't tell the players any of it until towards the end with a clumsy reveal. So what I did was try to introduce some foreshadowing throughout so you built up knowledge as you went so it wasn't just a "here is a bad thing - kill it". So I took the three dragons in the campaign book - Klauth , Felgolos and Iymrith and weaved a bit of story between them so you could get info from them and built extra campaign stuff around it like Iymrith's offspring. In 5e mythology those dragons are well known to each other. Felgolos and Klauth were similarly very small parts in SKT book not fleshed out at all. As it was you all discovered way more about Felgolos and triggered those hooks to the desert battle etc instead of the Klauth side of things. So back to the egg. I don't like standard random encounters I often spice them up to make them interesting and I keep a few around. I sometimes link them to campaign or play them out as is. So I had the egg plot as a random encounter it was a dragon egg so I decided to build it in. I came up with the idea that Iymrith wanted to spy on the world of men and Lord's Alliance etc. so she created the egg as a scrying device but with a trick to ensure that people wanted to carry it around - so she added a curse to it. So the egg went into the world and she scried on it. Unfortunately the curse worked too well and resulted in people fighting over it leading to it being abandoned and found by two halflings - who the party stumbled across on their random encounter in session 1. I put it in there as an early challenge thinking it would be resolved quite quickly and then - well the rest is history The Golden Goose and casino and Aboleth. In the book Queen Serissa gives you the goose coin and the party have to investigate and find the casino etc. That isn't that great and so within the Sprawl of chapter 3 (go around faerun having adventures til you find Harshnag) I decided to pep up that part of the story. You went to Yartar so I used a DMS guild module (modified) that helped to stitch the story together more so you found this kidnap plot and it was linked to Lady Atalia (really Iymrith) and to an Aboleth. What you didn't know was that it was also linked to Kyspere Drylund who owned the casino. SO when you later got the coin it was more of a "hey we remember this!" moment. You never really got to the bottom of the mystery of the Yartar kidnappings but ,as I say, some threads are pulled more than others. The railroady bit about finding relics was all in the book - I was tempted to rebuild it but I had been building/adapting the Iymrith offspring stuff as well as Zymorven hall etc so I let it play out as it was pretty well done as a premade set of encounters just a bit samey - I think I did adjust one or two but to be fair you weren't meant to get all of them Just by typing out this stuff I realise I remember way more about the old campaigns than I thought hehe
  14. yep agreed on high level play - the issue is that Wizards campaign books rarely go that high - most go from 1 to 10 or 13 ish. The new Waterdeep campaign going from Dragon Heist to Dungeon of the mad mage technically goes from 1-20 but I rejected that one as the main chunk of the book (level 5 on) is a massive dungeon and we just did that in Chult. So I have toyed with high level and continuing after the end of a campaign as there are usually lots of loose ends flapping around and I can homebrew it as I go etc but the effort to do that is obviously high and I don't have the time. So this is why I am doing the campaign this way. Saltmarsh campaign book is my starting point but I am adding in threads and stuff from our other campaigns as the world is the same. In addition the world is open so other threads are there that might lead to chunks of other campaigns or DMSguild resource chunks that support our faerun or indeed homebrew. Thanks to a very nice DM I now have read access to all the wizards source books which I am buying as and when I start to use them in anger but I can research and build hooks accordingly etc... So no railroading ,your choices and interactions change the way the adventure plays out. So a perfect example is the current vampiry element/thread which might seem as if it was plonked down in front of you completely out of the blue but it is only there because you spoke to certain characters in town and gained trust which made them consider the information they have etc. And after that alot of how it develops is down to dice rolls and party decisions That is a carefully chosen example and I have worded it super carefully so as not to spoil anything . You have also spoken to others and not seen hooks due to interactions or indeed ignored hooks - it is all fine and is ticking along nicely at the moment for me! Basically the idea is the whole town is a living breathing town (apart from vampire farm girls) it has politics and factions. Characters there have their own lives and backstory and some of that might have hooks in it that could lead elsewhere. All of this means this campaign could go on for a long time to high level just using already available resources which I can modify for level etc. If you have questions about Storm King then ask away - I always answer carefully just in case we revisit. So if it is something I know is done and dusted then I will happily spill the beans, if I it might continue to impact then I don't answer My notes for SKT campaign are nowhere near as good as the ones I have for Tomb of Annihilation or the ones for Saltmarsh now so, to be honest, I might have forgotten some subtleties so ask quickly Oh and if you are puzzled by some of the political stuff in SKT don't worry because there are some logic holes in the campaign book which many reviewers picked up on. I added stuff and altered stuff to try to fix those issues but there might be the odd inconsistency
  15. and when I say just ask - I mean PM is cool too regarding anything on the campaign character development etc. obviously I am keeping this campaign even more open than before and sessions do vary alot and trying to deal with seperate streams. I am also aware that two of you are new to DnD with us ! So if anyone has concerns with it being too open (like if you all said STICK TO ONE THING then I'd think about that ) or too bitty at times with seperate activities ... anything at all I am happy to pontificate til the cows come home on it
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