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  1. Clipper

    The Meg - Jason Statham vs Giant Shark

    as a fan of Deep Blue Sea and its crapness I thought this might be a nice little diversion. It was just awful poorly paced shite. I spent the majority of the time watching it in a state of boredom - I never thought that you could have an "action hero" performance more beige than Thomas Jane's in DBS but Statham beats it hands down. It was as if someone watched the Abyss and DBS and took all the slow boring bits from Abyss and stitched them to the shittier parts of DBS action sequences and then said "that'll do". I preferred Titanic 2 to this (whilst that is hilariously fucking awful I do not reccomend it as you have to really love shit films to watch it).
  2. All is absolutely fine no worries just couldn't do the session. I also cannot do any night this week as my weekday evenings are all booked up for the forseeable future unfortunately so it will have to be next sunday as usual. sorry about that.
  3. I rolled - and yes there is a pearl. Chances were high as he was a mage. In other news , sorry for short notice but I can't do tonight for a couple personal reasons resulting in a few things I need to sort out tonight. Sorry again for short notice but all will be back to normal next week Just think of it as a week off from the nightmares
  4. most of those are fine barring the fur and diamonds Holy water - hmmmm - The recipe for the holy water is a bit mad - 25gp worth of silver powder is presumably 250 silver pieces ground up I'll let you do it if you remove 25gp from your funds - i assume you just need 1 vial you can hold onto
  5. Graffiti on guardhouse "Fear the fangs of Ras Nsi!" "Erik, I've gone in search of the nine shrines. V." "The puzzle cubes are the key." "Beware the frog monster!" "Who is Unkh?" "All hail the King of Feathers!" "The snakes are not what they seem." "Kubazan = bravery. Shagambi = wisdom. Moa = ?" The three bold ones Ariana and Krynn remember as being there in a deja vu sense from a previoous memory?
  6. sorry but that isn't correct - putting on my nerd hat as one of the people who worked on millenium bug issues... The year 2000 IS a leap year. A leap year is every four years except when a year is divisible by 100 (so 1900 1800 and 1700 were not leap years). However there is a further exception that it IS a leap year if it is divisible by 400. here is the explanation with extra maths http://scienceworld.wolfram.com/astronomy/LeapYear.html but basically to make our calendar fit the tropical year (as it does for the Gregorian calendar) you need 97 out of every 400 years to be leap years. EDIT - on topic bit - congrats Benny, Jolly and Wiper for thie sterling efforts this year. I might even get around to playing some of those one day (Astrobot is on my PS4 now just not had time to play it much yet!)
  7. hehe I was happy witht hat, v entertainging and fits - initially this flaw might have more impact until you moderate it and it becomes part of your character... this is just a taste for most of you though as the effects are temporary
  8. Yes you do, your new trickster god connection/boon will have informed you. However you don't attack them you just might change your attitude slightly towards them. A subtle RP change. Similarly given a question in PM - the flaw I mentioned... the way it is written in the campaign is that it is similar to the "flaws" on the right hand side of character sheet - having the boon of the trickster god means you also get the flaw. So imagine your character now just has an extra flaw added, it won't be some weird overriding debilitating effect, but it will mean your character does appear slightly different. I am happy for you to incorporate that in the way you think is best for RP. to be clear the flaws are Ariana - Moa - always to be truthful Feneth - Shagami - Never to show mercy to evildoers Krynn - Kubazan - fearless and have ability to take great risk. Roscoe - be more cautious in his decisions and take more stock before acting rashly, indecision. Errick - Papazotl - Bow before no one and expect others to do as you command. Some flaws might seem easy but, for instance being truthful all the time might not be sensible and you may well get disadvantage on deception checks. Similarly if you are never meant to show mercy to evildoers that might be tricky if the evildoer is super powerful OR if they try to surrender etc.
  9. Oops - @Rikku note you can cast blindness on yourself. When a spell says you can cast it on a creature you can see then it DOES include you.
  10. As requested here are all the trickster gods - the info you know. I have also included who chose which and what boon you got and also the flaw and trickster god enemy you inherited. All temporary apart from one. Creature - Jaculi. God Name - Moa. Azaka says represents Truthful and Kind. Creature - Froghemoth - God Name - Kubazan - Wild and spirited Creature - Almiraj - God Name - UNKNOWN - Fickle and unpredictable Creature - Grung - God Name - UNKNOWN - selfish and cruel Creature - Zorbo - God Name - UNKNOWN - UNKNOWN - creature is furry short and with sharp teeth and claws, eats humans,dwarves,elves and halflings. Creature - Eblis - God Name - Papazotl - Shrewd and conniving Creature - Kamadan - God Name - Shagambi - wise and virtuous Creature - Flail Snail - God Name - Unkh - indecisive Creature - Su-Monster (evil Monkey) - God Name - Wongo - violent and deranged Ariana felt drawn to Moa and chose it. She was told that she had chosen well and always to be truthful - Wongo is our enemy and gave here a boon. there was a familiarity here. Feneth went to Shagami (The Kamadan) - He was told that he had chosen very wisely and they had much in common. Their enemy was Nangnang. Also told never to show mercy to evildoers... The boon was an extra attack as part of his action Krynn went to Kubazan (the froghemoth) - She was told that whilst they had some things in common there was still much difference and maybe she should try to show more wild abandon be less strait laced. The boon was a strength of 23 but it left her feeling fearless and have ability to take great risk. Their enemy was Papazotl Roscoe went to The flail snail Unkh. This spirit god seemed to lack a strength of determination, it also seemed ot have no opinion on how well suited/matched they were. Told him to be more cautious in his decisions and take more stock before acting rashly. They had no enemies. The boon is a constitution of 23. Finally Errick when to Papazotl - This bird creature was very precise and sharp with language and wasn't keen on Errick's sense of good but felt there was enough precision there. Errick was told to bow before no one and expect others to do as you command. The boon is advantage on wisdom checks, he can't be surprised and never takes any damage from falling. Their enemy is Kubazan Note just because a trickster god is the enemy of yours doesn't mean you have to fight It can come out in other ways
  11. It was a golden idol of a monkey =- not a necklace. It was found on a dead body hanging in tree. I believe Roscoe has it - or did have.
  12. I never said sexy! Blame "wizards" who seem to make every woman described as attractive as also evil!
  13. the final boss fight is a bowl of sausage soup
  14. Here it is from my rough notes from last night The four experience a shared vision/dream. They are in a stone flagged room, a dungeon?, and before them is a huge horrible mishapen creature wallowing before them. It has one leg, grey skin and a bulbous body leading to two withered arms with shrivelled hands. The head is also mishapen and there are blue bulging veins lurking under the skin near the surface all over its greasy grey body. A grey and blue tendril erupts from its head and one yellow baleful eye regards them as it opens its large maw. The party all open their mouths as a grey mist escapes from their mouths and they feel their lifeforce drift out of them and across to the creature. The grey mist swirls round it and into its maw as the lifeforce exits the party it seems to cause the veins to pulsate in the creature as they lose conciousness. I wrote that from the memory of my description, Also I do haver a picture I can share once I find a source that doesn't give anything away . Also the hag conversation with Ariana is also noted from memory so the phrasing may not be 100%, I will message it to Rikku to make sure I haven't left anything out.

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