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  1. I got a pi 3b+ kit and the Nachos image (because it seemed a nice centre ground option). Hooked up a PS3 controller and it works ish. I havent tried all the emus but a couple of arcade games worked and SNES and MD and Amiga. However when I load the C64 emu (VICE I thinkt hey are using), the game loads then the pad buttons do nothing except bring up an autostart image menu (part of vice). If I press hotkey+X it doesnt do anything and neither does hotkey+start so I have to unplug and plug the pi back in to reset. I have attached a Rii8 mini keyboard and that seems to work but again does nothing when i load a c64 game so I can't access any menus. Is there a known VICE problem? How do I get to settings menus as it might be controller port issue (c64 had 2 and often used port 2) I am going to try the others in turn and try to iron out other issues (like spectrum at moment isnt responsive but assume it kneeds keyboard EDIT - other issues Spectrum - similar cant get it to respond to controller or keyboard can get up optios with hotkey+x but no help Amstrad CPC - simialr ish except when i load it joypad analoge is mapped to directions instead of Dpad making it VERY twitchy to control (uncontrollable) and can't see how to remap it optiopns menu no help The keyboard does work as I got it working in Hitchhikers guide and on command line of CPC etc. Is the PS3 controller just not a good one to be using?
  2. Clipper

    The first one is by far the worst one

    Having a 7yr old is sometimes handy, so fresh from the playground it is 1st the worst 2nd the best 3rd the one with the hairy chest OR the golden eagle The latter depends on who is third and whether you want them to have a good outcome or poor one.... apparently.
  3. Interesting point but Im not sure of that logic. MS have already said they are looking to next gen with a view to having multiple options from streaming (low power client xbox), no disc and disc (normal power nextgen box). So that is already their stated strategy. This seems like an expensive way to test that new strategy without actually testing their new strategy fully. It isn't as simple as just not putting a drive in to an Xbox one S so this won't have been a cheap test. They have sold a fuckton of Xboxes with a drive to their early adopters and late adopters already, so that market is gone. All that remains is people with no Xbox One (and those wanting a 2nd one)- they either don't want one or they can't afford one. So the only market they have to test on are people who would buy it if it was cheap enough or people who will only buy it if it had no drive. The latter market might be what they are testing but you'd have to hope they have some research showing that there are people like that out there, because anecdotally I don't know of any. The only way to test the strategy is to do it with a fresh machine and release, this one doesn't seem like it will prove much. Also it shows that producing a driveless machine only really saves $50 on price (makes sense given component costs) - and with nextgen machine prices I doubt a $50 difference will lead to many sales for a discless version.
  4. it was the cheapest nastiest plastic that you can imagine as well. I think it retailed at about 200 quid. At end of gen they all want to hoover up the last few sales with a cut price cheap nasty edition it seems.
  5. Yes you can - I beleive the standard discount is 20% but there are often higher offers. At the mo most MS first party stuff like crackdown, sea of thieves etc are 50% off Similarly if there is a sale you can buy it to keep even if it is a gamepass game you already have. As for this design? meh... Why is it that the "cheap" end-of-gen edition of consoles is usually a bit shit. We had a ps3 with a flimsy flip lid and a red Wii with no wifi and other corners cut and now this, an Xbox One S with the drive removed. Just looks cheap and nasty all over to save a few pennies.
  6. no it isn't. Nintendo didn't bother until they realised that the consumers were finally going to bite back. They only do stuff because the market kicks back at them - that is the ONLY thing these corporations care about with consumers.
  7. as a gamer I dont give two fucks about the business perspective, as they don't give two fucks about the consumer Gamers on forums spend way tooo much time worrying about corporations.
  8. Goes and checks sales for remasters and ports of old gen titles that where pumped out by Sony, MS and Nintendo from last gen. Yep you are right - noone wants to play old games.
  9. No it isn’t - that is the point - stop defending them! You are the consumer! turkeys voting for Christmas - it is better to get people to pay for a port than it is to be able to play old copy via BC? videogamers constantly set themselves up to be shafted
  10. and they should have stopped fucking about switching architecture etc to allow that sooner. Both are guilty with XBox going x86 to PowerPC and back and Sony going cell crackers and then to x86. They have only just realised it is best to do BC as digital stores now mean you piss off way more people when you tell them they can't play their old digital library anymore. It is irritating to see gamers line up to say BC doesn't matter as they did at the start of last gen ... and still some said it when MS introduced it this time mid-gen. Turkeys voting for christmas. We should be demanding better from MS and Sony not defending shit decisions
  11. since digital libraries were a thing we should have had BC as standard. Consumer doesn't care about architecture etc buy a game on a digital store they want it to work on the next platform iteration (within reason with number of generations behind etc) - like Android/IOS does. If I buy locoroco on PS3 then I'd like to still work please on PS5 without digging out my old ps3. Ditto for Space Giraffe on the Xbox ONE+++++ or whatever they call it Glad to see they are finally both seeing the light! We need to protect digital titles/purchases better all the time.
  12. so sony were dum-dums for removing PS2 compatibility from PS3? They had it at launch as hardware BC - removed that - and then removed software BC
  13. Hang on - when MS announced 360 BC for Xbox One didn't everyone say noone cares about BC? And every time BC is mentioned people queue up to say BC doesn't matter (like when it was taken out of PS3 for instance). Now it does matter? got it.
  14. Clipper

    Antstream - It's Netflix for Games!

    any chance of a piece in retrogamer on this (I dont think BRaybrook owns Uridium - it was in a big bundle of HEwson IP that you see on lots of compilations/devices like the Mini64 and the c64 joystick things) EDIT - here is a tweet braybrook himself replies to saying he doesn't get royalties from TheC64 (mini thing) - he is the first reply I think to that tweet Jester Interactive had them for a while and seemingly Rebellion might have. But Braybrook indicates it isn't that simple as the Graftgold (hewson) IP went different way. Don't worry someone is definitely being paid though! AntStream obviously know who they are paying, so maybe they could let Braybrook klnow so he could go and ask for royalties on it? (he may well have royalties due on it depending on his original agreement regardless of who owns them now)
  15. I think the wand of wonder exists to make my life difficult. Here is a random wild animal that the DM has to control and decide what it does each round. I'm sure it'll be fine unless one of the party is currently a lion And Ariana's actions were perfectly in keeping - that's what I love about this party - they always do what the character would do. Even if that might screw them over

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