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  1. its really bad whenever anyone would say they were struggling to see something (like my grandmother had lost her glasses) my grandad would say "who said that" as if he were the one blinded or as if their blindness prevented him from seeing them. An unusually surreal piece of humour from my grandfather then and it stuck with me, and I have no idea why. My wife had a nasty infected eye at one stage and was in some pain and my response was not met with good humour! EDIT - another example was if he was asked to put the kettle on he would always reply "what would you like me to put it on". I don't repeat that one for some reason
  2. ahem , my apologies, it is very old inappropriate joke my grandad used to tell (badly) Anyway hope it heals well.
  3. nope - but when we play people can listen if they want to (on discord) and even watch the maps and stuff (on Roll20). So I meant "listening into" while we play live
  4. to be honest listening into one of the RLLMUK D&D sessions might be a good idea - wee have had a handful of "listeners" in the past. We arent professional voice actors hehehe so its more like a normal bunch playing and RPing.
  5. I just got the new update and tried it today ... it’s very good but complex compared to old days :-) quick question - I followed tutorial - repaired ship and got to another planet and now ready to construct a base computer. This is all tutorial- is it ok to put this down now? or does it tie my base to the planet I’m on?
  6. Just to note we have two out tonight and I am currently in airport waiting for a delayed flight so no adventures this week I’m afraid - we will be back in action next week
  7. ok no problem - note that I got my dates wrong I am here the 18th - NOT here the 25th So we are on for next week then another week off. See updated Doodle https://doodle.com/poll/hhzx8zph47kiddcm
  8. indeed no session tonight which is good as I have to prep several floors of the tomb as a certain party has found the back staircase
  9. 4k ultra HD plays on Xbox One X, is that right? Did I hear it is region free? Also I have 1080p TV at the moment so I guess it will supersample the image down to 1080p so I will see some benefit.
  10. do not miss the last hr - that - is - all -
  11. the red cross reacting to my post I'll take as your reply - don't bother to write any of your usual word salad lengthy responses - as I'm not going to respond as they won't change my mind - you have condemned yourself with that series of tone deaf posts and anything you write now will simply deepen the hole you are digging yourself. As I said before - you do not understand racism.
  12. What? Jesus Christ Fucking hell Wow... Ok Neg - you are either racist or don't understand racism as the above is a sackful of wrong. it is ok to be ignorant but try not to display it quite so blatantly - remember how you were hoodwinked and wrong about Brexit? remember that? Same thing here.. I promise you. Ugandan Knuckles IS racist - there are no ifs and buts about this. The same as that Beano strip is racist, Golliwogs are racist, Monty Python was racist at times and lots of other stuff. You think you have some trump card by pointing to the Fast Show and Monty Python and going "HA!!!! See stuff you like is also racist" - because the answer is yes it is... Comparing any of that with a joke about English people liking tea is so ignorant of the facts that I am not sure where to start. So go and enjoy your favourite youtubers, streamers and memes but for god's sake don't share them with us as quite a bit of it is hideously racist.
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