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  1. John Wick was on streaming a while ago and I watched it, nice entertaining film not perfect but good performances and mostly good fx etc. The central themes were fascinating and I loved the world building and when I went to watch the sequel I found John Wick 3 was available but not 2 so I have waited... til now John Wick 2 After watching the first film I was fascinated as to how they would continue it as the original had a simple premise and seemingly wrote itself into a corner in terms of motivation for Wick to continue his "adventures". It was the perfect one and do
  2. Due to a couple of players missing we are going to take a break this week (for those who haven't looked on discord)
  3. Llamasoft - every single title across every format since 1981 - 40 years of dedication, love, care and passion. *thread ends* Oh ok I get the impression with No Man's Sky that it was a real labour of love. But Llamasoft is the real answer, a man (now two men) who just love making their great little games and hope to earn enough to keep their quiet little life ticking along.
  4. *shrug* is how I felt about 2049.. I watched and enjoyed it but I didn't see any further value in what it was trying to say. The original is one of my favourite films of all time, it is up their with 2001 vying for top spot. So my issue with 2049 is that it was such an homage to the original that I failed to see the point of it. To me it explores precisely what Bladerunner had already explored and adequately explained. So to me 2049 was someone making a film to explain the themes of Bladerunner and I just was bemused because it didn't need explaining. I saw a review wh
  5. Minari Great film that enjoys telling you a story visually and aurally without the need for any "drama" (there is plenty that happens and plenty of drama but you know what I mean ). The themes are evocative and the imagery both down to earth and yet so beautifully shot that it just makes you want to drink it in. You can see why he has led them here. The film has so much heart and goodwill built into it even when it tackles harsher moments. I don't want to delve into the themes too much but I loved the way the film seamlessly shifted focus and protagonists as the story developed an
  6. The Quake Well I couldn't resist the sequel (eventually) and it looks higher budget and follows a similar path which somehow makes it not quite as good. I loved the first 20-30 mins and the whole obsession thing was brilliantly played and to be honest I could have watched a film that was just that... the aftermath of the Wave. The scenes between hma nd his daughter were just beautifully done, underplayed and subtle. At that point I was ready to plonk down a 4/5 if the rest of the film lived upto it. As it was it then followed the plot of the first one and it was a mix
  7. There is a perfectly example... so watch those I need to buy 4 subs to various services and rent two of them... I can't rent all of them so cant decide on one off basis I have to sub to 4 different sservices to be able to choose. Obviously cinema isnt up and running but I think they should ensure all can be rented one off so it does replicate the cinema better in terms of choice... The fragmentation will lead to more piracy I think as convenience is lost.
  8. on a videogame forum that is a puzzler. As for the film, it isn't out yet. I know "yaarr" but many can't be arsed with that now that we have streaming services. It is a fact that making media available conveniently and legitimately stops people from bothering with the faff of yarrr. I stopped yarring tv and movies a few years ago once Netflix and Prime took off and I wouldn't even have a clue where to start in yarring stuff. Saying that now that media is splintering into many streaming services I may well go back. I have Netflix and Prime but now there is Disney+ and AppleT
  9. weird that he keeps ordering anything from them. No matter how large they are I wouldn't use an online store that treated me as shittily as regularly as Dekay is.
  10. Surprisingly, no, which is why I mentioned the performance. Still within that range/dynamic but with a wee bit more beneath the surface.
  11. Love & Monsters A pretty good monster film. The action was fun and the quippy dialogue didn't annoy me too much. Some really nice character moments but a bit too much schmaltz hence my lower rating. Great "monster" effects though, really sold the whole thing. The world building was solid and it looked and felt and sounded really grounded (despite the "monsters") which I liked. Michael Rooker was top value as ever with the rest of the main cast holding their own well. The erm crew towards the end were the worst acting part and the worst part of the film striking a bi
  12. is it still only on shudder?
  13. anyone using the words "social justice warriors" needs to be ignored Or woke for that matter. There are a handful of phrases bandied about now that are perfect warning signs to ensure you can safely ignore what they say.
  14. Clipper

    Moto GP

    where do people go for news and gossip on MotoGP (and BSB/WSB etc) - apart from the official site? BBC sport is a wasteland when it comes to bikes.
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