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  1. It's short but very good and also cheap. I'd say no need to wait for a sale, it's worth every penny.
  2. I think there would be applause all around.
  3. Sane

    Xbox Game Pass

    I'm a bit lost as to how all this works. What's the best way to buy this for a longer period if you don't have anything running? Or can I only use the 1 month offer?
  4. I'm up for a new Tales game. The last one I played was Xillia I believe, I enjoyed that quite a bit. Since these games are usually very long I find myself skipping a few entries before feeling the urge to play again. I wouldn't mind a little more compact entry this time.
  5. Sane

    Nintendo Switch

    Can someone paste the link you need to claim the second part of the Prime online deal please?
  6. This review says you do. And so do I.
  7. Sane

    Outer Wilds

    What's also annoying is it crashing. I had it twice and it made me refund it. I like what I played so far and I will pick it up again at some point but in this game any crashing is just unacceptable.
  8. I hope they don't do anything inverted. It's such a cliche by now. Surprise us in new ways please.
  9. Sane

    Outer Wilds

    I bought it based on the first 30 seconds of this video. I love it when games have some surprises in them and this seems like it has that in spades, all I need to know. Should be well worth the 11 euro they are charging on the Epic store.
  10. Sane

    Epic Games Store

    Just experienced my first Epic refund: Used the contact form on the website to send an email asking for a refund Epic sends an automated e-mail asking for the invoice ID Replied to e-mail with invoice ID Epic employee sends e-mail saying they are going to 'send my case up so they can process the refund'. He will get back to me with an update soon Epic send automated e-mail asking if my issue is resolved Checked bank account: the money has been refunded This could do with some streamlining.
  11. I'm having a lot of fun with Tangledeep. It's laid back enough to play on the go but seems to have a ton of depth to it.
  12. I've picked this up in a sale for switch recently and I'm finding it pretty tough going. I have some experience playing mh3 on the wii u but not much. Are there any good intermediate beginner guides? I know how the basic stuff works, but I would like someone guidance on what to do, where to focus on etc. For instance, I'm trying to play switch axe, is it a good idea? What's a good starter armor set to try to upgrade?
  13. Sane

    Nintendo Switch

    I played it on the megadrive I think, was that the same as the arcade game? And is this remaster the same with better graphics or more a remake?
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