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  1. Obviously I meant treated the same as a video with actors, not a real beating. And treated the same as in remove the video and ban the account. No one is talking about trials.
  2. This kind of thing should be treated the same as when someone would make a real life video with this content really.
  3. Sane

    Edge #326 | Devil May Cry 5

    So you're saying they paid all the journalists to not mention control issues in their reviews?
  4. Sane


    I did! Haven't had time to play it yet though, probably going to try it out this weekend. Thanks for the enthusiastic recommendation, it made it easy to chose what to buy . My wish list is way too long .
  5. Sane

    The Humble Thread

  6. Sane

    The Humble Thread

    Is it also valid in the Netherlands? I don't see any information about the region.
  7. Sane


    Dragons Dogma is excellent, can't go wrong with that. Keep dragon quest in mind for what you get an urge to play a JRPG, if you like skies of Arcadia I'm pretty sure you will enjoy it.
  8. Sane


    Steam doesn't let me see your games so this might be not your thing but I'd recommend dragon quest XI. It's a really traditional JRPG in terms of gameplay but it definitely has the huge, beautiful world to explore that the games you mentioned also have.
  9. Sane


    Yeah I don't think I can handle that, I can feel my brain short circuit just watching the trailer .
  10. Sane


    Steam Halloween sale! Is there anything good shmup wise? I see Bullet Soul is 60% off, anyone have experience with that? Edit: and what about Graze Counter?
  11. Sane


    I really like the look of Devil Engine, but it seems hard! In that trailer it's almost like it's running on fast forward speed . Not sure I will be able to cope, but I'm going to try the demo and find out.
  12. Sane

    Bayonetta - PC version out now!

    No idea what was going on there but it looked amazing.
  13. Sane

    Upcoming Horror Games

    The new Call of Cthulhu game is out end of this month. Seems quite promising!
  14. I will definitely get it but between Dragon Quest and Forza there's just no time to play it right now .
  15. Sane

    Forza Horizon 4 - Open-UK Racing

    Ah yeah, thanks! I fell for this before too...

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