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  1. I’ve got him too. He’s a solid unit and a little more offensive minded than Kante, but I still prefer Kante. i noticed this expires at 5.59pm on Friday. That makes me suspicious that the SBC is designed to take coins and cards off the market, in anticipation of maybe a new promo or an appealing SBC coming on Friday. Perhaps even it’s just to tempt people into opening their icon swaps packs (25 x 83+ etc) Investment Watch: low rated rare golds are currently going for discard prices 650-700 on bid, a good time to stock up on those, since it’s likely we will see ano
  2. Alright so I’ll try to explain a few pretty straight forward ones. I’m on my phone so forgive me for the short reply. First I think you need to decide - how long am I happy to sit on my investments? And am I prepared to go unassigned. Since you can only have 100 items on the transfer list, you can have many more duplicates sitting as unclaimed or unassigned, but this prevents you open packs until they are dealt with. with a reasonable coin balance and a willingness to go unassigned I would go with the SBC fodder method. We invest in a handful of cards which are popular to use
  3. I made 10m transfer profit last year and I started with 800k. I didn’t do it consistently just in periods where I could be bothered. nothing is full proof but there are noticeable patterns etc and of course there is always a future demand for SBC fodder. I think it’s a case of how much effort do you want to put in, you can easily invest in 100s of cards at a timed but it then stops you opening packs etc until you sell them. i could share some methods if you ever wanted to look into it.
  4. Do you use it for trading? You could really make that coin balance work for you over that period of time. Can’t imagine what kinda team you could put together then around TOTS.
  5. He’s absolutely class if you pick the CM. Better than Freeze Firminho which was twice the price. im very selective in the SBCs I have done but I don’t regret Curtis Jones one bit.
  6. Personally have found both gameplay and connection seems to have suffered with the patch last Wednesday.
  7. Where you from man? also you can combine those squad battles tokens (for example 11 first owned silvers (2 tokens) or 11 Liga Nos UCL cards (2 tokens). This is true can confirm. these expire Friday 6pm but try to grab the 25 x 83+ if you haven’t already.
  8. The Man From Earth Has a strong following amongst sci-fi followers and dubbed “The 12 Angry Men of Sci-fi” in some ways I can see the comparison, but ultimately for me, failed to deliver in ways the aforementioned 50s masterpiece does. I found TMFE in some ways charming but ultimately couldn’t suspend belief to buy into the really implausible narrative. Worth a watch to satisfy your curiosity, but don’t expect a sci-fi masterpiece. Points awarded for broaching a contentious subject with some dignity but that’s about it. 2.5/5 The Fountain i am
  9. Most of the more popular weapons, perks and load outs are all available early in the progression system. For reference: M4 assault rifle, 725 shotgun, overkill perk, claymore mines. Resupply ammo crate as your field upgrade and you’re as sweaty as any max level player within 15 levels or so
  10. Thanks for the tips, I went back and somehow had a slightly easier time and got the mission done. Ive just made it to the wind farm, by the skin of my teeth, another hairy encounter with BTs has left me pretty tired and my BB has caught a cold again and can no longer detect swamp beasties. To my surprise there seems no private room at the wind farm for me to charge up my Bb. What do I do, I’m fairly sure I’ll die with low health and no BB in the route back?
  11. So I was pretty apprehensive about this but generally positive feedback on here encouraged me to buy it. Im at a point where I basically fucked up the mission twice and had to reload from my save, and it wasn’t fun. i want to progress the story without it feeling too monotonous. I don’t mind a challenge either but there’s clearly a few things I’m not getting. Mainly the BTs, I think, the kinda black sludge swap creatures? Just as I was getting close to my objective these fuckers just appeared and hauled me down, spilling my cargo only for it to get lost up t
  12. Only if you are having trouble partying up with friends is it worth it. I’ve always found the net code fairly bad in COD vs other AAA shooters, but changing that never made it much better for me. actually the bad net code over the years is why I ended up playing hardcore in previous CODs. Due to the low health and usually one/two shot kill, it cuts down on bullshit connection-related hit registration. So anyone who is struggling with a bad or seemingly bad connection should give hardcore a try. It will go one of two ways - you may actually enjoy it, or it may prove to y
  13. Sorry who? I missed. The COD games are annual release and so much of the playerbase moves to the newest one even if they are not fully in love with it. because it’s where all the players go and when the previous one has much reduced support, so sometimes it doesn’t feel much of a choice.
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