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  1. Your retro youtube videos

    I was enjoying that when I watched it... but I fell asleep. Which is down to complete lack of sleep rather than your sparkling delivery
  2. Neo Geo Appreciation Thread

    Thanks to @Nathan Wind I have a lovely CMVS for my YouTube shenanigans! Ta-da! Now to find some time for it..... oh and... scanlines...
  3. Your retro youtube videos

    Bloggo gets multiple visions looking at Taito's cheap way of getting widescreens! Taito Multi-Screen Games POW!
  4. I’d say crappy cable as it’s doing the same on more than one TV
  5. And I've certainly added to that in recent years. You're welcome !
  6. I’m always a higher scorer than @Nathan Wind!
  7. That’s an amazing find @U-1 I’d be jealous if I was still collecting big box PC games!
  8. Neo Geo Appreciation Thread

    Nope @SeanR it’s not, and neither was Prehistoric Isle either
  9. Neo Geo Appreciation Thread

    I first played the MVS in 91 (?) I think I got my first AES in 1994 with Fatal Fury Special. Blew me away!
  10. Neo Geo Appreciation Thread

    When did you actually first get a Neo Geo then Kernow?
  11. Neo Geo Appreciation Thread

    I’m going to have to check what revision my Neos are. One is certainly newer than the other, but I still haven’t got round to fixing the sound.
  12. Streets of Rage Remake is amazing

    @misterSquare I’ve followed a guide on YouTube to set this up, the only difference being rather than FTTPing the dat and mod/palette files/folders over I’ve used USB and are in the Sorr folder. It appears under Ports but won’t run. Any advice?
  13. Neo Geo Appreciation Thread

    I don’t think I can in all honesty budget that high even!
  14. Streets of Rage Remake is amazing

    Ok, anyone want to show me an idiots guide to getting this on my raspberry pi?

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