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  1. This is great, really fun look at what his character should be. The poker scene not a FUCK given lmao
  2. They really need to get on the it/ stranger things / et / goonies 80s kids thing in a gta style world Do it already ffs
  3. sid

    Which Dark Souls?

    But that way he will never play dark souls 2 :( you must start with 2
  4. Just ordered from their website this morning ships in 8 days
  5. Just wait for knights of the old republic , people will lose their shit again it will bring balance to the franchise
  6. sid

    Quake II RTX

    Mmmm quake 2 lithium rtx
  7. She’s feisty. you only think she’s and arsehole because you are a man. she’s just a strong women
  8. Absolutely loved the ‘women assemble’ bit, haters gonna hate LOVED it
  9. Free with a subscription of £50pm inclusive of psn 2 year contract easy to solve the price point problem....apple have been doing it for years
  10. You will learn to love blighttown, so much good there from a level design pov. there will always be this game map in my head I think......so many special moments nothing comes remotely close
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