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  1. What an absolute crock of shit so disappointing, story is gash and there’s no baddies
  2. Seriously switch to sin you’ll love it
  3. The video stutter on pc is fucking shit supposedly working on a fix
  4. sid


    Thanks for the x-multiply recommendation, it is excellent!
  5. sid

    Apple Arcade

    Also what’s the cheapest Apple TV box that will run arcade ?
  6. sid

    Apple Arcade

    Can you use an Nvidia shield controller??
  7. Is this like psi ops?
  8. I fucking love a Star Wars trailer... this looks like jj could pull it off Is she going to be Luke’s daughter then ? The filthy junk traders was a lie, And she starts getting all evil and red light sabery due to being so fucking overpowered and lack of training, and the emperor turns her and Luke helps kylo to kill her somehow That’s the story I want to see That would shut the Mary Sue comments up anywho
  9. Ffs losing weapons on save is gash
  10. Bloody loved the animatrix, they should start with something like that , live action short stories as an intro to rebooting / continuing the franchise.
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