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  1. I signed up to the monthly a month or so ago to get spyro the dragon and crash bandicoot for a tenner. I paused it last month and I'm not impressed by the games in the new humble choice list either. Maybe this is unfair on them, but I can't help but feel it's no better than what Epic give for free weekly and what twitch prime give for "free" every month. There's Tomb Raider, but I have zero interest in that. I guess PC is a tough market to run something like this. If it was a service for consoles (particularly switch) I'd happily bite at that price or higher for a bunch of random smaller games but on pc I'm too used to getting games for dirt cheap or more recently thanks to epic and twitch, free.
  2. I haven't played this yet but I was a big Shenmue fan back in the day, like most Dreamcast owners I guess. I can understand people wanting more Shenmue, as even now there aren't many games that offer a similar experience. It surprises me that people would really care about the "conclusion" of the overall story at this stage to the extent that they'd have liked 3 to shortcut its way to an ending that wraps everything up neatly. Is the Shenmue story really all that great? As much as I liked the experience of the games back in the day, I never thought much of the main plot. I can think of a couple of possible endings and none of them would be particularly satisfying.
  3. Honestly, I'd like to buy no new hardware and just play retro stuff/backlog and whatever upcoming (most likely indie) games I'm interested in that my current (already aging) pc can handle. I haven't liked where non-indie gaming has been heading for a long time and I think now might be the time to bow out. Didn't buy an xbox one and have no intention of buying the new one. Got a ps4 near release and I have a lot of psvr games but very few non vr games. I'm going to hold off on getting a ps5, ideally not buy it at all. The sony exclusives are generally cinematic heavy stuff and that sort of game really isnt my cup of tea. Got a switch at release but I still only have about 5 games for it (including BOTW and MK8 which I also have on wii u..). I played all of the wii u ports on wii u and I only really care about a couple of big hitters with nintendo. 3D Mario and Zelda. Feels like they're coasting on play it safe B-tier first party output on switch lately(I'm not saying the games are bad). It's hard to justify buying full price indie games that I already got for free on pc via epic/twitch prime or for pennies in a bundle. Still it's hard to resist nintendo hardware when a new 3d mario comes along or if they made a new F-Zero etc. I have a pc with an overclocked first gen i7 (about 9 years old) and a gtx 780 ti and I can't really see any point upgrading it, which is crazy when I think back to the days you'd buy a pc and 3 years later it would struggle to run anything acceptably. I'm happy with 1080p 60fps and mainly play indie stuff these days anyway. I'm sure there'll be a point sooner or later where I can't run AAA stuff at all, but I think I can live without it. I still play/like games as much as ever, have been playing a lot of ps1 and psp games lately. I've just realised that modern mainstream gaming generally does nothing for me and new consoles don't get enough games that I want to play to justify the cost/clutter. There's the odd good arcade style game but not enough to justify buying the hardware. In a few years when I have them all I'll remember this post and shake my head I'm sure
  4. Wii played gamecube games, wii u played wii games. Ds played gba games, 3ds played ds games. So yes, I expect if there's a switch 2 that's relatively similar in terms of hardware design, it will be backwards compatible with one previous generation. I think the lesson from the wii u's lack of official gamecube support (despite hackers being able to add full support) is that we shouldn't ever expect any more than a single generation of BC from Nintendo. The generation after next is when you'll be buying full price ports of your switch games again. Also I wouldnt be surprised if any BC is digital only now that they have a pretty established eshop (like psp BC on vita).
  5. Just to provide a differing opinion, if mechanics are all that matters to a 2d mario game this might be true. Unfortunately, it has precisely none of the charm of something like Mario World or Mario 3. Like the other nsmb games it seems almost intentionally designed to be utterly bland in terms of music and visual style. It has none of the nintendo magic that made something like 3d world (the other wii u mario game) so great and memorable. There was a single stage in NSMBU that hinted at what might have been, which just highlighted the blandness of the rest of it even more. But that's the opinion of an adult mario snob I've noticed that it's a lot easier for small kids to play NSMBU without being frustrated by the difficulty than Mario World.
  6. The best thing about the dreamcast in hindsight is that it was essentially Naomi hardware and had ports of the majority of worthwhile naomi arcade titles. So the fondness from a lot of arcade fans is probably more about the fact that it was basically arcade perfect home versions of the games that were in the arcade at the same time (which despite being near the end of the road for arcade gaming's mainstream viability, saw a lot of great, fresh feeling games released in a short amount of time). It was basically the last time a console's library catered more to arcade game fans than fans of narrative/realistic/open world/cutscene heavy third person manshooters with dual analogue controls etc, and that alone is grounds for nostalgia, the fact that it also happened to have Army Men games and a bunch of Japanese visual novels is fairly irrelevant. It was the last console from one of the(if not the)biggest arcade game companies, specifically designed to allow quick porting of new arcade games, it died a premature death and arcade fans have been subsisting on crumbs ever since. It conclusively showed that the market was moving or had already moved away from fun,gameplay focussed, replayable titles that didnt take themselves too seriously and onto something else. Crazy Taxi and The Last of Us are both "games" but they have basically nothing in common in terms of what they offer as an experience. Anyway, my unpopular opinion is that 3d world is the best 3d Mario, the wii u was a golden era of nintendo games and as someone who only plays switch in my house anyway, I like the idea of a relatively powerful console that transmits to a non-portable handheld device with a screen more than a fully portable console that is a generation or more behind the other consoles.
  7. Finished Blood and Wine yesterday so that's all of witcher 3 done. Both DLC packs were good but I preferred Hearts of Stone. As much as I liked the witcher 3, I've definitely had my fill now. Was a bit relieved to finally finish the entire thing and put it behind me It's been hanging around on my hard drive for a few years getting chipped away at. Shame the switch version wasnt a thing when I bought it. Would have preferred not to have to go off to the pc in another room to play it.
  8. I also adored this game but was surprised that my feelings towards Odyssey were something along the lines of "it's good I guess". I loved the focus of the courses in 3d world, odyssey went in the opposite direction with the sprawling stages. 3d World was like a 3d version of Mario 3 and Odyssey felt like an updated Mario 64 with bigger stages. I prefer the former. This was clearly the best game on wii u and it wouldnt surprise me if they hold the inevitable port back to shift a different piece of hardware in a few years instead of releasing it on switch.
  9. This isn't about moon, but I just finished playing a DS game called "Sakura Note" that I quite enjoyed and I think it fits with the vibe of the stuff mentioned in this thread. I don't know much about it or whether any of the same people were involved. I also don't know if it has an English fan translation, but if it does, it's worth a playthrough. Only takes a few hours.
  10. There aren't really too many ps1 games that demand the second stick, but having one stick comes in very handy for any racing game that supports analogue and plenty of other games that just use one stick.
  11. partious

    Unable to kill

    I thought this when I was playing Ishin, and you fight them with a sword in that one
  12. partious

    Unable to kill

    I'm a bit conflicted on this. I find it's one of several aspects of modern AAA games that leave me a bit bored/dissatisfied, but I don't think it's the violence that's the main issue. It just seems like "game = killing things" is so ingrained in the decision making/planning stages that companies rarely attempt to look beyond that if there's much of a budget involved. Of course there's the old classic "if only you could talk to the monsters" quote, but at this stage I do wish a lot of games would take a step beyond being a mixture of cutscenes that tell a touching human tale and gameplay where you run around either stabbing or shooting 1000 mans in the face. I remember playing Assassins Creed Unity and liking the little detective missions they had more than the general man stabbing of the regular missions . AC:Syndicate too, had a few bits that hinted at Dickensian ghost stories or urban legends like Spring Heeled Jack etc but still 99% of it was "run here and stab this guy in the face". I guess shooting and stabbing is the easiest way to make "a game" but it still seems like a shame when you have these amazingly detailed game worlds that briefly hint at something more interesting. My favourite games these days tend to be ones that have little to no graphic combat, stuff like Rime,My Summer Vacation, What Remains of Edith Finch, A Short Hike etc. Well actually my favourite games are arcade racers and shmups but they're not the same as "modern games" ;).. I'm not really morally against violence in games, I enjoy Serious Sam type stuff, Doom and Quake, various shmups etc. I like Shock Troopers but not COD, in shock troopers you can machine gun people stretchering wounded soldiers off the battlefield but whatever I also thought the outcry over "Hatred" a few years ago and justifications of why GTA is ok but hatred isnt were interesting. As if motivation etc are important when you kill fake computer men.
  13. Also, pikmin had Duracell batteries, I think.
  14. I don't mind a can of cola being coke or pepsi or whatever. I can only really think of one time when I thought something was a bit cringy. My Summer Vacation (boku no natsuyasumi) was a PS1 game. My Summer Vacation 2 was on PS2. My Summer Vacation Portable was a psp port of the ps1 game, with some small additions like a few new minor characters around the place to talk to. One of these new characters was the vice principal of a local school who you see around the place. You get a choice of questions to ask him like "how do I ride a bicycle" to which he replies along the lines of "oh you can't ride a bicycle in this game, if you want to ride a bike be sure to go buy Boku no Natsuyasumi 2!" etc. I can't remember if the psp port of 2 came soon after 1. I guess it was intended as humour but I thought it was lame. My Summer Vacation is a pretty grounded game, not a comedy or wacky fourth wall breaking series so the addition of a character who does so in order to advertise the sequel (or possibly the upcoming psp port) took away from the immersion and felt tacky.
  15. It's a quality magazine so this is by no means intended as a complaint about Edge in general, but if that list was actually representative of the last decade of gaming and not skewed towards a certain aesthetic/tone, I'd find a new hobby.
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