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  1. I’m going for the unveiling of an open world Mario where you can race go karts, go skiing, go jet skiing and also race in futuristic hovering vehicles. Super Mario Kart Ski Wave Zero. Out on November 2021 on the New Switch Pro.
  2. Just finished this, started it as an achievement run for the 10k rewards event but this deserved to be played at its own pace. I think this has probably been my best gaming experience in a long long time. It’s looks great and sounded even better but as soon as the headphones were on my god it was an event. Absolutely loved every moment of it and fingers crossed for a number 2 (although I hope it’s with someone else rather than a direct sequel).
  3. I’ve already gone through it during the 10k event at the start of the year. Was another interesting one that tackled a whole different issue that you wouldn’t expect to see in a game.
  4. Other than Tell Me Why that’s pretty much the same list as what we’ve gone through.
  5. Finished a couple more games to contribute to the 10000 challenge. Little Acre Not really my sort of game so found a quick and easy guide to go through it for achievements. Finished it with a new appreciation for it though, is a clear labour of love for the creators. What Remains of Edith Finch What a powerhouse of a game, don’t think the title of ‘walking simulator’ does it justice. Each ‘level’ was so unique to the others that it was completely engaging all the way through. Lewis’ story in particular was very moving. Going through this was an experience for
  6. There’s a good documentary about it too on Netflix: https://www.netflix.com/title/81034679?s=i&trkid=13747225&clip=81346374
  7. If you’ve got young kids you can bribe with stuff it’s not that much of a chore…
  8. Cargo As opposite a zombie movie you could get from Army of the Dead. Enjoyed it more than I thought I would. Got a Maggie sort of vibe off it where the zombies are there but not really the main focus of the story. 7/10
  9. On it’s way Thanks for the heads up re: the statue, have amended the post. Trying to get a chess game going!
  10. Evening all, Set the boy on the task of getting the remaining ones we needed and as a result we have quite a few spare arts now if anyone needs them: Flowery painting Scenic painting Dynamic painting x2 Amazing painting Wistful painting Perfect painting x2 Proper painting Glowing painting Jolly painting x2 Twinkling painting x2 Famous painting Quaint painting Academic painting x2 Wild painting right half Detailed painting Moving painting Moody painting Graceful painting Beau
  11. From an achievement perspective you get most by playing it through as normal, some are secret and a couple are collect-a-thons. Shouldn’t take too long to get most of the 1000
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