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  1. Haha, that had me in stitches! Good luck to your lot this season!
  2. Out of interest where does that rumour stem from? Yes, he got an instant gig with their youth team set up, after he got his coaching badges but they actually demoted him from the u18 team to the u17s. His following stint with Rot Weiss Essen was downright catastrophic. He didn't set the world alight with VfL Bochums U19 and he was hardly one of the better managers of Dortmunds U23. There were big question marks in the german press when he got the job in Huddersfield and fans never thought well of him wherever he'd had been before! To me this seemed like a big punt a the time. you can't fault the guy for trying and I am sure he was paid good money for the gig too!
  3. I am sorry, I wrote my first reply same time as you, but he was a Frankfurt youth player. in fact both the german FA and Eintracht Frankfurt had put him in tons of commercials by the time he was 15. He never became the player that they had hoped for. Personally i don't think bayern will go for can unless it is a loan deal, they will be buying Havertz next summer from Leverkusen for 100m plus. He is one of those players everyone should keep an eye on this season.
  4. Same here, i am also scratching my head. Can was sold for 5,5m from Bayern to Bayer. The buyback clause was only 1.75m but the selling on fee was set as 25%. LFC got him for about 12m so Munich looked like they had done clever business. Can left Frankfurt for Munich when he was 16, so they must have earned a fair piece every time he moved on too. Clubs that have had a pivotal part in training a player in his formative years are reimbursed with 1.5% of a transfer fee by the club that sells the player on. The rule still exists doesn't it?
  5. Funnily enough Bayern are also looking at him!
  6. No mention of Bayern snapping up Coutinho? He seems to have gone from hero to zero ever since he left Anfield. Was he not offered back to Klopp this summer? There had been talks of him making a comeback.
  7. That is absolutely brilliant that! A real shame that the blues are moving on from Goodisons. The atmosphere in the ground is still as tenecious and raw as ever, and i say that as a red.
  8. 3 points were an absolute must pre-game! And it was a pleasant game to watch, watford never put up much of a fight. thankfully we were cruising, hopefully we will be sharp for the derby. atmosphere was very tame again, in my opinion, let us hope that changes for the better...
  9. it seemed an ok decision to me. the ref and Leicester got more than their fair of stick form the crowd tonight. not to sure what to make of the game, it seemed the pressure was on our lot to win and they simply could not cope with it. Another point in the bag indeed, but drawing always come with a price...
  10. Long shot, does anyone have a spare against Leicester? Have sorted friends for the game but in the process I have managed to pass my ticket on as well...
  11. still buzzing from last night, great atmosphere and two fantastic halves of football for very different reasons. and what does the media and joe public focus on: some beer bottles being thrown at a bus... typical...
  12. Hello lads, long shot, anyone know of any spares for tomorrow, I failed to obtain my allocation and could do with at least a couple more tickets? any ideas? i have run out of options, which is a first, sadly... your help would be much appreciated!
  13. well that honour belonged to Rene Adler who is now at Mainz. http://www.kicker.de/news/fussball/bundesliga/spieltag/1-bundesliga/2015-16/topspieler-der-saison-torwart.html
  14. to put things in perspective: that includes public transport on match day as well!
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