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  1. Loved the two episodes so far for the new season. Good to see HBO has already confirmed a third season.
  2. The new film finally has a title, No Time to Die, and will release April 2020.
  3. Was just watching a video about a new handheld called a Retro Game 300, which look decent: But someone mentioned in the comments a new device called the RG350 and reading up this could potentially be great when it releases later this year. Anyone heard much about it?
  4. Funny you should say that, was thinking the samething, cause the moment I saw the only dented up car it made be realise it too. The vehicle of a visitor to Tench's house, doesn't show anyone but thought best to spoiler tag it anyway:
  5. I'm trying to work out how to view my CBR file extension comics on my Chromebook in portrait mode but having great difficulties working out how to do it. I have a ASUS C101 laptop this has the option of the keyboard section to flip around and for the hardware to become a tablet style device. So I want to view the comics in the portrait mode to fully utilise the full screen. But I have tried a few apps and none of them allow me to flip the orientation of the screen to be portrait. Even if I just leave the laptop in its normal state, I can't see any option to adjust it that works or leaving it as 'auto' and then either just shifting the laptop to its side or flipping the keyboard all the way over and the laptop becomes a tablet. I am on the latest Chrome OS version and checked and all the apps are upto date. The apps I have tried are: Perfect View & CDisplayEX Anyone have any ideas or suggestions.
  6. Still loving this game, I know it's good when it stops me playing newer games that have been released since. Just finished chapter 6, I'm level 33 and about 40 hours in. Just found an arena island which is great. Having an issue upgrading the Leonidas's spear to level 5 though, need to find another 5 artifact fragment but all the cultists I have unveiled and not defeated so far, are way above my skill level.
  7. First review of the new season, based on viewing the first three episodes. It is spoiler free.
  8. Got a new patch (2.04) for the PS4, only about 90 meg. Has resolved my game crashing issue
  9. Look like we are getting some gameplay footage on the 26th:
  10. Having the same issue on on OG PS4. Tried rebooting the hardware but no joy. Its just after the initial stating of being on the planet that the game crashes for me. I've reported it, so hopefully can be sorted soon
  11. While we all wait for the patch to download or launch, here is a new video interview with Sean to pass the time:
  12. The patch notes are here: https://www.nomanssky.com/beyond-update It does show about the inventory increase: In normal mode, increased the slot storage limit for substances from 250 to 10,000.
  13. Update is now live on PS4, downloading it now: Patch notes are here
  14. Sean is proper teasing us all now:
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