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  1. The new revised patch (1.003.004) has just come out, think I'll wait for a while to see if this resolves the previous issues before downloading.
  2. Think there are seven episodes in total for the season.
  3. New patch coming this evening, highly doubt it will include any save options, surely be to soon for the Q&A to be done by now:
  4. Review for Barry Jenkins' new show the Underground Railroad (thought there was a separate thread for the show but searching could not find one) from Joblo , gave it 10/10, conclusion of the review: 'You are unlikely to see anything else this year that will stay with you like how this series stayed with me. The Underground Railroad is an absolute masterpiece.' The show starts on the 14th May.
  5. Big overnight figures for the finale:
  6. 4pm BST on Wednesday, according to OpenCritic
  7. Even though Southend United won today at Barrow beating them at Holker Street 1-2. But Scunthorpe United’s draw means we are relegated. Southend will be playing up in the National League next season, for the first time out of the football league in 101 years. On a weird side note, it was Phil Brown's 100th victory as the Southend United manager. Be interesting to see now what happens about the move away from Roots Hall to the new proposed stadium at Fossetts Farm. Been a supporter since the early 90's, following them around the country and can't think of a worse time
  8. Southend United were relegated today to the National League, after 101 years in the football league.
  9. Seen someone mention that the DLC suits have been causing issues with peoples interaction with objects. Going to try again tomorrow with the default suit. Also if anyone has adjusted their controllers settings from the standard layout that is having problems (which the devs are aware of), I'm using the normal settings myself
  10. Has anyone had issues with picking up the Astronaut figurine - Artefact outside the House in the Overgrown Ruins Biome? Went inside the house, came out and , but I couldn't intact with the figurine, scan it or anything. All the exits were sealed and i couldn't get back into the house either. I had to start a new run in the end. Got back to the house (which was locked) and the figurine was gone and not showing up in the databank. On the latest 1.003 patch. Weird
  11. Vague but wonder if that is due to the players opinions on save points:
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