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  1. Here is a comparison to show the size of the PS5 box next to a PS4 box:
  2. For TV I would say: The Morning Show Ted Lasso For All Mankind Tehran Today the new film by Sofia Coppola. On the Rocks came out which stars Bill Murray and Rashida Jones. Plus, Wolfwalkers comes out in December and that looks amazing.
  3. Just seen that Bloodroots is currently on sale, £1.59 90% off. Looks like a decent game, has a MetaCritic score of 75.
  4. Just checked and seems unfortunately its nowhere to stream, but can rent it.
  5. Its available now, just watching someone on Twitch streaming it atm.
  6. Some new previews and gameplay has been released. Still think I'll wait for reviews and user impressions on this one:
  7. Really appreciate you spending the time doing these. Like the beginner one you made, found this very informative and easy to understand with a great style of how you provide the detail which clearly reflects the passion you have for the game Please I was doing at least one of the things you recommended already, I always choose the weapon which is glowing for the extra darkness, find it a good way of trying out the different style of them and mixing it up with each run. I've only been able to get to the Asphodel area so far. The lava always seems to be my downfall. But slowly
  8. Yep, it has Alex Kidd in Miracle World Remaster, Bloodborne 2, Peggle 3 and The Simpsons Hit and Run 2 demos on it. #livingthedream
  9. Astro's Playroom while the day one patch for Cyberpunk 2077 slowly downloads.
  10. Just got the latest official PlayStation magazine, loads of articles about the PS5 launch games. Going to be a decent read tonight
  11. Just seen there is a game called Supraland coming out. Had a look at PC reviews (came out last year on PC) and the game looks really interesting. Switch trailer: Quick Look from Giant Bomb: The game is out on the 22nd of this month for £17.99, plus also out on GamePass and PS4.
  12. Excellent, been waiting for this to appear, reviews have been stellar. Can't wait to watch it. Cheers
  13. Ah OK, my apologies didn't know the dates had changed. Had a look on their website and couldn'tt find any games listed when I searched for some. Doubt you can pre-order within the stores either.
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