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  1. Loada

    The most beautiful song you ever heard

    If you know someone affected by dementia, this'll have extra impact.
  2. Loada

    Collecting old magazines

    I collect EDGE and RetroGamer nowadays but I have SuperPlay and various others as well. Agree with @Protocol Penguin about using backing boards and bags if you want to keep them "properly". I find the "new 2000AD" (size H) bags are a better fit for some of the bigger magazines - for example, EDGE is currently quite a bit smaller physically than RetroGamer but it's been a lot bigger in the past and I've had to switch bag sizes on and off to accommodate them. I do struggle to find the bigger Size H bags, have used an ebay seller in the past (JR Comics?).
  3. Not sure if the hooks work for all games?
  4. Loada

    Edge #323 25th Anniversary Edition

    Anyone got a knight cover to sell (extra bonus if it's signed, lol)? I have the other three but couldn't find the knight cover out in the wild.
  5. Loada

    Let us celebrate Edge's 25th Anniversary

    Still collecting, all the way from Issue 1. Have pretty much everything, including extra all different covers, postcards, anniversary sets etc. Still missing a few - after a couple of the Destiny ones (#284) and a #309 (B-Bomb cover) so if anyone has them and wants to offer them, give me a PM
  6. Loada

    No Man's Sky - VR Mode Announced

    I've got stuck with an annoying bug that's put me off playing it (PC version) - I've tried to transport back to my home base via the space port transporter thing and the game crashes out during the warp animation effect....every time. Is there an easy way to fix it? Googling shows it to be an issue but there doesn't seem to be an obvious fix. Really gutted because I was enjoying it but I can't be fussed farming away to get the warp cores to "manually" hyperspace home - I really was in it for the exploration and the procedurally-generated views and scenery rather than being into the actual proper game stuff (the grinding etc). Hoping they iron it all out in the next patch and I'll return to it then.
  7. Loada

    Good crisp bad crisp

    Found a limited edition pack of Burt's crisps in my local LIDL....Chicken Tikka! I'm a big fan of Burt's crisps anyway (highly recommend the Devon Beef!) and the Tikka ones did not disappoint. Another excellent flavour and good overall quality as well. They often seem to come up cheap in my local LIDL but the "posher" supermarkets rarely stock them? More fool them I say!
  8. Loada


    I'm a big Jamiroquai fan (epecially for the earlier, proper funk, Stuart Zender bass stuff) and my heart sank when I heard Automaton for the first time. But, after a few listens, it has grown on me and I like the video as well. I just hope that they can revisit some of the funkier stuff and not disappear into Daft Punk territory too much - not that I don't like that but that's not the direction I'd want Jamiroquai to go, personally. Oh well, let's see what they come up with...
  9. Loada

    Edge #301

    No I'm still waiting for mine. My local post has history of damaging/losing it so I was going to put it down to that. Incidentally, if that does happen, you don't get a subscriber edition as a replacement (just an ordinary "retail" one).
  10. Loada

    Super Nintendo Appreciation Thread

    MD1 PSU works fine with a USA SNES and the SFC - I have both. I knocked up a little adaptor cable/plug to work with theMD1 PSU and the USA SNES (which has a "fatter" plug going into the console). On a possibly related note, I have noticed that my SFC with UFO8 (USB) cart is a bit dodgy (I get video glitching) but the SD2SNES is fine. My USA SNES doesn't seem to have any issues with anything so it could just be a UFO/SFC compatibility issue rather than a MD1 power one?
  11. Loada

    Edge #299

    Nate: Any special plans for the 300 edition? Please don't release 300 covers, my house can't take it...:)
  12. Loada

    Good crisp bad crisp

    Been a while since I've been to this thread so apologies if I'm covering old ground but like all of you fellow crisp lovers, I've always had an ongoing search for the perfect salt and vinegar "stick" crisp to rival the original Chipsticks I remember as a kid (1980s). Back in the day, this title was comfortably owned by the Chipsticks brand (of course!) but in the modern era of lowered fat content and the like, I find branded Chipsticks too crunchy and lacking in taste and most importantly, without the satisfying "stuck-in-your-teeth" texture of the originals. I can now report that through an happy accident, I think I've discovered a worthy successor in the most unlikely of places...Sainsburys! The have their own-brand Salt and Vinegar Crunchy Sticks (blue packet, ~£1) and I've found these are really, really close to my (childhood memory) ideal. Good texture; slightly crunchy but with the classic melt-in-the-mouth (and subsequent) stick-to-the-teeth characteristics, good flavour (not too salty, not too strong vinegar) and as a "share" size bag, a good amount to dump in a bowl to be picked at through a decent gaming session or TV-based sporting event. I recommend eating two sticks at a time but obviously, the choice is yours based on your own stick-eating technique. Even beaver-style nibbling of the sticks from one end down to the fingers is encouraged if mess and noise isn't a distraction for those nearby. Well done, Sainsburys!
  13. Loada

    Could I do the following in Paint.net?

    Are you talking about fading the white to transparent? It should be possible on Paint.NET: 1. Use the Magic Wand selection tool to select the white background (and the inside of the logo lettering if you have "O"s or "B"s etc.). You can hold CTRL to add selections with separate clicks. 2. Press the DELETE key - this will effectively delete the white background leaving the (black?) logo intact and untouched. Paint.NET will show a grey checkerboard pattern (transparent) as the placeholder background colour. 3. Use the Dropper (teat pipette) tool to select the transparent background as your secondary colour. I think you can use right-click to set the secondary or, if not, select it with a left-click (it will become the primary) and then press the little "switch" icon next to the two stacked colour squares in the palette to reverse them. 4. Select white as your primary colour (from the palette), assuming you want to keep white on the left hand side of your logo. 5. Use the Gradient tool and drag (left-click) from the left hand side of the image to the right. It will start with white and then fade to transparent - drag the mouse over to the right as far you want to go to select the amount of "fade". Note that you will still have the selection (from step 1) enabled so the gradient fill will not affect the text - it only operates on the "selected" areas that you selected earlier. 6. Remove the selection (CTRL + D). 7. Save! This general guide should give you the basics of what you're trying to do - you can tweak some of the steps (colours and the like) for your exact requirements. Hope that helps!

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