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  1. WTF with all these actors he's hired. So fucking desperate to be in the movie industry again and think he's some kind of director. Yeah I know that was his schtick back in the W:C days with the FMV but it's fucking disgusting he's living out his fantasy with backers money. It's got fuck all to do with quality and everything to do with ego. Just release a game you knob.
  2. Been enjoying Medal of Honor infiltrator lately. Really good fun and pretty bloody tough. Will need to look into some more GBA titles as after buying the machine on release day I basically wrote it off, what with not being able to view the screen very well. I went for an SP but only played Warioware for any length on that. Daft really because I know the machine had some classics, played a few thanks to my 3DS getting Ambassador titles. Now's the time I think for some low spec games, been having loads of fun thanks to my 8bitdo SF Pro and my S9+ and hacked Vita. Loving playing games that I missed due to only becoming a gamer in the mid 90s. (had a VCS in the early 80s but only got the bug around the PS1). Any recommendations welcome.
  3. amc

    Aquaman - 14th Dec

    Looks daft as hell. The cgi looks pretty ropey but it could be some silly fun. But yeah that cgi.
  4. amc

    PlayStation VR

    Haha snap. I'd never sell it though. Just need that one game to give me my VR legs then I'll hopefully jump back in and finish a few other games off. Hoping Astro Bot is that game.
  5. amc

    Forza Horizon 4 - Open-UK Racing

    The locations and layouts may be a heavily artistic representation but the lighting and colours are spot on, although used to the extreme. Not every day looks like it does here but many do throughout the year. They're obviously going for hyperrealism or whatever term is best used to describe it. Looks awesome anyway.
  6. amc

    Forza Horizon 4 - Open-UK Racing

    Just launch Spotify and then turn the radio off with the d-pad. You will have to use your phone etc app for changing tracks though, well that's what I do.
  7. amc

    Forza Horizon 4 - Open-UK Racing

    So having spent a few hours with this now, well, it's incredible. They've tightened the arse out of the handling and as much as I adored the previous games I'm really appreciating the less loose turning/grip. Graphically on the X it's eye watering. The seasons in HDR give me similar feelings to when I'm ambling around our beautiful country in real life, only at 100 mph. They've caught it perfectly, the colours/lighting, especially Autumn which can only be described as real (and I should know, just took the dog for a walk down the woods lol). Oh, and I normally throw Spotify straight on but caught a bit of Charlotte Gainsbourg on Pulse so may have to have a bit more of a listen before I write it off and go Spotify only. Playground are wizards.
  8. I don't really see there being any reason to do the update, do any games require it? I don't think it brings any new feature set. I just have my 3.68 easily spoofed to 3.69 and can play all my PS+ and PSN purchases, connect to PSN etc. 3.69 doesn't seem to be in anyway beneficial or indeed needed atm.
  9. amc

    Neo Geo Mini

    Just reeks of penny pinching.
  10. amc

    Forza Horizon 4 - Open-UK Racing

    Heart attack averted then. Not so bad as I still have a little bit of 3 to finish off.
  11. amc

    Forza Horizon 4 - Open-UK Racing

    Don't say us Gamepass peasants get this by this weekend? If so I don't think my heart could take it as in my mind it's not on Gamepass until next week and it's by far my most wanted game this end of year. Oh man am I going to be playing this by the weekend?
  12. amc

    Playstation Vita

    No sorry but the turning curve I seem to be experiencing on PSP Gran Turismo is giving me a horrible feeling that I might have to soon. Talking of GT on Vita I was launching it straight from its own bubble what with purchasing legit but I have to say launching it via adrenaline thanks to hacking can make the game look a lot better. Lcd3x and no smoothing looks fantastic. Deffo worried about that left analog stick though. Keep the thread updated @Sprite Machine please.
  13. amc

    The House Music Thread

    You sure it wasn't the same night @Dave White and @Stanley saw him? And it was indeed Big Audio Dynamite you saw and not E.M.F.. No disrespect to B.A.D because they were far better and musical than E.M.F but they had a slightly similar in your face big beat and synth sound. I'm in no way saying you don't know the difference between the two acts but perhaps the mists of time and all that. EDIT* Saying that you'd have known who was the main and who the support was so I'm thinking nonsense as DW and Stanley saw him as support and from your post he was the main act. Apologies.
  14. amc

    The House Music Thread

    I remember reading or hearing he ate a dodgy meat pie or something and went a little strange. Could obviously be bullshit but the amount of drugs flying around I wouldn't be surprised. Also more Heat magazine style gossip was that he fell out rather spectacularly with Seal after he became much more famous. Doubt Seal gave a shit to be honest. Man I feel dirty writing such piffle. And a big thumbs up for B.A.D they shone very brightly for a while. Oh and better post some house. Here's a classic that was sampled, mixed and pilfered into oblivion in those early days.

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