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  1. They'd use some form of AI upscaling I'd think. Fuck knows if it actually does a good job and what type Disney may be using...if indeed that's how they are doing it.
  2. Watching this again atm. I enjoyed my first watch but popped in to say that I'm getting a stronger SW vibe here on my second. Maybe because I'm wrapped up in bed feeling a little iffy today surrounded by my Star Wars man toys and my Hue lights set to warm red. I dunno, I'm just really digging it. So much so I've pulled the credit card out and bought the Black Series Mandalorian 6" figure, gonna put him next to IG-88 and pretend he's the new one. I'm a sucker for SW Bounty Hunters. If only one of my Leia figures would come to life and bring me some chicken soup while I'm sick in bed.* *I was actually married once and have two grown kids. You'd never guess.
  3. Got an Atari VCS for Christmas 82 and can remember really enjoying it for a couple of years. Still had it when the arse fell out of the VCS market because I remember getting the bus into town and buying myself Frostbite for around a fiver in Asda, sometime in late 84 I'd imagine. I can vividly see the counter now, games I'd ogled at there rrp where now within my grasp, as I'm remembering and seeing the game boxes I'm actually seeing a £3.99 sticker. I loved staring into that glass counter on shopping trips, I think they replaced that counter with irons and hair dryers after the crash. Wasn't the same. Around that time my dad would now and again take the VCS downstairs and play some football game and I can remember being worried on one occasion as I'd been fucking around with ball bearings and one had gotten stuck in the select switch, I'd pried it out with a pair of tweezers and proceeded to fuck said switch right up. It was all floppy and wouldn't do its function anymore. You could still play games, just not do whatever that switch did. Yeah, even though it was a few years old by the time that happened he still got pretty pissed when he found out. He got bored of the football game and it just sat in my cupboard soon after. I couldn't wait to get shot tbh. It just held bad memories of being sent to bed and missing Fresh Fields. So after he hadn't bothered with it for a while I sneaked it out and flogged it to an older mate, Frostbite an all. My dad never did catch on. I do remember kids in class looking at Amiga magazines, and my younger sister did actually get an Amiga for Christmas 89, under the pretense of it being for school work. She didn't bother with it, like at all. My dad eventually shanghaied it out of her bedroom after using a program that predicted horse race outcomes and winning twice on the trot. That was it, he was hooked and became a bit of a nerd (mind blowing considering the man) and actually befriended a guy who was selling PD disks and ran a bulletin board. They both went on to produce ram for a few years, actually manufacturing dimms. Back when 16mb etc was worth a few bob. Made a lot of money. It came in very handy when I did eventually get into gaming and building our own PCs for Doom Etc. But during the earlier Amiga days I stayed well away. Ball bearings and all that. So from 84 to 92 I had no interest in games, my whole senior years at school and nearly all of my teens.Then in 92 I stumbled across Virtua Racing in a service station after a rave. Blew my mind. Still had to wait for the PS1 before I could have that type of thing at home (I did try Indy 500 on my sister's said Amiga, wasn't what I was looking for unfortunately) but that VR cab was my epiphany. It must have been special to ease the pain of missing an episode with William and Hester and thus being able to pick a joystick up again.
  4. I'm not to up on the tech but I've seen videos of an AI (or something?) that up-scales old cgi cutscenes from PS1 games etc and it looked pretty damn good. Like I say I'm unsure of the actual tech they're using but it seemed to do a good job of up-scaling those old ropy 240p cutscenes, this was software the public has access to so can imagine Disney have orders of magnitude better software.
  5. I enjoyed that. So we only have a couple of days to wait and not a week for ep2. I'll be getting the beers in and ordering a Domino's on Friday if it's out early enough. Weekly Star Wars. Happy days.
  6. Had Nordvpn for a few years now, been great if a little pricey, although they do seem to have decent offers etc pretty regularly.
  7. I was hanging on to my once mighty but now sadly vastly overshadowed by my PC Xbox One X due to RDR2 being the only game I couldn't play better on PC (non Nintendo/Sony exclusive obv). Now with this being released I will have no reason to turn on the poor thing. That's if I plump for the PC version over my X copy of course. Tbh I still haven't clicked with the game, although I very much want to spend time in the world it feels like a fairly high barrier getting to grips with its overall control.
  8. I have gone completely over to Logitech mice after owning a couple of MS laser mice that were great but fell apart after 12 months and then a few cheap gaming looking jobs that again fell to bits. I have one for each machine at home, an MX Master 2S and one of the MX AMZ and an MX Anywhere. Brilliant mice that have great useful features and are built like tanks. I mainly use a joypad for games mind.
  9. Just checked and Robo is cross buy. So many boss looking games that I want right now dammit but buying the Quest and a new pair of trainers has left me skint. I could throw them on my card but I get paid in a few days so will just make do with demos etc until Friday then have a software blowout. I might take it over to a friends place when I've made the purchases as they like games but basically only play COD and Fifa on PS4, I know for a fact that this thing will blow their mind. It's the perfect tech to plonk in a bag and show off to people.
  10. Cheers, I'm going to splash out in a couple of days on a few titles, Superhot, Beat Saber and I quite fancy Robo Recall. Do the games bought specifically for the Quest that have Rift versions unlock their PC counterpart or would I need to purchase them twice? And after messing with the swing ball and robo dance partner at the desk I can definitely see this being part of my fitness regime. I love all kinds of wacky fitness gear, I have a vibration board a powerball and lots of quirky gear like that, oh and a decent home gym and free weights. I can definitely see myself working up a good sweat with maybe the boxing title. I love anything that gets your heart pumping.
  11. I posted my thoughts on this in the Rift thread by mistake but I'll just say OMFG this thing is the real deal, just messing at the desk at the initial setup had me grinning like a loon, and needing to adjust my brain not to drop the wand when I dropped the blimp's virtual controller. Yeah I know, I should have had the wrist straps on and they're used with every play now but it was actually awesome how tricked my brain was. I have to be honest in that I've mainly bought this due to the upcoming PC link as I have a very good PC but the software made specifically for the Quest is a real surprise and very high quality. Although I'll be using it with a PC in the future the Quest as is is definitely the future of VR. A stand alone HMD with amazing tetherless VR capabilities that gives the best, most seamless VR experience. That's the Quest today so I can't imagine how good future iterations will be. Has anyone played Superhot on both PSVR and Quest? I have it on PSVR with Moves and it plays ok but if it's a better experience on Quest then I'll double dip as it's a stunning game.
  12. I haven't watched this and I'm not sure if I'll bother until home release but I recently watched T1 & T2 in the run up, just on the off chance that Dark Fate smashed the reviews and was really the genuine heir to the supposed trilogy. It doesn't seem to be the case so like I say I don't think it will warrant a trip to the cinema. But man that first Terminator is a masterpiece. Actual chills watching it again for probably the first time in 20 years, this time in awesome quality on a massive screen. I know this is probably a stupid thing to say but why don't we see these type of taut well written and directed/acted films anymore. I know there are still some good action films, mainly the Marvel stuff but why haven't we seen something as good as the Terminator, Alien etc come up and start a new franchise. Most new films of this genre are just failed attempts at keeping these old and admittedly initially awesome franchises going. Where's the new Terminator/Alien/The Thing in modern cinema? Anyway I didn't mean to post a complaint, just how fucking amazing the first two films are and for me especially the first, I literally had those weird chills tears you get when you realize you're watching something special. It's nigh on perfect and it's a shame someone can't come up with something as fresh and exciting today.
  13. Yeah seems like, though I've bought it with PC use at the forefront but with the benefit of being able to whip it out at friends for them to try VR, was going for the S until the announcement. I'll be back in here when the PC update gets released though lol. Can't wait to try out that new Norse game paired with my 2080Ti.
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