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  1. amc

    PC Engine Mini

    Got one of these coming tomorrow. I'm a bit miffed that it just changed from unavailable on my Amazon save for later to next day delivery. I probably should have paid more attention but I was expecting to see a new date for release further in the future but I'm sure it went from not released to get it tomorrow, the miffed reason is because I had just bought a Snowspeeder. Yeah a fucking Snowspeeder (model, not the real ship) from the Empire Strikes Back. I'd justified it because I thought it would be my only frivolous (and extremely nerdy) purchase for the month then 24hrs later the Mini is available. Love it really, can't wait to get both, PCE the most as it's a console I've never even tried via emulation never mind held/used one of its pads.
  2. Being in the film folder you'd think I'd have twigged. No, I had to google lol, I then almost wrote "being a big fan of Dr Strangelove..." instead of what's there at the beginning of my sentence, luckily I double checked. Then realised you'd already posted a link. Jesus. I'm scatty as hell.
  3. No I said hitherto, relating to unseen, back in January. Possibly, fuck knows what CGI effects/imagery has yet to be put to screen. Maybe none
  4. Yeah, deffo. Can't see a new JSR being talked of in a massive announcement way though, unfortunately. I mean it would be for me and plenty of others but it would elicit a shrug from the majority. Could think of worse things.
  5. Hey @Chindie that looks wonderful. I've built several kits, bought the last one along with a couple of spray cans of top coat and a liner pen. Didn't use the top coat or line pen for whatever reason and I've kind of regretted it as I don't think I'll be buying anymore kits for the foreseeable (flat is starting to look like a Toy & Hobby). Because I have a couple on the shelves on display I'm regretting not giving them the care they deserved with regards to finish, specifically my big Sazabi. I haven't put any decals on him yet and I'm in two minds whether I could go back and carefully line and top coat him before I do. Probably a none starter tbh, I know it would be a tough grind to do it in reverse and he does look awesome as is.
  6. Drunk posting of the highest order, will leave this one though, it's alright.
  7. amc

    Xbox Game Pass

    PC downloads for me are decent, 70, 80 on a 100MB line. That's direct ethernet from the router mind.
  8. I think I'm gonna just do that. Had the thing sat in my saved for later items on Amazon for what seems like forever. Every time I buy something and check my basket the thing is sat there mocking me with the currently unavailable tagline. I've actually enjoyed these mini consoles for introducing me to games from a period which I largely ignored. I've even played Adventure for several 10 minute sessions and learned DKC uses the musical hook from NES DK. Shitty weather so I'm going to make progress in Ghouls 'n Ghosts on the MD and order the PCE Mini from Amazon JP and put it in my Mini tower of power at the end of my bed.
  9. amc

    Let's talk Prog Rock

    Been on a Yes binge after waking early, had a boss mad dream that sent me reaching for my headphones straight after waking up for some reason. Man, I fucking loved them so much back in my 80s mushroom phase. Listening to Wurm on modern cans has given me flashbacks, I'm only on the coffee these days mind. Brilliant. Time for Tormato.
  10. Really? They where fucking insanely difficult to get on import at release. Going for well over £600 and even then you'd be lucky. I phoned Skill (I'd rang dozens of others but none had one good to go, Skill said they had machine's ready to ship) and they quoted me about a grand and that was a week or two after launch, I declined. Manged to get one by autumn 96 for £450 with Mario 64 and Pilot Wings. The week of release. Impressive.
  11. Well I can't answer why you don't see it but for me to this day I get great pleasure in just doing back flips and triple jumps around the castle grounds. Mario still handles like a delight and going deeper into the levels the amount of control and precision he has manoeuvring through the obstacles still gives me joy. Oh and yeah, it is massively nostalgic, but that would be for nought if the game felt like shit to play. It doesn't, it still feels incredible. Graphically it's timeless too.
  12. A couple of years back I bought a little Pandora 5s bartop and it was great fun. Still have it but found it a bit of a pain to use on the big TV plus it had a bit of trouble with a few games, not many but it couldn't handle the Sega super scaler stuff. So I've bought supposedly the best one that's built into a joystick to plug into your TV. It'll probably be knocked off its perch by next week, the amount of these things that get released (in fact there is one that's exactly the same chip set but has wifi for connecting to some dodgy Chinese site for game downloads but fuck that) but for now it plays a very decent game. It has 3D capability, stuff like PS1 plays fine but I've bought it for the older arcade games tbh. Has a decent amount of options, you can turn off any image bullshit and the main thing for me, it has save states. Just played Atomic Robo Kid and Cadillac's and Dinosaurs to near completion. Oh and it has a pretty great search function and the ability to add games via usb. Yeah you can set up a PI and all that and I have mame on the big PC and a load of devices that have myriad emulators but I just want something plugged in and ready to go at the flick of a switch and this does it sweet. Very impressed with the QOL stuff they've added since my 5s and everything I've played has played great. Loving it. Robocop next.
  13. amc

    Salt and Sanctuary

    Yeah, I actually finished this on my Vita. Great game.
  14. I've been using CFW spoofed for a couple of years connecting to my PSN without problem. As usual though you can never say never.
  15. Just spoof your CFW Vita (simply type in the latest legit F/W number somewhere in the CFW options menu) and carry on as usual. Connect to PSN, download your purchases etc. Simple.
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