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  1. On the subject of the game's graphics, I'm in total agreement that they're something pretty special. Sometimes I'll think "hmm, GTA V does a better job" and indeed it does create a more consistently believable world. GTA is off the chart with its minute details and world building but when Cyberpunk is at its best it blows my balls off in a way GTA V just doesn't have a hope in doing. Interiors and important character interactions look stunning. Sitting at a bar in a neon drenched nightclub talking to (now don't get heavy at me here, I'm not a pervo, normally) an absolutely gorgeou
  2. I've finished RE 1, 2, Code Veronica, 4, 5, RE1 Remake, RE2 Remake and a good chunk of 7 and about to start RE3 Remake. I remember playing 6 for about 20 minutes and feeling it was off, agreeing with everything I'd read about it before I started playing. Wandered away from it. This thread just had me look on YouTube at a walkthrough and the opening 30 mins and it looks batshit insane. A terrible looking RE game but mad fun none the less. I'd forgotten everything about my 20 minutes or so playtime as it didn't ring any bells as I watched, definitely played the opening but its memory
  3. Easy to see with the gatefold open.
  4. I'm an absolute gadget and new console nut but strangely haven't bothered looking online for a PS5, been getting my kicks via PC, PS4 pro and Switch amongst others. I know they're hard to find but I'm pretty resourceful and normally get something if I want it enough. I had some pangs for the Demon's Souls remake but having finished the OG game on PS3 they weren't enough to make me go on the hunt. This though, this is seriously pushing me to start looking, which will probably translate to a neurotic and compulsive search until I've sourced a machine. I'm a big Nex Machina and Gun Va
  5. Watching the video posted above, watched both versions of the THX film but not his original college short, and when the soundtrack kicked in I immediately thought 'Hmm, Martin O'Donnell is a fan then'. I know, I know, a hell of a lot of music is a play on what's gone before, but the start of the song really does give me a Halo vibe.
  6. Well, I was waiting on the 3080TI and hopefull on an early 2021 release but after the whole scarcity of product for basically any graphics card at all I'm not upgrading now until the 4xxx series cards arrive. Fuck knows if shit is better by then mind. I'm more than happy with how my 2080TI is coping so even if the 3080TI launched and was plentiful tomorrow I'd still skip it. Would have bitten 3-4 months ago but like I say, my card will happily keep me gaming to a high level until the next series come around.
  7. Will have to google as I've never heard of them. Has a UK feel from what I've seen, just needs a Jeff Minter game and I'd be convinced it's based out of Slough or something. Not being derogatory about the thing, seems a fun device, has a real 80s or early 90s Datel vibe or something. Watch Blaze be some USA conglomerate lol.
  8. That fella who fucked up with the Coleco Chameleon will be kicking himself when he sees this. An offline machine that uses a proprietary cart system in 2021. He was ahead of his time that guy. And massive con man to boot. Is Evercade a relatively small UK company? Pretty nice that they seem to be having success with the format wherever their origin.
  9. Your current amount of xp points. Once it's filled you gain a level and it goes back to being empty and getting filled again. EDIT. What k said lol.
  10. One of the myriad games I buy at launch then play for ten minutes and wander off, only to come back and hammer it months (sometimes years) later, normally after they've appeared for free on PS+/GPU etc, or at least had a healthy price cut. At least with this though it's had some important updates since launch, although it probably would have been better it being one of my come to it years later games as opposed to a several months after launch one. Can only imagine many, many more patches until it's in its best possible state. Despite that it's running very well on my machine, I co
  11. Well that's me soon to be fucked. I have a launch day Jpn machine. And I still play it often, in fact I was playing Virtua Fighter 10th Anniversary an hour ago. Does anyone know if you're jailbroken whether you can negate the need of a replacement and reconnect? I know the servers are still fine but I'd rather not bother replacing the thing if I can get around having to.
  12. Ebay etc is rife with bootleg DS4s and I suppose DS3s too. Has been for years. They do look very close but there are tells.
  13. If you have yourself a decent android phone I'd consider using that for emulation, get a decent pad (can highly recommend the Kishi) and a clip and you'll find an emulator for almost everything. I have a load of systems running on mine near flawlessly. Can actually run up to GC but haven't delved too much into it yet as I have that running insanely well on my PC. Mame is good, can run stuff like Rave Racer great and I'm even playing games from the Jaguar excellently too. Quick and dirty video I made to show it running the formats you mentioned, plus Saturn for a known awkward forma
  14. Yeah, I have a fully BC Jpn machine that's been hacked to the moon since you needed to use an iPod Touch to run the hack, all fully up to date now mind. It's awesome but I only use it for PS3/PS2/PS1 games so no comment on its viability as an emulation device, have a PC for that. Anyway, a little while back my DS3 started to wig out (again) and having a second unused DS4 I was chuffed to find it was backwards compatible, thus I could retire my DS3, which tbh I've never really liked, I think Sony greatly improved their joypad design with the PS4 pad. Load of bollocks. It
  15. Jesus, didn't think I'd ever see a film with more city destruction than Man of Steel, this movie makes that film look like an episode of Grand Designs. Fucking buildings going pop all over the show. It looked splendid on my Kaiju sized TV with Atmos, HDR and Philips Hue disco sync but couldn't help mutter expletives every few minutes at the unbelievable amount of fantasy genocide. I know it's a big dumb monster movie but that was some indulgent destruction, don't think one single character ever lamented the toll going on around them either. Suppose that's how the Toho movies play o
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