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  1. That does indeed look good. Even Breakout is looking decent and the sound is, as above, very nice. This Amico seemed like a bit of a joke but the few updates I've seen for the machine look quite classy. Hmm.
  2. I haven't tried DC emulation on my Switch, yet, but I have the unlocked Redream software on my S9+ and bar Win CE titles it works beautifully. I use an 8bitdo SN30+ and phone clip and it really is great. Will have to load up the DC emu on my Switch and compare. If it plays Sega Rally 2 well I'll be very happy. What's the DC emu used on Switch?
  3. I've been putting it off but I'm fighting Genichiro today. I did fight him when I got to his area on the roof and it auto started. Managed to get onto his second phase but he kicked my arse and I've pootled about killing mini bosses like Centipede Giraffe and Snake Eyes Shirafuji since. Hopefully he's dead in time for tea.
  4. Holy fuck. Been skim reading the thread after watching the insane first couple of videos, the ones from his happy times were he's showing off his collection. Saw mention of a lightening strike and lack of insurance and thought it was just a bit of joking around. Just watched that last video and saw the further comments and well, obviously it wasn't joshing, his fucking collection has literally blew up. I love to collect a few bits of tat and still have my PS3 and 360 etc plumbed in, but I still have a nightmare sometimes when turning on my PS4 pro or One X to be greeted by a ton of great titles. I plan on playing one game then scroll through to get to it, see something else, then fire up a completely different game to what I'd intended. Having the amount of shit this guy had would be horrible. Well it would be great for a visit but I'd never want to own all that 24/7 (I would but I'd then sell it quick smart) All ruined. Depressing.
  5. Good vids Dudley and the amount you put into them they obviously deserve a lot more views. I suppose you just need that one break to grow, then follow it up with click bait titles and someone gurning in the thumbnail. Talking of thumbnails, that one for the last part of your DSI series seems to have the new Tesla polygon truck driving around the track. Appreciate the work you put in, these three above went nice with my mocha and custard doughnut this evening.
  6. I stumbled upon this video in my suggested over on YT. I thought it was some sort of Android device at first so watched it thinking whatever it could do my smartphone would do better and I'd give whatever software it was using a go. I haven't had much luck emulating PS2 you see, it works but it's very hit and miss on my S9+ and there seems to be a fair few emulators out there for Android. Anyway, it's not an Android based machine, it's actually a shrunken down PS2 ,according to the guy in the vid, and although it looks like a one off Ben Heck affair you can actually buy it over on Ali Express for a ridiculous price. Does look like it's been knocked up in someones shed mind.
  7. That's a small part of the audio, the level complete screens or something? The overall audio is way more creepy and I can definitely see why some feel a horror vibe increase over the PC game. I played through the PS1 game about a year after rinsing 1&2 over on PC and felt a definite uptake in the horror atmosphere from the port, mainly due to audio and perhaps lighting. I was well into my 20's at the time it arrived on PS1 and was an 80's horror film veteran by that point but Doom PS1 certainly made me a little uneasy playing in a dark room late at night, headphones on. Loved it. Doom on PS1 was pretty creepy if you ask me.
  8. Just saw Derek Acorah had died recently after reading the sad news about the death of the awesome and very famous Terry Jones. He questionably channeled such spooks as Michael Jackson's ghost and this guy below- Fucking hell.
  9. I've been having a lot of fun with this on my Vita. I gave the analogue controls a dabble and although they felt really good I wasn't able to master them well enough on some of the more bendy tracks, so I went back to digital. The upgrades really do make a difference to winning and losing but it feels like some enable a slight auto steer or something, not complaining as you still need to be dexterous with the pad. It's also a technical marvel for the PS1. Looks amazing. It's got me looking at other RC car games across the formats, was a little sad to see they hadn't made an update on PS2 etc. Anyway, these are what I've came up with up to now- RC De Go. PS1/Arcade. Revolt. Multi. Motorstorm RC. Vita/PS3. RC Pro-Am. NES. Smash Cars. PS2. There has to be a good few others but those are the ones I know and have actually played. Anymore?
  10. Has he been working on these since around the time of the first? If so what the hell has he been doing, if these films have taken so long to make they are at least going to make your eyeballs pop out with what must be at least hitherto effects.
  11. They've definitely polished this up, at least over on PC. Was a bit of a struggle playing it at its absolute best, even with DLSS, close to release but having recently gone back to it now its flying along. Can look incredible at times. I'm really enjoying it, recently left the desert area (was stuck in the boat that's mentioned on the last page haha, I just loaded a save from a minute before I'd gotten stuck and all was good though) and now I'm in the place you encounter the bear from the original E3 vid. It's a decent game.
  12. Haven't been to the place you mention, well I've been to the Baltic Market for food a couple of times, it's pretty decent. But I did go here the other day whilst in town, https://nq64.co.uk/?page_id=440. Was only there to go the bank but thought I'd pop in whilst about, it was closed until later that day.
  13. Haha. Well I had soberly decided to buy the Monologue which was on sale but once the drinks had happened the price got doubled. Things have changed since the above post anyway and I've actually knocked over a hundred off the bill. I received an email stating a delay of a week on the Minilogue XD due to a stock error. Showing I'm not as focused or nearly as knowledgeable as you guys in knowing what I want and buying a specific tool for a specific function I took the opportunity to renege, slightly, on the expensive purchase and requested a MiniBrute 2 instead. The XD is obviously the superior but it's a bit too much kit for my noodling needs. I'd been doing homework on the Monologue and had decided to go the mono-synth route as for me it's all about soundscapes and noises and my complete lack of musical ability would probably see me overwhelmed with a poly. So yeah I took the temp out of stock as a sign to save some money and go with what I'd decided, a mono-synth. Just with a patch-bay lol. Coming today, will post pics. EDIT* I'm in heaven. Two minutes in and I've got Doctor Who sounds forming whilst in bed.
  14. Yeah man this year is going to be insanely expensive. Not to mention the other shit I've got planned to enhance muh games.
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