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  1. amc

    Shadow of the Tomb Raider

    My much younger sister bought a PS4 along with Shadow, plus a few other games. She's always been a Lara fan since watching my father (who had a love for PC's in the late 90s) complete TR1 and 2 when she was young. Anyway she messaged me that she was stuck on Shadow and asked if I'd give her a hand next time I was passing her flat. I blew her mind when I replied back that a couple of button presses would negate the need for a visit and I could help her from my own couch. So she hits share play or whatever it's called and I'm controlling Lara, yeah it was a little laggy and the visuals were compressed but it did the trick and I got her past the sticking point. As I say minds were blown that night, what a brilliant feature. Only thing is I get a txt 10 minutes later telling me that the part I completed was the end of the game. She was gutted that there was no more Lara and I was gutted I jumped to the very end of a game I'd like to play through at some point, in lag'ovision. So I bought her the season pass and told her to pass me the disc when that's all been released and finished, hopefully I'll have forgot the end by then. Still a brilliant feature on PS4.
  2. So was it good, did you like it?
  3. amc

    Amiga Appreciation Thread

    I haven't watched it yet but it's from Ahoy so it's bound to be great. I wasn't a gamer at the time but my younger sister received an Amiga in 1990 (which was quickly commandeered by my dad after he used some horse race prediction disk and won twice on the trot) I did have a dabble, specifically after tasting the delights of Virtua Racing and wanting a piece of that at home. Unfortunately Indy 500 didn't hit the spot, as good as it may have been and I skulked away until my dreams came true with the arrival of Playstation. Anyway, Ahoy, yeah, he does good shit.
  4. amc

    Star Wars Battlefront 2

    Yeah from the way it looks to me it hasn't been added to the vault but perhaps the time limit doesn't kick in. I'm only up to the start of Endor in the SP so be a while until I can test it.
  5. amc

    Microsoft Rewards

    Well, nice to see everyone getting the points from the punch card but MS obviously hate me because nish. Probably get them some day, might even try hurry them along with another email.
  6. amc

    Katamari Damacy

    Wow that video on the last page. Sent me back to the happy times of summer 04. I gambled on an import copy after seeing Stroker Ace heavily evangelising it as the greatest game of the forever. I wasn't disappointed. I was a bit Katamri'd out by the time of Beautiful Katamari though. It's time to dive back in on Switch, been a decade of no Katamari. I'm feeling it.
  7. If not perhaps you could edit it. Jk. Chill.
  8. Good to see Alex Ward still knocking around. I remember seeing you about in the old Edge days. I got you mixed up with AlexW who posted a pic of himself (Edge photo wall?) and seeing it and thinking, wow this guy is pretty young for making such incredible games. Deffo a sale +1. I need more Burnout style games in my life.
  9. This is turning into really, really good value (especially if you do a bit of Binging everyday and basically get it for free every month) MS has knocked it out the park and as someone said they're really going for it. Bravo.
  10. Well sod it. At 27 quid I get a game that looks fun and some toys for the shelf. Bought.
  11. amc

    Brand loyalty

    I honest to god never really got this with games. Well anything really. I'm talking personally mind as I can see how some who invest in certain ecosystems (blurgh!) have a vested interest. Me, I've always just wanted to play all of the good games so bought the lot. Right back to the PS1/Saturn* era (yeah and PC). I can see how someone wearing a Nike tracksuit wouldn't wear Adidas trainers though. Edit* and of course Nintendo, N64, Gamecube, also handhelds, GBA, PSP..... the lot.
  12. amc

    Microsoft Rewards

    Friggin hell Tehstu, was only joking, I appreciated the heads up. Thought the tone and the plus one would get that across but my shit attempt at humour obviously fell on your deaf expat eyes.
  13. amc

    Microsoft Rewards

    Ok Yankee doodle dandy we get that you guys in the States get the cream, no need to rub it in. They seem to be on point in the U.K lately so hopefully it'll hit these shores in the not to distant and I can go from getting GP and G monthly subscriptions to getting the odd Debenhams card or a few scratch n' sniff things now and again. It's been a boon for saving me money of late. Well done MS*. edit* Sort your fucking punch cards tho.
  14. amc

    Microsoft Rewards

    Good spot, I usually only accrue the points via those links so would have been non the wiser. Bing "shudder!"
  15. amc

    Dave Perry is back...

    Well he couldn't go down the slide in Mario 64 but old Dave sure dun showed us gamers the fuck did that matter. 20 odd years later he has the hot babez floating around his orbit. Man did good. Or just looks like an old irrelevant tosspot who hires young girls to sit on a couch, one of the two.

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