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  1. amc

    XIII Remake, Winter 2019

    I remember it being fairly well liked on the old Edge forum, or maybe it was early on here. Anyway, I gave it a go and it felt very style over substance. I'm sort of remembering playing up to a boat/ship level and getting bored. It'll probably be one of those games I'll try on PS+ or Game Pass just for nostalgia sake which fizzles away after a level or two, like Outcast etc.
  2. The claim in the quote is it will use faster than current PC tech speeds. What that is fuck knows, perhaps some interface between the SSD and ram proprietary to Playstation?
  3. ? @SeanRSony are already providing streaming via psnow. Google are going there, Microsoft are talking it up, Nvidia are at it. MS just didn't see the point to firing it all up for a game that didn't seem to be worth the bother hype or return wise.
  4. Yeah I can see that too. Uber expensive console with some nice tech for those inclined and some sort of cheaper streaming solution. No way they are going back to the only option being to get another job and talk of ray traced sound and superfast storage isn't pointing to cheap.
  5. With regards to Purin's post, that George Lucas quote getting bandied about for the PS2 was my favourite. How they showed him this console that wasn't too far away from the computers he used to render TPM. The PR people just negated to mention the fact that what he was actually shown was GScube.
  6. amc

    Forza Street - PC and mobile

    Just watched someone play on PC. I think anyone expecting to be playing this with a pad is going to be disappointed. Might be a bit of fun on mobile but I don't think I'll even bother trying on PC.
  7. Oh yeah there are a good few idiots who get wound up when things don't go their way. It's fine to be pissed off that a film jettisoned a lot of plot strands but to become militant because Snoke wasn't who you had speculated takes a special type of knob. I think those are in the minority amongst those speculating about trailers and plot points. That whole not my Star Wars was more an amalgam of people who genuinely didn't like the film, said unhappy script writers and genuine shits with agendas whipping up a frenzy. Those last two groups aren't going to spoil my fun in concocting daft theories about Lando becoming a Jedi or whether the Emperor has a robot body with the arch Sith's brain inside. And when the film drops and Lando dies and the Emperor turns out to be a ghost, I won't be angry. I'll just smile and move on.
  8. @bridger Yeah that's how I watched it in the end. Downloaded the rip and all it was, was a 60 minute long screenshot with a message saying to play this video go to this link and download this extension, aka a worm that will empty your bank account. Fucking torrents.
  9. That's part of the fun with these films that have a lot of characters and lore, the speculation. I'm never fucking right when the films hit. But I'm not bitter, well maybe just a little with TLJ as I had a pretty fanciful plot worked out to do with those Jedi books that turned out to be way more than 12 parsecs wide of the mark.
  10. This is the kind of shit I was wanting Disney to do. Stories from the universe not tied to the OT, or at least only tenuously. Smaller scale stuff that shows a functioning world that I'd imagined when I was a kid. Filled with oddball looking characters and shady backstreets with new craft zipping about. Looks brilliant and I can't wait.
  11. I've heard it may be a new character to the series piloting the ship. I've also read that it looks like she's training and not actually fighting.Your guess is as good as any. Fuck knows. Something I haven't yet read but has probably been postulated in a dozen YouTube videos but for now is amy own construct, is that with the Emperor being back we may have a new apprentice tied to him so he has the hump with Kylo as he was tied to Snoke. One master and one apprentice is the Sith thing, right?
  12. My god I've done goofed. Got carried away with playing Dangerous Driving and now I'm going to be up till dawn. Another 30 minutes of the catch up show to go, it's full of talking heads but it's pretty comprehensive so got to finish. Then it's the main event. Oh well I can function OK on a few hours sleep, nothing on for tomorrow anyway. Edit* I can totally recommend the catch up show. Got a few z listers doing their bit but also choc full of the show actors like Charles Dance etc and runs through series 1-7. I downloaded it but it seems to be on YouTube. It may get taken down, I've no idea.
  13. Are we sharing Spotify playlists? Well here's one I've knocked up that's helped me get a few platinums. Only recommended for those who like their beats a bit older. Stuff like the Prodigy, iLs, Plump DJs and a shit ton more. Rocket Soul by the Plump DJs really brings the platinums for me. I go straight into zone in mode. Awesome.
  14. They haven't done it in the States so it sounds like bullshit.
  15. So who is pulling a late one to watch? I have the story so far thing and the actual episode here ready to go. Going to watch the catch up then the actual episode at 2am. Got a couple of cold Peroni, a posh looking packet of Bombay mix and some lovely cbd vape liquid to puff on, bring on winter

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