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  1. Shimmyhill


    I just bought a bag for my bean to cup as always liked them, drinking a cup now and you’re not wrong - they are just great, nothing fancy about them but just a nice cup of coffee. My cup is a 2 shot + water form temp controlled kettle and it’s perfick
  2. Shimmyhill

    Norwich Fortnite Fyre Festival

    I almost wish I’d gone now!
  3. Shimmyhill

    Vegetarian / Vegan recipes

    I only bbq burgers and never buy cheap ones so bit of a snob with them, I don’t rate many burger places as usually can do a better job at home, so I’m a bit blown away with them and it’s kinda rocked my world view a bit as dramatic as it sounds as part of me wants to go veggie but I can’t live without my bbq food! Honestly, up to this burger I’ve tried many that people say are ‘as good as meat’ and they just aren’t, the beyond burger really is - my wife said she preferred it to real burgers so it will lead to a divorce but other than that it really is as good as they say
  4. Shimmyhill

    Vegetarian / Vegan recipes

    Just had the beyond burger and mind blown, it’s properly tasty and tastes like a burger - I don’t understand!
  5. Shimmyhill

    Norwich Fortnite Fyre Festival

    Just because I play Fortnite, live in Norwich and post vids to YouTube doesn’t make it the the epicentre m888888 The second part is covered by online games, it like playing games with your mates but you’re in your own house
  6. Shimmyhill

    Formula One - 2019 Season

    I don’t mind the shape it’s the colours, it looks ok coming towards you but static and side on from any angle it looks horrible - too much black and still being the wrong red is a killer. The Alpha is a much better red, whole car that colour and best car on the grid!
  7. Shimmyhill

    Formula One - 2019 Season

    That’s got to be the least Ferrari looking Ferrari of all time, hideous livery
  8. Shimmyhill

    Nintendo Switch

    I balance my standby excess with energy saving elsewhere (we have used what ever low watt bulbs have been around for 15+ years for example) so sleep easy knowing I am doing my bit in a realistic way while hoping for a future for my kids! You sound like my mate who turns everything off at the wall every night to save the planet, his 1kw array of halogen bulbs in the kitchen costs too much to replace with led bulbs apparently but thank god his Switch isn’t drawing that 1w when not in use
  9. Shimmyhill

    Recommend Me A Whisky

    I may regret asking this but...... how do you get into whiskey? My experience is of classics like southern comfort and Jack Daniels and I don’t like the latter but I doubt I’ve had a drop of whiskey in the last 20 years so what should I be trying to see if it’s for me, basically I’ve watched a lot of Mad Men and Parks and Red of late....
  10. Shimmyhill

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Given what they seized they have done a good job, who the fuck chooses to drink any of that past the age of 14.
  11. I had a few devices with ‘shit wifi’ and the Switch was the worst but since an upgrade to a mesh based router I don’t have any devices with ‘shit wifi’ even the Switch. I had a decent Netgear router before but the mesh network is on another level and worth every penny. Anyhoo, this game is insane and while I’m still win free I love it - if only I could actually get a go on the Switch
  12. Shimmyhill

    Vegetarian / Vegan recipes

    Adding Cauldron sausages to the list of bloody good veggie stuff pretending to be meat, best sausage I’ve tried so far unless people have other suggestions?
  13. Shimmyhill

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    You didn’t watch the Tottenham game then, Spurs could/should have won that by four or five - they did a Jose job on us with counter attacking and no high press. I can’t see them getting anything against your lot esp with their injury concerns after champ league.
  14. It was, I wish it was May or Clarkson doing it tho, Clarkson in particular is very good at doing these types of features.
  15. Shimmyhill

    Nintendo Switch

    Ahh retro!

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