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  1. Yeah, I’ve had long periods off this season and not on top of them - I get target focused in games so it’s just been a mission and I will get them done, some I can’t progress at the moment as I’m level 91 and only have daily challenges to get battle stars! Well that and wins you need to grind them, mouse...
  2. Yesterday shall been henceforth known as Top Gun 2 day and what a day it was - so much so I had the Top Gun sound track booming out in the way into work. Soo hyped for this film, that trailer is an utter banger and the way the music was used was perfect. Obv if it was a video game it would be a cynical cash grab playing on the nostalgia of idiots
  3. Still hooked on this game, will make level 100 and have all challenges done except Fortbyte because I haven’t bothered with them at all since the season started..... except this week I decided I had to have them so have been doing them all, actually really good fun and even got a couple of solo wins today - utter bonus as was only playing the games to do particular Fortbyte challenges generally in silly outfits etc!!
  4. Dont... I can’t go back!
  5. if it’s anything like as good as peak CS it will cost you your life tho, god I miss playing CS!
  6. I was going to post Fortnite, I think I could play it forever - some serious hooks in that game!
  7. Ground effect doesn’t rely on wings tho so you go faster by having less draggy wings, didn’t some show or youtube chap work out that the ‘79 could out grip a modern at the time F1 car (last few years)
  8. Mercedes explained after the race that Lewis was due to pit before Bottas for softs to the end but Bottas reported a strange noise so they looked into that and brought his pit stop forward and when all clear went back to Lewis for the pit stop not accounting for all the laps he had done - his call but talked with his main main and he was given everything for the last lap. Bottas had no choice, he did the one fast lap he could on the softs and it wasn’t good enough - no tyres for another go on last lap. Plus Lewis is different class esp here.
  9. As he was run out I thought immediately of Hamilton’s first title, slightly longer margin but higher speed and felt like the same rollercoaster of its probably gone to winning it What a day of sport!
  10. Every ps4 pad I’ve had has drifted, six or seven I’m on now - taking apart and cleaning generally fixes them for a bit - not tried contact cleaner so will give that a go. To be fair my PS4 pads get hammered, probably less overall hours than switch pads as all the family use those... Dont think I’ve had an Xbox pad with drift but not had one long enough or used enough with upgrades on consoles / elite pad and not having an Xbox for over a year now - 360 pads suffered it, my last one had a dead zone about the same as a std ps3 pad at times!
  11. Fastest lap on hard tyres, taking the piss - go team Lewis
  12. Vettel is a clown, I’ve been saying for years how poor a racer he is and of late he is backing me up brilliantly - shame he has so many titles to his name and is holding up a top team spot - Ferrari have backed the wrong horse this race again and were on the wrong tyre at the start again. Bit of luck for Bottas tho.
  13. Verstappen just got Verstappen’d This is just brilliant racing all round tho.
  14. This has been brilliant so far!
  15. Spiderverse is in the prime day deals, rent for 1.99 so that’s good but fuck me Amazon video app is a hateful pile of shit.... it’s 1.99 in SD, HD or UHD but of course when you search for it the only result is SD or HD the only way I could see the UHD was to search on the app on iPad and add it to my wishlist.
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