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  1. To be fair Rooney had a better game against Norwich than anyone on either team did it that shower of shite, gives Burnley vs Leeds a bad name...
  2. I assume your going for the keeper then? The rest of the team were playing football Stoke would have been embarrassed by... there was on moment of class and it was the free kick other the the keeper it was dross.
  3. Scored the winner against Norwich in a game you should not have won, I think the free kick was the only time there was any intent to do anything over than not lose - he was easily your best player that game
  4. BCS at times is better than BB but as said it’s a slower burn, from what you said about BB I think you will love BCS.
  5. Ive had RT back on for a while now with no crashes in game, I say in game as it crashed when I was scrolling through the season pass a couple of nights ago. Nuketown is still the best map, thank god there is the 24/7 Nuketown only mode!
  6. Its far more likely Sony are selling to the scalpers direct cutting out the middleman, as if Sony gives a shit about its customers
  7. Dont worry about it, Arsenal fans forget they won their championships pioneering the dirty play but now they are gutless they don’t like a taste of their own medicine...
  8. That was the game before, I aimless fired a couple into a build!
  9. Usual fun squad games with @Pistol last night, my batteries ran out just after our win... perfect timing!
  10. Its tied to the Xbox and you have a couple of years to activate the offer.
  11. Given its Sony then it’s hardly surprising but it does go against the agreement with Sony when you turn on 2fa
  12. Pretty sure the sms 2fa is the only one that can be defeated in this way, Authenticator based 2fa should use backup codes as the only means to recover an account.
  13. I dunno, I would have far more trust in the shadiest PSN credit site than having anything being secured by Sony and you have far more protection if buying the credit from a site than you do a reoccurring authorisation on PSN!
  14. Looks a bit mediocre to me, Arsenal or England then
  15. Exactly that, I’m worried mine has been breached as I looked and my wins per game ratio on Fortnite and it’s shocking a I think someone is playing badly on purpose in my account...... I should’t jest but with Sony the golden rule is assume everything is insecure, will be compromised and you’ll never get your money/account back so protect it as best you can - app generated passwords and Authenticator app 2fa.
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