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  1. Done around 7hrs altogether and just 2hrs this morning because for the very first time ever I’ve had motion sickness in VR. I dunno if it’s because the gameplay is so intensely immersive or what. Pretty pissed off with myself.
  2. Level design is really something else!
  3. Fuuu they've knackered it. I just wanted more Doom 2016. What a downer.
  4. Aye plunder’s a buzz. Only thing I’d say is there’s not enough vehicles in the remote areas.
  5. Had a few games of plunder, loved it - good confusing fun. It’s choppy on Bone X in some areas, gonna try it on PC now for some hopefully smoother action.
  6. Agreed - It’s awesome. First all-nighter in ages.
  7. Youngblood The Catholic Boys Breakdance Red Dawn Dreamscape Into The Night
  8. Matt Houston The Master Miami Vice V Hunter
  9. @DirkCrisisYep you did Wow I was way off but I did skim n skip through in my defence. Cheers.
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