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  1. Oh man ep2. The confidence on show here is amazing and as much as I can’t get enough 30+ mins runtime does make sense.
  2. 3hrs in and it feels so generic and hollow.
  3. I’ve watched it again Great atmosphere. Closer in tone, colour and texture to Rogue One than anything else I reckon. Even a whiff of ROTJ on occasion - hmm maybe that’s wishful thinking after seeing some of those respectful and occasionally underplayed nods (subtitle font/colour appreciated).
  4. I’d say the same but the overall feeling is just better (maybe a slight material upgrade? dulls the ‘clackiness’ fractionally). I’m saying that as a complete and utter hater of all things dualshock mind.
  5. @Garwoofoo time will tell on this v2. I did got a ton of PC/XBX daily use out of my day one version 1 controller over the last 4 years until the right-hand hair trigger switch snapped on Tuesday night Hopefully they've fixed the notorious rubber grip peeling that happened to mine after around 2 years-ish.
  6. Best sesh ever last night, this has bought out some of the real old Xbox Live degenerates on my list from the early bird days. The nightime goggle maps had us all in a reminisci-package of the Rainbow Six days of yore. Loving it.
  7. “MOPPETS” Fucking MOPPETS?! We’re gunna need a bigger update!
  8. That bridge map is set for the annals.
  9. So this on Xbox Game pass, sweet.
  10. Yup, felt precisely the same.
  11. This is surprisingly good with a wheel on PC. Having lotsa fun.
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