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  1. I don't think any of the games they've already patched (Days Gone, Tsushima and God of War) had a resolution increase, it was a straight 'unlock 60fps on resolution mode' but that alone would be a big benefit to SoTC. The 60fps mode was a bit blur-o-vision from what I remember. That trailer is a little weird though, it's got a logo and branding like it's an official launch of a whole line of performance enhanced games but it just mostly shows stuff that has already been patched. Days Gone and Tsushima were PS5 launch day one. Hopefully there is more coming to try and match what MS
  2. HUNG JURY IS COMING BACK!!! Of course, Scouts have been in the toilet for pretty much all of D2's life and I'll likely never use it but still, a decent roll with a dragonfly mod and it might rekindle some of that head-popping feeling from D1. The Hunter armour ornaments are pretty slick too. No idea what the fuck Warlocks and Titans have got on their heads in those armour pics though. Bungie's art direction is second to none but their armour design for most of D2 has left a lot to be desired. With transmog coming, I was initially a bit peeved at the shitty grind they've
  3. This trailer just popped up out of nowhere, showing some games that have already had a 60fps boost together with SoTC which has not.......yet.
  4. Finally got round to starting this after losing all 3 series in a TiVo upgrade fiasco about a year ago. It looks like it’s going to be everything I’d hoped it would and so far includes everything my wife says I’m obsessed with in my favourite film and TV, that is things about gangsters set in the 70s and 80s, copious amounts of drug taking/smuggling/selling and a banging soundtrack. Feels weird watching it on Disney+ though, all that sex, drugs and violence just nestled there between Mulan and The Mighty Ducks
  5. Just trying the village demo on Xbox and it looks incredible. However, I'm getting a very obvious dead zone on the right stick for look which also has some serious look acceleration. It's really off-putting and tinkering with the sensitivity isn't really doing much. Just me? I played the original PS5 demo and don't remember it being like that on there. Edit - seems you can turn the acceleration off but the right stick still seems really heavy to control.
  6. Mankind Divided - Deluxe Edition £6.99 on CDKeys https://www.cdkeys.com/deus-ex-mankind-divided-deluxe-edition-xbox-one-uk
  7. The comic series that SeanR mentioned is definitely worth look to see what a good writer can do with the concept. The stories are brilliant little pieces of satire on modern living, science vs religion and politics and its more than just 'hilarious' stone age puns. The issue where Fred and Wilma are abused in the street for wanting to get married instead of just sticking to their sex caves as God intended was a nicely executed commentary on homophobia...…but also with some good puns.
  8. Thanks for this, just watched it in my lunch break. Outstanding piece of work. A real punch to the gut short film with a couple of fantastic performances. Would also recommend not even reading the little Netflix synopsis if you can avoid it and go in cold.
  9. I was always in on R&C, I've loved every one but I'm now even more in than as in as you can be possibly be. It's a furry Returnal.
  10. Just watched a few more stream bits and bobs trying to convince myself this isn't for me and it's too hard and I'm no good at games blah blah blah but it just looks fucking incredible.
  11. I've been on the fence about this. All of it looks amazing but I'm just so shit at fast paced twitch bullet hell shooters which I know this is at its core (even though Sony seem to be craftily marketing it as more of a standard 3D action adventure). My resolve has been tested by the reviews so thought I'd just jump on Twitch to see more of how it actually plays and the first streamer I come across is holding his head in his hands and saying 'why is it so hard?', he looked like he was on the verge of tears already. I would dearly love a demo of this, I could love it but I'll probably hate it a
  12. Igneous has been the 3 wins reward a couple of times now in ToO so stupidly easy to get. You don't even need to win a match.
  13. Did someone mention Kim's Convenience already? Sure it was on here. Anyway, I just watched the first few episodes and it's great, another charming and funny and feel-good little comedy show.
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