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  1. Blade Runner 2049

    Oh really? Had no idea that was the case. I do have a Sammy but didn’t realise it was exclusive. That’s just daft.
  2. Blade Runner 2049

    @parrapatheslapper Yeah you can rent it in 4K/HDR from Rakuten TV if you have their app. It’s surprisingly good quality. Not lossless disc quality obviously but miles better than streamed HD.
  3. Ok, went a little ‘lechuck’ there. The instakill shrines weren’t too bad, got through them in no time. Trekking back to the first divine beast was actually a nice little jaunt down memory lane. Must be about 5 months since I did it.
  4. Well, Champions Ballad is distinctly unfun so far. What wag on the dev team thought ... Seems a really weird design choice and like the devs haven’t understood what made the game so memorable. How very confusing.
  5. Cheers, yeah, just Champions Ballad. I did try the master sword trials and got to tier 2 but I’m not that great at the super wizzy combat and the time/benefit/frustration ratio just didn’t seem worth it. I prefer adventuring and puzzling and the shrines so TCB seems a bit more up my street. Question on TCB Love yours vids too by the way, you have a very likeable style. I’m not a big YT gaming viewer (barely have time to play the bloody things!) but I could easily kick back and watch your stuff. You’re clearly so utterly in love with the game.
  6. Spyro remake PS4?

    Seeing as you asked, Maximo please. kthxbye x
  7. Right, last divine beast down and last tower unlocked, about 10 shrines left and I’m feeling like I should try and finish up the game now. Poor old Zelda must be getting a bit hacked off. However, do I do Champions Ballad now before the last few shrines or do the shrines, batter Ganon and then do the DLC? Knowing what I’m like, I tend to lose interest the second I ‘finish’ a game so I’m thinking leave Ganon to the very end as the true culmination of a this epic adventure. Thoughts?
  8. My neighbour has a model x and it is indeed very swish, she took my lad out in it for a spin and he now wants to know why we can’t get one. It’s mainly because it’s about £145k more than I would ever spend on a car. The dancing doors thing it does is just plain daft. The fact that my 9 year old thought it was cool and also thinks Big Shaq is cool tells you everything you need to know. Crazy fast though.
  9. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

    Showing as £11.99 for me
  10. Shadow of the Colossus Remake (Bluepoint)

    Just downed the first dude and the memories just come flooding back. It looks glorious and the HDR lighting has made my eyes explode.
  11. New Star Wars films from game of thrones show runners

    Phew, was getting a bit anxious that there could potentially be a couple of days in 2021 where no Star Wars films were coming out.
  12. Tom Clancy's The Division

    I’m just pottering about now at level 30 mopping up various side missions and high value target missions just trying to get my world tier up and it does happen very quickly. Picking up all the intel I left gives you a ton of XP and loads of loot caches. So don’t worry about catching up @Marmite , I can run the lower World tier missions with you and you’ll power through the tiers in no time. Some very real echoes of Destiny in my session last night though. I am literally drowning in yellow and purple loot. My back pack now holds 120 items and it was nearly full after just over an hours play. I must have about 10 of everything...... ......except a chest armour piece. Not a single one dropped. I’m still rocking a lvl 25 from the main game and so my total gear level is stuck at around 155 and I can’t get WT2. Why RNG, why?!? Other than that, this is still pretty great. So much stuff to do, the mission map is ridiculous, and hitting the end game you really do feel so much more powerful.
  13. Tom Clancy's The Division

    Don’t be so absurd. What else am I supposed to do? Have an early night and catch up on sleep because this game has been keeping me up until 1am for the last 2 weeks? Actually, that sounds like a pretty good idea to be fair. I might just polish off the story missions and side missions so probably won’t make any real progress until after that. @Hitcher - thanks for those links. Some great resources there. I went and had a look at the GE vendor but was still offline so am assuming I need to have finished the campaign properly before it’s open?
  14. Tom Clancy's The Division

    Just hit lvl 30 and not really sure what to do now. There appears to be a final mission and I still have loads of encounters and side missions to do. Do I just clear the map, go pick up intel, dark zone, incursions?? Presumably I need to finish the campaign but is there an efficient way to rise to world tier 5?
  15. Tom Clancy's The Division

    Thought it might have been because PSN has been a bit of a twat the last few nights but I am still taking aaaaaaages to load in. It hangs at 99% for around 10 minutes!! Anybody else get that? Known bug?

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