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  1. Pretty sure they said they were looking into that some time ago. Would be great though, I don't get on until late most nights due to fam stuff but would be a massive help to just pop my phone open at reset and load up the bounties for the evening. Manged to get Divinity last night after an epic raid session ending at 2am. Didn't get a chance to try it out , I just lay down on the sofa at the end and fell asleep. Looks like a beast though and overall the vex, Moon and raid weapons have all been pretty fun to use. The raid pulse is amazing and the Moon HC and sniper feel great particularly. Even though there is a lot of mumbling and whinnying on reddit (as always) about the lack of a vendor weapon reset, I'm not sure we really need one. I'm much fonder of a limited pool of new themed weapons and actually making them good and chasable rather than just dozens of new shard fodder weapons. I instashard 90% of Y2 weapons now and have done since about a month in to Forsaken.
  2. DIM and destinysets.com will show you what you have and what you have left to get. Why that isn't in the game I have no idea but honestly I would probably just use either of these anyway. DIM has a pretty good loadout optimiser too. Just started messing around with the armour mod system and whilst the elemental affinity is a layer of rng that just isn't necessary I am having a lot more fun with builds than I ever have before. Just specced myself out with max discipline mods, the void grenade damage mod from the artifact and the raid auto rifle with demolitionist and its raining void fusion grenades doing 25% extra weapon damage every time an enemy walks into it. Add in the enhanced nightmare armour mods and its making light work of the 950 nightmare hunt bosses. Really loving this expansion.
  3. Have gone up 11 power levels just knocking out IB bounties and quest this morning. Picked up clan engrams and crucible rankups too but that is mental. Ready for the 950 NF now.
  4. Oof, just sneaked in a first raid clear before reset. Just in time for tea! I think its a fantastic raid, much better than Crown and the final encounter is hectic but not silly. I could even see a flawless run being doable on this. Still not high enough power to do the legend nightfall though
  5. It's a hardware issue. I got a cheap 500gb external SSD and its night and day difference. Not quite the speeds of PC but somewhere in between.
  6. I might even go for Not Forgotten this season given just how forgiving Glory rank is now and also how enjoyable it is. Still too much heavy though. @Gorf King It's 'interesting' that after 5 fucking years of us asking for NF MM they add it in but also some mechanics that need some actual comms. Classic Bungo.
  7. Tried a Hero Nightfall last night and got completely flattened. There's 2 difficulties higher than that along with the same for the Nightmare strike thingies, there'll be plenty to challenge. Protip for a couple of extra powerful drops - if you're lucky enough to find a busy instance on the moon and you can drop all 3 of the gatelords that spawn and then kill the hydra before the time runs out you get 2 powerful drops
  8. You'll need upgrade modules to do that though, either bought from Banshee or from upgrading the season pass
  9. That's where he got confused though so maybe it just dumps you there and then.....nothing. The first mission is that revamped D1 mission anyway so it's not the same as the Red War intro. I might install it on my kids PS4 over the weekend just to see what happens. I think the difficulty is that they wanted new players to be able to jump in straight away with veteran players rather than make them play through 4 campaigns so they have to open the tower and Gambit and raids and all that as I suspect most would drop off the game before then otherwise. However, a simple 'Are you a new player?' pop-up with a guided tour of the Director and some logical places to put the old campaign would have helped immesaurably. It definitely seems to have been lazy and a bit of an afterthought. There will be a constant stream of new players now though so hopefully they can cobble something together.
  10. Apparently so. The first thing it asks you to do is go to the moon and speak to Eris which they then can't progress unless they lay down some cash for Shadowkeep! Who is going to do that for a F2P game they've only just started playing. Forsaken is on the map but you aren't alerted to the fact you need to do it, you just have to 'know' It's just seems to be the same version of the game that everyone else has but with paywalled content. found the Reddit thread (spoilered for length) - All the previous campaigns that you pick up from Amanda are now recommended 750
  11. Is this right though?. As I understand it, the Red War, Osiris and Warmind campaigns are NOT on the map by default, only Forsaken. To play all the original campaigns you need to go to Amanda Holliday in the tower to start them which isn't signposted anywhere. I may be wrong here as I'm only going by reports I've read. I'm going to install New Light for my kids over the weekend so will be interesting to see how they've done it. Sounds like its a impenetrable for newcomers.
  12. Nope. Haven't logged in to the PC version for a couple of weeks. Haven't bought SK on PC. My suspicion was that it's something to do with cross-save but my characters are my original PS4 characters, I completed Forsaken on PS4 and I'm playing on PS4 now so not sure what is going on. There are lots of reports on Reddit so will wait and see.
  13. Yeah, I've been torn between 'oooh, its the moon' and getting all the feels and 'yeah, I've kind of seen all this before'. Enjoying it a lot and the moon is an awesome space but agree does seem a bit thin on content at the moment. See how it pans out, there's still a load to learn about armour builds and how the crafting thingy works. I'm trying to be a little less neurotic about power leveling this time, just chucking on the blues as they drop and seeing where I end up. Still a bit annoyed that the Forsaken campaign seems to have reset for some bizarre reason.
  14. Depends what you mean by 'multiplayer'. It's an always online shared world so you'll see other players roaming about and you can choose to team up in matchmade activities if you so choose. Loads of people play solo and get hundreds of hours out of it and you don't need to touch the PvP element at all if you don't want to. You will miss out on the pinnacle activities though if you don't want to play any co-op with people either. If you like shooters and/or action games then there's no reason not to give it a go.
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