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  1. KartoffelKopf

    The Division 2

    I remember trying to play some of the Incursion missions in Div1 and they were just horrible. Bullet hell and grenade spamming nonsense. Some of the harder missions are like that in the game now. It really is a pretty hardcore numbers game and I don't think I have the energy or inclination to get that deep in to the stats.
  2. KartoffelKopf

    The Batman - June 2021 - New Batman to be cast

    Pattinson will be great. He's handsome and has a good chin, he's 33 so is the perfect age and there is definitely something behind those eyes that is a bit off kilter and intense, like he could flip out at any moment. I like the Apes films, I'm a Dark Knight Detective Batman purist so I'm all over this. Please be good.
  3. KartoffelKopf

    The Division 2

    There's no save files, it's all saved server-side. Just install it, log-in and you're golden.
  4. KartoffelKopf

    Destiny 2: Season of Opulence / Crown of Sorrow, 4 June

    Everyone was at it, I played a game of clash that ended up something like 11-8 after everyone just stood at either side of the map lobbing skips and pulses. Was hilarious. I got Luna's and Recluse in only a few matches after the revelry ended after hooking up with a trio of 16 year old wannabe gangsters from Philly. They were obsessed with me being 45 and still playing videogames. They were hugely annoying but ridiculously good at PvP, may have been carried a little. Playing with good players does make you better though. I came in to this season very late but have to admit, gambit prime is a much better version of a game mode that started out great but began to get very tiresome. Zero Hour is what Bungie do best. Started out as feeling impossible but running it a few times and it all starts to fall in to place and who knew Arbalest would actually be useful. Might try the void configuration puzzle tonight if anyone is up for it?
  5. Finally some new output from Shane Meadows. Starring the amazing Stephen Graham and a soundtrack from PJ Harvey. No date yet but due to appear in May and a trailer has just gone on to C4 Excited for this, This is England was and still is some of the finest TV ever. More info
  6. Saw it, loved it. Yes, time travel stories are always full of holes but this one, even though it is basically the plot BTTF 2, made enough right moves to make any nitpicks irrelevant. The film as a whole was the perfect ending to the whole saga. I'm generally more of an indie flick kind of guy but the Marvel films have captured my imagination for the last 10 years in a way nothing has since Empire in 1980. Obviously I'm a grown man now and I have other things to obsess over, like my paunch or mortgage applications, but for my kids this is their Star Wars, their cinematic memories they'll take in to their teens and beyond. Punctuated by the almighty 'meh' I got from my 10 year old after they showed the Star Wars trailer and his giddy excitement at the Spidey one. I took a toilet break during the little montage bit when they were going over where and when to get the stones, don't think I missed anything.
  7. KartoffelKopf

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    Dark S2 Watching has reminded me of two things, how good the first season was and also how utterly baffled I was by the end of it. I watched it a year ago now, I fear this may just leave me stumped. Looks great though.
  8. KartoffelKopf

    The Witcher 2 - 360 Footage - Post #1674

    Did you just play through Witcher 2 is 3 days? You really are a machine @Thor
  9. KartoffelKopf

    The Division 2

    Oh right, OK. No I know you can do it on Normal but I did it on Challenge as that's more fun but it took an hour to do and now even if I do it again on normal there's no guarantee it won't bug again and it's a 3 week gated quest so will need to wait 3 weeks for it to come around again so it's all bit 'fuck this shit' at the moment.
  10. KartoffelKopf

    The Division 2

    Eh? That makes no sense and I didn't, everything was hoovered up.
  11. KartoffelKopf

    The Division 2

    Another shitty bug. Ran the District Union stronghold to get the Nemesis part, saw it drop from the boss, went up to it it, it disappeared and now isn't in my inventory. That took almost an hour to do on Challenge. Known issue and I need to open a ticket apparently. Fucks sake, it's a 3 week gated quest. Took me 2 goes to get the first bit after that bugged out. Did a bounty earlier and none of the team could actually go in to clearly open door to retrieve loot from a fallen boss. Feeling a bit worn out doing stuff and not really feeling like I'm getting anywhere. Might need a break from this game. It's great but is seemingly less finished than it was a month ago. Texture pop-in seems noticeably worse too since the patch. So distracting and pretty unforgivable and Massive don't seem to have acknowledged it at all.
  12. KartoffelKopf

    The Division 2

    Spent some time trying to get something approaching a 'build' last night and ended up with a fairly nasty damage to elites specialist for running bounties. Got my Chatterbox and on its own it's pretty handy but the holstered talent really turns you in to a machine. Doing the yellow bounties was still chaotic and I know they nerfed the enemies but it felt like the right level of challenge. Flame turret and extra damage to burning enemies is also a lot of fun. Especially when you get those choke points and you can just let rip.
  13. KartoffelKopf

    The Division 2

    It's a weird one isn't it? I loved the exploration of the first 20-30 hours. The open world is full of detail and looks amazing. Then the meatier content ranking up to WT5 in teams was fun and now I've got up GS 504 after a bit of recalibration (I had no idea what I was doing) I'm also thinking 'what now?' I know the idea is to perfect your build but so much of the recalibration stuff seems so limited and/or confusing that it becomes frustrating very quickly. You can't build a true tank or healer or skill specialist as either way you're getting one-shotted by grenade spamming enemies. You end up just piling stats in to damage which means all those skills you spent your SHD on gets left behind which is a shame. I think I'm going to just to take to the streets now and just enjoy the world more, take control points, save some hostages, try and kill some hunters and not worry too much about the numbers.
  14. KartoffelKopf

    The Division 2

    I haven't had the balls to try an Heroic mission yet either solo or as a team. Did Tidal Basin on Challenge last night and it was hideous, think it would be unbearable on Heroic. Are the rewards that much better? If you only get 1 extra boss drop at sub 500 anyway then what's the point of putting yourself through it?

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