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  1. This is where the game tricks me. My brain says I need to do something one way when there is million other ways to do it. Was trying to lure the Headmaster Marrakesh out of his chair so I could choke him out so was throwing coins and waiting for him. Watched a speed runner video after I'd completed it and he just twatted him with a wrench in his face.
  2. @Ry I get you and I jump back and forth from wondering whether I can be arsed after getting spotted by some random for the millionth time to having some great fun killing army generals by kicking toilets on to their heads. Each level has been more slapdash than the one before and the fun has increased incrementally with it. Just go with it, it's all just daft as shit.
  3. Yeah, it really seems to depend on what kind of gamer you are. Personally, I can't think of anything more enthusiasm-sapping than trying to get every challenge done before moving on. I just did Sapienza and spent a good few hours just exploring before ending up with 1 headshot kill and an 1 by exploding golf ball and that was my run. May well come back but the sheer amount of content here means I'd likely never finish. There's bonus missions and escalations (whatever they are..) and I want it to feel like an organic adventure game rather than a box-ticking exercise. I
  4. I accidentally started the very last mission last night and there is an unskippable cutscene at the beginning that is essentially bathed in shadow and it looks fucking awful. No way was it an artistic choice, you'll know it when you see it. As Carlooos says, I cant believe they intended such a departure from the previous titles look and feel, it's just too jarring. I think the Dartmoor level was just a a happy coincidence that they captured the drab nature of England in the Winter, which is essentially real life in SDR anyway. I'm not doing HDR chat anymore, it's one step away from
  5. It's come as a great surprise to me just how little a difference an extra 360 lines of resolution actually makes. I mean, it sounds a lot but I'm not sure my puny human brain can see the difference.
  6. I very much doubt it as they include multiple ways of killing the same person. edit - oh, well seemingly you can although that seems like a bit of a faff.
  7. I'm still on the Paris level from the H1 campaign and the amount of challenges available is mindblowing. How many runs at it must it take to get to a decent mastery? The fact that everything is available out of the box for you is completely overwhelming and that map alone is so huge and the amount of trial and error feels a bit like cheating. Either way, enjoying this a lot and felt good finishing my first hit even if it was a very pedestrian neck break. Feels like there is a steep learning curve but loving the slower pace.
  8. Wow, this demo looks incredible. I feel physically sick with fear (although that may be mostly down to the audio) and the atmosphere is just disgusting. Best looking thing I've played on next gen so far.
  9. Look 6 posts up... ...or 2 posts down for the short version
  10. @Bojangle @scoobysi Isn't this a native PS5 game though? i.e. - there are two versions, a PS4 one and a PS5 one so not technically back compat as opposed to something like Fallen order which is just a patched PS4 game.
  11. PS5 here but it seems to be widespread on all platforms on Reddit although I'm sure most people don't even notice. It's the same issue we've seen on RDR2, Monster World, Valhalla etc. Turning off HDR improves the contrast loads so it's not a stylistic choice. Coming off all the first party Sony exclusives (Demon's, Spidey, Days Gone etc) which all look spectacular in HDR it's really jarring to see such muted contrast and washed out shadows Still, I have all the legacy content to get through, which clearly looks significantly better, so hopefully they'll patch it before I get to the
  12. Yeah, it's such a common thing with HDR, everything looks washed out and murky. Flipping between the legacy levels and new ones like Chongqing and it's really noticeable. The start of The Final Plan is drenched in shadow and atmosphere, Chongqing just looks drab and doesn't pop like I was expecting it to from the screenshots. Oh well, may play those with HDR off.
  13. Am starting from H1 and whilst downloading and importing it all was a massive faff, there is a bewildering amount of content in this, particularly around challenges. Only done the tutorial and spent way too long trying to do all the challenges but I suspect the best way to place this is just get the campaign missions done and return for extra lols when it’s all done? Quick noob question, what does XP actually get you? I’m racking up the levels now but not sure why.
  14. Yep, mines all transferred over now. Admittedly it was only about 3 hours worth of the tutorial that I started last night but what the hey, can start from first H1 mission now. Edit - now I can't connect to the servers in-game
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