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  1. KartoffelKopf

    Destiny 2

    Looks like you can just go for the ornaments if you already have previous armour sets as the IB ornaments are already available to view in-games as options on my S2 set of IB armour.
  2. KartoffelKopf

    Destiny 2

    They've removed the timer. There's still points and you get emblems for beating various scores. After you beat normal NF once you get a scorecard that allows you to add modifiers, elemental burns and LL handicaps to a Prestige run, which adds score multipliers. It's actually a pretty fun system if you want to go high score hunting and mess with the difficulty levels. Can't remember the actual limits but you can run a prestige NF with 350 enemies and then give yourself something like a -25 handicap and that triples your score. It's fucking chaos though obvs. You get an engram for beating normal mode regardless of score. There is also NF specific loot. Mostly ships and sparrows (whoop-de-fucking-do) but a few good weapons on some of them, not this week though.
  3. KartoffelKopf

    Destiny 2

    Esoterickk, the complete nutter, has beaten Escalation Protocol already. One of the people on his team was 370!? How is that even possible? Anyway, looks like you need a key to open the last chest which could be annoying if you don’t have one.
  4. KartoffelKopf

    Destiny 2

    Whoever it was who asked ‘does light matter?’ I can confirm that yes, it does. Me, Baring and Finite just took 1hr 20mins to do a single heroic strike. We were all 340-345 and just getting slaughtered and one-shotted by the genesis mind solar gun It was ridiculously fun. Obviously in a few weeks we’ll breeze through it but for now it’s good to have a challenge and a need for a team strategy back in strikes.
  5. KartoffelKopf

    Destiny 2

    I'm sure I read (or heard? or just plain imagined) that they tweaked EP to the point where nobody on the Bungie team could actually complete it as they know they'll always be outdone by the community and people playing it. It sounds like its ripe for some interesting strategies and team coordination for clearing out mass hordes of enemies against what seems like pretty strict timer. Like Court of Oryx though, crying shame that we can't patrol in teams of six.
  6. KartoffelKopf

    Destiny 2

    The exotic masterwork for Crimson apparently takes up the range to 100%!! Mental. There are still issues with the game (the mod and shader vault-juggling minigame is still an utter abomination of UI and design) but they are clearly intent to make shooting aliens in their stupid fucking faces fun again. The exotic buffs, the strike modifiers, masterworks, new weapons, ranked PvP and the hardcore challenge of the new horde mode means I should be playing this for a good few months watching them explode in a shower of space magic. Story and lore IS still a bit shit but that's never what drew me in in the first place.
  7. KartoffelKopf

    Destiny 2

    Yeah and you have access to all of them at all times. No more need to vault or transfer emotes.
  8. KartoffelKopf

    Destiny 2

    Mine says 6.65gb
  9. KartoffelKopf

    Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

  10. KartoffelKopf

    Destiny 2

    Nah, reckon there will be a few around, me included. I thought I was done with Destiny but I came back for 6v6 classic Iron Banner, jumped back in to be milestones and then this week, farmed the nightfall about 10 times for the exclusive AR. So yeah, apparently hooked again. Fuck. Totally understand those who have checked out completely, Bungie did fuck up but I just can’t help myself, it still feels so good just shooting stuff. They still need to fix a ton of stuff but if the word on the street is to be believed what they have planned should sort a lot of the issues. YMMV of course, depending on how angry you get about video games.
  11. KartoffelKopf

    Post Your Gaming Setups

    Work has begun on installing the games room. Wondering if I’ve taken it a little too far.
  12. KartoffelKopf


    Taped that for my kids to watch this morning just to put the shitters up them that they could be ruining their chances of future employment by playing this silly game. They just laughed and went and played some Fortnite. So proud.
  13. KartoffelKopf


    Just been in to update may lads account and he's only gone and bought some stupid fucking emote yesterday with his V-bucks he'd been saving and now he only has 900. I now have to buy another 1000 to get the pass, stupid bloody virtual currencies
  14. KartoffelKopf

    Avengers: Infinity War - April 2018

    Fucking Radio 1 of all people just appear to have spoilt a major plot point with a rather careless thumbnail and video title I spotted whilst my son was browsing Youtube on the telly.... Twats.
  15. KartoffelKopf

    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    Definitely spend a bit of time learning Gwent. It’s tricky to start with but once you get it, you’ll love it. I have never played a single card game in my life but it really grabbed me. It can get you some cool gear and the card artwork is all very pretty.

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