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  1. Fudge


    Because I'm a terrible parent, he has a standard account. I dread to think how much he's spent on this game - he's 12 and autistic and the cosmetic part of any game - be it skins, character customisation or whatever - is really important to him. It's his pocket money though, and he gets a lot of enjoyment out of this game.
  2. Fudge


    Surprisingly well - I tried it last night with my son (me on PC, him on Xbox). We used the Xbox app on pc for voice chat.
  3. Fudge

    Destiny 2 - Black Hammer++ now available

    Oh man, I shared a few games with Norrie. Condolences to his family and friends.
  4. Fudge

    Games Exchange

    EVERY month is expensive for boardgames.
  5. Fudge

    Games Exchange

    Not at the moment - I need to sell these really.
  6. Fudge

    Games Exchange

    Games for sale, lovely games for sale. All in tip top condition, prices include postage. Mascarade £10 SOLD to Frumious Lord of the rings lcg £15 Lords of waterdeep £25 Oracle of Delphi (includes essen promos and pillar variant) £28 Lancaster £28 Bora Bora £15 My village £20 Pandemic (2011 edition) £15
  7. Fudge

    Subnautica - Ver 1.0 Out Now

    Ok, you need to build the scanner, so you scan seaglide fragments (which are hiding in the cargo containers which are scattered about the place). It got a lot more practical to go exploring once I'd got it.
  8. Fudge

    Subnautica - Ver 1.0 Out Now

    Have you built a seaglide yet? That's the only way I've been able to outrun them.
  9. Fudge

    Subnautica - Ver 1.0 Out Now

    Bollocks. I'd just converted a load into ingots to make some space! Only an hour and a half in, but it's a bit good, isn't it? The sound design in particular is amazing, especially when one of those exploding bastards is coming for you. Genuine fear! What's it like content wise? I played a bit of no man's sky when the base building update was released, but I lost interest in that as it was a bit too aimless for my liking. From what I've played of this so far, it looks like there's a more substantial storyline in there..?
  10. Fudge

    Is "Game" finished?

    I've got £50 in credit burning a hole in my pocket that I wanted to spend on a steam voucher. But can I do it without going in to a shop or getting it sent through the post. Can I FUCK. Useless twats.
  11. @carlospie and whoever else I was playing with - sorry I disappeared,I had an emotional child emergency!
  12. Ok, a few games tonight and I think I'm settled on TPP. My high point was 4 kills and 15th position in my final game. Not as good as you guys getting fat off chicken dinners, but I was happy with that, seeing as I usually completely fuck it right in the bin whenever I come face to face with someone. Playing more carefully and actually looking about before I leg it out of a building seems to be paying dividends. I'm still shit at this though.
  13. Ah, that would explain it then. Terrible performance on my part tonight, fortunately carlospie redeemed it for us with some kills. I now have a mic, so if anyone needs another player - if only to act as a decoy or bullet sponge - then let me know. Mr Kerblammo on Steam.
  14. Made it to the final 4 with zero kills. Hands shaking. Feel sick now.

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