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  1. Thanks for the advice all. Will give it a miss for the moment.
  2. Question for those with the Series X. Is the official memory expansion essential or a nice to have? I already have a 1tb external drive with old games on and I’ll install what I have deleted from my One X internal drive onto the Series X SSD.
  3. Spoke to Argos customer service this afternoon and a very helpful chap confirmed my order is valid and I will be able to collect my Series X on Monday. Good news, but I’m not assuming anything and won’t be convinced until I get a confirmation that I can collect my order. On the other hand....Yay!
  4. I may have got one from Argos, but I’m not 100% sure. Was trying random sites earlier and noticed ‘add to trolley’ was available. Money has gone from my PayPal account and I do have an order confirmation email, but at checkout it stated payment couldn’t be taken and my basket was emptied. Probably a glitch due to volume of traffic, but I’ll try and give them a ring later. If all okay, then I should be able to collect on Monday.
  5. Unbelievable. I’ve been checking Microsoft store at least every hour all day, my last check being at 17:00 as I then needed to sort dinner and I’ve just put my little boy to bed. My timing is clearly impeccable.
  6. Hooverphonic with orchestra live from Koningin Elisabethzaal 2012. Limited edition vinyl arrived this morning. It’s so, so good.
  7. Sorry all, didn’t realise the link was only sent to those who specifically registered. Have not bought one.
  8. Just received notification that it’s available at Simply Games, but it’s a £680.00 bundle.
  9. I’m still after an X too. I do regret cancelling my launch pre-order from Bill.
  10. Just noticed that 365 Games have some Series S consoles.......for £330.00. Arseholes.
  11. Dead Man’s Shoes. Love Paddy Considine and he was excellent in this. However the film itself wasn’t that engaging and certainly wasn’t as violent as I expected it to be. 4/5, with much of the score going to Paddy.
  12. Thanks @Talvalin. I just fancied a quick go last night, but was only able to squeeze in half an hour before nodding off. Hopefully get a longer session later in the week.
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