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  1. It was a cracking finish, but it was against Palace so I think it only counts as a quarter of a goal in real terms. Hodgson masterclass again, go 2-1 down after 80 minutes, take off midfielders and replace them with...2 midfielders and leave 2 strikers on the bench (and leave Benteke on, who has done fuck all) So much "be careful what you wish for" in terms of hoping for him to retire, but I don't think I can take another season of utter boredom and frustration, and now his biggest strength (solid defence) has abandoned him I'm not 100% convinced he'll get away with it
  2. I've continued to buy St Mars of the Desert every time they release, and it's baffling just how good their beers are, they even did a barley wine (a style I'm not overly in love with) that was great. Latest is this one, and another cracker.
  3. I'm guesing with Spurs it's that Levy knows where some bodies are buried?
  4. It's not often I like Gary Neville.
  5. 50 quid says we don't bother and re-sign Benteke on double money
  6. I'd like the full 2 minutes silence, and none of the game for the Palace match "highlights"
  7. As a Palace fan I'd like to take this moment to remember that fact that one of my favourite Palace players ever, Clinton Morrison (rechristened Clinton O'Morrison) Sarf Lahndan born and bred (Tooting/Mitcham) was capped 36 times by Ireland by virtue of his grandmother taking a holiday there once. My favourite moment was when Sky were interviewing him and started asking him questions about his newly adopted home nation and one question where the answer was Giant's Causeway was met with the excited response "I now this one, I know this one, it's the Blarney Stone innit!" in a full S
  8. Just had their Bougie Burger kit, I ate 2 and feel like I could hibernate for a month
  9. Just had that as well, really good. I'm struggling to think of another UK brewer with such a good 'hit' rate. I'm waaaaayyyy down south (West Kent) and it's weird that a county so steeped in hops has a fairly weak brewery scene (there's some OK ones but very stuck in the old styles). Beak not too far down the road though.
  10. Starting the weekend with a can of the SMOD Fluffy White Rabbits. It's excellent, probably just pips the Biere De Mars to my favourite so far from them but we are talking small margins and pretty much everything I've had from them so far I'd make a point to buy again.
  11. I picked up 3 each of the new SMOD,looking forward to trying them. I'd be interested in your thoughts on the Beak collab (when you get a chance to try it)
  12. Every time his name is mentioned, all I can think of is this:
  13. Drinking the Fort Point now, it's a unique beer and i'm enjoying it. It's hard to put a finger on quite why I like it though, it's both light and has a big punch in terms of flavour. I can't say I've had better in the style, but I don't think (some) UK breweries are too far off.
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