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  1. Mime (PC98) - Labyrinth Of Lost Sheep - Composer Hiroaki Sano (midi version in the spoiler)
  2. @KlatrymadonBased on my couple of days playing playing Natsuki Chronicles I think you'll be in for a treat! I have Eschatos as well, really enjoyed that at the time. I've posted my favourite track from the game below. You can definitely hear a lot of PC98 influences are present in this particular track,and still prevalent in Japanese games. It's quite fitting really as it's kind of ties in with my PC98 stuff I've been posting .... although I'm straying off the path for this one! I can easily imagine a chiptune version of this using something like a YM2608. Eschatos (Xbox 360) -
  3. @Klatrymadon Thanks for posting that Natsuki Chonicles track. I love a good shmup, I had the game on my radar last year but then forgot all about it until your post prompted me into making the purchase. The whole soundtrack is excellent! Dracula Hakushaku (PC-98) - D_02d - Composer Ryu Takami
  4. Jotego has just publically released Contra & Street Fighter cores. I know which one I'm playing this weekend! The sound on SF is very scratchy. Edit: The updater doesn't seem to be picking them up at the moment, you can get the various components of the cores here: Contra RBF Contra MRA (on github rightclick "raw" & then "save as" SF RBF SF MRA (same deal as above)
  5. Guernica (PC98) - Battle 2 - Composer Gou Adachi
  6. I forgot to address the MSU-1 question earlier. Are you wanting this specifically in relation to MiSTer? In short, while there is a version of the core that "supports" MSU-1 audio (and I use that word very loosely!) it is very glitchy, tracks don't loop or they fail to play. In all honesty, it's not worth bothering with and is more hassle than what it's worth. The MSU-1 fork of the Snes core was never official and was abandoned a long time ago. The MSU-1 enabled core also needed it's own special "mister main" file to make the core work. This file broke compatibility for a lot of the official
  7. Hi @phresh. you're right in that you only need the main DE10-Nano board if you're using HDMI exclusively. The DE10 board comes with it's own universal power supply, you may need a cheap shaving adapter. Then you'll need the 128MB SDRAM, and a cheap USB hub from Amazon will suffice. I would consider getting the fan and heatsink pack as well. I consider the heatsink essential. DE10 NANO - Here or Here 128MB SDRAM Heatsink, fan & mounting plate Amazon USB Hub (I believe many have used this, I used a different hub in my early days) Here's a video I saw ea
  8. War-Torn Versnag (X68000) - Battle 2 - Composer Ryu Umemoto (and possibly Toyo Kusanagi)
  9. DoDonPachi is almost within reach. I really can't wait for this one and is my most anticipated core. Josh Bassett (Nullobject) has now implemented the sound softcore within the main core. I may have to join his Patreon for this one to show my appreciation!
  10. This is maybe not as exciting as the recent Atomiswave+Dreamcast news, but in a similar vein Ced (creator as the Fenrir ODE) seems to be having a crack at converting ST-V games to run on the Saturn. This early work looks promising based on his tweets.
  11. Neural Gear (X68000) - Systematic Eyes - Composer Keishi Yonao
  12. I guess it depends on what the seller is including with the "ready to go" kit, and if you really want everything. Would it be from the following seller by any chance? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MISTER-FPGA-READY-TO-GO-NEW/224231629264?hash=item34353f21d0:g:XWIAAOSwmX9frR8w The following are essential... DE10 Nano from Mouser or Digikey £130 approx 128MB SDRAM is about £55 from MisterFPGA.co.uk MicroSD card, the larger the better, but as we now have hard drive support not as essential as it used to be. The rest of the bits are optional in my opinion
  13. Knight Arms (X68000) - Slapping Ball (Stage 1-2) - Composer Toshiya Yamanaka
  14. A couple of arcade cores that were previously in beta have now been released officially. The Gauntlet, Gaunlet II & Vindicators core, as well as the core for Time Pilot '84 will now be picked up by the updater.
  15. Elemental Ou (PC-98) - ELE_12 - Composer TOYO Kusanagi
  16. Yuugiri - Ningyoushi no Isan (PC98) - Dream At Dawn - Composer Ryu Takami
  17. FZ Senki Axis (X68000 YM2151 Version) - Next War - Composer Motoi Sakuraba In the spoiler is a X68000 midi version (Roland CM-64), plus the Megadrive version .
  18. Possessioner (PC98) - Battle Scene B - Composer Masahiro Kajihara
  19. Yu-No (PC98) - Opening - Composer Ryu Umemoto
  20. Twilight (X68000) - Dimineate - Composer Ryu Umemoto & Hiroaki Sano
  21. Guardian Recall (PC98) - Little Angel - Composer Itou Kenichi
  22. Es no Houteishiki (PC98) - Origin of Next Tragedy - Composer "Garage Land"
  23. I'm withholding the title & composer of this piece. All you need to know is it's on the PC88!
  24. Appare Den: Fukuryuu no Sho (PC-98) - OR_06 - Composer Rikei Hirashima
  25. Looks like the DoDonPachi / Cave core is inching closer to release. Josh Bassett has finished off his FPGA implementation of the Yamaha YMZ280B sound chip. Ithink this is the core I'm looking forward to the most! Edit: Can't remember if I posted this at the time but here's a demo of the core as it currently stands without sound. This video is about two months old. If you're a Patreon of Josh Bassett you can grab the the core and play it in it's current state as demonstrated here. I don't normally do Patreon but I am so tempted right now!
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