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  1. It's not a common game, and sells for big money nowadays (looks over at my mint USA copyI got back at around the time of release). It's certainly worth emulating and one of the best games on the Saturn. The amount of sprites on the screen at once is amazing. Shining Force III Scenario 3 (Saturn) - The Bustling Wilderness. There's a certain Ennio Morricone "Spaghetti Western" vibe to this.
  2. Dragon Force (Saturn) - Castle - Probably my favourite RPG of the era.
  3. To quote one of the Youtube comments ...."Your you're listening to the sounds of Birdman on Night Groove on 199.5 KN64 The Mushroom Kingdom's best Music station" Pilot Wings 64 - (N64) - Birdman - Composed by Dan Hess - He's recently revisited this track & reworked it somewhat.
  4. Haha, very true! I'd forgotten that Analog like to keep the production numbers low!
  5. While this aspect of the Pocket is certainly tantalizing, I have some reservations about it ... from a MiSTer perspective. But it has the potential to be good for Pocket owners. Someone like Jotego is probably already on board with this, so CPS0 cores will probably be among the first cores to be ported across. Will MiSTer developers be tempted to develop for the Pocket instead, the incentive being the "Core Store" that Kevtris has talked about before? I think these 3rd party cores will likely be sold for money and the developers getting paid with Analogue taking a large cut. What restrictions will Analogue put on developers so that their cores aren't released anywhere else and the projects become closed source? It'll be interesting to see how this works out.
  6. Batman Return Of The Joker - Stage 1 - NES - Sunsoft displaying their audio mastery on the NES again!
  7. Have to admit that I've kinda had my eye on getting this, but the 9 month lead time is just too long. The music creation aspect of the Pocket is still piquing at this point so I may still change my mind. But as I have other ways of playing GB, GBC, GBA & GG on the big screen (MiSTer) the sensible side of me is screaming "I don't need this", I almost certainly wouldn't need the dock, and my musical creation needs are taken care of by the Yamaha monster you see to the left! That leaves the Lynx & NeoGeo Pocket aspects that are keeping me interested from a gaming perspective. When I ordered the Super NT & Mega SG machines previously cores for the SNES & Megadrive have appeared on the MiSTer between the time of ordering & the console shipping. If I ordered this what are the chances of a Lynx & NGP core appearing on MiSTer? Quite high I'd say. HAving said that, it'll be nice to have a GBA screen that is visible for my aging eyes for the train journeys. $200 Pocket / $16 screen protector / $50 shipping minimum once currency is converted roughly £205. Then add the inevitable £40-£50 customs/vat/handling charge on top. Another thing that is slightly off putting with Analogue is the way they appear to abandon their previous products, this has always been the case but became obvious with the "Analogue NT Mini Noir". As an owner of the original run of the "NT Mini" I have to say that I'm a little annoyed that the firmware updates and new features that the new final run of the "Noir" will get are not being made available to those of us who own the original "NT Mini". (I think it's a different fpga in the new production run though, although I'm sure it could be made to work on the older hardware). For me personally, this has left a bit of a sour taste as far as Analogue products are concerned. I'm talking myself out of getting one of these, aren't I?!!!!
  8. SD Snatcher - "Difficult Move" - MSX2
  9. Journey To Silius - Stage 2 - NES - Sunsoft really knew how to extract the best from the audio chips in the 8+16 bit eras
  10. shiffy

    Xbox Series X

    Not seeing too much gameplay here so far.
  11. Lagrange Point Opening Theme - Famicom - Using expansion audio / Konami VRC7
  12. It was the Kim Justice Sega Model 1/2/3/ video that prompted me to post Daytona. It's like a Beatles or Abba number that will never get old. A true classic. Battle Squadron - Amiga
  13. Daytona USA - Let's Go Away - Sung live by the composer, Takenobu Mitsuyoshi. This has probably appeared before, but .... what the hell! This has legendary status. We had Sega Rally almost two weeks ago, can't have one without the other! (Has anyone guessed I like "live performances" yet? Afterall, I am a musician. Wait until I get to the live cosplay musicians!)
  14. Final Fantasy IV Medley - peformed live by "The Super NES Band" using real Snes tone generators.
  15. If I'm wrong I hold my hand up and apologize profusely. I thought I'd read some time ago that srg320 had had a hand in the Mega CD development on the Everdrive as well. I don't follow Krikzz anywhere near as closely as I do the world of MiSTer. My memory ain't what it used to be & I do get things wrong from time to time! I have the fixed Golden Axe files so I'll be testing that tomorrow. It's my hope that anything that benefits the MiSTer world will trickle down to other aspects of retro gaming so that others in the community benefit also. I really do feel that the MiSTer is one of the most exciting things to happen in the retro world in a very long time and it's a project that I've become very passionate about and as such like sharing info about it in the hope other find it useful.
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