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  1. Ferrari F355 Challenge (Arcade / Dreamcast / PS2) - Barren Land (Name Entry) - Composers Fumio Ito & Keisuke Tsukahara
  2. Josh Bassett already has Dangun Feveron running (sort of! - see video) on the Cave core & ESP.Ra.Da is being worked on as well. Very good news!
  3. A new beta core has appeared for a few arcade games. These include Qbert, Qbert Qubes, Curve Ball, Insector, Mad Planets & Tylz. For those interested in having a go at trying these out you'll have to do a manual setup as the updaters won't grab the .mra & .rbf yet. Grab the core RBF file here and put it into /_Arcade/cores Download each of the MRA files here. On Github, click the link for each mra file, then right-click on "raw" and then select "save link as / save as". You'll have to find the "missing components" by yourself! Bear in mind that this is
  4. Sky Adventure (Arcade) - Name Entry - Composer Hiroaki Shimizu
  5. @Count BuffalosIn your arcade folder just create two folders, they can be named anything but just name them CPS1.5 and Cave for easy identification. Find your ***.mra files for CPS1.5 games and DoDonpachi and drop them into the relevant folder. For the official memtest core a quick test can be as little as five minutes. If there's a problem with the sdram board itself it will probably give an error within that time. The longer you leave it running without errors the better. Testing for an hour should tell you if your sdram is good or not. I think the accepted speed without showing any errors i
  6. @acegrace Would you be able to post a video or pic of these red lines? As I mentioned earlier, my sdram passed without any issues and I only ever saw the green screen. I'm still of the thinking that there isn't really an issue. When this first came to light it was with the first public release of the CPS1.5 core. With this release Jotego changed the sdram controller, that's when the issues started. Given how many people were experiencing issues then, in comparison to what Jotego's poll showed (after reworking this controller - most people's ram passed both 48MHz & 96MHz) I stil
  7. @Count BuffalosI've gone to PM about this.
  8. @Count BuffalosIf it's one of the newer generation of XB One controllers then it should work over bluetooth. I've only got first gen Xbox One + Elite controllers that don't have bluetooth so I can only use them wired. I don't see any reason why they wouldn't work though. Initially, to pair a controller hit F12 twice on the keyboard, scroll down to scripts and you should see "bluetooth pair". Put your controller into pairing mode & then press enter on the "bluetooth pair" script. It may take a couple of attempts (my 8bitdo pads took a few attempts). Once you've paired the contro
  9. @Count BuffalosPressing F1 on a keyboard will allow you to cycle between the default wallpapers and change the static background. Addionally, if you create a folder called "Wallpapers" on the root of the SD card you put your own backgrounds in there & have any wallpaper you like. The script should have created a "Games" folder. Within that is where you put your games. Each folder that is contained within "Games" must be named the same as the core (pushing F12 or using your core menu button) will bring up the OSD, running down the left hand side of the OSD will be the core name - see t
  10. The day has finally arrived ..... DoDonPachi has finally had it's public release. I'm also pretty excited as Nullobject (Josh Bassett) has intentions of continuing to work on the core and bring Donpachi & Dangun Feveron to the core as well, with longer term plans to bring Toaplan arcade games to MiSTer. RUN YOUR UPDATERS! Edit - Dunfon ----- brain fart moment!
  11. For the newer MiSTer users (and those on the fence) here's a new basic overview of the MiSTer with a focus more on Arcade gaming. Short & concise.
  12. I like this idea! I'll refrain from posting my PC88/PC98/X68K for a while, I've still got a quite a few to post but I can start that up again anytime! One more contribution from me ..... Raiden II (Arcade) - Name Entry - Composer Go Sato
  13. Cosmic Pyscho (PC98) - Neptune - Composer Ryu Takami
  14. @Count BuffalosThis guide on the official MiSTer page will give you everything you need to get going. The are two methods of setting up the SD card. The first is a relatively new way of installing known as the "Mr Fusion Installation Method". Basically, it writes an image to an SD card, then putting said SD card into the DE10 to complete the setup. I've used this method once. The second method (and my preferred method - only because I've been using it longer) is the "Manual Installation Method" which you'll see further down the page. Before you put your SD card into the DE10 y
  15. As you'll know if you've followed this thread for a few weeks I did initially have problems with the wrestling games. From further reading Jotego thinks that's a different problem and is currently a low priority in terms of fixing. Then we had the release of the SFZero hack with QSound, I couldn't get into a match & instead would crash immediately before the fight started (memory address error). The next CPS1.5 rbf release fixed that for me. I never had issues with Cadillacs or Punisher. I haven't fully played Cadillacs yet but I did credit-feed Punisher to test for issues from start to fi
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