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  1. 5. Eames - Gloria Koenig. An overview of Ray and Charles Eames and their main works / output. A quick read with some interesting facts. 6. Change is the Only Constant: The Wisdom of Calculus in a Madcap World - Ben Orlin. 20 years after studying A-Level Maths, I finally understand the context and application of concepts that my tutors were trying to drill into me. I might pick up Orlin's other book on Mathematics on the strength of this.
  2. Who's the author of this please? I'm trying to find it online to see if it's something I might like. Thanks.
  3. I have! Both Vicious and Villains - they were my first of hers and I’m now hooked! Thanks for the suggestions though. I’ve taken 3 or 4 books from this thread and added them to my ‘to read’ list so thanks to all for sharing their thoughts.
  4. A quick primer. I read more books in the last quarter of 2019 than I had in my previous 37 years combined. This is mostly due to me stopping playing video games (the irony of posting this on here) and watching TV. 1. A Conjuring of Light - V.E. Schwab. 3rd book in the Magic series (maybe the last?) and thoroughly enjoyable. 2. Educated - Tara Westover. I’ve not read many books in my life but this ranks near/at the top. Devoured it over a weekend and found great value / meaning in so much of the content. 3. How to Teach Quantum Physics to your Dog - Chad Orzel. Read this as a follow on to A Brief History of Time. Initially the ‘dog speak’ was off putting but overall the content was interesting and thoroughly digestible. 4. Into Thin Air - Jon Krakauer. Started over Christmas and finished early in the New Year. I like Jon’s writing style (See ‘Into The Wild’) and found the story equal parts harrowing / saddening.
  5. I hope to join in again in January as I’ll have a G29 wheel and stand as of tomorrow.
  6. I’ll put this here as it’s more retro than modern. A few bits of kit that may or may not be seen: Saturn with ODE (Rhea I think) Ultra HDMI modded N64 with Everdrive 64 v2.5 HDMI modded Dreamcast with clone GDEMU Analogue Super NT Analogue Sega SG PS1 with PSIO pending install Phat UK launch PS3 OSSC Generic HDMI switch Aside from gaming, the AV side comprises 77” C8 Oled tv Kii Three Speakers Roon audio server for music playback I play around 0.5 hrs per week on the consoles - they’re mainly for show unfortunately.
  7. 1) Yes for me. 2) Zelda BOTW
  8. If I can jump in here? I have the internal DCHDMI mod and it indeed flawless. I’ve previously used a VGA box into a generic HDMI adapter that worked very well.
  9. My nomination is Decap Attack. I know it from the Mega Drive but it may have appeared elsewhere.
  10. I’m about to pull the trigger on one of these so great timing in the thread @Dr_Dave I like the look of your case, did you get that from RetroShop? I’ve browsed their Facebook store and can’t see it. I’m keen to get that one myself as it looks bette than other ones I’ve seen. Would you mind sharing a link to where I can buy one please?
  11. I’m keen to get involved in this. Shall we share lap times/ race times per track (stating version) to see how we compare?
  12. This was news to me last week when I first saw the video (custom dungeons in BOTW WiiU emulation on PC). I’m definitely going to try some out soon. That music / audio video a few posts up was brilliant. This is still my favourite game of all time.
  13. Did you just spray into the stick ‘hole’ so to speak? I have a can of contact cleaner so keen to give this a go.
  14. Amazon have pretty much matched Smyths with the mini available for £26.99. That’s easier / cheaper for me than the 10 mile round trip to Smyths. I only bought one one because of what’s been said in this thread. I’m keen to have a play.
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