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  1. Plums


    Such insight. The human condition laid open. My soul burns with a white brilliance in the wake of this new understanding. Nothing is the same. Reality is a construct. My mind and the universe are one. Tell me more my wise and subtle master. Teach me.
  2. It's great isn't it! The way it's broken down makes it read almost like a compendium of short stories. You don't want them to end because they are so compelling but then you get onto the next one and are sucked in anew. I need to get hold of the third book actually.
  3. For some reason the thread made me think of House of Leaves. There's definitely some intense claustrophobia going on in that book.
  4. It's chilled. Maybe you can get it frozen too but I've not seen it. You can buy it at Holland and Barrett and ocado, plus lots of indy places. Sainsbury have started stocking Fry's too, though whether they have the mince or not is I suspect down to the store.
  5. Fry's for me. Fantastic stuff.
  6. Vegans will avoid the meat aisle, obviously. There is nothing there that they can buy. It makes shopping that much quicker being able to entirely ignore one (or two) aisles. It's annoying having to track things down though. In my local big Sainsbury they put a few plant milks by the cow milk, but the majority of them way over the other side of the store with the baking ingredients. Vegans avoiding something that tastes like meat though? That's not true for the vast majority in my experience.
  7. Plums

    Food Prepping

    And they would be the people that voted leave.
  8. It was alright. Not worth the massive price tag. Maybe it's good for baking and stuff. Palm oil free though which is always good.
  9. Yeah! Love this. They do a greek style kebab now as well. My local big Tesco has just started selling Natura vegan butter - exciting! Haven't tried it yet. Going to go in hard tomorrow morning with some toast.
  10. I had this as a child! Actually it was my brother's, and he still has it. Totally enthralling! EDIT: Wait! It was the After Man book I had, not Man After Man.
  11. I enjoyed Gridlinked! It's a bit too "pew pew" at times for my taste and some parts are faintly ridiculous, but it all seems to hang together quite well. I listened to the audiobook of the second one and it didn't do much for me, I just don't think I get on with audiobooks. I will undoubtedly tackle the third at some point (on paper). I finished Pushing Ice and thought it was really good! Easily my favourite thing of his I've read. It's pretty long and could easily have become boring in the later acts. I did prefer the early parts on the Rockhopper I think, but it manages to keep plodding along nicely all the way to the end.
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