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  1. I think if you struggle with your defending try and go with the 4-1-2-1-2 (2) or the 4-2-3-1 with your cdms on stay back while attacking that works best for me in futchamps I usually play that until I think I can win the game then I switch to the 4-3-2-1 and attack. Trying to defend on this game is shit so prob try to keep the ball as much as possible and wind the other guy up until he pulls people out aggressively i won a futchamps game against a elite 1 player so he says by passing the ball around the back until most of his team was in my half then hitting balls over the top scummy but worked lol
  2. Libero Grande Invitational II

    Sorry can't make tonight going emirates
  3. I'd defo get Valencia in IMO he's the only RB that can match up against ronaldo
  4. I've Given up on WL now I cba with the 40 games to get 28-30 wins to get Cahill in a pack ! I usually just play a few for gooner when he's off so If anyone needs me to play a few on a Sunday night to get em to the next tier just give me a shout
  5. Libero Grande Invitational II

    Does anyone actually play clubs regularly ? If so should get a little squad going and get up to div 1 with the least losses possible
  6. 88 desailly for 800k 86 vieira 1.2m Or overmars in at LW for 455k insane pace and 5 star weak foot !
  7. I'm watching al on ps he's got bare packs
  8. BAP - Season 39 sign up thread

    Well If anyone fancies a couple of friendlies I usually have a squad on most nights who are 27-0-0 if anyone fancies a game send me a message
  9. BAP - Season 39 sign up thread

    The pro club issue is fixed , you can now play friendlies
  10. Yeah I didn't have time to qualify this week coz I've been away and didn't play It last weekend so just said that it disconnected me from the final and they was like sorry about this and sent me an email saying My WL been activated lol

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