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  1. Nintendo Switch

    The SD cards are capped so the. speeddoesn’t really make a difference. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-2017-best-microsd-cards-for-switch-loading-time-comparison_7
  2. Nintendo Switch eShop

    Don’t forget that you can copy the SD card content to your PC hard-drive and copy it to any new SD card that you might buy.
  3. Nintendo Switch

    Splatoon is fine with portable motion control. Cross platform will be off the table though, the Switch players would be far more accurate at aiming.
  4. SOLO: A Star Wars Story

  5. SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    They seem a bit sheepish about showing the redesigned Falcon. Probably terrified that it will cause a lot of bad publicity.
  6. Rocket League

    :trade?! :carpenter!
  7. The timeframe seems right for the first incarnation of a certain Sci-Fi show coming to an end. I wonder if the Tarantino does Star Trek talk could be to do with this film.
  8. The noise the phasers made when getting ready to fire were hilarious. Burnham would have to be deaf not to hear them sneaking up on her in the corridor.
  9. I wonder if the actor will stick around once The Shape of Water wins all the Oscars, he’ll be off doing all kinds of big Hollywood stuff.
  10. Nintendo Switch eShop

    Create a new Nintendo account on the Nintendo site. When it asks where you are from - choose Russia. Then create a new user on the Switch and link it to the new account. When you enter the eshop via that user it will be Russian. My debit card works just fine on the Russian eshop. The button layout is the same as the EU shop so you don’t need to learn to read Russian.
  11. Nintendo Switch eShop

    So far Oxenfree has been a great game to play in bed because I’m not hammering buttons and sounding like a blacksmith’s workshop.
  12. If alt accounts are not allowed, how come Michael McIntyre has three? Bloody celebrity privilege.
  13. To think that something like this will be pushing the techonology in things like self driving cars and robot manufacturing forwards is amazing. The Nintendo engineers will be writing all kinds of code that will read the state of multiple physical objects at maybe something like 60 times a second. The workarounds and shortcuts used to make this work on such dainty hardware will scale up magnificently. It’s the the start of the future renewables enlightenment.
  14. The kids use programmable robotic bugs at school to learn about coding and sequencing. Hopefully Labo will be a fun extension to that kind of learning and thinking. ♪♫♬We bought it to help with your homework!♪♫♬

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