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  1. If it's all going Multiverse mad. I'd like Nic Cage's Johnny Blaze to appear and pass the Ghost Rider onto the Jon Bertnal's Punisher.
  2. The music writers on the Chart Music Podcast were talking about the death of the critical music press in the mid-nineties. They say around that time record companies only gave access to bands if they gave favourable reviews to the other artists on their label. So for access to Oasis or Blur, or advertising revenue from the ads they might place Melody Maker and the like had to toe the line and watch what they wrote. Some bands said they probably could have done with the criticism for them to understand what they were doing wrong I think maybe a similar thing is happeni
  3. It seems the actors in Discovery are not being given the chance to make the characters their own. The TOS, TNG and DS9 cast with a bit of cajoling and the odd nag were able gently nudge the writers to mold their characters into the solid fleshed out characters that people love. That way of working worked so well that the actors ended up being confident enough to direct their peers in later episodes of the show. I think that kind of background stuff really helps with the feel of the stuff that is seen up on the screen. The poor Discovery crew s
  4. It was a like a ballet. A beautiful majestic ballet.
  5. To scale it back they should have had the Burn affect a massive area of the Federation. An area that contained the headquarters and the founding members. Have the Klingon and Romulan civilizations unable to enter the area for fear of losing ships. Discovery turns up. Can spore jump into where the Kelpian kid is because it doesn't need warp. Hang that around Roddenbury's Star Trek Bible. With the areas unaffected by the Burn becoming a bit lawless to allow a little bit of play with the Roddenbury ideals. I managed to write this in the bath with one hand. CBS should de
  6. I like the contrast between the cleanliness of Earth and grotty well used look of the Belter places. It plays into the narrative that Belters waste nothing and repurpose all their junk. Whereas on Earth they live a decadent wasteful lifestyle. In real life we've certainly chucked out our chintz and have started to look a bit more Star Trek TNG. (Except maybe those 'love, laugh, live' decor types)
  7. One more episode! I'm so excited! Building up to a cracking season 4! http://blog.trekcore.com/2021/01/star-trek-discovery-season-finale-photos-that-hope-is-you-part-2/
  8. The black transparency gradient of the UI when you start video is terrible. It takes so long to fade that it's spoiling cold openings of TV shows all over the place.
  9. Rogue Trooper is £2 on the Nintendo eShop if it tickles anyone's fancy.
  10. 11 and half hours and the battle is still raging! Are you still in the system @pulsemyne? http://www.twitch.tv/imperiumnews
  11. Killing off Luke a film too early is what really puts the dampeners on the film for me. Would rather he had passed away during the opening scroll of The Force Awakens if this was how they were going to end the Skywalker saga. The end of Rise and it's 'rey Skywalker' doesn't quite fulfill the epic story the other 6 films put together. (Even though the prequels are a mess)
  12. 'fan fiction' - the old slur used to keep the Hollywood writers in a job. Slap those budding writers down early before they dare get good at writing.
  13. It's Christmas Day tomorrow. Don't be tempted to watch it. Even if you burn the sprouts. Merry Christmas!
  14. Yeah. The music was awesome. I'm sure they kept teasing the end credits to start with the blast of the star wars fanfare like they do in the original films. You know the blast I mean, it's at 1:45 on this this video....
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