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  1. I wonder if our other big stars might look at Coutinho and Can and think twice about moving. Could be an(other?) upside to losing them. I’m not sure the likes of our front three would have their heads turned as easily after a CL win and all the rest anyway, but it’s just another thing that might put them off if a big name tries it on.
  2. I’ve bought the Jap version of this because it’s my fave design and what I had in the ‘90s. Are there any downsides/upsides to this in terms of games etc? Not too fussed as I assume they’ll be hacked anyway but just curious.
  3. This game is like my kitchen sink yesterday - all blocked up and slow moving and then at ‘half-time’ the plumber came and hoovered out the pipes and now it’s all flowing nicely.
  4. That was like a City game towards the end of last season where a team would do well against them for ages and then they’d get an undeserved goal and that’d be it.
  5. Another exciting day in the diary of Adrian goal... keeper.
  6. Nerd stopped being an insult for a few years when it was used to refer to glasses-wearing drama student hipsters which is clearly what Abby thinks she is. Then people just used ‘hipster’ as a catch all and fuck knows where nerd’s at these days but she’s not using it affectionately - I don’t think she means to be too disparaging either, though she does always say it with an air of superiority.
  7. Why can Americans say Snoopy but not Snooker?
  8. https://www.espn.com/soccer/liverpool/story/3910947/van-dijk-interview-liverpools-ballon-dor-hopeful-on-champions-league-glorychallenging-man-city
  9. I’m still a bit disappointed we didn’t go out and buy another top CB. Matip does a job and Gomez was good before injury, still rusty at mo though. A Koulibaly or someone would have really sealed things up I think but I suppose we did well last year. I didn't want us to go crazy and I think keeping the core squad and the harmony is important but one or two quality players in key positions should have been brought in I think.
  10. What the fuck? They stop the game if the ball hits the ref now? With this and the stupid handball rule and no doubt VAR to scrutinise it all they’re really trying to fuck football up.
  11. First class or not, they’re still sat on a plane for hours which isn’t good for you and if any of those players are like me they’ll be unable to sleep and find it fucks them up.
  12. Just look knackered. Amazes me how teams will complain of fixture congestion in the season and then fly around the world twice playing games for cash before the next one starts.
  13. Pockets

    PES 2020

    The problem football games have that other games don't is that there's a real world sport to compare it to. I know NFL, and I'm sure NHL and NBA games, get the same hyper criticism because they're not the same as playing or watching the real thing. People complained that the number of fouls in PES was way too low because a ten minute videogame wasn't throwing up the numbers you'd get in a real life 90 minute match. That's why the refs are super fussy this year. It's silly. People need to understand that it's a videogame first. The criticisms are valid, as are those of FIFA and ultimately it comes down to what approximation of football you prefer. Neither will be a true simulation and if it was people wouldn't like it.
  14. Pockets

    PES 2020

    It's the best PES for years, if not ever. That's not saying it's amazing or free of faults, but it's the most footbally. FIFA fans are never going to like it for that reason alone. I don't mind FIFA occasionally, it's flashy presentation and licences have a nice effect on my child-brain, but it's fuck all like football. Life would be much easier if it was a better game but it's not, and so PES's esoteric menus and pop-up licence agreements in demos and other bullshit still have to waded through to get to a decent game of football. The weight and inertia on the players is great but they had that maybe last year or the year before (on that online beta they did) and fucked it for the full game. Game speed is the best it's ever been too. Shooting is different (not sure if better or worse yet, weightier and slower) and they've 'fixed' advanced through balls to respond more predictably to input now but having got used to the how they were, to devastating effect, they feel broken to me.
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