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  1. Just about a third or maybe a quarter to go I think. Sort of anyway. You'll probably find it goes quicker now than it did before but there's still a chunk left.
  2. Pockets

    Battlefield V - November 20th

    Does this have a decent single player campaign? Tempted to do the £15 access and run through it on PC. Theoretically I'd then be about for online but I can't really play these games and would be on controller too.
  3. Pockets

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Shaq is super cool. What a finish. Calm as fuck.
  4. Pockets

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    If we get one soon it’ll open up for us. If we don’t, it’ll be another of those cagey ones that we might win 1-0 if we’re lucky. Could easily slip up though. It’s one of those already.
  5. Pockets

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    This is a real ‘bell’ grade performance.
  6. Pockets

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Had a funny feeling we’d be shit in this one. Worryingly, we look a bit on the downturn as opposed to the upturn we’ve all been waiting for. Still not really firing this season despite some decent results.
  7. Pockets

    What's hidden in the fade?

    There’s the famous Esso Blue instead of SOS at the end of Message in a Bottle. I liked the story behind the ‘teeth’ you hear at the start of Stumble by R.E.M. (I think it’s Stumble) as Michael Stipe does his flies up after a piss and references the noise the teeth of the zip make.
  8. Pockets

    Games you keep buying despite not liking them

    I think it’s less of a problem on some systems than others. If there’s a lot of top tier stuff you can pick and choose what you like. I encountered the Smash problem on Wii U when I bought it because I had the other ten games that were considered great and thought I might as well complete the collection despite not liking it on GameCube. That was £40 wasted just to have ‘all the system’s top games’ whereas on PC I might um and ah for ages over a £5 purchase wondering if I’ll actually play it. Its addition to my 200 other games and my collection isn’t a factor there. Nintendo are the worst for this as they make such appealing looking products regardless of whether you might actually like the game. Smash looks so polished and well put together that the fact it’s shit doesn’t immediately strike you.
  9. Pockets

    Games you keep buying despite not liking them

    Yep, I went through a shmup phase lat year and this year it's JRPGs. I, too, only get into a few of them which isn't a problem with shmups as they're cheap on Steam but some of the JRPGs are a bit more and are of course much more demanding of time. (Just bought Trails of Cold Steel 1 and 2). I think I just like exceptionally good games from any genre so will enjoy something like Mushihimesama and then think I must like all bullet hell shmups. These days though, after 25+ years of gaming, I feel like I've seen it all and am less willing to give my time to something unless it really is exceptional top of its class quality. I've got enough games that are to not bother with anything that isn't.
  10. Pockets

    Games you keep buying despite not liking them

    I kept buying adventure/RPG/open world type games as they're what I would have loved when I was 14 and still do to some extent but I've now learnt to lookout for the key worlds 'crafting' and 'survival' and I know that if they're mentioned anywhere on the internet in relation to the game in question I'll end up hating it. There are always exceptions of course and DQXI's crafting element didn't bother me too much.
  11. Pockets


    Cheers, will hold on for now and see what happens in November.
  12. Pockets


    Is this a weird 'vaguely scary or loosely related to Hallowe'en' sale or is it pretty much the same as I can expect at the end of November? Holding out for reductions on Trails of Cold Steel but no joy so far, wondered if there might be more chance next month in the Autumn sale.
  13. Pockets

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Here we go. Shaq attack. I might have to get a Shaqiri shirt, something about me being 6’6” makes it seem amusing.
  14. Pockets

    PES 2019

    I've played a couple of games since the patch and it seems a little better. AI routines are a bit less obvious although they did still score from a low cross. It seems generally higher scoring now, though that's from a small sample size - mainly due to keepers making bad decisions/fucking up.
  15. Pockets

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Fabinho’s that cunt that always takes 5 a side too seriously and injures everyone. He looks good.

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