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  1. Don’t leave the Wii U.
  2. Pockets

    Best one hit wonder of all time

    Also, this thread is the forum version of every Cash Converters CD rack in the country.
  3. Pockets

    Best one hit wonder of all time

    I'll see this and raise you the better original -
  4. Pockets

    Nintendo Direct - 13.02 10PM GMT

    That Zelda game looks very close to the Zelda in Mario 3D World engine game I thought they should make. I know it’s a remake but I don’t think I played it, or not for years anyway. Should be good.
  5. Pockets

    Nintendo Switch

    They clearly realised they were on a Road to Nowhere with the original build and have decided that Burning Down the House and starting again is the best plan.
  6. Pockets

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    For fuck's sake. I stopped posting in here for a month when you all got annoyed with my pessimism after I said 4 points wouldn't be enough when we lost to City. Now look at you all. This is the annual slump we always have after those stupid warm weather breaks. Every year they come back and fuck up for the next two or three games. I wish they didn't do it but maybe it has some sort of effect later on as we normally finish reasonably well. We've had two disappointing draws. We might have another dodgy result before things improve and looking at the schedule there are probably a few more points to be dropped too but City have shown they're capable of catastrophic fuck ups as well. I still, personally, don't really think it's doable. We don't have the cover and maybe should have bought someone in January. I think ultimately we'll just drop 1 or 2 more points than we can afford but it's not over at all. Assuming the current blip gets patched up reasonably quickly we should come out of it with a point or two in hand and then you've just got to hope City hand us some more to squander. It's possible, but like I said after the City game, 4 points then was never going to be enough. You're only disappointed now if you thought it would be. There's a lot more scrapping to go. Anyway, I'm off again now. PS: Hendo's still not good enough to play in this team.
  7. Pockets

    Nintendo Switch

    This is like walking into an old age pensioner’s home in Thanet and breaking up their Daily Mail reading session by saying Brexit’s a bad idea.
  8. I don’t like point and click adventure games. Anything that involves crafting as more than an optional 5 minute side thing. Survival stuff where you basically have to shop for food or whatever. ‘Quirky’ British games. I associate this with Amiga or older Speccy and Commodore stuff but I mean things like Fable. I don’t know why, it just really irritates me. Something about it seems like the most uncool geeky side of gaming and I know how stupid that sounds but there you go, it doesn’t appeal. Games were always Japanese weird escapist things for me. Also, most first person shooters. I can enjoy the odd single player campaign but can never get past the feeling that it’s just pointing and clicking on things. You’re just moving a cursor really, with pretty graphics surrounding it. You could throw a load of shapes onto a blank background and make someone click on them as they appear and it would be the same in terms of gameplay. Oh, you can look about, that’s all that separates it.
  9. Pockets

    All time greatest gaming moment

    Seeing Daytona in the arcades in the '90s. I'd read about 3D being the cool thing in magazines but had only really seen it in Starfox maybe, possibly that was later. I'd seen Virtua Racing and Fighter but they seemed just like better, arcade versions of the kind of thing Starfox was doing. I thought it was novel and interesting but found the bare faced polygons a bit bland compared to the artwork of 2D games. It was seeing Daytona at 60fps on that big screen that made me understand that this was where we were heading and I finally understood why. Having said all that, I still mainly play 2D stuff 25 years later.
  10. Pockets

    Nintendo Switch

    Are these likely to be this year or does no one know yet?
  11. Pockets

    Nintendo Switch

    Is there anything missing from this list? https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2019-01-23-nintendo-switch-games-list-2018-release-dates
  12. Pockets

    Nintendo Switch

    Is there anything coming out soonish? I'm just wondering whether to hold on to my Switch or sell it. I was kind of keeping it for Metroid but I was wavering on that anyway. I have a PC for all the other stuff, just after Nintendo games really. Maybe a 3D World port would be worth holding out for but is there nothing new coming?
  13. Pockets

    Nintendo Switch

    If the Switch was a drink...
  14. I think Mario Odyssey might be one in the future. It's good, but nowhere near as good as people make out. I think it benefited from the weird Switch hysteria that prevents people realising the machine is a host for 2-3 year old ports and little else. People love the machine and therefore an original flagship Nintendo title was always going to get the benefit of the doubt seeing's as there are maybe, what, two of them on there? It's Mario Sunshine 2 basically.
  15. Pockets


    Yes, but for me at least, they can still be tricky. You can also credit spam your way through but you don't really improve much doing so. I haven't played properly for a while now but when I was I found it best to keep trying the same start to death process whether that be the first level or two or three. It helped me learn patterns and improve. DoDonPachi and its strong mode was the best game for me to do this as I never remember to bomb. Having the CPU do it for me was like having 9 more lives per credit.

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