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  1. That’s my only hunch and I could be wrong. I’m making sure they have a letter floating into their gobs before I use them now. Obviously it’s fucked either way, but if that’s the case it can at least be worked around. I’m also trying not to do too much between saves.
  2. Ooh something to look forward to then. Was it perhaps after a similar moment? Using a save box that wasn’t meant to be used at that time?
  3. I finally brought myself to do it again and got back to where I was in an hour. Did you hit it near the desert? Without getting more specific. Minor early game stuff that you’ll have seen if you’ve played enough to lose any time. I’m completely guessing here, but I thought it was odd it wouldn’t let me when I tried the first time (probably because the fight was about to start) and it was from then on that they failed.
  4. I’ve heard about other people’s issues but will say mine seems fine and I’m fussy about build quality. The version 1 was pretty shit but, if you get a good one it seems, no probs with version 2.
  5. He’ll be more sad when that T-shirt quits. It seems like that’s been with him every day of his life longer than those guys were.
  6. Pockets


    Cheers. It’s HD yeah. I think I might have it in Steam actually. Will give it a miss for now, so many to be getting on with.
  7. I’ve got an Elite 2, I had the original too. They’re noticeably better than the version 1s. Supposedly the shoulder buttons have been redesigned to negate a common point of failure. They’re good and have a nice heft. I actually like very light controllers too but there is a premium feel you get with the elites. I don’t use any of the paddle stuff or other additions so it’s kind of pointless for me but I just wanted the ‘best’ controller. I like that it has a built in battery and it last ages. If you’ll use the other bits then maybe it’s more worthwhile but it’s ve
  8. I just had my first go in a couple of GT4 cars. I took them round Monza as I’m probably most familiar with that. Seemed slow. Very slow. So I did some research and discovered that GT4 is slower than GT3. That’s the level I’m at, I didn’t know that. I also heard they’re meant to be easier or simpler but not for me. The brakes seem to have quite a relaxed attitude to stopping a car and the gear downshift protection acts like it’s been put in charge of Fort Knox. It’s so over protective it just will not let you downshift until it’s positive nothing will get hurt. Think I’ll
  9. Pockets


    Are Sturmwind and Ghost Blade worth getting on Xbox?
  10. Yeah, but I wonder how voluntary they really were. Literally, they probably were, but realistically they were probably told there wasn’t much future for them and no promises you’ll get the same so might as well take this deal now etc.
  11. I reckon they were just let go with 6 months notice. One person leaving is one thing, but would Alex really leave a cushy little job like that? It’s not like there’ll be huge demand for him elsewhere. Similarly, I wonder if Ben and Abby were pushed out sooner as they hadn’t been there long. I mean, what was Ben planning? I dunno, seems odd that they’d all choose to leave in the current climate. American employment law is a weird thing. I expect they were given a certain pay off that may have included them not disclosing the details.
  12. It’s very weird to think the Beastcast won’t be a thing in my life anymore. I’ve listened to every one. However, I was listening more out of habit and loyalty than anything else. I liked the people, that was it. They increasingly spoke about other things which I enjoyed too but it belied a general lack of interest or kind of procrastination form what they were supposed to be doing. I expect it’s very hard to maintain an interest in games in your 40s, at the level they were supposed to, even if you’re paid to. It must have felt like a natural end point. I’m curiou
  13. Pockets

    Your music/band

    Album here. https://etruscounico.bandcamp.com/ Will have a listen through everyone else’s stuff.
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