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  1. I got a priest to 120 on alliance and it was by far the worst of the lot, such that I didn’t even bother to level my decked out, all legendary available to him undead priest. Just couldn’t face it. also, I have 16 120s My “top 3” are my protection paladin (Ilvl 465), brewmaster monk (Ilvl 463) and guardian Druid (Ilvl 460).
  2. That was brilliant. I'd forgotten they'd cut the queen's son completely. They really did butcher that film - the director's cut is a stunning historical epic, the theatrical a gutted "action adventure" film that makes no sense. Such a shame it's not available in HD digitally. Edit: IT IS! It's on iTunes, director's cut and HD! Bought and will watch tonight. On Google play it's just the theatrical cut in SD.
  3. You mean you don’t like the fact they made an already overlong film even longer? They get a lot of stick, but I still bloody love the Hobbit movies.
  4. It wasn't so much dismissive as you essentially posting "I'd watch it but I don't want to" I disagree with the Aliens one, too. The colony stuff is great set up to show a) how bad the corporation are and b) how the aliens got there. The turret sequence is tense and action packed. Also massively massively disagree with the LotR summary above: the extended editions should be the only way to watch those. They're brilliant. I haven't watched the theatrical cuts since the cinema because the extended editions, which I watch once or twice a year without fail, are so much better. Same goes for the Hobbit versions.
  5. Kingdom of Heaven. Cinematic was shit, director's cut was bloody brilliant. Example: Cinematic: Eva Green sleeps with Orlando Bloom, goes mental and shaves off all her hair. no explanation as to why. Director's cut: Eva Green sleeps with Orlando Bloom. She then finds out her son, the heir to the throne, has leprosy just like her brother the king, so poisons and kills her son to save him years of pain and suffering. Then she shaves off all her hair in grief.
  6. Just save up and get a pro controller. They're worth the investment.
  7. Stick to Galactic Assault. You don't have to be good, although you equally have to not get mad at dying repeatedly! Galactic Assault is a brilliant game mode, but it's a proper meat grinder. There you are, minding your own business, occasionally saying "ROGER ROGER" and then some shitheel clone runs by...
  8. Nah. Hayden Christiansen isn’t brilliant by any stretch, but he wasn’t exactly given much to work with, either. The prequels didn’t die on his acting ability, they died because the story was boring, half-arsed and incomplete - something the clone wars show thankfully rectifies (and yes, Matt Lanter is a better Anakin by far). Anakin is brilliant in Clone Wars, for sure. Also, Kylo Ren’s arc is as generic as generic can be.
  9. Battlefront 2 is superb and well worth playing. They've removed all the loot box shite, it plays like a dream and it's loads of fun. Love it.
  10. I don’t know who Reyn is, or why he thinks you can’t have a rainbow without Rhine, but it did lead me to this video: What game is this from? I must know.
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