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  1. My collection of 4k blurays is fairly limited as I tend to just buy stuff digitally for the convenience. So far, I've got: Avenger's Endgame Jurassic World Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Star Wars the Last Jedi Thor Ragnarok Warcraft I also own all of those digitally, as well
  2. Ah, right. Is that a rumour, then? Can't say I've heard that. More likely to be what Thor said, to be honest!
  3. No. I mean, you can, and it'll be absolutely fine, but you don't need to. All the set up for LOTR is done in LOTR. The Hobbit is just a nice prequel series that fleshes out some of the characters and back story. I'd recommend watching LOTR first, as they're far superior, and then if you enjoy those you can go watch the Hobbit.
  4. You mean other than or in addition to Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh being married to each other?
  5. This sounds really intriguing! Might get it when it's on sale.
  6. Tom Bombadil was shit and I'm glad they cut him.
  7. Did Battle of Dazar'alor achievements for the mount tonight. Only Eternal Palace left next week.
  8. Scientists have brought back dinosaurs and put them in a theme park but they escape.
  9. I bought the extended editions digitally and my wife and I watch them every year at least once. They're very special to us as not only are the fudging amazing films, but Return of the King was the first film we ever saw together at the cinema, so holds a particularly special place in our hearts.
  10. Do you think anyone will notice I'm in mercenary mode?
  11. There is, but it's so minuscule as to probably not be worth the hassle.
  12. Yeah Digital Foundry said as much due to less aggressive blur or something, I dunno. Glad it looks alright on the big screen. I wasn't expecting a 4k 60fps wonder, but thought 720p would just look a blurry horrible mess upscaled onto a 4k oled.
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