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  1. You can cross play PC and console, you just can't invite people to your group. You can get randomly matched with people on other platforms, just not create one yourself. Here is the answer from Game Director Andrew Willins from the AMA on reddit this afternoon: So not 'definitely, definitely'.
  2. @smithstock I didn't get a chance to say this in the AMA, but I saw your lead level designer was on there (Emily?) and if you could pass on compliments at how well the levels are designed. They're so intricate and interesting and look amazing. Still learning my way around them but damn, they are really, really good. Great use of alternate routes, verticalilty and space.
  3. THis is a great laugh with mates. Went in as a 3 man with disc comms and a random and we were doing so well! Makes all the difference. Tooke/Mystic is as awesome as I'd hoped, love it. Just unlocked the perk to make it so my own gas grenade doesn't hurt me which is aces cus that shit drains stamina super fast!
  4. Are you responsible for the enemy team winning and getting more treasure if they get the last winch point, regardless of how many they had prior? Cus that is some bullshit and I’ve lost most of my games to that. Other than that and some issues with combat feeling a bit iffy, I love it!
  5. My key finally came through this morning, despite me ordering it way earlier than my mate who got his yesterday evening. Went to enter the key and
  6. But whilst I'm here...another sweet shot as Huntress!
  7. There's a tutorial that has you hopping between the characters to show you the ropes. Here's the third of my character feature videos and this time it's Robin's right-hand man, Little John aka the Brawler
  8. Wrong thread for what, my dude?
  9. You went to all the trouble of finding that picture and didn’t start with “Now I may be just be a simple country Hyper-Chicken...”
  10. keep up with clone wars. It introduces these characters in the final season and whilst you don’t necessarily need to know more than “they’re the genetic anomalies who get sent on suicide missions”, it’ll make everything so much more epic and amazing as this takes place just prior to and just after order 66 comes in. the first episode is set just before and just after order 66 so follow on directly from tcw. Again, you probably don’t need to know more than the fact the bad batch are a “special” squad with genetic anomalies which get sent on suicide missions
  11. Came in hoping this would be a spin-off. Once again the gods spread cheeks and ram cock in fucking ass!
  12. TO this day my mind still has difficulty parsing that this is the same man: FRANK AND BEANS! And also this guy: And also this guy:
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