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  1. Going into the Arathi Warfront over geared is SUPER fun. I was like a one man wrecking crew. Even took out both siege towers before the demolishers arrived
  2. There's only so much pain and abject misery I can take from you lot before having to go lock myself in a dark room to recover!
  3. https://www.pcgamer.com/uk/nvidia-reportedly-cancels-rtx-3080-20gb-and-rtx-3070-16gb-two-cards-that-may-never-have-existed/
  4. Fucking hell It does spoil it slightly when Matt deliberately makes it so difficult, but it was fun watching them squirm. I mean Liam just fucks it in the first round and it's downhill from there
  5. In fairness Lovecraft isn’t all about tentacles and great cosmic horror, either. There’s the horror of humanity, there’s body horror and so on. His work was relatively more diverse than most people think.
  6. Well, at least they got the costume (mostly) right.
  7. His resemblance to Burt Reynolds is uncanny at times. Him or Nathan Fillion, who Pedro Pascal gets mistaken for a lot. Fillion has that roguish charm that Reynolds had.
  8. Oh blatantly. Her dad, her uncle, her teacher, whoever it is the trailer definitely implies it's a test.
  9. @Loki Let me know when you're on and I'll get you invited. Also sorry to hear you didn't get the brutosaur, that's a shame. My paladin, who is my main, currently has 81 gold. I also did not get the brutosaur
  10. This thread: 4 pages of excitement, 90 pages of disappointment. It's like an allegory for life.
  11. Original Doom story: bad guys from hell. Something about a bunny. Kill everything. Ok, I'm on board. I'm all in. That's all I need. Doom Eternal: what even is this shit?
  12. Cliff Blizinski is the new Peter Molyneux: made a couple of good things, made a name for himself, pissed it up the wall and now mostly just chats shit.
  13. There is no difference in going to pandaria yourself or using chromie time - chromie time just makes a touch easier as it activates and signposts the quest to get there. 1 - Shadowlands will start at level 50. On your first character you have to play through the zones in a specific order to do the story. On any alts, you can just do them in any order or even just do world quests to level, a bit like diablo 3 adventures or bounties or whatever they're called. 2 - druid is a great and versatile class and usually has at least one spec that's really good. For most of BFA
  14. Someone asked Rhianna Pratchett who her choice for Vimes would be and she said Sean Pertwee and bugger me if that isn't a superb choice. He's too old for Vimes in Guards Guards, but probably just about right for Night Watch/Thud/Snuff.
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