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  1. I bought it last month - still in the cellophane Doh - I really need to learn with my snails pace of gaming buying anything other than major releases is lunacy given the absurd generosity of Gamepass
  2. Ah Yoda Box Sold mine (a crystal one no less) a few years back as much as I loved it I never used it. But a fabulous emulation device - sadly these days my laptop does everything it did somewhat better but still a much missed device under the telly nevertheless
  3. dreamylittledream

    The Commodore 64 Appreciation Thread

    Braybrook for sure. Archer was an artist but Griblys and Paradroid showed innovation and imagination beyond anything contemporary
  4. dreamylittledream

    Xbox One Console Thread

    They download to your HD when you put the disc in - disc then acts as a key to play
  5. dreamylittledream

    Xbox one recommendations.

    Oh yes must also echo Sunset Overdrive (which is on Gamepass natch)
  6. dreamylittledream

    Xbox one recommendations.

    Yet another get Gamepass if you're getting a Xbox post - its literally the biggest bargain in gaming going currently. Crackdown 3 is my current pick
  7. Hmmmm so will MCC also be part of Gamepass on PC a la Crackdown 3 and Gears of War 4? Please, please, please...
  8. dreamylittledream

    Crackdown 3

    Not ashamed to admit I cheated just like that - in fact those fast spinning platforms were so irritating that I'm pretty sure that was the intention Anyway I finally polished this off last night, all the missions and side quests done and evil corporate bitch dispatched. I still have a couple of gold medals on the races to get and about 150 orbs give or take but having thoroughly rinsed this otherwise I think I'll take a break before coming back to sweep. Oh and I did none of the driving stuff because well, it feels a tad pointless in a game where you literally can jump large building in a single bound, and I am shit at driving in games anyway. Anyway only a Gamepass game or not, this was massively enjoyable stuff. Clever hooks, great weapons (that one from the top of the Science Tower is amazing), a clear crisp visual style and whilst no aspect is anything other that derivative of a 100 other open world games, it does them so damned well. I have massively fond memories of the Incredible Hulk and Prototype games and this is basically those (and of course Crackdown 1) done for the current gen. Oh and its bears repeating how much better this looks on a half decent PC to the standard Bone version, played half of this on the Xbox and then got my new laptop and its a striking improvement... Well played @S0L and team, well played.
  9. dreamylittledream

    Devil May Cry 5

    I didn’t massively like 4, but DmC is also on Gamepass and personally I think it’s the best in the series (slightly odd styling aside).
  10. dreamylittledream

    Crackdown 3

    16.5 Gb patch for the PC version. Seriously? What’s with this download the full game again for a patch thing!’
  11. dreamylittledream

    Crackdown 3

    Only once you’ve been near one
  12. dreamylittledream

    Can you complete your pile of shame?

    No flogged those more than a few years ago, I’m only counting the backlog from this and last gen, anything prior is definitely not happening... That said last night I spent an hour playing Mario Sunshine on Dolphin, but that’s more playing with a new toy thing (shiny new gaming laptop) then actually gaming...
  13. dreamylittledream

    Monthly Release Dates - March 2019

    DMC and Yoshi for me. I just know that I will bounce off Sekiro like every other Soulsbourne game, which probably won’t stop me buying it but not at launch
  14. dreamylittledream

    Can you complete your pile of shame?

    Not a chance Even we just took my digital Playstaion and Xbox, Steam collections most of which I didn’t directly pay for I’ve got no chance Which of course doesn’t stop me buying stuff But I will always have something to play...
  15. dreamylittledream

    Splatoon 2

    Play roller, it’s far more effective for the play style you are describing, concentrate on painting and sneak up on people or mow them down

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