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  1. A more robust and smaller handheld only device is far more suitable for the 6-9 age range kids than the rather delicate Switch. Just like my pairs 2DS’s are still trucking despite the punishment where the original 3Ds would long have had its hinges killed. The original switch is a far better value proposition but this is far more suitable for the army of Pokemon loving kids which Nintendo wants to migrate from the 3DS family.
  2. Compared to a main line Switch it is
  3. Gah I have had £20 on my PSN account for month waiting for Kiwami 2 to go on sale. Decided to use it on Fist of the Northstar instead last week and now it goes on sale
  4. Yeah we got round that one by just not docking my eldest’s switch very often and just charging from the plug. To be fair the grips come on and off pretty easy so it’s not a big deal either way (and actually the grip I have on mine docks)
  5. It’s a 2DS successor and that’s a pretty big niche. We are already a two Switch household (mine and my eldest) and the youngest is desperate for his own Switch for his birthday. He would 99% of the time be using it handheld anyway and for the occasions where they want to play on the Tv they’d just use one of the main switch’s. A slightly smaller and more robust handheld switch is ideal for a younger kid. Alex is going to be seven and the battering his 2DS has taken over the past few years I was worried that the switch was going to be a bit fragile. The only issue I have is his birthday is the 6th and it’s not out until the 20th. After showing him the pictures we have had tears that he won’t be able to have it on his birthday...but he wants the lite more than a ‘big’ switch now...
  6. Its still as utterly brilliant and bizarre as it was on release. Although to be fair it always had bits that looked like they’d come out of PS2 game and others that would pass for current gen at the time.
  7. Reach is getting remastered and added to MCC some time later this year (and coming to PC too).
  8. 5. Devil May Cry 5 (PC) So muh changes, so much stays then same. A decade passes between the last numbered entry (writing dmc out is a bad mistake) and all is relatively similar. So this is more crazy character action eventually gifting you with a character that can flick through four different stances and half dozen weapons that can be deployed within a single combo. No the story makes pretty much zero sense. Yes the camera still is not quite all there. Yes its still all amazing fun. The PC version is perhaps not quite perfect; some slight frame rate pauses where you don't want them but I bloody loved this. I've adored every preceding title (obviously not 2) and whilst I'm not sure this is quite the game dmc managed, its still pretty bloody ace. Love it Capcom, keep it coming 6. Rage 2 (PC) So the sequel to the ginger haired step child of iD's output. I actually loved Rage, honestly swear to god though it was a great game. Fucking awful ending but that rocket shotgun, well I can forgive a lot. Now this almost ended up on the abandoned games, much as I was thoroughly enjoying myself, the last update broke one of the final mission triggers, as in broke and quit to desktop. But anyway I' had a blast up to that point and yes they did fix it last week so I got to see the credits. And I came back to check which says a great deal about the game methinks. So its low brain activity this and high on the open world wander around and blast something front. But I do like me an open world where the moment to moment gameplay is enthralling and this does combat well like too few other than iD manage. Its masses of fun clearing up the messy busy work of the map and I plugged about 35 hours in. And it has a great shotgun, what more do you need. Bizarre game structure, too sparse story. All valid complaints, but when it comes to wrecking shit up, Rage 2 is on the money. Loved it 7. Super Lucky Tale (PC) Pallet cleanser and a half decent 3d character platformer which is unusual in itself in 2019. Nothing outstanding but lots of fun.
  9. The continued chorus of disapproval of this confuses me. Looks like the Star Wars meets Uncharted game we’ve been repeatedly promised and as those are two of my favourite things I’m still hyped. Then again I really enjoyed both the Force Unleashed games so I guess others mileage may vary. Anyway still day one here...
  10. Less ‘inspired’ more blatantly remaking a classic. Seriously it’s note for note. Surely Square Enix still have it under copyright? Although I guess Bloodstained is the same kind of thing and they seem to have gotten away with it. Its relying entirely on you knowing what game it’s inspired by. If you do and you were a fan then it just jumped straight to the top of your wanted list
  11. It is largely Pokemon Go with Wizards but I’m still quite enjoying it as there is certainly a bit more to do. Friend Code 6395 2803 1215
  12. To be fair most of the main cast are massively underused. With the exception of Buzz it’s very much a story about Woody, Bo and the new characters they meet. And whilst that’s a shame, it ultimately matters little because it’s so damned good. That bitter sweet ending though...Pixar really know how to nail making a grown man blub...well making me blub anyway So yeah it’s really good and breaks the recent run of okay but disappointing Pixar sequels, it earns its place in the series every bit as much as the flawless trilogy that preceded it.
  13. If your patient enough it will almost certainly come to Game Pass in the near future I reckon. Although it’s well worth $20 and from what I’ve seen the DLC is eminently missable so I’d say dive in...
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