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  1. Its the timeframe issue. I know CE is much beloved and I still thoroughly enjoyed it but it is dated and the fact that half the game is what you already played in reverse is somewhat weak. If I'd properly committed to it at the time I'd probably feel differently but playing CE and Halo 4 now for the first time - well 4 is just better. Bear in mind in amongst my heretical opinions I'd suggest that most of the Destiny campaigns (notably The Red War and The Taken King) are probably better than all of the Halos
  2. Publishers smell more money in 'licensing' or setting up their own streaming services as Nvida are making money from the service (or hoping to in the future). Basically its going the same way as video streaming - this is why we can't have nice things etc
  3. Bethesda have now pulled their games as well (aside from Wolfenstein Youngblood). Signed up the Founders package as an easy way in letting the kids play my Steam library on their shitty laptop and it works a treat but at this rate there will be nothing left to play on the service so will be cancelling as the very limited selection of compatible games is not worth £5 per month. A real shame greed is breaking such a great service as it really does work impressively well even over my slightly spotty wifi
  4. Ooh two completions so far for February 3. Halo: Reach (Master Chief Collection) PC So the journey is over, I have finally completed all the main line (i.e the FPS ones) Halo games. Dare I say it, it ended with a little bit of a whimper rather than a bang. So I was late to the party with the Halo series. I did have CE on the original Xbox, but I (whisper it) wasn't really that keen. I got as far as driving the Warthog , found it near impossible and gave up. As far as Halo 2 goes, for some reason I never played the campaign, although I did spend many hilarious hours playing couch VS with @Gordzilla And I may have bought Halo 3, Reach and indeed 4; but I never actually managed to play them. You know just because. And I developed a distinctive 'obviously' correct opinion that the Halo games were well a bit meh really. Despite never really actually y'know playing them So when I got a Xbone I bought the MCC collection - mainly because it was like £6 and I had a shiny new console. But I was actually keen to give the games another go, because well all that noise about Halo. And well I was wrong 18 years ago or whatever it was. Halo is a fabulous game. Anyway I have gradually made my way through the series from CE onwards and played the entire series available of the MCC (and 5 too, although the less said about 5 is probably the better). I've had half an eye on playing Reach (for which I still have a 360 disc on my gameshelf) through BCC - but once the game was confirmed for the MCC collection and y'know remastered and all that jazz I decided to wait. And as these days I have an all singing all dancing gaming laptop the PC version beckoned. Not sure on balance whether that was the correct option. So yeah Reach. Its well okay. But turns out a little anaemic. Some this may well be down to the gimped sound; its still not fixed as far as I can tell and everything sounds well a bit tinny. And I know the soundtrack for this is much admired; but I badly missed the actual Halo theme - it nearly appears on a couple of occasions and well its kind of frustrating. Which ultimately fits with the way the game presents. Its all a bit clinical and well lacking something. As you may be aware Reach is a tragic war movie prequel as presented through a video game, or basically Rogue One the videogame. I may have played all of the preceding and succeeding games but I still failed to care much about Noble squadron. I knew they were all going to die and it had very little impact when they did. Your character, Mr proto Master chief is an ambivalent cipher (oh and look Cortana chooses him and he was second only to the Chief in various war games) but he fails to develop any personality of his own. And its a pretty short campaign, definetly shorter than the numbered titles; and whilst I've heard comment that it has some of the best set pieces in the series, I wasn't quite feeling it. I mean yes it has the Halo dynamic, it doesn't feel divorced from its predecessors like say 5 does. But there were far more memorable moments in well, Halo 4 for example. It feels like Halo, I was enjoying myself but I never had that feeling of wow what I am I playing like I got from say Halo 3. So yeah DLD Halo rankings: Halo 3 > Halo 4 (its really good no really it is) > ODST > CE > Reach > Halo 2 > Halo 5 / 10 3. Shadow Warrior 2 (PC) And now for something completely brainless and explosive. I loved SW1, whilst I played it later, turns out it was the original prototype for the Doom reboot. Nineties FPS game design meets 2010s graphics. This wasn't as good. Mixing Shadow Warriors vibe with the looter shooter genre ends up being slightly more miss than hit. By having procedurally generated levels some of the fun of exploring the maps of the first game was lost. The game also badly misses the lovely anime seriousness of the originals plot and cut scenes ; this time it goes straight for silly cock jokes with little or no messing about. Hoji is much missed. But it does have guns, lots of guns. And the swords are still phenomenal. Some reasonable improvements with the controls makes the special moves a lot more intuitive to pull off too. It never even tries to rise above, go here, kill some demons, go over here and kill some more as far as level design goes, but it still manages to be entertaining as you blast and slash from A to B. And my word it does look very pretty in places. Meh I had fun but the first game was better / 10
  5. It’s a great bundle and I thought ooh never got around to playing The Surge, that Sherlock game look interesting and Wonderboy looks very pretty. So I bought it only to realise that The Surge is on Origin Access, and I have Sherlock and Wonderboy from Twitch. This is why you are supposed to check GOG galaxy before buying things!! Still the SNK collection has Ikari Warriors so not a complete waste of nearly £4
  6. I think there is only cross save on the Microsoft published Xbox play anywhere games
  7. It should download in the always on sleep mode thing. There’s no real need to turn off either the PS4 or Xbox
  8. I did wonder how it would fare on the Switch, frame rate was seamless for me on PC but that was with a 1060 and gen 8 i5. Thing do get very busy in terms of enemy numbers at times The supposed plan is a 4th game for Strife and then an actual sequel with all four horsemen. I think the Strife game is pretty much nailed on as DS3 did pretty well given it’s budget but who knows whether the series will be completed It does. In fact I’d say it gets better as it progresses
  9. 14gb download for episode 3 on PC. Looking forward to having a play later tonight. Does seem kind of weird to release the final year 1 DLC months after the last content drop and then release a massive new expansion 3 weeks later
  10. For me Division 2 kind of curiously failed at being an all consuming live service ongoing game, but the amount of single player content it provided was enough to keep me busy for 70+ hours which was more than enough to get my monies worth. I’ll be back to play the Coney Island stuff and am all up for a new campaign expansion. The endless loot hunt much less so but when a game has given this much free additional content it’s hard to get mad at it, pretty sure they always said the season pass only got the expansions early and the extra missions (which are quite fun to be fair) so cant be too bitter surely?
  11. Looking good. Hopefully this will be day one on my U play+ sub and help justify me paying £13 a month and then playing games that are currently available to buy for peanuts!
  12. It’s bloody great and a must buy for any Darksiders fan. Cross post from the 2020 completion thread
  13. Had come up a fair few times for me but hasn’t actually been accompanied by many ill effects, certainly compared to previous experiences of streaming services. Still really impressed with this, just a real shame there aren’t more games supported...
  14. This is actually quite impressive. Tried the free version on my son's pretty basic HP laptop (runs Minecraft, Roblox and 2d stuff fine - anything more advanced not a chance) and it ran everything I tried pretty much seamlessly and with almost no lag - and this is on a wifi 2.4ghz connection to 80/20 FTTC which for reference frequently struggles to stream the Xbox and PS4 locally. Shame it can't play the entire Steam library and its very limited on which storefront it supports (can use epic game store but only points to Steam for a lot of games) but I'm pretty sure he'll be pleased to discover he can now play Spyro and Crash on his laptop (for an hour at a time admittedly). If they expand the range of stuff it can play I might even be tempted to pay for it for him (as it will be a lot cheaper than the gaming laptop he has at the top of his birthday list!!)
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