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  1. Virgina Woolf is a character in the film but Streep’s part is fictional (and based on of one Woolf’s creations)
  2. Shooting stuff with the solar explosion bow is very fun however. But I have never successfully got a single kill in Crucible with a bow (ok I haven’t tried that much but it’s a weapon type that needs far more finesse than my usual run around with an auto rifle and a sword and hope PVP strategy) so fuck knows how I’m going to get past that bit.
  3. Good line up even though I already own Control
  4. That boss is obnoxious even with late game powers. The section is worth doing but be prepared to fling a lot of profanities when dealing with the source of the problem in the basement!
  5. That's a tad (and by tad I actually mean quite a lot) harsh. Its fair comment that 'Who am I' is far less 80s influenced and synthy than '...noises', in fact its pretty clear from a first listen it draws most of its inspiration from early Avril Lavigne and other mid 90s female fronted alt-pop, but I'd be hard pressed to name another current band doing this kind of infectious female fronted guitar pop. They've lost a lot of the weight with far fewer overwrought ballads and instead we get hook after hook laden chorus and a far tighter set than their debut. Admittedly 11 tracks is a
  6. I played almost the entire game relying on the dodge rather than parry so found her incredibly frustrating the first time I fought her (in the overworld rather than the god vault) as it’s so hard to get near her and then half way through the fight I realised all the projectiles she fires are reflectable...spam it when she does the blue ones and she’ll dizzy then wack her with the hammer. She’ll be dead in no time. The timing window on parry is massive so it really is much easier than it appears.
  7. You can parry almost all her attacks - reflect them back at her and she'll go down very quickly indeed
  8. Yeah it works that way around (which is why we have it set that way) but not in reverse. Our living room machine is the primary as it’s the one the kids use most and it’s the home console and you choose which user logs in and all them can use my ultimate even though my account is not logged in. The secondary auto logs in to me but the kids will switch profiles to use their accounts. I can play on the secondary and they play on the primary no problems, but if they are on the secondary I can’t use the primary as the secondary needs my account actively logged in to play anyth
  9. He has done. The SX is the machine they normally use as it’s in the living room. On this occasion however they are using they are using the secondary console in the bedroom which needs the main account logged in to work so he can’t use his account on the main living room console. I have the same problems with XB1 in the Conservatory and my XSX in the living room, if the secondary machine is in use then I can’t use the primary (what normally happens is they are both using them, then one goes off to do something else but I then can’t use the spare machine as my account ha
  10. Four Swords Adventures (the Game Cube one) was great - just saying I probably would pay £50 for it....a revamped version with some more content definitely
  11. Hang on you haven’t played Link Between Worlds? That needs correcting immediately! (although shameful low ratings for all the 2D Zelda on that list)
  12. Spirit Tracks is without a doubt the worse Zelda I’ve ever played...it’s just so dull and the train mechanic was really irritating. I loved Phantom Hourglass and would but it again on the Switch in a flash (although some of the puzzles would be tricky to replicate without the clamshell design of the DS).
  13. You can do the side content after the campaign has finished
  14. This is undoubtedly a good point (and also rather suggests they are going to try and charge full individual price for Wind Walker and Twilight) but let’s face it I’m going to pay it so it is what it is...
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