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  1. Toad every time. Although I’m pretty sure the only difference between Toad and Koopa is the sprite
  2. Rumour mill is suggesting the Arkham trilogy collection and the Lego Batman trilogy as the teaser pic has images from all six games. Fingers crossed
  3. This link seems to be handing out free codes without a pre order https://profile.callofduty.com/promotions/getPsnCode
  4. And I called it. Dropped onto EA Access and Origin Basic today. I would be jumping in - except for the fact I have free Division 2 to play from Uplay+ trial this month and then need to play new Gears before Shadowkeep. But I will give it a go before the end of the year...
  5. I have this one that also works brilliantly with my air pods and is somewhat less expensive GULIkit Adapter Bluetooth for Nintendo Switch, Route+ Pro Support in-Game Voice Chat aptX Low Latency Bluetooth Wireless Audio USB C Transmitter Compatible for Switch PC, Gaming Headphone Box https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07J18FSBP/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_ZrQDDbJN7WEY0
  6. Good point, although honourable mentions to Virtua Tennis and that Mario tennis game of which I am very fond But no daddy's home...
  7. Play Super Tennis - its still quite possibly the best tennis game ever..
  8. Hmmmm never did get around to getting the hearts needed to unlock chapter 8. Think I still need two. Was rather hoping we could just jump into this (particularly as from what I gather chapter 8 is bastard hard and it took me months to get through the main game as it is!!)
  9. It’s just another PC storefront that currently lacks most of Steams bells and whistles (the overlay) and erm a shopping basket. If not having your entire PC library in one place bothers you then I guess it getting exclusives is upsetting, but given I currently have erm seven? (Uplay, Origin, GOG, Epic, Twitch, Bethesda and Steam) and they all run the games personally I have no concerns. Apparently they aren’t too hot at refunds either Its a whole lot of fuss over nothing really and they’ve garnered masses of good will from me by giving away one or two free games every week (and having a semi decent sale a month or two ago).
  10. It’s four quid and it plays a great game of Doom. That will do fine for me
  11. The ports were always fine, just not as perfect as you might reasonably expect given the games age. Unless you are on very intimate terms with the original running perfectly chances are you will not notice any of the issues highlighted (even the Bethesda net thing was a one off login which was hardly the end of the world).
  12. They surely are going to offer a package that bundles Shadowkeep with the Forsaken stuff - they always have previously. Complicated I guess by the Free to play version offering almost everything but not quite everything from D2 to date? I dunno I'm coming over from PS4 to PC - I got my monies worth from Forsaken's content but didn't do the Annual Pass so seems pointless to pay for D2 now when I can bring my character over for free in October and play the expansion and I've played most of Forsaken already. I'd like to get started now and have a play with the current season stuff but I'm not paying £35 for that and then another £50 in October when I've already paid for 90% of it once on another format. Kind of feels like they should have gone cross licence with the transfer facility - would have gained them a lot of good will.
  13. dreamylittledream


    I really enjoyed it and played it pre patch on the Switch. It is enchanting, but rough as hell in places on the Switch and some parts were barely visible when it went into the night theme. Dunno if they patched that. I have it on pretty much every format I own due to giveaways (still spent £30 on the Switch version when it came out because I wanted to play it on the Switch - didn't realise it was going to go onto PS+, Games with Gold, Gamepass and Epic Gamestore within 6 months). Must play it again at some point with a decent framerate!!
  14. Yeah I stand by my original point really, hardly missing a great deal there - although EA do really see to be missing a trick given The Sims and Plants V Zombies will run fine on a toaster so just leaving money on the floor really not porting them but hardly short of places to play them. Call of Duty hasn't been worthwhile for years and I think something like the new Star Wars game would be pushing the little wonder machine a bit far. Capcom have already given us loads of ports but fair point on the Arkham games - they would be a great fit.
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