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  1. I’m running whichever one gives you an ‘Instead of dying, come back with 50% health’ pretty much all the time. I suspect I should be varying it, though! Probably missing some great options.
  2. Thanks! This thread + your YouTube = the deluxe edition of Hades.
  3. I liked this before, but I just had a run where everything clicked into place and I got to chamber 37. It felt like something miraculous was unfolding — every chamber was like ‘How is this still going so well?!’ I’m imagining the feeling when I actually complete one! Cripes. Now I need to remember where my awesome deflect boon came from.
  4. Not usually a fan of roguelikes/rogue-lites/whatever this is, but it’s kept me coming back all weekend. I particularly like how the story is doled out, at least so far. Such a smooth blend of the genre and genuinely great writing!
  5. On a similar hardware note: what’s the current best thing to do about stick drift? Just buy a kit and replace it?
  6. Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 is free on Epic: https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/rollercoaster-tycoon-3-complete-edition/home Is it any good?
  7. Hmmmmm Microsoft really determined to get me for the next generation huh?
  8. My game of Pandemic Legacy 1 continues to move incredibly slowly! One game left. I think it’s taken us over a year to get together and get it played! Meantime, been playing with the kids more — Spy Club and Machi Koro Legacy. Machi Koro seems fairly unbalanced, but a fun legacy style game that they can enjoy. There’s a real sense, though, that once someone is on a roll and wins a few, they’re going to stomp the others until the end of the campaign. Spy Club, on the other hand, is exceptional — not far from your Pandemic, but without the movement element. And some very
  9. I finished Chapter One last night too and finally got my guns out for the end section. I love how showdown means you can viably go loud and have some time to plan yourself out of trouble (on my difficulty at least, I think the harder ones don’t pause?).
  10. One question for anyone playing — how often are you using guns? My stealth assumptions keep telling me to keep them holstered, but the loading screen tips seem to be encouraging me to get them out more?
  11. I'd never played the original but was a big Commandos fan back in the day -- and just happened to see a YouTube trailer for this a few weeks back. Since the reviews have been so good, I picked it up on PS4. It's great! Highly recommended if anyone is into their stealth. Might have to go back and try Shadow Tactics when I'm finished, too.
  12. Gave myself a day off to play this — early Father’s Day treat for myself. Had to take over childcare duty from 11am. Massive fail! Roll on bedtime.
  13. Thanks for that -- I'd seen that the 'sunsetting' was through limiting upper power limit, but didn't really understand the rationale behind it. I suppose it does make sense at that true endgame level, which I never have been overly interested in. But I really want to make the effort to get into more stuff like raids (or at least dungeons) so I guess it will become relevant to me in the end!
  14. Totally not shocking: the way Bungie have put some information out is making me very confused. How come certain loot (from, say, Menagerie) will become irrelevant after the big vaulting? Edit: Ohhhhh I see. Fair enough.
  15. Oh are they retiring all of Leviathan? Seems a shame. Guess I’ll not get round to doing that raid after all! Luckily I’m still in the closing stages of the sub 950 or whatever power level increase. So all these items need to do is include bigger numbers! To be fair, that’s about the depth of my Destiny anyway.
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