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  1. Darwock

    Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

    It unlocked to play at midnight last night, but I want to have a proper go of it so I haven't launched it yet. For some reason, AC5 showed up in my download list correctly (for my region) as 'The Unsung War' - both the thumbnail and the text - but now its installed its changed name to Squadron Leader. That's a bit irritating, however it gives me some hope that Namco have made the game with full English support because that's the European title and I bought the Japanese one.
  2. Darwock

    Have you ever found a game too hard?

    I will join the people who said Ikaruga, I really appreciate the game but it's too hard to play casually. I will also be the first to say Tetris Effect. It's so demoralizing when I get a huge improvement on my best result in Effect mode and only get awarded with a meagre B rating. I just can't process things fast enough (either mentally or physically) to ever be able to get to A rank, let alone S or SS.
  3. Darwock

    Do you cheat on games?

    No, but yes. I do tend to take the easy path after I've discovered it though - I don't know that I ever fought the Flamelurker properly since getting him stuck at the bottom of the stairs once. I hate myself a bit for that too. I will admit I cheated in Lego Dimensions to avoid having to buy all the character packs - you could use the hire-a-hero facility to transform your character into one you don't own for a limited time, but if you took your character off the base until after the timer expired it would not change back. I exploited that to get access to every world and nearly every gold brick until they patched it. I think figuring out where to go and who to hire for every situation was more of a fun challenge than anything in the actual game itself. After finishing my Big Boss run in MGS4 I put on the corpse camo and big boss mask for subsequent play-throughs just to get the remaining emblems. (Any enemy that sees you freaks out, drops their weapon screaming and eventually passes out). I feel no guilt about that because having done Big Boss Extreme you basically earn the right to play around with the in-game toys a bit. As a child with ZX Spectrum games I'm sure I used cheat codes and level skips etc, but that was practically required to see most of those games. These days I'm very achievement focused (not in the xbox sense) so like to do things properly.
  4. Darwock

    What’s your favourite final stage/level/boss?

    This is actually a really hard topic for me. A lot of memorable and/or enjoyable bosses are actually the penultimate ones in a game. Like for example I can't say False King Allant because the real final boss is... not him. Or Metal Gear Rex, because the last boss is actually the jeep chase against Liquid. There are also a lot of really great bosses that are so frustratingly difficult that the experience can get a bit spoiled. The punch out with Liquid Ocelot at the end of MGS4 for example. An incredibly evocative fight for fans of the series, with each phase referencing part of the series' history - and very powerful music. You have to retry so many times on higher difficulty settings though that the magic can wear thin. Other standout memories are the final boss in Bangai-O (so bloody difficult!) and the end duel in Ace Combat Zero (the music!!). I had really fond memories of the spectacular fight against Anubis in ZOE2, having to master all the tricks of Jehuty to win - but when I revisited it in the HD collection it wasn't how I remembered it at all. I haven't done world 5 in Astrobot yet but I'd be surprised if that doesn't make the list. So my final decision is...
  5. Darwock

    Gran Turismo Sport -Tuesday nights forum races

    You have to just buy it. It was added in one of the monthly updates, it's not a prize car. I think it's in the Gran Turismo section of Brand Central.
  6. Darwock

    Why did we never get head coupled-perspective?

    Yep. GT5 had head tracking in it back in 2010. Sounded great, but in practice you would have to turn your head and keep your eyes looking at the screen or you would crash - just to get a little look at the dashboard or passenger seat - so it was f*^%ing useless.
  7. Darwock

    Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

    3 VR missions is disappointing, but that's a diversion from the fact this is the first proper Ace Combat in what, over a decade?? VR was always just a bonus. That Call of Duty-styled auto-playing helicopter nonsense on the PS3 doesn't count, and Infinity was a pay-to-play scam (despite playing great).
  8. Darwock

    Final Fantasy 7

    Jokes aside then, why did they remove them?
  9. Darwock

    Games designed around addiction, not gameplay

    Doesn't this describe all golden era arcade games? They were all designed to get you pumping credits into the machines. Never forget Todd from Neighbours.
  10. Darwock

    Great scenes in disappointing movies

    A similar corruption of the topic, but all I can think of now - the entire opening of Explorers, with the 3 boys planning and building the Thunder Road, and taking it for a test flight would probably have made for the greatest film of all time (certainly of the 80s) if the second half of the movie hadn't totally shit the bed. Everything that happens once they go into space just crushes the adventurous heart of the movie - which may have been the point I suppose? It's like a cruel practical joke on the audience.
  11. Second edit to my list follows (the quoted one above is the previously updated version): Gaming Format of the year: Changing from Playstation 4, to PSVR (I did not realise it was a valid choice as a system of its own).
  12. Darwock

    PSX/PS1 rare gems

    This was my first thought on seeing the thread title, before I realised he was asking for the Playstation Classic. Internal Section generated levels from music CDs, just like Vib Ribbon did. Won't work in emulation surely? You'll have the base game obviously, but it's a sad loss.
  13. Darwock

    Star Wars: The Force Awakens

    Years? The end of the movie name drops a job for 'a gangster on Tatooine' that he was going to check out next. It's as clumsy as all the other brute-forced connections, and leaves no room to imagine this Han becoming more like that Han.
  14. Darwock

    Tetris Effect - Mizuguchi does Tetris

    Ultra? There aren't any speed changes in that mode, did you perhaps mean Master?
  15. Darwock


    I'm planning to try and play through this before the holidays end, never played it before and I'm unlikely to have time for multiple play-throughs. I read that the DLC is essential, so I'm wondering if accessing it is as obtuse as the Dark Souls DLC or will I be able to find it on my own? Don't want to spoil anything by looking it up.

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