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  1. I just recently watched Withnail & I with commentary, and while interesting to hear there were a couple of things I wish the director had kept to himself. He basically used the commentary to moan about some shots he couldn’t do right, and pointed out some things that didn’t work. These are things I had never, and would never have noticed - but since the director drew attention to them, it’s all I can see.
  2. I think the ‘making of’ stuff holds up better than the movies tbh. Although that may be taint from The Hobbit Trilogy.
  3. The point I lost faith in FFXIII was when the story took you to a theme park area - there is surely no fan of Final Fantasy out there who didn’t arrive at that point in the game and expect that all those roped off attractions and barred entrances would eventually open up and provide lots of varied minigames to unlock secret items etc. I mean, surely Square-Enix knew they were inviting comparison to the Gold Saucer by including that in the first place? But nope, all the paths are closed/‘under maintenance’ and you never go back there. What a load of shit.
  4. My top VR experiences are: For longevity, No Man’s Sky. I started a new game profile purely for VR and it’s currently at over 60 hours on the clock - that’s 60 hours wearing the headset. Inconceivable! For context I generally find after 30 mins or so of VR I want to take a break, so I don’t typically get lost in it. For the experience, Ace Combat 7. The VR mode is minimal but it’s unparalleled in the experience you get from it (disclaimer, both this and NMS benefit greatly from using a HOTAS flight stick in VR, which may be why I keep going back to them). For the wows, Astro Bot Rescue Mission. Doesn’t need said really. And then all the rest, obviously. Wipeout Omega should get a mention but it’s just too intense for regular play. Does anyone expect the PS5 will be accompanied by a VR redesign, or will they keep supporting the current headset? I have a V1 which developed a dead pixel, not irritating enough for me to replace it but due to a bad storage choice the cushion at the back of the head has been scraped a bit, and little black bits are coming off. That could motivate me to upgrade to a V2, but not if a new design will follow this or next year...
  5. I’m confused by this - there are only four planes available in VR mode on my game, and they were all unlocked in VR mode, not the SP missions - am I missing something? I would also say there’s not a lot of difference in viability for the missions (except using the A-10 on mission one or three would be a bad idea, obvs) because it’s mostly about the weapons, and the very first plane has several which make A2A a doodle. Mission two needs to be done quite fast, that’s why it’s easy to fail I think. I used the coronavirus downtime to grind out my 76,500km flight distance in VR mode for the last medal. My reward is the tag ‘Sky Tourist’ for online. Crappy, but you’d better believe I’m using it exclusively from now on lol
  6. I just tried to play that video so I could check which song that was without loading up the game, got this:
  7. I didn't need to worry, played it from start to finish (at 3:30am) in one go and in the end met four different people, one of whom helped me through the tricky stages at the end (after my scarf had been torn several times and I barely had enough jump power to continue) and so we finished the game together, which meant I landed about four of the trophies on the first run (including the tricky online ones). All of them (bar one) popped at the end so it didn't interrupt the game in any way.
  8. Right, finally my chance to play Journey. Same nagging doubt I always had, am I going to be able to get the online trophies? Logic says there will be lots of people playing over the next few days, but the Japanese PSN hasn't given it away so all the people playing will be in a different timezone. Hmmm, I suppose if the worst comes to the worst I can try to log in on my other PS4 and get my kids to help...
  9. I had to google it to learn what it is, and discovered's by Eric Chahi? (Another World) That's good enough for me - although I have one question, can it be played sitting down or do you have to move a lot?
  10. Can anyone remind me why I thought I had a decent enough understanding of what was going on, but the lengths Mike went to in this latest episode don't make a whole lot of sense given that he works for Gus. I may have to rewatch the last couple of episodes.
  11. Nobody mentioned Airplane! (Mike) or the Larry Sanders Show (Saul). Those are even the ones I knew without having to look up imdb
  12. I think the gamergate/SJW thing is putting a biased spin on it that was not part of the story I remember. Didn't it predate gamergate?
  13. Oh shit - Agnes Kaku? Isn't she the same translator that gave John Sczepaniak all the shit when he was in Japan writing the untold history of Japanese game dev? I have not read the article but the experience John had with her (relayed on NTSC-uk at the time I believe) leads me to conclude she's an utter loon and I wouldn't trust her opinion on Kojima regardless. Is he on here? I wouldn't want to misrepresent her if she's not the same person (there can't be too many Japanese translators names that have registered with me over the years)
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