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  1. I would like to know that too - I thought one of the prior updates added proper navigation and use of waypoints, but it seems like they didn't? I left a portable refiner on a planet because my inventory was full, thinking I'd go back and pick it up later. Waypoints in the menu seem to be no use for anything except uploading.
  2. Finished it tonight, what an incredible achievement. Strange thing to say considering the movie was made getting on for 40 years ago, but it seemed unlikely anything with that level of imagination and creativity could ever be made again. I watched the Dark Crystal countless times as a child (was 5 when it came out) but I think my dad must have forced us to watch it because it was terrifying and would never have chosen to watch it willingly (the tragic podling being zombified stuck deep in my subconscious). I actually remember watching it at primary school once also. I also have clear memories of the puppeteers for the Landstriders and Garthim being on Blue Peter and showing how the suits work. I expected this to be a one and done series, but the final episode did not tie things up as they need to be for the movie. I hope we get more as the last episode was probably my least favourite of them all and didn't leave me satisfied. P.S. the Fizzgig with the eyepatch... same one from the movie? I seem to remember it had an eyepatch too but it might be a trick of the mind.
  3. Devil May Cry 3 is always astounding to me. The astonishing ways the game could be played by an expert always had me questioning if that could possibly have been the developer's actual intention and not just a happy accident. What kind of genius could plan the use of frame cancels and weapon switching to allow infinite aerial combos, for example? Obligatory mention of VR as well, but to make it more relevant to the topic (because the wow factor wears off) - you've got titles like Gran Turismo and Ace Combat which have stunning VR modes that are very insubstantial, and then you've got Wipeout Omega which does the whole game in flawless VR. How did they pull that off?
  4. Maybe I'm misunderstanding the question. Games with songs *in the game*? Or games with vocals on the soundtrack? If it's the former then nobody should be considering anything post-Parappa, and going back before that I can only recall the opera scene from FFVI (simulated vocals of course). If it's the latter, then the speech sample in Ghostbusters on the ZX Spectrum must surely qualify.
  5. Question - is No Mans Sky Beyond update eligible for this year as a major expansion?
  6. You mean they put that sign there on purpose? It totally detracts from the gravitas of the scene. It's the only thing anyone can focus on. Poor actors, upstaged by a deep-fried kebab (and not even a real one).
  7. That 2011 thread... have a gander at it and gasp in surprise at how few people seemed to be picking Dark Souls. It seemed to be all about Skyward Sword. I thought the word of mouth on Demon's Souls marked the end of low-key obscurity for the Souls games and they hit the mainstream (in terms of videogame forums at least) when Dark was released? Is it just the Nintendo effect at work?
  8. That link is the only the highlights - jump to 2hr and 6 minutes in this for the start of the grand final (the full thing).
  9. I keep forgetting to ask this auestion - what is quicksilver? I noticed it a while back when I had 0 of it and figured it would be explained in due course. I now have 150 of it but I don't know where it came from...
  10. I'm just sort of mooching along in this, not aggressively pursuing any of the mission routes in particular or base building extensively yet (I found my spot on my starter planet so don't feel any pressure to rush it). I think I've found my approach though - the most fun I have is exploring and hunting creatures, so whenever a quest brings me to a new planet I don't leave until I've found all the fauna. If I've finished my current task on the planet surface I just use planetary charts to give me new destinations hoping to find the missing fauna on the way. I'm really loving the redesigned cave structure in the new game. It used to feel like just every planet had an endless warren of tunnels under the surface, but now caves are actual caves, and if you do find one with tunnels it's quite thrilling to descend into them. Occasional underground lakes and stuff too, it's magical. Anyway I'm hunting the last creature on my current frost planet, and it's a cave dweller, but there aren't many caves to be found. Fun times.
  11. Dirty air has been modelled in the physics of the game, but I think unless you're playing at the level of the guys at the world tours it's probably not going to have a tangible effect on your experience. All the controversy at the end of the Final at Spa last time out was because Fraga was trying to control the aerodynamic advantage in the X2019 - not just having slipstream when he needed it, but the negative effect on Hizal's tyre wear and fuel consumption of keeping him in the dirty air. Hizal needed to be in front, and could probably have broken the slipstream if he had been. P.S. does anyone know if the sport mode time trials are available after a PS plus subscription lapses? I believe it is, because it's not active multiplayer - just leaderboards. I find myself only doing that mode these days - when I try to race cleanly my DR/SR always puts me on a grid where I'm waaaayyy off the pace so it only causes frustration. As I only picked up PS plus for this game, maybe I don't need to renew.
  12. I met one of those, but it was only about 3 metres from the shore. It just sat there throbbing gently, not doing anything dramatic. I tried to shoot it and it seemed like it would be a waste of ammo, so I wandered off.
  13. Oh jeez, I don't fancy trying that in VR. I get the heeby-jeebies just jumping off those big mushroom shaped rock protrusions.
  14. The fight scene with the dogs in this is simply incredible, something that really sticks in the mind. I'm a bit confused though -
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