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  1. I was stumped by that after the big update - Polo dosn't give Atlas passes at all anymore (AFAIK) but all the online guides still suggest that he does.
  2. Watching at home for the second time after the cinema. I enjoyed it a bit last time, but I'm not fooled any more. For example the Knights of Ren, in the cinema I was like 'woah cool, they're gonna be badass' but this time I already knew that absolutely nothing follows it - so this movie has basically revealed itself as a string of 'cool idea bro' scenes, like the Canto Bight bit of Last Jedi over and over. It's just visual noise. The Leia scenes also don't work at all when you realise she is just dropping generic soundbites. I think by the time I get to the 'Lando saves the day' bit I will be actively hating it. At least we have the Mandalorian.
  3. I've pushed myself back into continuing, after having abandoned the game post-Gascoigne. Not got much further yet, but I did start playing online (helping others) so I have seen what and where the next boss battle is. Not quite up to the task of getting past all the giants to get there myself yet. On the way, this happened (this is not my video - more or less the same thing happened to me except when it ended I died on the spot). What exactly was going on here? It felt like a glitch.
  4. It's just a means to prevent us getting confused as to which one is which. I can put up with it. The Scottish one was a major crime though.
  5. Nacho? Not a chance in hell of that happening.
  6. Let's face it, E3 peaked in 2010 with Konami's legendary conference (although I did also get a lot of entertainment out of the hideously bad xbox launch, whatever year that was). E3 in the modern era could never be as awkward again, so it's fair enough to consign it to history I reckon. We'll always have the youtube memories of its glory days.
  7. Music and atmosphere. The latter was lightning in a bottle and can't be recaptured in the modern era (the blocky graphics and retro sound effects were all part of it).
  8. That obviously refers to farming livestock, which is not what was happening in this episode.
  9. I think in the episode before this one, when the Gus goons broke into his bedroom, the OCD lady was the one cowering in the corner. So i think he has a little harem thing going on.
  10. Bit of a shocker to see Maurice Minnefield (Barry Corbin) in the latest episode - man, he's got so old. I wouldn't have recognised him if not for his still perfect teeth and the fact his voice hasn't changed in the slightest.
  11. Just last month I finally unlocked all the bonus artwork in SOTC, on the Japanese version that I purchased on release. That version doesn't have any english subtitle translations for the Dormin stuff, or the priest talking. So I kind of want to replace my currently installed game with the Euro version from PS Plus. If I uninstall will I lose my fully completed save from the J-version? It may sound paranoid but that's what happened with uninstalling games on the Vita.
  12. It's never really happened before? The PS3 backwards compatibility died/got removed shortly after launch, I gather the xbox worked out alright eventually but titles had to be adapted one by one or something. It's never been that straightforward or as easy as they are suggesting.
  13. So they say - I find it quite hard to believe to be honest, so I'm just sort of assuming it won't be.
  14. I thought that but the thumbnail is Kratos with the kid - that's the newest one, right?
  15. Another big sale on until mid-March. I guess it will be constant sales now with the next gen of consoles on the way, that digital library will lose it's appeal pretty quick once the PS4 is on it's way out. Tempted to pay a fiver for the first Battlefront game just to get the X-Wing VR thingy, is it worth it? Does anyone still play the main game? Also Spiderman game of the year edition - does that include DLC? (and how come God of war is like 3 pounds or something?)
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