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  1. I'm enjoying it, but this doesn't feel like Jean-Luc Picard at all really - a lot of the humour from TNG was based on how stiff and awkward he was, so that turn as a French pirate just didn't seem like the same character. Unless we're expected to think he's gone a bit dotty as well as frail. It's more like Patrick Stewart having a laugh, which is also welcome in a different way I suppose. I can't remember anything about who Maddox is and I didn't watch enough Voyager to get who that was in the opening scene so i'm feeling a bit left out of this, despite being a big TNG fan when it was still on TV (and for several years of 6pm repeats afterwards).
  2. Darwock


    I remember now, I played a demo of it way back (on the PS3 I guess) - that cigarette shit was why I didn't bother with it at all. I have such an aversion to smoking it gave me an instant dislike of the game.
  3. Totoro is completely fine for that age. Kiki too probably, but not as interesting.
  4. It's not a competitive game, so it wouldn't really matter if they do, would it?
  5. Darwock


    Is this a much different affair from Titanfall 2? I never played Vanquish but it seems to be pitched as a shooter where being highly mobile is the peak way to play, and TF2 really nailed that with its momentum building slides and wall runs.
  6. Darwock

    Dreams - It's out!

    Is this being marketed at all? It seems to have been in beta testing for a lucky privileged few for a couple of years and has now transitioned into being available for everyone, but no announcement of that fact was made so it's just carrying on like before? It seems like they don't mind if it doesn't sell any copies. From early on I believed this was going to support VR so was interested but sounds like it doesn't. If it's LBP with the game part (i.e. The best bit) taken out then I'll pass.
  7. You're not going to beat Black Knight without a cheat unless you've already won more powerful cards than his - I'm certain that there is no shame in using the cheat options (especially as you can still lose after doing so!) in those early stages.
  8. Explain how! I get into a weird cycle with this game where new updates basically cause me to quit playing. It's because of the proliferation of bugs that are introduced and numerous patches always seem to follow, so I usually opt to wait until things have settled down - but end up not playing until the next big update that follows, which further extends the period of waiting for patches and so on.
  9. No, and neither was the Spectre Knight one. It's built from the ground up for that character.
  10. Joustus is ticking all the boxes for me, it's grabbed me in exactly the way Triple Triad did in FFVIII. I'm more interested in finding characters with unique cards than I am in doing the platforming. It was difficult to win consistently until I had nabbed some strong cards, and the cheats you can buy from Chester helped with that in the beginning (not sure it would have been possible to defeat the wandering boss cards otherwise).
  11. I always get negged for pointing this out, but it's true and so I will do it again. This is a Japanese game. Japan has not had the social revolutions that the western world has gone through. That's why Kojima feels fine about churning out stuff like Quiet in MGS5, and why you shouldn't expect much of the outdated attitude stuff to be removed from remakes of old games. Japanese developers with an international customer base may possibly employ someone to help them understand how foreign markets may respond, but that will have to be explained rather than being blindingly obvious.
  12. I have a new favourite ending, which is oddly part of a movie I probably wouldn't rate in my top 10 (or anywhere close). Wild at Heart. I'm a big David Lynch fan but had never seen this one. It didn't grab me like his other movies but as a road movie where a bunch of consecutive stuff happens I suppose it's all about the journey - the OTT characters were the appealing part for me and the ending was just tremendous. Best Nic Cage I've ever seen (even including god no, not the beeeeeeeees!). (side note, Willem Dafoe impressing the hell out of me once again after The Lighthouse, but damn that guy gets a poor dental image)
  13. I didn't mind it, with one exception - doctor scientist lady on the ship. When we met her in Okinawa she seemed like an awkward tech geek - this time she seemed like a different person. I didn't invest much time in Discovery but it felt like she was serving a similar role to Tilly in that, like they were going for an 'everyman' character for the audience to identify with or something. It didn't work.
  14. I thought they were drinking the lamp oil mixed with honey or something.
  15. That's another one that I considered posting about. It's completely obvious what you have to do, given that there is only one way to do it. However I always manage to get the lower of the two horizontal gaps filled, and then the upper one completely refuses to lock into place using the exact same technique :/ I assume this is another one that depends on whether you rotate clockwise or anticlockwise even though it looks identical.
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