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  1. I think part of the reason this works for me is because I don't have a crazy affinity for the original. It's just a fun bit of kitsch. Therefore this can't really offend me. It can only be a slightly silly guilty delight.
  2. I know thats what you're telling me dude. I get your point. I'm simply pointing out that you are incorrect. Remove the platform, would Disney still make CGI Lion King? Yes of course they would. Would they be rushing through 2.5 remake releases per year? HELL NO! They know they are risking future box office by driving this thing into the ground, but ITS ALL ABOUT THE PLATFORM. Disney have been masters at playing the long game. In the days of VHS they used to release their Classics for sale for 99 days only and then remove them from circulation for 7 years. Why? because in 7 years time there is another generation of young kids to buy them for for the first time. Without the platform they would have found the window; Xmas, Easter, whenever, and would have done 1, maybe 2 a year for 15 years. And each one would have been treated as an event. They are churning for the platform. Box office is just a secondary win. They've said as much themselves. I'll end it there cos we'll just go round and round.
  3. We can go round and round all you like mate, but you're totally wrong. The big box office is the bonus. The platform is the prize. It's fine for you to have a different opinion. But your opinion is incorrect. I spent 9 years at Disney theatrical, my good friend Lee Jury who I go wakeboarding with is the head of Walt Disney motion pictures EMEA, Bob Iger has gone on record to say the platform IS the strategy for the next 5-7 years. I know I'm being a pompous ass, but you're simply not correct. $1.2bn at the box office is great, but they know they have that in the bank. Thats not why they're hurrying these out. That's not why they're cancelling all the Netflix Marvel shows, that's not why they're cancelling all the TV contracts they have. The platform is everything. If I haven't convinced you thats fine. But you're disagreeing with the company's stated position.
  4. No, it's the flip of that. Disney isn't a cinema company. Alice in wonderland being a hit gave them the idea, sure. But they're pumping these out to build up content for the subscription channel that they badly need to fill the hole from all the ESPN subscriptions they're losing. I know the forum does a collective groan whenever I talk about Disney, but this stuff isn't even insider knowledge. It's widely reported, theorised and gossip'd. Of course the gangbusters box office of Marvel, Pixar and WDS are great guns, but it has never ever only been about the movie numbers at Disney.
  5. It is because of streaming. 100% Its not a conspiracy. Its all the industry is talking about. Disney are not renewing any contracts with any platforms. Have you not noticed that all the Marvel TV shows are no longer being renewed? They're gearing up for their streaming platform. It's all geared towards that. 100% https://variety.com/2018/film/news/disney-streaming-service-2019-1202898412/
  6. It's not rocket science. They have seen that the future is content streaming and they've decided to create their own bespoke platform. That platform will only show Disney umbrella content (for now). So they need as much of that content as possible right now. It's not Movies anymore, its not Cinema. Its content.
  7. So I just watched the trailer... ...perfect. I'm so in.
  8. They're just fucking banging these out because they need a library of titles for their new streaming service. There is no love thought or care. It's factory line bullshit and very mathematical. This is not Disney canon. They're shitting on dreams.
  9. Goose beat me to it. BRILLIANT write up http://www.80fromthe80s.com/2018/11/cobra-crime-is-disease.html
  10. I bought the Game! This is an ACTUAL scene from the film. Like seriously. The film feels like its haunted. It's clear that Hollywood at this time was this morally bankrupt brothel run by shysters and gangsters when you watch this film. It makes no sense whatsoever. It was made by Cannon, in partnership with Warner bros because they needed a big star. But it's not even a movie. I don't know what it is. I mean what even is this 50 seconds?
  11. Hereditary scared the shit out of me. As did Conjuring 2.
  12. Wow, M? That's really fucking going in dude. Respect. Films from before about 1942 do definitely creak a lot more. And M has some rough edges. But you lasered in on the best parts. How progressive it is, how good the second half is, and that knockout performance from Peter Lorre. If you're looking for early gems that really hold up check out The Long Night, Treasure of Sierra Madre, Ace in the Hole, The Third Man, Touch of Evil, A Matter of Life & Death, Double Indemnity and of course, my absolute all time favourite Sweet Smell of Success. Last night I watched Stallone's Cobra, which I actually found quite depressing. It's one of the most incomprehensible nonsensical disasters of all time. With no plot, characterisation or skill at all. Yet it was released in 1986, which many believe to be right at the height of the best era of cinema, was Warner Bros's biggest opener of all time, and grossed $160m worldwide. It's so obviously a scam from the offset. Shot super cheap, with horrible production, no script & no stars (other than Stallone, who the crew were not allowed to talk to). Made at the absolute height, or nadir of Hollywoods cocaine casting couch scumbagness. And it shows. Watching Cobra last night made me realise how thirty years later America ends up with Trump. The film makers should have been taken out the back of the lot and shot. Check out the Pepsi and Coors subtle product placement in the first 30 seconds of the trailer.
  13. Project A is probably my all time fave Jackie Film (aside from Shanghai Noon just cos I got to meet him and work on the film) Miracles: The Canton Godfather has a really well choreographed fight scene in the middle. But is relatively unforgettable otherwise.
  14. I really liked old school trailer man voice at the end there.
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