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  1. Yeah, docked should be fine, it's the lack of screen real estate that's the main problem. The game was designed for mouse and keyboard of course but the controls work well enough on Switch.
  2. Agree. 60 hours in and having a blast. I'll whisper it but if it weren't for Monster Train it would be my game of the year.
  3. Yeah, this is great. It's been added to my very select list of perma-install games: Slay the Spire FTL Into the Breach Spelunky Monster Train Maybe not quite as well balanced as StS but the number of possible combinations and unexpected synergies makes up for that.
  4. They are defintely playable (and fully featured - I have them all on Switch, as well as all the PC big box originals) but the screen size makes handheld play a little compromised, especially on the lite. Having said that, if you told me 20 years ago that I could play Baldurs Gate on a handheld I wouldn't have believed you....
  5. Have to say I'm loving this so far. Playing on PC (2060) so no performance issues and the only bug I have encountered so far is that sometimes when I ride a bike my V loses his trousers and drives around naked from the waist down. Who am I to judge - when in Night City....
  6. Had a slow start this year but just packed Sissoko, Gabriel Jesus and IF Renato Sanches. I'll keep Sissoko but the 150K for the other two will come in handy! Any opinions on OTW Bale? Think he might get a few upgrades this year so considering investing now.
  7. Planescape Torment: Deionarra's Theme. What can change the nature of a man?
  8. I loved the NGPC and had a handful of consoles and a pretty much complete Clamshell collection. Still remember the excitement and anticipation of going into HMV Oxford Street to buy it on launch day. Sold everything off about a decade ago for not very much. One of my biggest gaming regrets. Not so much for the money (OK, that hurts a bit), but I would really like to be able to fire it up every now and again and bask in the nostalgia. Emulation just doesn't cut it for the NGPC somehow. So many classics in such a limited portfolio of games. Faselei, Metal Slug1/2 and Neo
  9. 100%. This is a very clear continuation of the classic old school western RPG genre.The original Wasteland. Fallout 1 and 2. Gold Box AD&D. Baldurs Gate, Icewind Dale, Planescape Torment. Sticking with the things that make these games so fondly remembered but updating the UI and adding in all of the quality of life improvements that we have come to expect from modern games. Backed it in the original crowdfunding campaign and so glad that I did. Love it.
  10. Yeah, last act. You do get a very clear prompt for the point of no return though.
  11. I was 12 in 1985. At home - Elite on the Spectrum blew my mind. I think it still does a bit. In the arcade - My local leisure centre had Pac-Land and Kung-Fu Master. I will still happily play both today.
  12. Some very broad advice: Ironclad - Cycling strength (e.g. Demon Form) or block (e.g. Barricade + Entrench) works well. Corruption + Dead Branch is pretty much an instant win. Silent - Poison (as many Catalysts as you can get) or Shiv decks work well. Defect - More options here but lightning or frost based decks work well. Core Surge + Biased Cognition is a great combo. Watcher - Bouncing between Calm and Wrath works well. Calm to soak damage and then switching to Wrath at the right time for big damage. General advice - Try to improve
  13. Slay the Spire A rogue like deck builder but that doesn't do it justice. It is the most perfectly balanced game I have ever played (perhaps the best game I have ever played). I have sunk over 400 hours into this (on PC and Switch) and when it comes out on mobile (imminent) I will buy it for the third time. Perfection. FTL The prequel to Into the Breach. Just as good. No flab on this either.
  14. This is a painful thread. These are the ones that immediately come to mind: SNES + 50 or so mint, boxed games GBA Micro (Famicom anniversary edition) + around 50 mint, boxed games Neo Geo Pocket (2 consoles and an almost complete UK collection of mint, boxed games) Snatcher (Mega CD) Panzer Dragoon Saga Dreamcast (30 or so mint, boxed games). This one really hurts - I loved the Dreamcast. I still have my Gamecube + games but not much else. I am such an idiot.
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