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  1. they will have to wait until ALL backers have had their say on this poll. I can see them having to extend this, just like the roll of honour, for another 2 years.....
  2. so thats another 4 weeks stalling. is the IGG thing the nearest deadline?
  3. its all far too predictable. They dont have thousdands of units ready to ship!
  4. is cauldwell really this blinkered?
  5. If im a rights holder to software, a company cannot infringe on my copyright with the proviso that they will "give money to charity". Thats not how it works.
  6. And as the UK court ruled, this IGG campaign was akin to pre-orders. So you can get your money back if they do not deliver the item you were promised. All they need to do is come clean, and pay people their money back. If its been spent, those responsible should sell their house to pay the money back. Simple.
  7. They have an alternative to get out of this, come clean.
  8. ulala

    Neo Geo Mini

    there is simply no need for a screen
  9. ulala

    Neo Geo Mini

    Nintendo have shown SNK how this should be done.
  10. ulala

    Neo Geo Mini

    i hope so, as the one in this thread looks absolutely awful. just make it like the AES, but smaller
  11. ulala

    Neo Geo Mini

    If the pads are of the same build standard as the neo geo cd, but with a usb interface, then its an essential purchase.
  12. its amazing that they have time to respond negatively about other successful products. I hope to pick one up (the c64 thingy) from the high street next month - it looks great!
  13. Its extremely threatening. im positive this is part of their "interesting revelations" that may come forth, it will not be pictures of production but something horrible and spiteful lined up for their backers/ critics. They are in so deep that that im sure they have lost all grip on reality, truth and right and wrong.
  14. It was shameful of them to release "Brians'" personal information like that on a public forum and against the law. It looked, to an onlooker such as myself, as somewhat threatening. A warning that they have your details......

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