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  1. It has to be VR and the Rift. Nothing comes close for me. its still amazing in 2019, let alone 1982 when i got my spectrum.
  2. Combat lynx on the spectrum says hello (1984)
  3. ulala

    Neo Geo Appreciation Thread

    Two sticks in good condition are worth that, you get a free broken AES!
  4. ulala

    Your views on collecting

    No branch of CEX has a better collection than most retro collectors. Some here have better collection that gaming/ computing museums! I collect because its a fun hobby, with a great community attached - and i like playing the games. I have to restrict myself, now money isnt really a barrier, its not fun simply clicking "buy it now".
  5. ulala

    Neo Geo Appreciation Thread

    how much are they selling for?
  6. ulala

    PC Engine

    just look at it
  7. if you put a light OS on it, it should definitly run 16bit emulators!
  8. some great games added, but the addition of stretfighter II makes the decision of 3 buttons pads utterly ridiculous!
  9. I honestly find posts like this interesting, pointing out the many flaws of the mastersystem game and yet at the same time saying that its better than the megadrive version. Movement more slippery Levels not as fancy Bosses not as impressive It falters in unexpected ways Respawning enemies - spoils design Two button presses to grab objects is the "worst offence" Experience is frustrating All of these things, and its still better than the megadrive masterpiece?
  10. Thats the one im after too, as its an awful experience to play on my gamegear, it needs recapping but will never be ideal. If i can get the quality that the mastersystem convertor provides, it would be great - especially for £10
  11. i wonder if they will ever see a release
  12. Is there any news of the gamegear / sg 1000 adapters?
  13. All these years and they suddently found key combinations like "break" had an 80% + error rate?
  14. There are no MegaDrive save states, and you will ruin the game if you use them.
  15. ulala

    Super Nintendo Appreciation Thread

    Or jailbreak it

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