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  1. The North Water by Ian McGuire is 99p in today's Kindle Daily Deal. I thought it was really good.
  2. A big improvement. Not TNG, but it seems to have its own idea of where it wants to go, which is no bad thing. Not sure why everyone just believed that Maddox died of 'convenient spontaneous mysterious death syndrome', especially given the EMH appeared when he was dying so would be able to contradict Dr Whatsherface's story. I have issue with the junkie mum scenes. It is nice to have some grit in Trek, instead of all being happy idealists. Or at least perch himself with his crotch perched beside a crew member's face. I missed all the episodes where Riker is forced to meet with HR following another complaint from Data or Wesley's mum.
  3. I'm just watching it for the moment when the sleeping Borg all jump up and go "Surprise assimilation party, bitches!" and start fucking shit up, First Contact style. Episode 4 was a disappointment. Sliding about on a Borg cube and Picard doing a filler episode because he decided that he wanted a samurai. Not the Trek for which I was hoping.
  4. Today's deal of the day is I am Legend. It is significantly better than the movie.
  5. I just assumed that Zoe had fallen through a wormhole from the Firefly universe, given that Dahj is basically android River Tam.
  6. This. Replicators seem to be seen as a convenience that Starfleet uses all the time. Which makes sense on a military Starship where you can save the space of kitchens, the need for chefs, and the need to re-supply with ingredients regularly. But the energy requirements of running such a device must be quite significant (hence why Voyager rationed their usage), and are maybe only really feasible on a large scale if you have a warp core producing a massive excess of energy. And I expect that Starfleet's replicators are top of the line - the ships are essentially flying embassies, and seem to spend a lot of their time entertaining dignitaries. Quite impressive if you can show them a perfect recreation of their native dishes just appearing from a hole in the wall. In a shipyard you could imagine that things are run to more of a budget, so you may not get the frills of a Starfleet-level replicator. More based on rations to limit energy usage and ensure that Technician Smith is not eating Big Macs for every single meal. In Trek you do hear about civilians being more 'traditional' in their food production. Colonists grow and cook food, and Sisko's dad, for example, runs a restaurant where he does everything by hand. I guess that in the Trek universe people outside military service are more accustomed to doing things 'manually', cooking for themselves and looking down on people who eat from a machine rather than cooking as people did for thousands of years before replicators could do it. Food is a massive part of our culture, after all. Hence why there is still a Picard vineyard rather than a Picard-branded replicator pattern for a vintage wine. Edit: Also, given the first episode established that the Daily Mail is alive and well in the 24th Century, you can bet that there are headlines in the news that "Replicated food gives you space cancer!!! (which we can cure with a tablet, but whatever)".
  7. Season 4 struggled because that was the point when real life overtook political satire for stupidity. For the first three series we could laugh at the comical caricatures of politicians and their handlers. But by the fourth series these characters seemed more balanced and competent than the real-life politicians that they were spoofing.
  8. Guys, let's just assume that the Romulan lady learned English from O'Brien during a stay at DS9.
  9. This week's was a solid mid-tier Curb episode. Those conversations between Larry and Jeff where they both play off each other's anger work very well. But good heavens, Ted Danson suddenly looks older than Larry. The highlight was
  10. I can not see much of an appetite for remasters of current gen games on the next gen of consoles. The current gen's remasters were appealing because there was a shift in the console architecture between gens that made backwards compatibility difficult. AFAIK the next gen is expected to be an upgrade of current specs, making backwards compatibility much easier. Given the extra oomph added by the PS Pro and XB1X hardware, it seems likely that additional enhancements will be patched in to the existing software rather than the game being rebuilt. There is only really a benefit if the game is 'tweaked' to make it play better today. But I can not see that really being needed from any current gen titles. Sure, you could probably justify remaking Witcher 1 and 2 and upping the framerate of Witcher 3 as a bundle for the next gen. But the work there would be on the titles of the last gen, not on the PS4/XB1 games.
  11. Captain Nog. If anyone is going to be able to make smart career choices when Starfleet is becoming a more insular and bureaucratic mess, it's someone who understands the Rules of Acquisition.
  12. Sounds terrifying to me. I'd never play anything. I already have to much choice on a 64GB Vita card.
  13. Titanfall 2 has a lovely flow to it; when stuff comes together it feels wonderfully natural. Plus, it rewards you for being a real dick:
  14. I would be up for Netflix commissioning Terry Gilliam or Guillermo del Toro to bring Katamari Damacy to the small screen.
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