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  1. I enjoyed the first game more. Whilst lengthy, it felt like a tighter and more focused game. The sequel is great, and has some wonderful set pieces. But to my recollection the first felt like it was throwing new things at me right to the end, whereas after a point Shadow of War just dropped me into areas with a bunch of new castles to capture.
  2. AFAIK, yes. But there are ways to get around that on the Xbox.
  3. Agreed. If someone told me that it was a newly-released parody of the circumstances that led to Brexit set a hundred years ago, I'd believe them.
  4. The combat in this is tough, but I managed to compete it on Jedi Master and I'm not the best at such games. That said, if you are not looking for a Dark Souls experience you should drop the difficulty to a more enjoyable level to rattle through it. As a SW game it benefits from velocity, not being stuck on the same boss for days as you learn its attack patterns.
  5. Pro tip: switch off the characters' voices in the sound options.
  6. Was just coming to post that. The Series S is a bargain at RRP. An extra controller thrown in, at a time when stocks are limited a few days before Christmas, is madness. Edit: looks like it was a misprice as it has gone up to £299 now.
  7. I was in exactly your situation. XBL Gold on 360, shipped Xbox on the last gen entirely. I paid £1 to convert 3 years of XBLG to GPU.
  8. Disney could do an animated Firefly series - it could help deal with the death of Ron Glass and the difficulty of Adam Baldwin's Gamergate involvement, by finding suitable replacements, as well as the aging of the cast.
  9. If it is not going to break the bank, I'd go for it. I got the X, but frankly of be having just as much fun with the S, albeit with fewer games on the SSD. Xbox with Game Pass is a real bargain. A few times in the Danes so far I have looked at games, then thought "but I have a few dozen games on GP that I want to play just as much", and not purchased. Sure, the PS5 may have the better exclusives. But for the next three years I have all the Game Pass games I can eat without having to pay a penny more then the £121 I have already put in (3 years of XBL Gold, p
  10. Play 0 first. You can play 1 (Kiwami), as it does not expect any previous knowledge when doing so. But 0 is better. Then block out several months and play 1 to 6.
  11. Titanfall 2 is more enjoyable at higher levels. On medium you can stick to the same titan class and weapon loadout if you want, but the game is more fun when switching between strategies during combat.
  12. Likewise. I know that a lot of is have read Children of Time - I thought Cage of Souls was better. Incredibly inventive and, despite being a long book, moves at a decent pace.
  13. It is brutal for the cinema industry, but it also feels inevitable. People increasingly have 4k TVs and an internet connection sufficient for a UHD stream, and over the decades cinemas have increasingly become snack food retailers who happen to show films rather than places that make their money from ticket prices. Whilst they did not seem to be in poor health before the pandemic what the last several months have shown is how fragile the industry is to shocks, and if people do not flock back to cinemas as the public health situation recedes then the industry's future will surely be very bleak.
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